Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

SoulShapers (01/08/2017) [Dread & Eraelan@Broken Isles]

This RP occurred between Dreadwhisper and Eraelan at his camp on the Broken Shore.

There is an open tent with a table in the middle. Notes are strewn around and crates sit on the ground. One Illidari sits on a crate and looks out from the back part of the camp and another Illidar kneels on a nearby rock outcropping.

Eraelan walks through the camp to the back of the tent.

16:44:09 [eraelan]: One of these days I will push you off that crate.
16:44:14 Eraelan grumbles.

He moves to stare at the nearby rock overhang.

16:44:35 Eraelan frowns at the Iliidari.
16:44:38 [eraelan]: ...useless...

When he turns back to the camp, he finds Dreadwhisper sitting on one of the crates.

16:44:51 Eraelan tilts his head.
16:45:03 [eraelan]: What do you want, child?
16:45:23 [dreadwhisper]: To learn about souls.
16:45:39 [eraelan]: Has anyone told you that it is rude to glow with void energy around your superiors?
16:45:57 Dreadwhisper sighs and dusts away the shadows.
16:46:10 Eraelan nods in satisfaction.
16:46:21 Eraelan leans over and studies the map.
16:46:39 Dreadwhisper reviews the map as well.
16:47:13 [eraelan]: Souls are important. If you do not have one, you do not exist.
16:47:18 [eraelan]: There, you have learned about souls.
16:47:27 Eraelan kneels down.
16:47:36 Eraelan opens up and rummages through the sacks on the ground.
16:47:45 [dreadwhisper]: I wish to learn what you know of souls. More than the basics.
16:47:55 [dreadwhisper]: Manipulation.
16:48:18 Eraelan 's expression changes little as he continues to rummage, but there is the slightest hint of a frown.
16:48:51 [dreadwhisper]: I have read the books openly available at the Site of Lessons and Dalaran. None of them touch on what you did.
16:49:13 Eraelan removes something from the sack and pockets it quickly before closing the bag and standing again.
16:49:22 [eraelan]: And what was it that I "did"?
16:50:08 [dreadwhisper]: You managed to seperate two souls and place one within a new body.
16:50:43 [dreadwhisper]: Well, we were mostly separate already.
16:51:25 [eraelan]: You can thank Sraath for that separation. I had nothing to do with that.
16:51:32 Eraelan spits on the ground next to the table.
16:51:43 Dreadwhisper nods.
16:51:44 Eraelan leans over the map again.
16:51:56 [eraelan]: He is here if you wish to try.
16:52:04 Eraelan points to a specific part of the map.
16:52:42 [dreadwhisper]: I'm not so foolish to think myself that capable.
16:52:48 Dreadwhisper snorts.
16:53:03 [dreadwhisper]: But I will take the knowledge.
16:53:29 [eraelan]: You can only take that which you are given. What makes you think you will be given?
16:54:56 [dreadwhisper]: Knowledge is given sometimes regardless whether either party wills it.
16:55:36 Dreadwhisper shoves a stray hair from her face with a look a mild annoyance.
16:55:41 [eraelan]: That can be difficult in this case, child.
16:55:59 [eraelan]: You have already said that you have exhausted other avenues.
16:56:26 Eraelan looks back down at the map and removes a pen from a pouch and begins to scratch notes on the surface.
16:56:53 Dreadwhisper frowns.
16:59:59 [dreadwhisper]: I have only run out of current avenues. You have spent thousands of years as a demon hunter, but you are…
17:00:11 Dreadwhisper studies Eraelan.
17:00:39 [dreadwhisper]: A bastard. Willing to go to lengths the Greyseer will not.
17:01:04 [eraelan]: And does your current shan'do approve of you being here?
17:01:14 Eraelan does not look up from his notes.
17:02:06 [dreadwhisper]: I did not ask his permission.
17:02:31 [eraelan]: So you have not told him at all, then.
17:03:07 [dreadwhisper]: I have not. I am not my sister.
17:03:55 Eraelan 's lips twitch in what may or may not be a grin.
17:03:59 [eraelan]: No, you certainly are not.
17:04:06 Dreadwhisper shifts one of Eraelan's notes so she can read it.
17:04:17 Eraelan raises an eyebrow.
17:04:28 [eraelan]: Another thing you did not ask permission for...
17:05:00 [dreadwhisper]: If it was truely something you didn't wish to be read you would have locked it up after last time.
17:05:16 [dreadwhisper]: I have not touched your bags.
17:05:34 [eraelan]: I wish it to be read, yes. But only by specific parties.
17:05:51 [eraelan]: It can be dangerous, otherwise.
17:06:46 [dreadwhisper]: Yes, many things are these days. A wrong word to a demon and they would be able to change their movements.
17:07:26 [eraelan]: A wrong word to someone still naive and they may think themselves strong enough to do something stupid.
17:07:48 Dreadwhisper glares at Eraelan.
17:08:06 [eraelan]: Sound familiar?
17:08:46 [dreadwhisper]: This body is too... weak for such whimsies. If I fight, I'll do it on my terms. Not with a glaive to the face.
17:09:46 [eraelan]: That would be ... unfortunate.
17:09:50 Eraelan grins mysteriously.
17:10:25 [eraelan]: Is that why you wish to learn? So you can fight on your own terms?
17:10:39 [eraelan]: Away from the Greyseer's teachings and mewling children?
17:10:51 Dreadwhisper nods.
17:11:07 [dreadwhisper]: It is.
17:11:38 [eraelan]: What makes you think you are strong enough even for that?
17:11:59 Eraelan rolls up a side of the map, revealing another document. He scribbles on that some.
17:13:09 [dreadwhisper]: I have to be. There are points in your life that you either make yourself strong enough or there's nothing left.
17:13:45 [eraelan]: And you are certain there is, indeed, something left?
17:14:18 [dreadwhisper]: I am what's left. I'm trying to forge into something useful.
17:15:39 Dreadwhisper tightens her ponytail with a practiced pull, then crosses her arms.
17:16:19 [eraelan]: You truly believe that a rusted knife can become a sword?
17:17:21 [dreadwhisper]: I am not a blacksmith like Tharion, but with enough cleaning and smelting, I believe it is.
17:18:29 [eraelan]: Then let me ask it to you this way. Do you believe that an egg, once brooken, can become whole again?
17:19:11 [dreadwhisper]: No, but it can become something new. I would say dinner, but I'd rather avoid being eaten.
17:19:23 Dreadwhisper raises an eyebrow.
17:19:24 Eraelan raises an eyebrow.
17:19:32 Eraelan shakes his head.
17:19:50 [eraelan]: You have ... spunk. I believe that is the word you humans use.
17:20:25 [dreadwhisper]: That is certainly a word we use.
17:22:34 [eraelan]: And what makes you believe you are deserving of such knowledge?
17:24:05 [dreadwhisper]: Do you wish me to attempt to influence something that is your decisions with grand accolades?
17:24:24 Dreadwhisper gestures to herself.
17:25:33 [dreadwhisper]: What you see if what you get. I would be studious and determined, but I can make no promises as to success.
17:25:55 [dreadwhisper]: Just like any demon hunter, I could fail and eventually die.
17:26:13 [dreadwhisper]: I do not INTEND to fail.
17:26:13 [eraelan]: Not like any...
17:26:22 [eraelan]: ...besides. I am busy.
17:26:31 Eraelan pointedly returns to scribbling notes.
17:27:22 [dreadwhisper]: You're right. You have not fallen nor has Tharion, but how many of the ones that you taught have died in the years you've had.
17:27:44 [dreadwhisper]: I'd be an idiot to not acknowledge the possibility and try to prepare for it.
17:27:57 [eraelan]: You are correct.
17:29:00 [dreadwhisper]: So, I ask you Eraelan Netherbane. What would make me deserving of your knowledge and time?
17:29:22 Dreadwhisper turns to fully face him and tilts her head up to stare into his face.
17:31:08 Eraelan considers for a moment.
17:31:48 Eraelan waves for Araatris to follow.

They walk up the hill to a tent with a crucible in it. A simple cushion sits in front of the crucible and candles are lit around the small tent.

17:32:19 Eraelan points over yonder.
17:32:24 [eraelan]: Kneel.
17:32:31 You kneel down.
17:32:50 Eraelan draws a dagger from his belt and hands it to Araatris.
17:32:52 [eraelan]: Bleed.
17:33:28 Dreadwhisper slices her left palm without hesistation. She wipes the knife off on her robe and hands it back to Eraelan.
17:33:43 Eraelan takes the knife and tucks it back into his belt.
17:33:53 [eraelan]: Into the bowl. This will require significantly more than last time.
17:34:38 Dreadwhisper opens and squeezes her fist over the bowl to make the blood run.
17:36:20 Eraelan waits for the blood to pool.
17:36:44 Dreadwhisper continues letting the blood flow.
17:36:59 Eraelan waits some more.
17:37:25 Dreadwhisper closes her fist.
17:37:46 [eraelan]: You are still conscious. Why did you stop?
17:38:12 [dreadwhisper]: Because I still wish to be conscious.
17:38:25 [eraelan]: Do you wish to learn about souls?
17:38:51 [dreadwhisper]: I do, but what purpose does my unconsciousness serve in the process?
17:39:17 [eraelan]: Will you always be so stubborn?
17:39:54 [dreadwhisper]: Yes, some things never change.
17:40:17 Eraelan removes a large blunt object from his belt and readies it...
17:41:13 [dreadwhisper]: If you wanted to hit me with a large blunt object, you just had to ask.
17:41:19 Dreadwhisper snorts and opens her hand again.
17:42:07 Eraelan nods his head and shoves the cudgel back into his belt.
17:42:39 Eraelan waits.
17:43:19 Dreadwhisper sways slightly and jerks back into position.
17:43:38 [eraelan]: Do not fight it.
17:43:44 [eraelan]: Just let go of it.
17:44:59 Dreadwhisper 's breath comes raggedly as she slumps to the side.
17:45:24 [eraelan]: Hmm. That was easier than expected...
17:45:54 Eraelan sits cross-legged in a meditative position.

17:46:54 [eraelan]: *A voice in the darkness. It sounds ... bastardly* This is who you really are.
17:47:13 [eraelan]: You cannot speak yet? Just think what you wish to say.
17:47:30 [eraelan]: This is not like the mental plane, nor the shadow realm.
17:47:34 [eraelan]: This is something different.
17:47:48 [eraelan]: Think your words and they will come.
17:48:15 [dreadwhisper]: This is strange feeling.
17:48:51 [eraelan]: Your body needs blood. Your soul does not.
17:49:06 [dreadwhisper]: There's nothing here, but... us.
17:49:20 [eraelan]: Oh, no. There are plenty more here. You simply cannot hear them.
17:49:28 [eraelan]: But, trust me. They are all around. And they see you.
17:50:11 [eraelan]: This world is rife with souls that have detached themselves from their bodies. Some attempt to reform on the material plane. Others wander aimlessly.
17:50:25 [dreadwhisper]: Everything is still dark for me.
17:50:44 [eraelan]: And it will be at first. You are not actually dead yet.
17:50:59 [eraelan]: Your soul still believes it needs eyes to see. I cannot unteach that without killing you.
17:51:15 [eraelan]: In due time, perhaps an hour or so, or maybe less, you will die. Then you will understand.
17:52:21 [dreadwhisper]: I believe it would be prudent to ask if you have a way to revive me at a later point.
17:52:51 [eraelan]: Should you not have asked that earlier?
17:53:13 [dreadwhisper]: If you simply wished me dead, there are much less troublesome ways to do so.
17:53:39 [eraelan]: Truly there are not. I asked you to cut yourself and you did. I asked you to bleed out, and here you are doing so in front of my body.
17:53:48 [eraelan]: But, no.
17:53:54 [eraelan]: My goal is not to kill you.
17:54:08 [eraelan]: However, you should be aware next time before you ask things as you have been asking.
17:55:25 [dreadwhisper]: True, but if I question every little thing then I will also learn nothing. I must have a certain amount of… confidence in your teachings in order to move forward.
17:56:04 [eraelan]: The only way to learn is to question, child. You may not like the answers, but it is truly the only way.
17:56:24 [eraelan]: *You start to feel odd, as if you are somehow ... fading?*
17:56:34 [dreadwhisper]: Very well. Remember that you said that later...
17:56:50 [dreadwhisper]: I feel distant. Am I dying now?
17:57:08 [eraelan]: Yes. Your soul does not need blood. But your body does.
17:57:16 [eraelan]: However, your soul needs your body.
17:57:46 [dreadwhisper]: How do I make sure I can tether to my body?
17:57:57 [eraelan]: Why do you wish to?
17:59:08 [dreadwhisper]: Perhaps tether is not the right word. Will I be able to find my way back to my body?
17:59:41 [eraelan]: When you are truly dead, and I mean truly, no. You will not. If you are close to death, then you will simply … know … where your body is.
18:00:09 [eraelan]: There are beings in the realm of souls that can ferry you back, if you wish. You have likely seen some of them here in the Broken Isles.
18:00:20 [eraelan]: *Eraelan's voice is sounding quieter, more distant*
18:00:38 [eraelan]: But not if you truly ... truly die.
18:00:47 [dreadwhisper]: Yes, I know them. I can barely hear you...
18:01:03 [eraelan]: *Eraelan is silent*

18:01:11 Eraelan kneels before you.
18:01:42 Eraelan removes the item he pulled from the bag earlier and places it into Araatris's wounded palm. It is a crystal, small and cut sharply.

18:02:21 [dreadwhisper]: Eraelan?

18:02:52 Eraelan speaks a few words, unintelligible, and the crystal begins to glow.

18:03:36 [eraelan]: *You hear whispers. Nothing can be understood, as none are loud enough.*
18:04:04 [dreadwhisper]: *strains to look and listen*
18:04:24 [dreadwhisper]: Eraelan.

18:04:46 Eraelan takes the crystal, still glowing with a sickly green fel energy, and smashes it against the Nether crucible.

18:05:19 [eraelan]: *The whispers grow slightly louder, as it something were coming closer*

18:05:44 Eraelan pulls out a wrap of bandages from his pouches and binds Araatris's wound.

18:05:55 [dreadwhisper]: Who is there?
18:06:36 [eraelan]: *The whispers seem to speak at once. Different voices. Different languages. Different words. But they form a shape in your mind. Something…*
18:07:08 [dreadwhisper]: *listens more closely*

18:07:26 Eraelan grabs the rim of the Nether crucible and speaks a few words of demonic, and the crucible itself vibrates and starts to glow.

18:08:35 [eraelan]: *The shape in your mind grows, something horrible reaching out from beyond to touch your fading soul. It is unclear. Shadows on top of shadows behind shadows. You feel cold.*

18:09:09 [eraelan]: [demonic] Rakkas zila enkIl parn ashj ashj ruk veni il revos enkil X amanare

18:11:01 [dreadwhisper]: *tries to avoid it... create a buffer before it can touch me*

18:11:11 Eraelan places his hand on both the crucible and Araatris, and a bright energy flows from the bowl, through Eraelan, to Araatris.

18:11:29 [eraelan]: *The world itself slams into you as you awaken with a jolt*

18:11:44 [dreadwhisper]: Ah!
18:12:07 Dreadwhisper jumps up with a start and wobbles.
18:12:33 Dreadwhisper grips onto the crucible to keep herself from falling.
18:13:46 Dreadwhisper blinks several times and finally notes her bandaged hand.
18:15:24 [dreadwhisper]: I saw... felt something, no many things. Deep and crawling shadows. Whispering.
18:15:34 Dreadwhisper turns to face Eraelan.
18:15:45 [eraelan]: Yes. I mentioned them to you.
18:16:00 [eraelan]: You do not believe we are the only beings that can die, do you?
18:16:18 [eraelan]: That we are the only word with life that can be snuffed out?
18:16:23 [eraelan]: ...or that wants back in?
18:16:37 [eraelan]: Come.
18:16:42 Dreadwhisper frowns thoughtfully.
18:16:47 Eraelan waves for Araatris to follow again.

Dreadwhisper follows Eraelan back to his camp.

18:17:29 [eraelan]: No. This way.

Eraelan continues up the stone pathway all the way up the ruins. They talk as they go.

18:18:01 [eraelan]: You want to manipulate souls.
18:18:19 [eraelan]: Did you even consider that there are souls out there far greater than your own?
18:18:39 [eraelan]: Did you think upon how they would react to manipulation?
18:18:53 Dreadwhisper shakes her head.

They reach the top and climb up some rocks and turn to stare at the Tomb of Sargeras.

18:19:47 [dreadwhisper]: No, and I did not even think about the danger even though I was once a soul.
18:20:12 [dreadwhisper]: Just a soul that is.
18:20:28 [eraelan]: You are borne of the Burning Legion. You are borne of Sraath's very soul merged with the one you now call your sister.
18:21:05 Eraelan points over yonder.
18:21:15 [eraelan]: You are a part of them.
18:21:29 [eraelan]: Do you understand this?
18:21:35 [eraelan]: You are a child of the Legion.
18:21:50 [dreadwhisper]: Yes.
18:21:50 [eraelan]: The Legion has destroyed countless worlds.
18:22:03 [eraelan]: The Legion has sent ... I would say most ... of the souls to that realm.
18:22:10 [eraelan]: And now you wish to learn to manipulate them?
18:22:22 Eraelan looks down at Araatris.
18:22:59 [dreadwhisper]: ... Uncountless beings.
18:24:17 [dreadwhisper]: But... They are already lost. There are others that can be saved.
18:24:30 [dreadwhisper]: If it will help me against the Legion, then yes.
18:24:32 Eraelan laughs.
18:24:54 [eraelan]: I think you misunderstand what I'm getting at, child.
18:24:59 [eraelan]: You will be eaten alive.
18:25:03 [eraelan]: ...and dead.
18:25:15 [eraelan]: And we did establish earlier that you did not wish to be eaten.
18:25:25 Dreadwhisper raises an eyebrow.
18:25:40 [dreadwhisper]: I did say that, yes. How do I avoid being eaten?
18:25:53 [eraelan]: Do not manipulate them.
18:26:01 Eraelan raises his hand.
18:26:06 Eraelan raises one finger.
18:26:20 [eraelan]: The Legion killed them. Countless souls lurking in the dark.
18:26:24 Eraelan raises his second finger.
18:26:29 [eraelan]: You are a child of the Legion.
18:26:35 Eraelan raises his third finger.
18:26:43 [eraelan]: They will hate you.
18:26:49 Eraelan raises his fourth finger.
18:27:16 [eraelan]: Your soul will be obliterated by them. Torn apart and consumed by the beings who lurk there. There is no return from that. No anchor. No hiding.
18:27:31 [eraelan]: That is what you risk.
18:27:36 [eraelan]: That is what you are asking.
18:27:47 Dreadwhisper nods.
18:28:30 [dreadwhisper]: Do they hate you as well?
18:28:39 Eraelan frowns and turns away.
18:28:52 [eraelan]: I am not the subject here, child.
18:29:08 [dreadwhisper]: I see.
18:29:47 [dreadwhisper]: So, I risk something worse than death if I walk this path. I risk non-existance?
18:29:54 Eraelan nods.
18:29:59 [eraelan]: Do you hate yourself so much?
18:30:18 [eraelan]: Do you envy your sister so much that you are willing to sentence yourself to oblivion?
18:30:36 [eraelan]: Your future was taken from you and given to her.
18:30:50 [eraelan]: I felt it when I recreated her. I felt that tearing.
18:30:54 [eraelan]: You cannot hide it.
18:32:08 [eraelan]: Is that what you want?
18:32:22 [dreadwhisper]: Oblivion? No.
18:32:34 Dreadwhisper head droops slightly.
18:32:58 [dreadwhisper]: Yes, I'm bitter. I'm angry. I'm frustrated with a body that does nothing I want.
18:33:12 [dreadwhisper]: But I have no wish to die or worse.
18:33:26 [eraelan]: Then why risk it?
18:34:00 [dreadwhisper]: Because I hate the Legion more. I want to rip them apart with every fiber of my being until they don't exist.
18:34:33 Eraelan considers for a moment, looking at the Tomb in contemplation before eventually nodding his head.
18:35:42 [dreadwhisper]: I'm not sure that's a good answer, but it's the one that I've found for myself in the last several months.
18:36:12 [dreadwhisper]: My sister seems to want to be just and honorable. I just want to destroy them.
18:36:27 [eraelan]: We almost all start on the path of vengeance, child. It is not an unfamiliar one.
18:37:11 [eraelan]: You will do a task for me.
18:37:59 Dreadwhisper turns and looks up at Eraelan once again.
18:38:10 [dreadwhisper]: What is the task?
18:38:40 [eraelan]: There is ... a wildcard ... on the field. A piece that should not be. It has become a nuissance to my plans.
18:39:00 Dreadwhisper raises an eyebrow.
18:39:35 [dreadwhisper]: A wildcard?
18:39:59 [eraelan]: Yes. Someone working the field in unexpected ways. This one I cannot predict.
18:40:18 [eraelan]: I hear rumors that the cells below your beloved site of lessons has a new guest.
18:40:27 [dreadwhisper]: Sedrai.
18:40:35 [eraelan]: So you think, yes.
18:40:40 [eraelan]: But, no.
18:40:54 [eraelan]: I need to know what they plan.
18:41:33 [eraelan]: Because I cannot proceed with my attack against Sraath until I know the field is clear.
18:41:54 Dreadwhisper inclines her head.
18:42:21 [dreadwhisper]: I will do as you wish.
18:42:45 Eraelan frowns briefly, but nods his head.
18:42:55 [eraelan]: And if you must kill them, do so.
18:43:31 Dreadwhisper frowns for a moment, then nods again.
18:43:53 [dreadwhisper]: If I must.
18:44:24 Dreadwhisper pauses for a moment.
18:45:05 [dreadwhisper]: Do you feel it is respectful to bow or is it a nuisance to you?
18:45:23 [eraelan]: I left formalities behind long ago.
18:45:38 [eraelan]: I would not expect it of you anyway.
18:46:27 [dreadwhisper]: Formality has nothing to do with it.
18:46:30 You bow before Eraelan.
18:46:46 Eraelan raises an eyebrow at the parting gesture, but remains silent.

Dreadwhisper turns and leaves; walking back down the path.