Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft


Tharion's Journal

The beginning of the Netherbane path of demon hunting starts with its namesake, the kal'dorei known as Eraelan Netherbane. A bounty hunter prior to the War of the Ancients, Eraelan Netherbane turned to the path of the demon hunter after the Sundering. He traveled the remains of the world, seeking out the dark places touched by the Burning Legion. It was sometime during these travels that he developed his methods of training and the rituals that went along with them. Those method were recorded in his journal.

Often times in roleplay, Tharion Greyseer has made use of Eraelan's Journal, a leather-bound tome filled with his notes and thoughts. The true version of Eraelan's Journal is hidden away somewhere, for the book itself holds dark power. However, various copies have been made. These text-only editions are suitable for those curious about the path without wanting to face the dangers of a demon soul bound between the pages. They have also been annotated by the Greyseer, updating the teachings and descriptions to include his own sensibilties. These edited versions have become known as Tharion's Journal.

Below you will find selections from the teachings of both Eraelan Netherbane and Tharion Greyseer.


The Paths

By Tharion Greyseer

What are the various paths of the demon hunter? What are the differences between the Illiari and Netherbane paths? Read below to learn about the various paths and what we know.

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The Lessons

By Eraelan Netherbane, annotated by Tharion Greyseer

What are the core lessons of the Netherbane path? Read here to discover what it means to be demon hunter under the tutelage of Eraelan Netherbane and Tharion Greyseer.

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