Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft


Netherbane Timeline

The Netherbane as a guild has been around since early to mid-2005. In that time, there have been many story arcs through which our various characters have been. These are stories which are vitally important to the core of each of our characters, so I have chronicled these here on the timeline. As new stories develop, this timeline will expand.

The timeline has been separated into three primary eras. The first, labeled as Pre-First War, covers the events that happened from the corruption of the Eredar / Exile of the Draenei up to the First War between Orcs and Humans. The second era covers the events between the First War and the Cataclysm, which includes the bulk of the events of the Warcraft setting. The final era covers what has happened since the Cataclysm.


From the Annals of the Chronicler

The lore of the Netherbane stretches all the way back to the War of the Ancients, when three brothers fought against the Burning Legion’s first invasion. It has become my duty to maintain these archives so that the Netherbane and its deed will not be forgotten.

Below is a basic timeline, a framework for the larger events that have shaped the Netherbane and its children from the beginning.
— Chronicler Dreadwhisper