Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Joining the Guild



We accept all characters from all classes. We have a set of psuedo classes that can be used to guide various alternate classes down the path of the demon hunter, if you wish to pursue that for your character as well. Priests and Paladins, for example, could roleplay as Exorcists. Druids can choose to become Druids of the Thorn. There are options available for many different styles out there.

In addition, not all members of the Netherbane (as a guild) are demon hunters. We have had a healthy roster of allies and other support members over the years. Not everyone has to walk the path alongside us. Some can instead choose to walk their own path while still moving in the same direction.

To ask outsiders if they ‘trust’ them is folly. Trust them to do what? To not hunt them? To not turn against them? To be their ‘friends’? To sing lullabys to them so they can sleep soundly knowing that the Burning Legion will not descend upon them like fiends in the night? Bah!

You should ask the hunters whom they trust, for such a thing is a two-way path. Do the hunters trust outsiders to not betray them to those authorities who would seek to destroy our way? Do they trust their ‘friends’ to fight by their sides, even when the world around them burns and all seems lost? Do they trust them to accompany them to damnation when we die? Why not ask that, questioner?

Know this. The path is harsh, and there are no guarantees for one who walks along it. None.
— Eraelan Netherbane

What does it take to join the Netherbane?

Read the Declaration of Identity below. It lays the foundation for what is expected of all future Netherbane members, and is the first gateway one must pass in order to become a member.

Declaration of Identity

First and foremost, it is expected that each member have a clear understanding of his or her own character. This does not mean a knowledge of stats and numbers (although this does help in non-roleplaying situations), but a knowledge of your character's personality, motivations, and desires. Have this, or be willing to develop this, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

Second, it is expected that your character have a desire to preserve Azeroth and keep her safe from all threats. It is not required that your character be “good" or “evil," for these things are “labels used to color that which is but grey" (as quoted by Tharion Greyseer on multiple occasions). Seek Azeroth’s preservation, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

Third, you are expected to have a working knowledge of the world around your character. It is not expected that you become an encyclopedia for Azerothian lore, but know enough to effectively play your character. Know your lore, or be willing to learn, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

Finally, it is necessary that your character be tolerant of the path of the demon hunter. They are outcasts from their own societies because of the methods they choose to employ. Their peoples look upon them as they do any other demon, despite the sacrifices they make in the darkest places of the world. Be not like the others, and you may have a place within the Netherbane.

If you wish to be taught, then be willing to learn. If you wish to teach, show that you are worthy of the students. If you wish to fight, then choose your weapons and stand with us against the coming darkness.


Building upon that, you should also have a clear understanding that we are ultimately a casual guild. In addition to being small, we are rather busy people outside the world of Azeroth. Do not expect the same level of activity that you may see in a larger guild. We are not currently capable of that just yet.

Raiding and PvP are not alien to us, and some of our members proudly participate in both of these activities. They are, however, not the focus of the Netherbane. Allow members the freedom to play as they choose.

You will be expected to maintain an in-character demeanor in /say as often as you are able. Closed channels such as /party, /whisper, /guild, and /raid are exceptions to this rule. However, if you wish to go out-of-character, please use some marker to make it obvious. The most common method we use is to enclose OOC text between (( )). Sometimes, just starting your text with (( is good enough.

In addition, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must either have past experience RPing or you must show a solid grasp of RP style and execution. Barring either of these, you must be willing to learn about RP, about lore, and about the non-mechanical aspects of World of Warcraft. There are always exceptions to this rule.

  • You must be tolerant of roleplayers. It is not required that you RP full-time and forsake everything else in the game for RP, but RP must be a factor in your character's development. You must also respect Blizzard's rules for RP servers, and you must respect the RP community of this server (Earthen Ring US).

  • You, the player, should be mature enough to deal with the RP stories of the guild and its characters. The guild RP can be dark at times (though the OOC chatter is silly), and we require a certain level of maturity from our RPers (regardless of age).

  • You, the player, must be patient. We each have our own schedules and other obligations both within and outside of this game. Please be understanding of those who may not be able to participate as often as others.

  • You must have a character that fits somehow into the Netherbane's in-character purpose. This is usually determined during the in-character meeting between you and one of our officers, but it is something that we suggest all potential applicants think about before expressing an interest in the guild.

  • You must be committed to your character. If you seek to join the Netherbane, a longer-term commitment to your characters and their story arcs is preferred. We prefer to see people who treat their characters and stories with respect.

If you meet these requirements, or you believe that you should be considered outside of those requirements, then read on.