Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft


Netherbane Library

Over the years, there have been many stories told about characters within the Netherbane as well as their allies and villains. Many of these stories happen in game, through roleplay sessions. However, some of these stories are written down and captured in prose. Sometimes, too, a story cannot be experienced in the game, so a story is written as the only source of that development.

This library is a collection of those stories. They have been placed here in chronological order by when they happened in World of Warcraft's timeline.


Twilight: The Death of Rook Gyrmantle

By Tharion Greyseer

Author's Note

This story was written to commemorate a good friend of mine who chose to leave the game. Rook's player was a skilled roleplayer, and the detail that was given to the character of Rook Gyrmantle made her one of the most memorable characters I've ever had the pleasure of gaming with.

Upon the departure of the character, Rook's player honored me by allowing my character, Tharion Greyseer, to kill Rook. It was immediately after the fight was roleplayed through that I wrote this version of the tale.

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Lessons from a Blademaster: The Path of the Axe

By Tharion Greyseer

Where does one go after becoming a teacher? How does one learn when one surrounds himself with students? Tharion Greyseer finds the answers from an unexpected source in this tale.

Author's Note
This story was written specifically for a community sponsored contest on the Earthen Ring US discussion forums years ago. After judging was completed, Lessons from a Blademaster: The Path of the Axe humbly earned itself first place.

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