Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Soulshapers (11/18/2016) [2nd encounter w/ Sraath]

From Sedrai's perspective

Setting: A large, flat boulder on the mild hillside in Aszuna. In one direction, it overlooks the AzureWing Repose. In the other, there are trees and open fields.

Sedrai sits idly on the rock, her blades laid out neatly on the frost-covered stone by her leg. Her helm and gloves are equally nearby.
Sedrai watches familiar figures move among the blue drakes.
Darkwatcher says: Sedrai!
Darkwatches calls up the hill.
Greyseer bows before you.
Sedrai quietly rests one hand closer to her nearest blade, nonchalant.
Darkwatcher bows before you.
Iyanthe bows before you.
Sedrai says: Araatris. Greyseer.
Sedrai says: And… Iyanthe, is it not?
Darkwatcher says: It’s good to see you again.
Iyanthe says: It is, indeed. Nice to see you again, Sedrai.
Darkwatcher smiles.
Sedrai stands, leaving her blades on the rock with some visible reluctance.
Iyanthe nods in acknowledgement.
Sedrai says: It has been some time.
Sedrai peers at the demonhunter trio assessingly. “It seems you are all hale and hearty.”
Greyseer says: It has, indeed.
Greyseer says: A reasonably restful place here, now that the withered have been dealt with, yes?
Darkwatcher says: Perfect place for a nice long nap.
Sedrai answers with a noncommital “hm”, glancing down at her gear.
Iyanthe says: It is lovely. I come out here to meditate, sometimes.
Sedrai says: The view is interesting.
Darkwatcher sighs.
Sedrai says: One presumes more than appealing scenery brings a trio of demon hunters to the blue dragons.
Sedrai raises a brow, leaving the leading statement to hang.
Iyanthe glances over at Tharion for a moment.
Darkwatcher says: We were hunting some demons nearby. We just came this way to rest before heading back to Dalaran.
Sedrai nods slightly, flicking frost from her right hand. She gestures to her gear on the boulder. “I have only just finished a light repast. There is enough to share, if you care to do so.”
Greyseer says: Indeed. The incursions from Felsoul hold still spill over into the Ingress to the east.
Darkwatcher says: If you don’t mind the company, that is.
Darkwatcher grins.
Sedrai bends down and leafs through her pack, nodding. “Of course not.”
Iyanthe says: Thanks for the invitation.
Sedrai addresses Tharion as she rifles. “I have heard that the felgates at the Ingress are repaired nearly as quickly as they can be disabled.”
Greyseer nods.
Iyanthe says: That is definitely quite accurate.
Greyseer says: They are of low quality, and I can only assume… quick to assemble.
Sedrai pulls out a cloth-wrapped bundle of utilitarian rations and dried meats. Opening it up, she gestures to the others.
Greyseer bows before Soulthorn.
Sedrai settles back and sits, shoving her gloves out of the way with a hoof to make more room.
Iyanthe bows before Soulthorn.
Sedrai says: Fethas.
Darkwatcher sits down near Sedrai, but gives her room to breathe.
Sedrai waves a hand to encompass the military-esque picnic. “You, too, are welcome.”
Darkwatcher says: Hey, Fethas.
Greyseer speaks a few words of power, and an object coalesces in the air in front of him.
Soulthorn nods.
Darkwatcher waves to Fethas.
Iyanthe settles down beside Araatris.
Greyseer says: Go. Keep watch. You know what may be encountered.
Sedrai starts and watches Tharion’s actions carefully.
Iyanthe says: Greetings, Fethas.
Greyseer kneels down.
Sedrai says: I apologize, but the only beverage I carry is my own water pouch.
Darkwatcher reaches out and takes a piece of dried meat.
Sedrai flicks it idly out of her pack, and it lands on the rock with a limp, wet plop.
Darkwatcher says: It’s fine. We have water.
Iyanthe reaches out and snags a piece of dried meat for herself with a nod of thanks to Sedrai.
Sedrai does not eat, but watches the four of them in silence, thoughtful.
Darkwatcher holds the meat in her teeth while she shrugs off her pack. She digs into the bag and produces a metal canteen.
Greyseer says: I feel uneasy of a sudden.
Greyseer frowns.
Darkwatcher takes the food away so she can speak.
Iyanthe stands up entirely, alert and battle ready within a moment.
Darkwatcher says: No chance that I can actually finish food, is there…?
Iyanthe says: Feeling like we are being watched again, Shan’do?
Greyseer peers at the floating demonic eye in front of him, as if looking through it.
Darkwatcher sighs and returns to chewing her food.
Sedrai does not tense, but merely turns her regard on Tharion, watching.
Soulthorn says: Eh want me to go hunt it down so you can at least relax a moment?
Darkwatcher watches Tharion evenly.
Darkwatcher says: Probably depends on what it is.
Greyseer frowns at the eye.
Darkwatcher swallows the last bit quickly.
Soulthorn says: ....How has that stopped me before?
Darkwatcher tilts her head.
Greyseer says: He is near once again.
Iyanthe watches Fethas carefully for a moment before tuning back in Tharion's direction
Darkwatcher says: No, not really. Never stopped me from---
Iyanthe says: Again?
Darkwatcher stops mid-sentence and looks around sharply.
Sedrai stands, picking up her blades.

At this point a semi-ghostly form appears amongst the group.

Sraath grins. Sraath always grins.
Iyanthe unsheathes her glaives with a sharp metallic sound
Darkwatcher stands quickly and draws her crystal blades.
Sraath says: Did you not learn from last time, children?
Sedrai peers at the newcomer, oddly calm.
Darkwatcher says: We don't have anything of yours this time. What the hell are you doing here?
Sraath 's piercing eyes lock onto Araatris.
Sraath says: You sound so certain of this fact.
Iyanthe turns her blind gaze in Sraath's direction, attempting to sense the demon's intention
Soulthorn makes a very long growl.
Darkwatcher glares at Sraath.
Iyanthe says: What do we have of yours this time, demon?
Sraath fixates his intense stare at Sedrai for a few long moments.
Darkwatcher says: It may have been yours once, but there's no intention for you to get it back.
Sedrai frowns slightly, bringing her blades to the ready.
Sraath looks up at the falling rain, his smile still fixed onto his face.
Darkwatcher says: Today is not your collection day.
Sraath shakes his head.
Sraath says: No. She has not ... simmered ... enough yet.
Sraath says: Neither have you.
Sraath says: You amuse me. So ready to fight.
Sraath says: All of your posturing and threatening.
Sraath says: While I have yet to even draw my blade.
Soulthorn folds her arms and just growls.
Iyanthe says: Spoken by the one who threatens each of us, subtly
Sedrai glances at the faces of the Netherbane, some of her attention always on Sraath.
Sraath says: They are not threats. Merely promises for the future.
Greyseer frowns, remembering the encounter from the other day, and sheathes his weapons.
Sedrai says: Who is this creature?
Iyanthe glances around her wondering how the other demon hunters will react
Greyseer says: Sraath. Known as the Lord of the Eclipse. He is a demon lord of the Burning Legion.
Sraath claps half-heartedly, clearly unimpressed.
Sedrai fails to follow Tharion's lead, keeping her blades firmly in hand.
Soulthorn adjusts something around one of her wrists and keeps growling....
Sedrai says: Sraath...
Iyanthe takes a deep breath trying to calm herself
Sraath says: The Greyseer knows.
Sraath points at Darkwatcher.
Sraath points at Iyanthe.
Sraath says: And these two remember me from merely days ago.
Sraath says: When I reclaimed what was rightfully mine.
Sraath 's form flickers slightly.
Soulthorn says: ...Can i hit him yet?
Soulthorn eyebrow twitches.
Darkwatcher says: Doesn't work. There's not enough there to hit.
Iyanthe says: For all of your posturing demon, there is something you seek
Darkwatcher sheathes her weapons.
Greyseer says: He is still incomplete. Still insubstantial.
Soulthorn says: You would be surprised...What i can hit...
Greyseer says: He could not attack us last time. He was forced to bring forth the dead.
Sedrai silently peers at Sraath for a long moment.
Sraath 's grin falters ever so slightly.
Greyseer says: Perhaps you can say he is ... impotent ... at the moment.
Soulthorn still growling and adjusts something on her other wrist.
Sraath says: If you wish to see what I can do, Greyseer, I will be more than happy to oblige.
Sraath says: It is merely your mentor I want. You ... you have the unfortunate chance of using his name.
Sraath says: If you renounce it, perhaps I will leave you and your harem alone.
Darkwatcher says: What did you just say?
Darkwatcher stares agape.
Iyanthe bristles at Sraath's choice of words
Greyseer growls.
Sedrai can't stop her lips from quirking up. She quickly schools her features before she can laugh.
Greyseer says: The name is as much mine now as it is his, demon.
Sraath says: Pity.
Darkwatcher clears her throat.
Darkwatcher says: Did you come all this way to check on the "simmer"? Or just to taunt us?
Soulthorn says: ...Can are hungry....
Greyseer moves to intercept.
Darkwatcher glares, but doesn't back down.
Sedrai steps up from the side.
Iyanthe moves to Sraath's other side, her own weapons drawn and ready
Sedrai shares a narrowed-eyed look with Fethas, tipping her head in a meaningful way at Sraath and raising her blades fractionally.
Sraath reaches a finger over Tharion's head and touches Araatris on the forehead ever-so-briefly.
Darkwatcher collapses to the ground.
Greyseer reacts quickly and slices at Sraath's extended arm.
Sedrai springs forward, attacking Sraath from his left.
Sraath laughs.
Sraath laughs as his arm hits the ground and dissolves, only to be replaced by another.
Soulthorn two vines wrap from her wrist to around her glaves and she just leaps at Sraath.
Iyanthe moves to stand protectively in front of the unconscious Araatris
Sedrai slices both of her blades across his left side.
Sraath does not move to dodge, nor does he react to any of the blows. Armor is cut open and flesh is ripped, but the demon still stands.
Sraath places a palm on Sedrai's head, still grinning.
Sraath whispers: Subdue her.
Sraath backhands Fethas as she leaps towards him.
Iyanthe moves to try and intercept Sraath to keep his hand from touching Sedrai
Soulthorn leaps backwards
Soulthorn says: Oh what, let them hit you but not me?
Sraath 's wounds and armor regenerate, as if nothing happened.
Sraath flickers again.
Soulthorn says: You know what...Out...
Sedrai throws herself away from Sraath, but not fast enough to avoid his touch. Within a heartbeat, she stumbles backwards, dropping her blades and clutching at her head.
Soulthorn slams her glaves into the ground the vines wrapped around them snaking down...therea rumbling and a bunch of vines spear up under litterly..they look like spears...wiggly one...
Iyanthe steps in front of Sedrai to give her a moment to compose herself
Sedrai falls to her knees, grimacing. Iyanthe can feel the death knight's natural cold radiating more and more intensely against her back.
Sraath 's grin fades slightly as the spears pierce him through. He remains standing, but flickers again.
Sraath 's insubstantial form blinks away from the spearlike vines.
Soulthorn growls loudly.
Sraath speaks a word of power, and a creature rises from the ground.

Sraath fades away and his minion disappears into the trees.

Iyanthe Smirks *Here we go again*
Greyseer says: That ... seemed to have injured him.
Greyseer kneels before Darkwatcher.
Sedrai 's cold aura expands, freezing the rain into a sleet of ice for a few feet around her.
Greyseer gently shakes Araatris.
Iyanthe steps away from Sedrai after glancing behind her to see if she is okay
Darkwatcher groans and flops onto her back.
Darkwatcher says: Five more minutes...
Greyseer raises an eyebrow.
Greyseer says: She will be fine...
Greyseer kneels before you.
Greyseer says: What did he do to you?
Iyanthe watches Araatris carefully for a moment
Darkwatcher sits up suddenly and looks around quickly.
Darkwatcher says: Wait... Is he-?
Sedrai blinks and shakes her head, seeming to wrestle with herself. Her eyes glow overly brightly, the usual blue energy within them swirling and wafting out like frosted breath.
Sedrai says: I am... I am fine. Just... give me a moment.
Soulthorn says: I am going track him down..and i am gonna start hitting...
Sedrai 's cold freezes the rain on Tharion's kilt and gloves nearest her.
Sedrai says: Araatris...?
Iyanthe continues to watch Araatris for a moment
Greyseer nods.
Iyanthe says: He is gone,yes
Darkwatcher says: What happened? I remember he was in front of me and...
Greyseer flexes his gloves, breaking off the layers of frost.
Greyseer looks to Fethas.
Greyseer says: I am unsure he knew that you are bound to Daeloth.
Darkwatcher clenches her fists.
Darkwatcher mumbles.
Darkwatcher says: Not again.
Soulthorn says: More then likely not. Think he knew about the thorns though, otherwise he wouldn't have tried to keep me at distance.
Sedrai takes slow, deep breaths, drawing her aberrant, cold energy back under control. After a moment, as the others speak, she reaches out and reclaims her blades, still kneeling.
Iyanthe says: I am unfamiliar with a lot of the history here but he has got to be dealt with... and soon
Darkwatcher stands slowly.
Greyseer says: I defeated him once, at great cost.
Darkwatcher says: Easier said than done when he took one--.
Darkwatcher looks at Sedrai.
Darkwatcher says: Two of us out of the fight it seems.
Greyseer says: This time, however, he is different.
Sraath whispers: *from afar* We must... discuss the future.
Darkwatcher crosses her arms tightly against her chest.
Iyanthe says: Was he more... substantial then Tharion?
Sedrai raises her gaze and steps back to her feet. She peers at Araatris and blinks ... very slowly.
To Sraath: *the dominant "voice" is different* Yes. So we must.
Darkwatcher says: Are you okay, Sedrai?
Greyseer says: Right up until he exploded, yes. He was.
Soulthorn redoes the vines on her wrist again.
Sedrai says: I am unharmed, Araatris. And you?
Iyanthe says: It seems the only one of us who can do anything against him is Fethas
Iyanthe says: For the moment at least
Sedrai flexes her arm and cracks a significantly thick layer of ice off to land on the boulder with a clatter.
Darkwatcher says: Nothing physical. As for anything else...
Darkwatcher shrugs slightly, but keeps her arms crossed.
Sraath whispers: The lords of this invasion have given us all assignments. We will cross paths again, I am certain of it.
Iyanthe says: Do you feel any different from before Araatris?
Sedrai’s gaze takes in all of them, her brow furrowing. "I request a significantly more detailed explanation of what is going on, here."
Darkwatcher smiles weakly.
Darkwatcher says: That's the thing with demons. It's never an obvious change. It's slow... insidious.
Greyseer turns to Sedrai and frowns.
Greyseer says: Where do you wish me to start?
To Sraath: As are we. It would be best if we were more coordinated in the future.
Iyanthe nods, a slight frown on her face as she does so
Sedrai folds her arms across her chest. "What is its power over Araatris?"
To Sraath: *a different voice is dominant* Though it IS fun to have an excuse to sink a blade in you.
Iyanthe glances towards Tharion, waiting to hear the answer
Greyseer says: That ... I am uncertain of.
Sedrai says: Very well then.
Sedrai points a finger and focuses on Tris. "What did it do to you?"
You point at Darkwatcher.
Darkwatcher says: I don't remember anything. It was just like I fainted. I feel physically fine...
Sraath whispers: I can only hold this form together for so long. I must seek out the rest of myself before confronting them again.
Sraath whispers: They have what I need, but I cannot reclaim it ... yet.
Sedrai says: ... continue.
Darkwatcher says: And like I want to murder him for touching me. That seems normal.
Sedrai regards Tris sternly. Almost angrily.
Iyanthe looks over at Tharion wondering if he would add anything
Soulthorn furrows her brow slightly.
Darkwatcher sighs.
Sedrai still stares at Tris expectantly.
Darkwatcher says: I don't like that he was able to just shut me down like one of Lokker's machines.
Sedrai says: ... like a puppet with its strings cut.
Darkwatcher says: Maybe it has something to do with my new body and curse. Maybe it made me susceptible somehow.
Darkwatcher glances at Tharion.
Darkwatcher says: There's only one person I can think of that might have more information on how Sraath could do that.
Greyseer sighs.
Sedrai says: Whom?
Greyseer says: With Sraath's return, Eraelan Netherbane was bound to get involved again.
Iyanthe watches Tharion closely
Greyseer pinches the bridge of his nose, between his burned out eye sockets.
Iyanthe says: The mentor I have heard a little about?
Sedrai says: The first Netherbane.
Greyseer says: There are reasons for that.
Greyseer nods.
Darkwatcher inclines her head.
Sedrai folds her arms, again. "Can you find him?"
Greyseer says: Indeed. The first.
Greyseer says: I am certain he will turn up. He always seems to...
Darkwatcher covers her face with one hand.
Sedrai says: Just when does he show up?
Iyanthe says: It doesn't sound like anyone really wants him to do so
Soulthorn starts growling loudly again....
Darkwatcher says: If you know the right spots, more often than you think.
Iyanthe turns to watch Fethas wondering why she is growling
Sedrai looks uncharacteristically irritated. She opens her mouth to say more, but just clamps it shut, instead.
Greyseer says: He has been away more of late. I can only assume battling the Legion's invasion.
Greyseer says: But I am certain he can be tempted back.
Greyseer says: He enjoys telling me that I am doing a thing incorrectly.
Greyseer grimaces.
Darkwatcher says: Eraelan is a capable demon hunter and useful, and despite that we'd rather feed him to sharks some days, he is needed in the battle against the Legion.
Darkwatcher says: I can't believe I just said that... Can I blame Sraath?
Greyseer says: Indeed. You can.
Greyseer looks to Sedrai.
Greyseer says: What of you? What did he do to make you collapse?
Greyseer pats Fethas on the shoulder comfortingly.
Sedrai looks unamused, almost-glaring as she stares at Tris intensely. For a long moment, she ignores Tharion's question.
Darkwatcher notices the look from Sedrai.
Iyanthe turns to watch Sedrai closely, wondering why she is avoiding the question
Sedrai finally tears her gaze away and focuses on Tharion. "He... merely forced my attention elsewhere."
Darkwatcher says: Where to?
Sedrai says: His touch somehow whipped my energy into a frenzy. He successfully distracted me with wrestling it back under control.
Soulthorn isn't growling as loudly now..but looks agitated.
Sedrai shrugs slightly, her features still tense with a slow-to-fade rage.
Darkwatcher says: Hence the frostier than usual air.
Darkwatcher nods.
Sedrai says: Correct. There was no meaningful harm, though how he accomplished as much is of interest to me.
Darkwatcher says: Agreed. A mere touch shouldn't have stopped us.
Iyanthe turns to each of her companions trying to piece together everything that was going on
Sedrai "hmphs" in wordless agreement with Tris.
Darkwatcher says: A lot of questions with very few answers.
Sedrai looks at Tharion expectantly.
Greyseer tilts his head.
Greyseer says: What do you wish to know? I will tell what I can.
Sedrai sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose, closing her eyes for a second. "With which millennium should we begin?"
Greyseer frowns and thinks a moment.
Greyseer says: Sraath leads a segment of the Burning Legion known as the Shadowed Sun. Unlike other doomguards, he prefers subtlety and manipulation over direct conflict.
Greyseer says: We encountered him first perhaps a decade ago.
Greyseer says: Or, rather, I did. Fethas was with us, too, but had yet to earn her name. Indeed, she had yet to be bound.
Sedrai nods.
Greyseer rubs his chin, thinking.
Sedrai says: The Shadowed Sun. What is his relationship to Moont---... Xonath?
Iyanthe listens carefully as Tharion speaks
Greyseer shakes his head.
Greyseer says: The best I can figure is that Xonath worked under Sraath's command. Malfias likely did as well.
Sedrai "hms", her brow furrowing.
Greyseer says: The long massacre perpetrated by Xonath was an attempt to gather souls. I can only guess at their intended use.
Greyseer waves his hand dismissively, then he gestures to Fethas.
Greyseer says: To my knowledge, Sraath was only killed once before, by a pit lord named Daeloth.
Sedrai 's gaze goes to Fethas. "Your Daeloth?"
Iyanthe frowns at the unfamiliar names
Greyseer says: Daeloth tore Sraath's body apart in the Twisting Nether. Which, by all accounts, should have killed the demon permanently.
Darkwatcher says: Yet, he's definitely not dead.
Soulthorn says: ...There are more than one reason i am growling right now
Iyanthe says: Then we must ask why it didn't do so
Greyseer shakes his head again.
Sedrai mutters, "... torn apart."
Greyseer says: That I do not know. I do, however, know that when Sraath returned, he ... punished ... Daeloth by stripping him of his power and casting him here.
Greyseer says: The demon was stuck in a mortal form and lurked the back alleys of Stormwind.
Greyseer says: We encountered him many times in that state.
Greyseer says: He ... liked to complain.
Darkwatcher says: I think I heard about that.
Darkwatcher says: The lurking, not the complaining.
Greyseer says: Sraath hates Daeloth for what he did. I am uncertain who he hates more: Daeloth or my mentor.
Greyseer takes a breath and pauses again.
Sedrai stamps a hoof idly, frost flaking to the ground. "Tell th-- us Eraelan's relationship to Sraath."
Iyanthe crosses her arms , listening carefully
Greyseer says: You will need to ask Eraelan the details of that, for they are his to tell. However, the short of it is: Eraelan banished Sraath from Azeroth during the War of the Ancients.
Darkwatcher listens patiently.
Greyseer says: He betrayed him, and the demon has never forgotten, nor forgiven.
Greyseer says: Sraath has vowed to destroy everything even related to Eraelan Netherbane.
Greyseer opens his arms to indicate those standing around him.
Iyanthe says: Lovely, just lovely... I still don't get his alluding to what happened with Kai'Thren
Darkwatcher says: Sraath implied that a part of his soul was in Kai'Thren and that it drove him mad.
Darkwatcher says: How true that is...
Greyseer nods to Iyanthe and Araatris.
Darkwatcher turns her hands up in front of her.
Iyanthe says: ... none of us will ever know. That is what is bothering me
Greyseer says: Sraath has what I can only hope is a unique ability among demons.
Greyseer says: He can fragment his own soul. The banishment that Eraelan placed prevents Sraath from entering Azeroth fully.
Sedrai peers at Tharion. "... unless he can get around it in tiny shards?"
Greyseer says: So he chooses to split himself into smaller pieces and allow those to cross over one-by-one.
Greyseer nods.
Greyseer says: That, exactly.
Sedrai says: And where does he place these shards? Surely not...
Sedrai looks at Tris worriedly.
Greyseer says: Nearly ten years ago, he had a circle of cultists who called themselves "Sraathi". They were vessels for his soul.
Soulthorn rubs her head still looking agitated.
Greyseer says: Those were willing subjects. We failed to stop them in time. Sraath returned to Azeroth.
Greyseer says: Now, however?
Greyseer looks to Araatris, Iyanthe, and Sedrai, his brow furrowed.
Greyseer says: Now ... I am uncertain the vessels are all willing.
Iyanthe nods once, looking to Tharion
Iyanthe says: It seems... they may not be
Darkwatcher says: I'm fairly certain they're not.
Sedrai still peers at Tris, her brow furrowed. "Upon what do you base that assertion?"
Darkwatcher says: He's inferred several people we know may be affected.
Sedrai says: Presumably not only unwillingly, but unknowingly?
Darkwatcher says: He mentioned my oth--... sister.
Iyanthe nods her head in response to Sedrai
Darkwatcher says: I would say that both apply.
Greyseer says: The last time, we almost prevent Sraath's return because we discovered the Sraathi before they summoned him.
Sedrai sighs softly and looks up as the rain resumes.
Greyseer says: We were too slow, but it was a risk on their part.
Greyseer says: What better way to prevent that risk this time than to ensure that the vessels themselves do not even know?
Sedrai says: Yet this time, he chooses to tip his hand to you with taunts?
Sedrai shakes her head. "Something sits ill, here."
Greyseer says: This time, Sraath is already here. He may be incomplete, but he walks this world.
Iyanthe says: That makes sense in a way yet he is taunting us with very specific taunts
Darkwatcher says: I don't think he believes that we can stop him once the seeds are planted.
Greyseer frowns more deeply.
Sedrai leans down and scoops up her gauntlets and helm from where they've been kicked in all the action. She slips her gloves on, but hooks her helm on her belt.
Soulthorn says: ...Not if i have anything to do with it....
Greyseer looks over his shoulder at Fethas.
Darkwatcher glances down at her feet where the food once lay.
Sedrai says: Legion arrogance never ceases to amaze.
Darkwatcher raises her bare foot slowly and sighs deeply.
Iyanthe says: It is unfortunately something we can be grateful for
Darkwatcher says: I'm afraid that your rations may be crushed, Sedrai. I think I fell on them.
Sedrai purses her lips and looks at Tris. "Judging by the back of your kilt, I believe that is safe to say."
Darkwatcher says: That's going to be fun scrubbing later.
Sedrai turns her attention to Tharion. "None of this explains the demon Lord's apparent interest in and affect on Araatris."
Sedrai says: I presume we can more confidently lay her ... unique condition at his hooves.
Greyseer says: If you refer to her current physical state, that is the result of another demon.
Darkwatcher says: Mother Shazadi.
Iyanthe says: The one she mentioned the other day?
Darkwatcher nods.
Sedrai absorbs this information, shaking frozen rain free from her hand.
Soulthorn says: ...I think i am gonna need more vines....I will go do that...Alot more....
Soulthorn growls...
Darkwatcher says: We could certainly use them.
Darkwatcher bows before Soulthorn.
Soulthorn has gone offline.
Darkwatcher says: Travel well.
Iyanthe says: Travel well Fethas
Sedrai acknowledges Fethas with a nod. "Until next time."
Darkwatcher says: Shall I attempt to reach out to Eraelan or would you like that pleasure, Thar?
Greyseer says: I will shoulder that responsibility.
Iyanthe cocks her head to one side
Darkwatcher says: All yours. I've done my time recently.
Iyanthe says: Why do i feel like this will definitely not be pleasant
Darkwatcher says: Eraelan can be interesting.
Darkwatcher emphasizes that last word.
You point at Darkwatcher.
Sedrai says: Someone must say it. Surely, you have all thought it already.
Sedrai says: You may well be a carrier for one of Sraath's pieces.
Darkwatcher nods.
Darkwatcher says: Any one of us may be.
Greyseer frowns deeper.
Iyanthe says: None of us can prove that
Greyseer says: ...this is why he taunts us.
Greyseer says: He seeds the uncertainty.
Sedrai nods at Tharion. "Exactly."
Iyanthe says: ... in order to try and seed unrest
Darkwatcher says: If I start showing signs of changing, then we'll handle it.
Sedrai says: If you start showing signs of changing, it is likely to be too late. Someone must devise a way to detect the demon's shards.
Darkwatcher says: And that is where I think we need Eraelan.
Darkwatcher says: He's the one who granted me this form.
Greyseer says: Eraelan learned many things from Sraath.
Darkwatcher says: Or shaped it, rather.
Greyseer says: Soul- and fleshcrafting among them.
Iyanthe says: Flesh-crafting?
Sedrai glances between the three of them.
Greyseer says: He ... has experience ... with these things, I fear.
Darkwatcher glances at Iyanthe.
Iyanthe says: I know nothing about it but i know some demons know it
Darkwatcher says: This is not my original body, but that of a dead night elf. Eraelan shaped it to my design and placed my soul within.
Darkwatcher says: Part of my soul.
Sedrai peers at Tharion knowingly. "Do you trust him?"
Greyseer says: Against Sraath? Yes.
Iyanthe says: But otherwise?
Sedrai says: With Araatris' ... with your students' souls?
Greyseer says: We carry his name.
Iyanthe favors Tharion with a raised eyebrow
Greyseer says: We are his immortality.
Greyseer says: We are his legacy.
Sedrai says: But does he value that as much as you do?
Sedrai looks unconvinced.
Greyseer quirks a smile.
Greyseer says: He does, indeed, value his ego quite highly.
Darkwatcher sighs.
Iyanthe says: It sounds as though you consider him a bit of a trickster though
Darkwatcher says: He holds pride in his work.
Sedrai glances askance at Tris. "Then might I suggest you add another name to your collection? Perhaps embroider it on your tunic."
Greyseer says: "Trickster" would suggest that he gains joy from things. I am uncertain he truly feels joy any longer. Just ... dissatisfaction.
Iyanthe says: Dissatisfaction with what?
Darkwatcher says: Another name?
Greyseer says: You will need to meet him to understand.
Darkwatcher tilts her head.
Greyseer says: I will see if I can pull him away from the hunts.
Sedrai writes "Netherbane" in the air, leaving a little trail of cold mist behind her finger that lingers just long enough to be read.
Darkwatcher says: From what I can tell, I'm wearing a bright glowing sign with the name.
Sedrai blinks and looks at Tris, clearly peering for a "sign".
Greyseer says: I fear I must depart for now. I will seek out Eraelan.
Darkwatcher says: Metaphorically speaking.
Greyseer says: He will likely wish to meet at the Site of Lessons. He still believes it to be his.
Greyseer bows down graciously.
Darkwatcher says: At this point, I almost think he believes all of Ashenvale to be his.
Darkwatcher waves her hand dismissively.
Iyanthe bows before Greyseer.
Sedrai 's luminescent gaze is clearly a little dimmer than it was minutes ago. She mutters, "I think the night has gotten long in the tooth."
Darkwatcher says: I'm just tired and hungry.
Greyseer says: He has been guarding it for more than ten thousand years...
Greyseer says: You have food on your butt.
Greyseer says: Travel well, and be safe.
Greyseer whistles into the sky and a large fel-infused drake descends to the ground. He mounts upon it swiftly.
Iyanthe says: I suppose that would be reason enough for him to start thinking of it so
Sedrai nods her head at Tharion. "Greyseer."
Iyanthe says: Travel well Tharion
Darkwatcher says: And on that note I'm going to head to Dalaran for a change of clothes and food.
Darkwatcher bows before Greyseer.
Darkwatcher mumbles.
Darkwatcher says: Food on my butt he says...
Sedrai bends down and gathers the rest of her kicked and smooshed belongings into her pack.
Darkwatcher bows before you.
Iyanthe bows before you.
Darkwatcher says: Sorry again about your things.
Sedrai offers Tris a slightly-less-smooshed piece of hard ration with a little, wry grin.
Sedrai says: It is of no consequence, Araatris.
Darkwatcher takes it.
Darkwatcher says: Thanks.
Darkwatcher smiles and nibbles at it.
Sedrai turns to Iyanthe and gives her a polite nod. "It has been pleasant to see you again, Iyanthe. And you have my thanks for your... assistance, earlier. "
Iyanthe says: No problem at all.. Safe travels, Sedrai
Sedrai fishes her hearthstone out of her pack, holding it awkwardly away from her as it crackles and sputters unnaturally. "And to you."
Darkwatcher says: Be well, Sedrai. You know how to reach me if you need.
Darkwatcher waves with her free hand.
Darkwatcher says: Iy, shall we see if the dragons can give us a lift to Dalaran?
Iyanthe says: I should probably get back to my patrols
Sedrai takes a few steps back before triggering the spell. It fizzles, but after she shakes and taps her hearthstone, the spell finally triggers. "Indeed, Tris. As you do, me. Have a care of yourself."
Darkwatcher nods.