Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Summoning the Sovereign

Raeisley and Vasedra walk along the street in Boralus.

19:59 [Vasedra]: ...
19:59 [Raeisley]: What, love?
20:00 Vasedra stares at Raeisley, shaking her head.
20:00 [Vasedra]: Alright, then. If you insist on coming along, let's go.
20:01 You sigh at Raeisley.
20:01 Raeisley chortles clapping her tendrils. "So where are we going, I want to see you fight belligerents"
20:01 Vasedra shrugs. "Wherever they don't yet recognize me and tell me to leave."
20:02 [Raeisley]: Though I must say it begs the questions, why would they love?
20:02 [Vasedra]: Mm... I've been getting bored a lot, lately, so ... some of the taverns don't welcome me back.
20:02 Admiral hisses at the air bouncing around the two he doesn't stray further than a few feet before looping back.
20:03 [Raeisley]: Bored? Well why didn't you simply say so - I could spice up your lessons or perhaps we can play a goblin game.
20:03 [Raeisley]: Hide the bomb is my favorite personally.
20:03 Vasedra tilts her head at Raeisley. "Goblin... game?"
20:03 [Raeisley]: A game played by goblins.
20:04 [Raeisley]: Truth or Sawblade is a good one also ♪3
20:04 Raeisley raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
20:04 Vasedra smirks. "Do I want to know why you know goblin games?"
20:04 [Raeisley]: Are you looking for any particular place?
20:05 Vasedra shrugs and looks around. "Somewhere interesting."
20:05 Raeisley tendrils curl up weaving around each other. "I too also get bored from time to time, Sedra. Is it okay to call you that here?"
20:05 [Vasedra]: Come on. We won't find anywhere just standing around.
20:05 [Raeisley]: There is the Raven flock just there.
20:05 Raeisley points over yonder.
20:05 [Vasedra]: That's fine.

The duo approaches the tavern.
20:06 Vasedra eyes the open-air tavern, and a little grin lifts her lips. "I don't think I've been here, before."
20:06 [Raeisley]: Oooh it's interesting let's pop in they have little grills on boats that serve odd foods.
20:06 Raeisley claps excitedly.
20:06 Vasedra nods and gestures. "After you, then, Paramour. Charm our way in."
20:07 Raeisley looks down at Admiral speaking in a baby tone. "Vant grilled gill Admiral?" The creature barks and they both trot across.
20:08 Vasedra waves a hand at Raeis as she and Admiral sniff out food. "I'll be at the bar."
20:08 [Raeisley]: See look here they have this blood and spice mixture - it’s akin to Pandaren seasoning... *She goes on seemingly obvious to her companion’s desertion*
20:09 Aris sips her mug quietly.
20:09 Vasedra gives a baleful stare to the gnome sitting on the bar. "You... are parked in an annoying place. If you won't move, make yourself useful and order me an ale."
20:10 [Aris]:  Ya could always ask 'un o' the wanderin' servers. They're rather helpful.
20:10 Aris smiles as she takes another sip.
20:12 Vasedra sighs and looks over at the Kul'Tiran... oh. Nope, not Kul'Tiran. She shoves the gnome's knee out of the way and sits down. "Hello again..."
20:13 [Aris]: Hallo. What are ya havin'? I'll git yer first.
20:13 [Vasedra]: Anything with a bite. And thank you.
20:13 Raeisley lofts back to Vasedra with a red custard held in her mouth and one awaiting to push into Vasedra's. She waves at the hoomen while Admiral lays on the floor to the bewilderment of the sober staff.
20:14 [Aris]: They don't keep much of th'strong stuff 'ere, but Drop Anchor is a good substitute.
20:14 Aris orders a drink from the Commander for Vasedra.
20:15 Aris waves at Raeisley.
20:15 Vasedra turns her head as Raeisley approaches... and nearly gets a custard shoved in her mouth when she opens it.
20:15 [Aris]: Hallo there.
20:16 Keilvoras smiles at miss Langford. "Thank you so much Ellie, I've got it from here. Aris, Vasedra, doing well tonight, need anything?"
20:17 Vasedra snatches the custard before it can be foisted upon her, not bothering to even shoot Raeisley an annoyed glare.
20:17 Vasedra peers at the barmaid. "Oh. It's you."
20:17 [Keilvoras]: And I don’t think I know your Draenei friend, did you need anything miss?
20:18 [Aris]: Would ya mind checking on a Drop Anchor for Vasedra? I'm getting her first drink for her.
20:19 [Keilvoras]: A Drop Anchor, local favorite... not a problem at all. *She smiles and gives a graceful bow.* Either of you see mother lately? It's been a while since she's been around, war and all...
20:20 Vasedra sighs and doesn't bother to respond to Keil. She waves a hand between Raeis and the others. "Raeisley, Aris. Aris, Raeisley. And that other one is... Kay-something." Her smirk at Keil says it was intentional.
20:20 Raeisley covers her mouth with two tendrils as she chews and raises another to the hoomen. "Pardon - Aww, greetings love. I'm sorry but it seems Vasedra actually ate something I gave her for once so I don't have a custard for you ♪" She winks glancing to the
20:20 Raeisley other Draenei (Vasedra) rolling the single tendrils in a 'grab it motion' "Anchor Drop? I didn't take you for a heavy drinker."
20:21 [Raeisley]: More a surprise to find one of my cousins working in Boralus.
20:21 [Aris]: Keilvoras. Her name is Keilvoras and an excellent server, barkeep, and so on. I might be biased since she keeps my favorites stocked.
20:22 Keilvoras humms softly, grabbing three varieties of rum, a large tankard, and a shot glass, bringing it to the bar.
20:22 [Keilvoras]: I do try, it's more difficult keeping in good supply here than it was in Dalaran though.
20:22 [Vasedra]: Mm. Anchor Drop isn't heavy for me, Raeisley.
20:23 Vasedra suddenly stands from her stool, nearly upending the annoying gnome backward over the bar.
20:23 [Aris]: At least you can get apple brandy.
20:23 Aris grins.
20:24 Vasedra waves Raeis to the seat and shifts restlessly away.
20:24 Admiral rolls over on his belly, the poor fel pup exhausted or perhaps made lazy from a lack of exercise. The Paramour lips curl briefly to a pouted flow watching the beastie rest. "Noted, I suppose that is only natural. When you aren't looking for
20:24 Keilvoras smile a bit at Vasedra, and pours the dark rum on the bottom of the tankard, filling the rest up with ale, then half and half pours the other two into the shot glass, and pushes them to Vasedra. "Five silver, miss Aris. And for yourself? An apple brandy?"
20:25 Raeisley she takes another bite. "Trouble. We should try a Pandaren spot, have you ever had blood pudding?"
20:25 Raeisley cants her head towards Aris to extend the question.
20:25 You nod at Keilvoras.
20:26 [Aris]: Yes, please.
20:26 Aris drops the coins on the bar.
20:26 Aris glances at Raeisley.
20:26 [Aris]: Blood pudding? I can't say I have.
20:26 Raeisley brow perks and her eyes bounce between the rafters. "I'll stay light, cousin. Unless you have something perhaps more exotic."
20:27 Vasedra takes her drink and gives it an exploratory sip.
20:28 Raeisley leans forward crossing her arms under her breast. She postures a glance towards Admiral who is content to nap before speaking. "They take swine blood and mix in salt and a teaspoon of oatmeal and other Ingredients. Milk, onion, some all spice."
20:28 Keilvoras nods and reaches down for a bottle beneath the bar, and quickly pours Aris the deep rust red liquid and hands it over with a slight flourish of her wrist.
20:28 [Raeisley]: My uncle used to make it with a twirl of pepper to add some kick~♥
20:28 Aris pulls out another set of coins and sets the on the bar.
20:28 [Aris]: Same amount as usual, right?
20:29 Telnara looks around the tavern, frowning.
20:29 [Keilvoras]: Of course. Three silver, and... that sounds unpleasant....
20:29 [Keilvoras]: But I've eaten weirder.
20:29 Vasedra listens to Raeisley's recipe with little interest.
20:29 Aris glances toward the entrance.
20:29 Keilvoras smiles at Telnara.
20:29 [Aris]: Oi! Worm lady!
20:29 Raeisley blinks innocently. "How so?"
20:29 Aris waves at Telnara.
20:30 [Vasedra]: ... worm... lady?
20:30 Telnara raises an eyebrow at Aris.
20:30 [Keilvoras]: Come in out the cold miss! Can I get you anything?
20:30 Vasedra follows Aris' gaze to the stranger.
20:30 [Telnara]: Ah. You.
20:30 Telnara seems further disappointed.
20:30 [Aris]: What's the look fer?
20:30 Raeisley smirks slyly at you.
20:30 Telnara turns to the bartender.
20:30 [Vasedra]: ... mm. Not who I expected.
20:30 [Raeisley]: Probably refers to the wurm, Sedra.
20:31 [Telnara]: Did you happen to have seen a little gnome around here? With an imp companion who seems overly hyper?
20:31 Aris shakes her head.
20:31 [Telnara]: She's about yay tall...
20:31 Vasedra nods at Raeisley. "I learned last night that-... gnome?" Her attention swings back to the stranger.
20:31 Keilvoras gives Raeisley a slight glance and frown at using Vasedra's 'old' name
20:31 Raeisley chortles her smirk lowering to a simper. "You just described every imp and gnome on Azeroth, love."
20:31 Telnara holds her hands above each other in a vague representation of a gnome's height.
20:32 [Vasedra]: Blue hair? Overly fond of her imp?
20:32 [Aris]: You mean Wintflink? That gnome you were talking to a while back?
20:33 Vasedra blinks from Aris to the stranger and back, falling silent.
20:33 Telnara looks back and forth between the draenei and the human. She nods.
20:33 [Raeisley]: I've always been conflicted about gnomes, one had the interest in removing my tail and replacing it with a mechanical tail. Even I couldn't comprehend the point - Aw cousin, do you have any frozen cream for the pup?
20:33 [Telnara]: Yes. Wintflink.
20:33 Raeisley coils her tail to point at sleepy Admiral on the floor
20:33 [Telnara]: I had sent her a message requesting her help, but she hasn't responded.
20:34 Keilvoras smiles at Raeisley.
20:34 Aris turns on her seat.
20:34 [Aris]: 'Fraid not.
20:34 [Keilvoras]: Of course, just a moment, will need to grab it from the frost box.
20:34 [Raeisley]: Thank you cousin ♪
20:34 Vasedra folds her arms across her chest, gaze narrowing speculatively on the void elf.
20:35 Keilvoras kneels before Snarls.
20:35 [Vasedra]: Hm.
20:35 Aris sips her apple brandy.
20:35 Admiral rolls over resting his head on his paws, his skull beak opens abit and flops out a thin snake tonge that weakly hisses.
20:36 Keilvoras offered the tiny felpup a small saucer of chilled cream, and holds out her hand for a moment for the felpups consideration.
20:36 Telnara frowns and looks around again, hoping that maybe the gnome happened to be hiding somewhere.
20:36 Keilvoras smiles at Fethas.
20:36 [Aris]: Is sumthin' wrong?
20:36 [Keilvoras]: Auntie Fethas, please, come in, need anything?
20:37 Fethas eyebrow twitches.
20:37 [Aris]: If yer lookin' fer more worms I can check back at headquarters.
20:37 Rising as if to an expectation he clops up and starts nuzzling his nose into the Draenei's hand licking it twice before sniffing towards the saucer.
20:37 [Telnara]: She's been hunting dig sites and the worms. You tell me.
20:37 [Vasedra]: Telnara.
20:37 [Telnara]: That she hasn't shown up suggests...
20:37 Vasedra announces the void elf's name with a little nod, looking her up and down.
20:37 [Telnara]: Do I know you?
20:38 Keilvoras smiles and stroke's the creature's bone face before standing
20:38 [Fethas]: No. I don't need anything.
20:38 Vasedra snorts. "No. You don't."
20:38 [Raeisley]: Unlikely but possibly. Perhaps if you entreat her to another Anchor Drop she might even give you her name.
20:38 Raeisley winks slyly at Telnara.
20:38 Telnara waits for more from the draenei.
20:38 Vasedra flicks a smirk at Raeisley.
20:39 [Keilvoras]: Well, if you -want- something, that can be arranged too... it won’t hurt you to have some good food or a nice drink from time to time.
20:39 Raeisley reclines back watching the tiny demon push around the saucer as he licks. "Thank you, Cousin."
20:39 Aris sips at her drink.
20:39 Keilvoras bows before Raeisley.
20:39 [Keilvoras]: Any time.
20:39 [Vasedra]: I know you, I think. By reputation, at least. I met your gnome, last night.
20:39 Raeisley smiles at Keilvoras.
20:39 [Telnara]: So, she hasn't vanished, then?
20:40 Aris raises her eyebrow and glances at Vasedra.
20:40 Fethas eye twitches again as her warpstalker just sniffs around.
20:40 Telnara 's shoulders relax slightly, and her frown eases.
20:40 [Telnara]: That's... that's a relief.
20:40 Vasedra glances between her and Aris. "Not vanished. She was in Thresher's Wharf, last night."
20:40 [Raeisley]: Argus, Genedar or Draenor? I wager Zanger born.
20:40 Raeisley raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Keilvoras.
20:41 Vasedra glances over her shoulder. "She was .... sweetish. And small. Raeisley, you'll probably like her."
20:41 [Telnara]: Yes. She is that.
20:41 [Keilvoras]: Um... honestly, I don't know. I don't remember anything before the crash.
20:41 Raeisley raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
20:41 [Raeisley]: Would I? Be careful of Admiral.
20:41 Fethas folds her arms.
20:41 Raeisley looks at Keilvoras.
20:42 [Telnara]: I suppose I should be going, however.
20:42 Wintflink waves at Telnara.
20:42 Telnara raises both her eyebrows.
20:42 Aris waves at Wintflink.
20:42 Vasedra leans down and pats the lazy pup.
20:42 Wintflink waves at Telnara.
20:42 [Raeisley]: You have a young personality is all Cousin. Remind me of my older of years, younger of heart sibling.
20:42 [Telnara]: There's a phrase about speaking of a demon and having it appear.
20:43 Wintflink waves at Aris.
20:43 [Telnara]: Or, in this case, a gnome.
20:43 [Fethas]: More than a phrase... on both accounts.
20:43 [Aris]: Well, you could have been speaking of her imp.
20:43 Aris grins.
20:43 [Wintflink]: Hi, Telnara!  It's nice to see you again.
20:43 [Wintflink]: And you, too, Aris!
20:43 Keilvoras smiles at Wintflink.
20:43 Wintflink waves at Keilvoras.
20:43 [Keilvoras]: Hello miss, can I help you to anything?
20:43 [Aris]: It's been a while!
20:43 Vasedra leans an elbow against the bar and reclaims her drink. "We chose an interesting tavern, Paramour."
20:44 [Telnara]: Did... did you get my message, Wintflink?
20:44 [Wintflink]: Yes, please, if you have some coffee?
20:44 Keilvoras nods at Wintflink.
20:44 [Keilvoras]: Coming up.
20:44 [Raeisley]: I like to experience interesting locations...
20:44 [Wintflink]: I did get your message, and I'm sorry to be late.
20:44 Vasedra 's blue gaze flits over the Fethas, and she nods a little greeting.
20:44 [Wintflink]: I was on duty later than I expected today.
20:45 [Telnara]: I was concerned. Disappearances aren't something to be taken likely these days.
20:45 Telnara nods.
20:45 Wintflink nods in agreement.
20:45 Aris pats the imp's head.
20:46 Wintflink grins as Gobmat chitters in response.
20:46 Keilvoras smiles and pulls out a mug, getting the coffee ready for the gnome patron, returning to Raisely. "I’m actually not very old at all, I was maybe twelve when I washed up on Darkshore's beach.... I'm barely twenty... I think. Not entirely sure."
20:46 [Telnara]: The magister agreed to allow me to try something, but I think I need your help.
20:46 Vasedra smirks and watches the warlocky types talk, nosy but nonchalant.
20:46 Keilvoras finishes the coffee and passes it to the gnome, with a little cup of sugar and milk. "One silver miss"
20:46 [Aris]: Try sumthing? What are ya trying?
20:47 Raeisley cants her head lowering her voice to the sound between a whisper and a casual speak. "Can you stand between me and the Kal'dorei. I think she might have magic sight by that hue of hers."
20:47 Raeisley smiles at Keilvoras.
20:47 [Wintflink]: I would be glad to help.  I've been trying to put together a spell to recall those who are missing, too.  It hasn't worked as expected yet, but I'm getting close.
20:47 Vasedra sighs softly but does as asked.
20:48 [Raeisley]: The pods fell everywhere, didn't they? I suppose better separated than to land in the great oceans of Azeroth. You know, apparently, they go all the way around the planet?
20:48 Wintflink notices Vasedra at the end of the bar and waves.
20:48 Fethas looks at Vasedra, "You of all people know that won't work."
20:48 Vasedra smirks and gives Wint a little nod before taking another swig of her drink.
20:48 Telnara turns to Aris.
20:48 [Vasedra]: Fethas.... pleasant as always, I see?
20:49 [Telnara]: We need more information about what's actually going on. I intend to ask.
20:49 Telnara turns back to Wint.
20:49 Raeisley gives Vasedra a light tap on her wrist in thanks turning her attention to the 'relative' across the counter.
20:49 [Aris]: Ask?...
20:49 Vasedra beckons her. "Don't lurk. You look antisocial." Her grin is a little narrow-eyed and possibly hostile.
20:49 Aris tilts her head in confusion and a slight frown.
20:49 Keilvoras hrmms and lifts a brow, but then shakes her head. "No, I didn't know that at all. I’m thankful I was saved shortly after though, not sure what I would have done if mother hadn't found me."
20:49 [Telnara]: ...and how are you trying that? Have you figured out how to locate the missing?
20:50 Wintflink shrugs.
20:50 You beckon Fethas over.
20:50 [Telnara]: I would be fascinated to hear your theories on the matter later. I've hit a wall with my own progress, unfortunately.
20:51 [Raeisley]: What are you two scholars going on about?
20:51 [Wintflink]: I've spent a lot of time studying summoning at the warlock hall, and I put together a spell that should be able to summon someone using their true name, and I know the worms factor in, but I haven't gotten it quite right yet.
20:51 [Fethas]: Need something?
20:51 Vasedra nudges Aris on the shoulder and leans close. "The second round's mine, but judging from the mages, you'd better drink faster if you want to get to it."
20:51 Raeisley rises injecting herself between the counter at the void knight to keep pace with the moving woman.
20:52 [Wintflink]: In my last attempt, the worms disappeared, but I didn't get my commanding officer back like I wanted.  I'm missing something, but I'm not sure what.
20:52 Vasedra shakes her head at Fethas and sidles away from Raeisley's new awkward position. "Nothing at all, Fethas."
20:52 [Telnara]: The worms... disappeared? Like, they actually vanished?
20:52 [Wintflink]: I'd love it if you could look over what I have and let me know if you have any ideas.
20:52 Aris thinks about it for a second, the nods at Vasedra. She takes her brandy and takes a series of longer drinks from the cup until it's empty.
20:52 Vasedra shoots Raeis an annoyed glance.
20:53 Fethas looks over at Aris, "I swear if she passes out."
20:53 Keilvoras narrows her eyes at Fethas, thinking for a moment, and reaches down, grabbing a few bottles and filling up a cup with a variety of tropical juices, some warm spiced honey, and some mulled berries, along with a single basil leaf.
20:53 Wintflink produces a set of messy parchment pages.  "Oh, yes. There were a number of them that just vanished."
20:53 Vasedra downs her drink and clomps the mug on the counter, giving Keilvoras a meaningful look and then waving at Aris, too.
20:53 Telnara looks off into the distance, her brow furrowing in what appears to be intense thought.
20:53 Aris smirks at Fethas.
20:54 [Wintflink]: Vasedra was there, too.  She saw them vanish as well.
20:54 [Aris]: It'll take more than a little brandy to knock me down, Fethas.
20:54 Keilvoras offers the fruity concoction to Fethas. "No alcohol, I swear, try it please, for me?"
20:54 [Telnara]: ...if the worms enter our reality by displacing beings already here, then, yes... it could be theoretically possible to reverse it.
20:54 Telnara taps the end of her chin with a finger.
20:55 Vasedra perks up at her name, but all she does is glance at Wintflink.
20:55 Wintflink jumps and claps.  "Yes, that's exactly what I thought!"
20:55 [Fethas]: I am not thirsty at the moment.
20:55 Aris blinks.
20:55 [Vasedra]: ... now it gets interesting.
20:56 Keilvoras frowns a little and quietly returns to the bar.
20:56 [Telnara]: Change of plans, Wintflink. Sort of. I think I have a better idea than I did earlier.
20:56 Raeisley raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
20:56 Vasedra smirks at Raeis. "You may not get your beaten hooligans, tonight, though."
20:56 [Aris]: I think I get th'gist of that. Huh. So, yer thinkin' a trade...
20:56 Wintflink tries not to notice as Gobmat chitters hopefully and looks at the fruit juice concoction Keilvoras has created, reaching out a hand.
20:56 Raeisley sighs her simper dying to a reluctant frown. "Not even a little? The brawls go late..."
20:57 Fethas raises a brow at the conversation.
20:57 Admiral looks up from the dish now licked clean. He sits and hissed tasting the air towards Fethas.
20:57 [Telnara]: It seems to already be a trade, but... yes. Forcing a trade back. We'd have to know how best to identify WHAT we want back, however.
20:57 Vasedra nudges Admiral awake with a hoof. "Well, you never know when someone is talking about a summoning. You may get both."
20:57 Keilvoras sips the drink herself, thinks for a moment, and mutters "Less honey next time," And promptly adds a double shot of vodka.
20:58 [Wintflink]: Anyway, Telnara, I was figuring that I just haven't gotten the spell quite right.  From a lot of the other summoning spells, they should work if you know the true name of what you're summoning. Maybe I need more worms?
20:58 Vasedra snaps. "Keilvillias, we need refills." She taps the bar by her empty drink and smirks.
20:58 [Telnara]: May I see those pages, Wintflink?
20:58 Telnara motions to the parchment.
20:59 [Keilvoras]: Oh, coming up!
20:59 [Wintflink]: Oh, please, I was hoping you could have a look at these!
20:59 Aris scratches her cheek thoughtfully.
20:59 [Vasedra]: One for the girl, too.
20:59 Wintflink hands the papers over to Telnara.
20:59 Vasedra makes a gesture toward Aris. "It's my round."
20:59 Raeisley crosses her arms under her breast, twisting her tendrils into her curls. "You know the two there babbling about the wurmies? And you know this one." She points through Vasedra with her tail.
20:59 Telnara takes the pages and immediately begins to look through them.
21:00 Wintflink takes a sip of her coffee and pushes the cup over to Gobmat, who takes a big swig.
21:00 Keilvoras takes the discarded cups and starts making a second round of anchor drops and apple brandy, passing them out. "Anyone else?"
21:01 Fethas is focused on the conversation without directly looking in thier direction.
21:01 [Telnara]: Traditional truename calculations won't necessarily work for "mundane" mortals. They need to be identified through some other means. That one's going to be a tough one to crack, I think. However, your work is perfect for what I'm thinking.
21:01 Vasedra taps a hoof restlessly and looks askance at Fethas.
21:02 [Wintflink]: What did you have in mind?
21:02 [Telnara]: I was originally planning to try and create an opening to an entity out there, something that would allow us to ask questions. However, now I think we may be able to actually bring it here and speak to it face-to-face. Or face-to-whatever it may have...
21:02 Aris nods her thanks to Vasedra then Keilvoras.
21:02 Fethas glances at Vasedra, "I can move."
21:03 [Raeisley]: I would not consider that wise you two.
21:03 Aris picks up her brandy and starts taking deep sips of it.
21:03 Aris glances over her shoulder.
21:03 [Raeisley]: You'll end up like that poor fellow who summoned a Eredar lord at the faire.
21:03 [Aris]: But it could be a chance to bring back people we lost. Isn't it worth a try?
21:03 [Wintflink]: Do you have any ideas about getting the missing back?
21:03 Vasedra 's brow furrows. "Wait. Define 'out there'?"
21:03 Telnara waves her hand dismissively at Raeisley's comment.
21:04 [Telnara]: He was one, we are two.
21:04 Wintflink smiles at Telnara.
21:04 Telnara looks down at Wintflink.
21:04 [Telnara]: I think we may be able to get some answers tonight.
21:04 [Raeisley]: One at a time perhaps.
21:04 Raeisley looks at Aris.
21:05 [Vasedra]: Define 'out there', mage.
21:05 [Telnara]: Are you feeling adventurous, Wint?
21:05 [Aris]: Better one at a time than not at all.
21:05 Telnara actually smiles and winks at the gnome.
21:05 [Raeisley]: They already said they've had marked success pulling some back by their true names, but I believe they're suffering from scholar stupidity.
21:05 [Wintflink]: Yes, I am usually!
21:05 Aris looks up at Raeisley.
21:05 Wintflink laughs.
21:06 [Telnara]: "Out there". Twisting Nether. With the Legion broken, the normal beings of power aren't as organized. Some... some can be bartered with.
21:06 [Wintflink]: Well, I tried recalling people by their true names, but only the worms disappeared.
21:06 [Raeisley]: Pandarens have a story about four men bringing back a tiger from the dead. This may apply well. If they wish to summon what is plucking the missing away, then they should really consider if that is a good idea.
21:06 Telnara looks down at the gnome.
21:07 Vasedra seems to relax at that answer and simply nods and gulps her drink.
21:07 [Telnara]: Ready for a little hike? I have a stash of ... resources... that we can use.
21:07 Aris quickly finishes her drink.
21:07 [Raeisley]: I also consider it foolish to try to summon a mortal the same way you would a demon. Not everyone has an immortal soul nor is bound by their name.
21:07 [Wintflink]: Sure, ready when you are.
21:07 [Aris]: I'm definitely not missin' this. The boss'll want to know... Hey wait!
21:08 Keilvoras sips her drink.
21:08 Telnara looks over her shoulder at the gnome, but seems to be ignoring everyone else.
21:08 [Vasedra]: Come on. This is going to be interesting.
21:08 Raeisley frowns watching the trio head off, she sighs then blinks as Vasedra walks forward and then hurries to maintain her 'block’.
21:08 You beckon Raeisley over.
21:08 [Raeisley]: You're joking right?
21:08 [Telnara]: It's a short hike up the mountains. Follow me as closely as you can. I don't want you getting lost.
21:08 [Telnara]: Also, you may get a little wet...
21:08 [Fethas]: I will when I pull a lizard out a puddle…
21:09 Vasedra calls back "Not joking!"
21:10 Raeisley plucks up the fel pup hugging him between her breast. "She ran off and didn't even offer to give me a ride."
21:10 Raeisley blinks at you.
21:10 Vasedra rides back and waits with a sigh.
21:11 Keilvoras nods and gets to washing cups.
21:11 [Vasedra]: Are you coming or not?
21:11 Vasedra holds down a hand.
21:11 [Raeisley]: Farewell Cousin, we may see more of each other yet ♪
21:11 Raeisley holds her hand out and waits. "Does this really concern us?"
21:12 [Vasedra]: I'm interested. And you like worms, right?
21:12 [Raeisley]: ... Well yes, but still. That woman will be there no?
21:12 [Vasedra]: Fethas is an acquaintance. She's fine.
21:13 [Raeisley]: I'm used to having people undress me with their eyes, I don't like that -they- can literally do it.
21:13 [Raeisley]: Vasedra…
21:14 [Raeisley]: I think we’re heading towards a shrine.
21:14 [Vasedra]: Isn't that a good thing?
 Everyone heads out the back of Boralus and up the hill to the top of a waterfall.

21:14 Telnara clenches her jaw.
21:15 [Telnara]: This is going to be even colder, I think.
21:15 [Aris]: Ya got to be kiddin' me...
21:15 Raeisley leans forward whispering into the knight's ear. "It’s right below us."
21:15 [Vasedra]: ... wait, we’re going in the...
21:15 Vasedra curses under her breath and looks at Raeisley. "We're going in the water."
21:16 [Aris]: Come on down! The water's... well... cold.
21:16 [Raeisley]: Past it.
 Telnara, Wintflink, Fethas, and Aris jump down. They’re shortly followed by Vasedra and Raeisly.

21:16 Telnara yells: Down here!
21:17 Raeisley frowns with disappointment at you.
21:17 [Vasedra]: ... don't give me that look. I'm bored AND wet.
21:17 [Raeisley]: They could produce more than results here. This isn't wise.
21:18 [Vasedra]: Isn't that all the more reason to stay? If they do something they shouldn't, we can make sure it doesn't get out of hand.
21:19 Vasedra shivers and puts her hands on her hips, facing Raeisley and dripping.
21:19 [Telnara]: I found this place a while back. I come here for... quiet.
21:20 Telnara looks back at all the others with a frown.
21:20 Raeisley hugs Admiral her upper lip eclipsing her lower. "Should we? Or we could be consumed by their lack of respect for where they are."
21:20 [Wintflink]: It's really nice, I can see why you like it!
21:20 [Vasedra]: Why don't we make that choice when we see what they do?
21:20 [Aris]: This... is your quiet place? That explains so much.
21:20 Telnara points to the pool of water in the corner. It seems to be churning with purple-silvery worms.
21:21 Wintflink nods.  "I see we're ready as far as the worms."
21:21 [Vasedra]: Come or leave. I'm bored, and I got wet for this. And I'm supposed to be learning.
21:21 [Aris]: That's... a lot of worms.
21:21 Aris shudders.
21:21 Fethas grits her teeth.
21:22 Wintflink calls Gobmat closer to her side, and he hops over by her.
21:22 Raeisley huffs at the "your quiet place" stepping in. Admiral close to her chest. "Learn that gnomes and void elves lack the wisdom to balance the insanity." She sighs and closes her eyes sweeping a finger across the void knight’s armor, collecting moisture as she
21:22 Raeisley does so.
21:23 [Raeisley]: If you insist.
21:23 You nod at Raeisley.
21:23 [Vasedra]: Thank you.
21:23 Raeisley looks at Fethas.
21:23 Raeisley looks at you.
21:23 [Raeisley]: look
21:23 Vasedra glances from Raeis to Fethas and back, sighing and adjusting her position.
21:23 [Raeisley]: Thank you.
21:24 [Telnara]: Do you remember what you suggested I do the first time you showed me how to summon?
21:24 [Wintflink]: Yes, how you have to be able to really see in your mind what it is you're trying to call.
21:25 Wintflink smiles.
21:25 [Telnara]: I've never seen this entity, so I'm going to have to... well... I think "wing it" is the popular term.
21:25 [Telnara]: I just need your support. I'm not sure how much this will take out of me. Do you think you can assist with that?
21:26 [Wintflink]: I will be glad to.  Just say the word and we can begin.
21:26 Telnara nods and stands.
21:27 Raeisley looks around her eyes caressing over the seemingly minor details of the room with a certain reverence. For a moment her shoulders are tense and Admiral whines to reflect that, but she relaxes and steps around towards a particular piller. Abandoning her perceived cover so to marvel at the deep hues of the purple gemstones.
21:27 Telnara closes her eyes and begins to whisper to herself. She raises her hands over the pool, and the worms begin to churn more and more violently, as if reacting to something.
21:27 Aris watches intently.
21:27 Telnara motions to Wintflink a motion that seems to indicate 'now'.
21:28 Vasedra frowns and winces a bit, but stays silent.
21:28 Wintflink widens her arms and power seems to gather in the air.
21:29 Telnara tightens her eyes as the twisting mass of worms in the pool begins to undulate almost uncontrollably. Then, in a near instant, it all goes silent. The mist of water hanging in the air clears slowly to reveal...
21:30 Telnara opens her eyes, then blinks.
21:30 [Telnara]: Uhm...
 Two gnomes have appeared in the worm-infested water.

21:30 [Scraplight]: Oh! Oh my! These are worms!
21:30 [Lokker]: WHY ARE WE WET?
21:30 Fethas groans.
21:30 [Lokker]: HeyHey, look! People!
21:30 [Scraplight]: This is your fault. I told you that those were the wrong settings!
21:30 Lokker points over yonder.
21:30 Raeisley glances back at the swarm react to whatever the warlocks are plotting before continuing on her tour to the next game. Lower she touches it closing her eyes to mediate.
21:30 Scraplight waves.
21:31 [Scraplight]: Hi people!
21:31 Wintflink waves excitedly.  Gobmat chitters and flips and jumps.
21:31 [Telnara]: This... isn't...
21:31 Telnara sighs.
21:31 [Wintflink]: Hi, it's nice to see you!
21:31 [Aris]: I... Lokker?
21:31 [Telnara]: I was thinking of you, Wint...
21:31 [Aris]: You have a friend with you...?
21:31 Lokker waves at Aris.
21:31 Wintflink waves at Lokker.
21:31 [Lokker]: You! I know you, Aris! I think.
21:31 Wintflink waves at Scraplight.
21:31 Aris nods.
21:31 [Lokker]: Wait. What time is it?
21:32 Scraplight waves at Wintflink.
21:32 Scraplight waves at Aris.
21:32 [Lokker]: AND WHY ARE WE WET?
21:32 [Scraplight]: Hi Aris!
21:32 [Telnara]: we put them back, or...?
21:32 [Wintflink]: Aris, were they missing?
21:32 Vasedra glances at Raeisley as she approaches and gestures at the pond. "It's worse than you feared," she says dryly and with a dire sound. "Gnomes."
21:32 [Aris]: It's ni--It's during the War with the Horde after Teldrassil burned?
21:33 Raeisley shivers in her boots. Chilling!
21:33 [Fethas]: it’s a 'Lokker' but we can't be sure which. So yes. You may need to put them back.
21:33 [Lokker]: Oh? OH! OhOh! We're too early, then.
21:33 [Aris]: Well, kinda, but not due to the Thunder. This is all Lokker.
21:33 [Scraplight]: I told you we would be.
21:33 [Lokker]: Scrappy, we're too early! It isn't time, yet!
21:33 [Raeisley]: Horrifying... But it could be far worse.
21:34 Vasedra snorts. "How. Goblins?"
21:34 Scraplight grabs Lokker's shoulders and starts messing with them.
21:34 Wintflink laughs, and Gobmat chitters in a way that sounds like laughter.
21:34 [Lokker]: Hey! Don't mess with those! The calculations are VERYvery details.
21:34 [Lokker]: Erm. Detailed.
21:34 [Raeisley]: They don't have names... But this does explain why there was so many on the crags east of here and -here-.
21:34 [Scraplight]: Yes, yes. I know, but you see what happens when you do the settings!
21:34 [Raeisley]: Replacing sea life and the apparent doman invasion.
21:35 [Fethas]: ...Normally explosions happen.
21:35 [Scraplight]: The fizmagig needs to be calibrated first!
21:35 Aris rubs her face.
21:35 [Aris]: I'm sure this wasn't the intent...
21:35 [Lokker]: SorrySorry, people! We're too early! We'll see you soon!
21:35 [Scraplight]: Yes, we'll be back!
21:35 Wintflink waves at Lokker.
21:36 [Scraplight]: Not here back, but other back.
21:36 Wintflink waves at Scraplight.
21:36 Fethas is just standing there like this is normal.
21:36 [Wintflink]: Bye!  See you later!
21:36 Scraplight waves with her sparking staff.
21:36 [Vasedra]: Raeisley... I don't know what you're talking about, any more.
21:36 Raeisley bites her tongue rolling her eyes. "Domain, not doman.. that custard was thicker than I wagered."
21:36 [Lokker]: Also, FIND THE LAST GATE!
21:36 [Scraplight]: Oh right, right!
21:37 Vasedra blinks and give the swimming gnomes her attention.
21:37 Scraplight tweaks another setting and hits a big orange button.
21:37 Lokker waves.
21:37 [Aris]: Last gate?!
 The two gnomes disappear with a few sparks shooting into the air, then… nothing.

21:37 [Aris]: Wait!
21:37 [Aris]: What....
21:37 [Raeisley]: It's simple Sedra. Consider where we are. And where we were when we encountered the wurms. Now consider --- gate?
21:37 Wintflink puts her hand on Telnara's arm.  "Good job. This time you actually managed to summon something, which I failed at last time."
21:37 [Aris]: I hate it when they do that.
21:37 [Telnara]: Yeah, but...
21:37 [Telnara]: That wasn't quite what I had in mind.
21:37 Wintflink looks at Aris and giggles.
21:38 [Telnara]: Well, I guess it was. I did think of you right there at the end. That may have... done something?
21:38 Telnara kneels down.
21:38 [Aris]: So, you summoned gnomes. There’re worse things... at least he didn't try to explode this time.
21:38 [Wintflink]: If there are any tales of the thing you're thinking of, anything that it makes you feel, maybe we can focus on that this time?
21:38 [Aris]: Or implode... or whatever he does.
21:38 Telnara reaches her hand into the pool, feeling for the worms. After a moment, she sighs in satisfaction.
21:39 [Telnara]: I think we still have enough.
21:39 [Telnara]: Shall we try again?
21:39 Wintflink laughs.  "Yay for summoning gnomes! Yes, let's try again."
21:39 Telnara takes a deep breath and closes her eyes again.
21:39 Wintflink stands by with her arms spread, waiting for Telnara's word.
21:39 Aris steps back and pauses when she feels a presence behind her foot. She glances back and notices the felpup, stopping.
21:40 Telnara begins to chant once more, making similar motions as the first time. She again nods to Wintflink.
21:40 Wintflink raises her arms and chants with Telnara, her eyes closed as well.
21:40 Vasedra glances at Aris and back to the pool, muttering, "Good choice."
21:41 [Aris]: I get the feeling he might bite me... Not that I'd blame him if I stepped on'im.
21:41 Telnara keeps chanting as, once again, the worms in the pool begin to violently churn. Water sprays into the air, forming a thick mist.
21:41 [Vasedra]: The bite isn't so bad. His yip will give you a headache for the rest of the day.
21:42 [Aris]: ... Good to know.
21:42 Telnara ceases her chants and steps back, allowing the mists to clear once again. She bites her lip.
21:42 [Raeisley]: Admiral is an honorable knight of mine. He could forgive your slip up if not scold you for a few minutes ♪
21:42 Raeisley winks slyly at Aris.
 A large eredar appears in the water.

21:42 Aris chuckles.
21:42 Malfias kneels down.
21:42 Wintflink drops her arms and takes a deep breath.
21:42 [Aris]: Also, good to know.
21:42 Vasedra stiffens as the mists reveal a figure inside.
21:42 [Telnara]: Ah! Better. Malfias, I presume?
21:43 Fethas instantly stiffens up one hand locking on her staff on her back and a HARD deathgaze on Malfias.
21:43 Wintflink waves at Malfias.
21:43 Admiral perks up at this name walking over to the Paramour's hooves he takes a seat and well-deserved pat.
21:43 [Aris]: Malfias... that name sounds familiar from a report...
21:43 [Malfias]: ...where. Where have you brought me?
21:43 [Vasedra]: ...
21:43 [Raeisley]: An Eredar...? Well at least it’s not all boring.
21:43 [Malfias]: WHO has brought me?
21:43 Aris points at Telnara silently.
21:43 Vasedra clenches her fists.
21:43 [Raeisley]: The small one and the insane one over there, darling.
21:43 Wintflink waves again.
21:44 Raeisley points at the two warlocks with her tendril.
21:44 [Telnara]: We have. My name is Telnara.
21:44 [Wintflink]: And I'm Wintflink.  Hi!
21:44 [Telnara]: You are the one known as Malfias, correct?
21:45 Malfias stands slowly and looks around the dark room.
21:45 Malfias sighs.
21:45 [Malfias]: Here again. Azeroth...
21:45 Raeisley simpers at the man giving a small wave. "Can they summon more half clothed men?"
21:45 [Aris]: Ummm... Fethas, isn't he a demon that you all dealt with during the Legion stuff?
21:45 Wintflink chokes back a laugh.
21:46 Vasedra stares at Malfias, tense and silent.
21:46 Fethas doesn't answer and seems to be half locked in a pre-combative posture just staring.
21:46 Malfias cowled gaze shifts over to Vasedra.
21:46 [Aris]: I'll take that as a yes...
21:46 [Malfias]: It has been a long time, Sedrai.
21:47 [Telnara]: Does, like, everyone know everyone out there or something?
21:47 [Vasedra]: Longer for you than for me. And I don't use that name, any more.
21:47 Telnara presses a finger to her temple and closes her eyes.
21:48 [Malfias]: Who are you?
21:48 Malfias frowns at Telnara.
21:48 [Telnara]: I told you my name, demon. You have yet to confirm yours. However, I can assume by the reaction of others that you are the one I sought.
21:49 Wintflink moves closer to Telnara, as if to protect her.
21:49 [Malfias]: No. I mean more who are you to have the gall to try and summ--
21:49 Malfias gasps and kneels down again, shrinking in size.
21:49 Malfias kneels down.
21:49 Malfias coughs.
21:49 [Wintflink]: Are you OK?
21:49 Vasedra takes a portion of a step forward.
21:49 [Aris]: Ya seem a little... sickly.
21:50 Raeisley cants her head towards Vasedra watching her steady advance. She steps forward also half out of maintaining her block and perhaps a mix of inciting concern. "Sedrai ♪ Come now as much as I could do for a quiver from some fighting perhaps best not -
21:50 Telnara frowns, but says nothing.
21:50 Malfias stands again, much less steady than before.
21:51 [Malfias]: It has been a few hundred years since I have considered myself "OK".
21:51 [Malfias]: Why am I here?
21:51 Raeisley nods at you.
21:51 [Raeisley]: Maybe add in I'm an excellent nurse?
21:51 Raeisley winks slyly at you.
21:51 Vasedra glances over her shoulder at Raeis and shakes her head, putting a hand out to push her back a step.
21:52 [Telnara]: We... we have questions.
21:52 Telnara 's voice also now seems unsteady.
21:52 [Wintflink]: People have gone missing.  We want them back.
21:52 Malfias looks down at his feet--at the pool of tiny wormlike creatures swimming about.
21:52 Raeisley looks down at the hand but takes the step back. "Or not."
21:53 [Vasedra]: Malfias, what's happened at the gate?
21:54 [Malfias]: Perhaps your people were summoned away by arrogant elves playing with forces she knows little about.
21:54 [Malfias]: I need to get out of this... mess.
21:54 Wintflink nods.  "Unfortunately, those worms are not good with living things."
21:55 Malfias shifts his gaze to the void knight.
21:55 Fethas is still posture locked.
21:55 [Malfias]: Three of the four have opened.
21:55 Raeisley chuckles at that. She leans down whispering to Aris. "Imagine the quality of survival being 'not good' for living things."
21:56 Vasedra steps toward the eredar Sovereign and all-but-elbows Telnara aside on the way. She steps more politely around Gobmat. "Lightless Depths!"
21:56 [Vasedra]: Three?!
21:56 [Telnara]: ...I have no idea what you are talking about. Wasn't this supposed to answer questions and not create more?
21:56 Aris mutters back. "Seems like the understatement of the night."
21:57 Wintflink watches Vasedra curiously, smiling at Gobmat as he hops around.
21:57 Malfias frowns at the void elf, but answers Vasedra.
21:58 [Malfias]: Yes. Three of the Founders are once again able to exert their will upon us.
21:58 Raeisley squints back at the demon hunter behind her raising her shoulders she turns her attention towards the matters ahead.
21:58 [Malfias]: I have already been claimed.
21:58 Wintflink looks grave for the first time all evening, and Gobmat crowds closer to her.
21:59 Vasedra blinks at him. "The Founders? Claimed?"
21:59 [Aris]: Founders? And three what are open?
21:59 Vasedra glances back at Aris. "Gates. Haven’t you been paying attention, girl?"
21:59 [Raeisley]: Apparently a gate, those things that hold all the privates in the barracks.
21:59 Malfias sighs, seeming far more weary than he ever has before.
21:59 [Fethas]: She wasn't there. She doesn't know.
21:59 [Vasedra]: We need information. You were sent to stop the first from opening completely, and now three are open?
22:00 [Telnara]: Does this have to do with the missing people? With the thunder we've heard?
22:00 Aris pinches the bridge of her nose.
22:00 [Aris]: Yes, I've read about those in the reports. I'm starting to wish I'd drank more before coming here.
22:01 [Fethas]: Consider the gates something outside the realm we can normally touch. But it’s keeping something in.
22:01 [Raeisley]: I can offer chemical substitute if you're bold enough for that ♪
22:01 [Malfias]: Four locations, collectively known as the "Outer Gates", exist on the fringes of the Twisting Nether. Guarded by the Burning Legion--by those like me--we kept them sealed for eons.
22:01 Fethas is still posture locked and staring at Malfias.
22:02 [Fethas]: They opening naturally or someone tampering, Spider?
22:02 [Malfias]: We did not know what was behind them. We merely knew that they needed to STAY behind them. Interference during the war against my people caused the Eastern Gate to crack open.
22:03 [Aris]: No thanks. The boss would have my head if I came back drugged or drunk after this... no matter how much I'd prefer it.
22:03 [Malfias]: The Founders--the entities on the other side--have freed themselves. Once the first was free, the others chose to follow.
22:04 [Malfias]: Call it "jealousy", if such a thing can even be attributed to them. Perhaps restlessness.
22:04 Telnara leans over to Wintflink.
22:04 [Telnara]: This also wasn't quite what I had in mind...
22:04 Vasedra watches Malfias, brow furrowed. "What are they? These... Founders?"
22:04 Raeisley pulls out a small blue purse from her sleeve and shrugs popping it open she feeds a tiny yellow shard into her mouth no bigger than a dog tooth. "If you insist."
22:04 Wintflink looks up at Telnara.  "That's how this sort of thing goes sometimes...let's see where we end up."
22:05 Malfias frowns.
22:06 [Malfias]: I only know what two of them are called. The Silence, the mother of the worms. She infests the fabric of existence, but speaks no words as we know them. And the other one, nameless, faceless, existenceless.
22:07 [Malfias]: The waves of nothingness that you have interpreted as thunder come from him. It.
22:07 Malfias waves his hand vaguely.
22:07 [Telnara]: Wait. So, this thing IS responsible for the disappearances?
22:08 Aris frowns.
22:08 [Malfias]: It is responsible for the disappearance of countless worlds. I only still exist because the Silence has marked me as one of hers.
22:09 Raeisley does not frown
22:09 Vasedra glances back over her shoulder at Telnara and nods. "All of it is rel-" She stops and turns back to Malfias. "Marked... by the mother of worms?"
22:09 Malfias shifts the shoulder armor above his rags to reveal a glowing sigil, one that looks like two worms consuming each other in a circle.
22:09 [Vasedra]: Raeisley.
22:09 [Aris]: Huh? Wait...
22:09 You beckon Raeisley over.
22:09 Raeisley now she frowns. "What?"
22:09 Aris yanks off her glove and looks at the mark, comparing it to Malfias'.
22:10 [Aris]: It's... the same.
22:10 Vasedra scowls at Raeis and growls, "Get over here."
22:10 Malfias raises an eyebrow beneath his cowl.
22:10 Wintflink looks back at Aris, and takes her glove off to show her mark, as well.  "Me, too."
22:11 [Aris]: What does it mean to be marked?
22:11 [Vasedra]: Where is it, today? Because if it's below your neckline, you can skip showing it.
22:11 Raeisley sighs and relucently clicks forward.
22:11 Aris nods at Wintflink.
22:11 [Raeisley]: For now, it’s at the base of my neck till it moves again.
22:11 Malfias removes a small vial from a pouch at his waist and downs the contents. He clenches his jaw and grunts as a wave of energy washes over him. Afterwards, however, he seems a little more refreshed.
22:11 Fethas is just listening and looks like half thinking.
22:12 Vasedra shifts Raeis' long hair aside to reveal the same mark.
22:12 [Vasedra]: Fel.
22:12 [Telnara]: It seems a few of us have been... what did you call it? "Claimed"?
22:12 Raeisley shivers glancing towards Aris then Malfias. "Your hands are cold as ever."
22:13 [Malfias]: It would seem so.
22:13 Vasedra sighs and releases her, mumbling, "Yes, sorry. I wanted to check."
22:13 Malfias turns to Aris.
22:13 [Malfias]: She is protecting you from the null-thing.
22:13 Aris blinks.
22:14 [Aris]: Oh.
22:14 [Aris]: Why?
22:14 [Raeisley]: Best not to worry about gods reasonings. It'll never make much sense.
22:14 [Fethas]: Three gates, two mentioned… Then there should be three loose, yes?
22:14 Malfias nods towards Raeisley.
22:15 Vasedra nods at Fethas and looks back at Malfias. "Yes. What do you know about the third and fourth?"
22:15 [Malfias]: She could favor us for some reason. Or she may merely wish to toy with us. Her sphere is that of existence, and non-existence. The duality of sound and silence--one that needs the other. Her children, the Whispers, manifest in that balance.
22:15 Aris nods slowly.
22:16 Malfias looks at the pool of worms and frowns again.
22:16 [Malfias]: I have heard nothing from the fourth. The last gate was lost when the Legion fell.
22:16 Raeisley sets Admiral down and turns towards the puddle bending over to patter at the water and excite some of the worms to come. "I wager she likes bells."
22:16 [Aris]: Lokker told us that we need to find the fourth gate. Is there a way to do that?
22:17 [Malfias]: A locker told you to find--? No, nevermind, I do not wish to know.
22:17 [Aris]: Well, he said last gate, but I'm assuming that's the fourth.
22:17 [Fethas]: Lokker, he’s a gnome.
22:17 You nod at Aris.
22:17 [Malfias]: Wait. Small. Hyper. Unanchored to both time and reality?
22:17 Aris nods.
22:18 [Fethas]: That one.
22:18 [Aris]: That's the one. Though... he has a friend now.
22:18 Telnara rests her face in her palm.
22:18 Wintflink laughs out loud at that, and Gobmat flips end to end in amusement.
22:18 Raeisley rolls her tail briefly along her belt then pointing at Malfias with it. She shakes a soundless bell at the man tied to her tail. Eyes fixed on the water she finds a sizable wurm and scoops it up pressing her fingers to its skin she pets it and the creature seemingly relaxes.
22:18 [Telnara]: You all DO know each other... I thought the cosmos was supposed to be big.
22:18 Telnara rests her head on her knees.
22:18 [Raeisley]: Well the script would be rather poor if the actors never interacted ♪
22:19 [Aris]: Are ya feelin' alright, Telnara?
22:19 Wintflink puts a hand on Telnara's shoulder.
22:19 [Fethas]: Aris is going by and the spider go back.
22:19 Vasedra sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose.
22:19 Telnara groans in the general direction of Aris.
22:19 Raeisley turns with a smile wiggling her finger at the creature. "It could be the nature of the 'blessing' chosing those that can work together." her eye rises to Malfias.
22:20 [Malfias]: Perhaps. I do not pretend to understand her reasons. I did not ask to be claimed.
22:20 [Raeisley]: That would imply that she'd care.
22:21 [Malfias]: I do now know which one lurks behind the third, Sedrai. Just that the gate was unguarded when mine opened.
22:22 Vasedra mutters to herself, "A third unknown threat, and a fourth gate to find..." She raises her head and looks back at Malfias. "And what are YOU doing in all of this, Sovereign of an open Gate?"
22:22 [Aris]: So... there's a third one doing... sumthin' out there. And we have to find the last one... sumhow.
22:22 [Malfias]: Seeing what was left.
22:23 [Malfias]: I no longer command what I once did, in resources or in power.
22:23 Vasedra grimaces. "How bad is it?"
22:23 Fethas growls to herself as she thinks.
22:23 [Malfias]: She has seen to that. Her mark takes what it does without remorse.
22:24 [Vasedra]: Wait, you said she was protecting them...
22:25 [Raeisley]: Protecting may be an unapt word.
22:25 [Malfias]: Or playing with. I cannot truly say. All I know is that I have survived the unnamed's power three times.
22:25 [Raeisley]: preserving might work. You don't kill all your pigs for one meal.
22:25 [Malfias]: And the mark burned each time. Each time it took a little of me--but not all of me.
22:26 Wintflink sighs and mutters, "And here I thought it was going to just be as simple as figuring out how to get the missing back."
22:26 Vasedra frowns and glances back at the others. "The marked may not disappear, but they will be ... what? Consumed?"
22:26 [Telnara]: This "she". The Silence? Can she--it? Be communicated with? Can we talk to her?
22:27 Telnara gets back to her feet, done sulking for the moment.
22:27 Raeisley looks at Telnara.
22:27 [Raeisley]: Likely but not by the means you know as communicating.
22:27 [Fethas]: That would not be something to do.
22:27 [Aris]: If ya talk to her, she might not like ya anymore if she is protectin' ya.
22:27 [Raeisley]: Perhaps if you could understand the reverberations of silence meeting sound, the peace between the strikes of a bell.
22:28 [Malfias]: Correct. She has no voice in the traditional sense. She speaks through flesh. Through matter. Her words are change--transition. The Whispers are hers.
22:28 [Malfias]: These things...
22:28 Raeisley looks at Vasedra and 'rings' her broken bell at the woman.
22:28 Malfias motions to the pool of worms.
22:28 [Malfias]: Have you seen them change, yet?
22:28 Vasedra shoots Raeisley an unreadable look.
22:29 Raeisley smiles at you.
22:29 Raeisley looks at Malfias.
22:29 [Raeisley]: We've seen them merge to form greater wurms.
22:29 Vasedra sighs and looks back at Malfias.
22:29 [Aris]: Changes?
22:29 [Aris]: They can change?
22:29 [Malfias]: Syllables to form greater meaning.
22:29 [Malfias]: She is apparently trying to speak, then.
22:29 [Vasedra]: They merge together, Aris. To become things more foul.
22:29 Aris looks at the pool with unease.
22:29 [Aris]: Oh... great.
22:30 Telnara glances over to her pool, a look of concern on her face.
22:30 Vasedra frowns and glances from Malfias to Raeisley. "Her... attempt to speak seemed quite a lot like 'trying to eat us'."
22:30 Fethas grits her teeth.
22:30 [Raeisley]: My amateur occult opinion on the matter ♪ Well I believe it meant little but an invitation to join into something greater. To devour something is it make it apart of you.
22:31 [Malfias]: Perhaps. An "invitation" may be a good interpretation.
22:31 [Raeisley]: A rather romantic notion if you have the mind for it, but where we spotted the behemoth was on the border of a shrine.
22:31 Vasedra gives Raeis a look that's somewhere between skeptical and repulsed.
22:31 Malfias gasps again and hunches over.
22:32 [Raeisley]: Much like this one - which I can only hazard we're being rude guest in.
22:32 Malfias takes a deep breath and straightens, trying to ignore the brief episode.
22:32 [Aris]: Ummm... do ya need a healer?
22:32 Vasedra lurches, again, but looks away from the Sovereign.
22:32 [Malfias]: A healer cannot give me back what has been lost.
22:32 Raeisley continues to pet her wurm. Giving Admiral a glance simply to ensure he's behaving. "No pooping."
22:32 [Aris]: Is that going to happen to the rest of us that's marked like ya?
22:33 [Vasedra]: It'll start happening to all of you, too. I presume when the knocks happen.
22:33 First of his name, last of his line First Admiral Snarls barks back in reply.
22:33 [Wintflink]: Do you know, is there anything to be done to reverse all of this, including bringing back the missing?
22:33 [Raeisley]: If it hasn't started already.
22:33 [Raeisley]: You may simply not be able to feel it. A death by inches.
22:34 Vasedra tilts her head at Raeisley. "..."
22:34 Malfias looks down at Wintflink.
22:34 [Fethas]: Already dealing with that without a mark. But this just means i need to readapt hunting styles.
22:34 Aris shudders again, definitely not due to being wet and cold.
22:35 [Malfias]: If they have been claimed by the thing without name, then I do not believe so. It is the embodiment of nothing--of absolute non-existence. It exerts its will now it is free.
22:36 [Wintflink]: If we re-imprison them, can we force them to give back what they took?
22:36 [Malfias]: Worlds have vanished from the sky--from right beneath my hooves. Only those marked have survived, left adrift on the currents of the Twisting Nether.
22:36 Malfias opens his mouth to reply, but closes it again. He actually smiles at the gnome.
22:36 [Malfias]: You... you are an ambitious one.
22:36 Wintflink shrugs.
22:37 [Wintflink]: If you're going to save the world, you should try to do it right.
22:37 [Telnara]: World. Worlds. All of existence.
22:38 Vasedra runs a hand through her wet hair, thinking aloud. "What is the point? What are they... trying to do?"
22:38 Raeisley looks at you.
22:38 [Malfias]: I will not say it is impossible.
22:38 [Raeisley]: To exist, love. Why else.
22:38 Aris mumbles, "This report is going to be a nightmare..."
22:39 Vasedra looks over at Raeisley. "It's as you said. But their existence denies ours. Knowing more about the threat is only the first part. We need to focus on what we can do to stop it."
22:39 [Malfias]: How many creatures have you put to rest by merely walking here, Sedrai? How many insects have fallen beneath your icy hooves?
22:39 [Malfias]: How many have you even noticed?
22:40 Aris silently pulls her gloves back on.
22:40 Raeisley turns around releasing the worm back to the pond to rejoin its other nightmarish kin. "Can we stop it? Should we is a better question."
22:40 Vasedra frowns. "You're saying we are nothing to them, beneath their notice."
22:40 [Malfias]: Most of us, yes. Some of us have apparently caught the attention of at least one.
22:41 Vasedra blinks at Raeisley but sighs and turns her attention back to the Sovereign.
22:42 [Telnara]: long do we have?
22:42 [Malfias]: How long has it been since I was here last? On this world?
22:43 Wintflink looks at Vasedra with a questioning expression.
22:43 Vasedra looks up at Malfias. "The last time I saw you here was the better part of a year ago, after Sraath fell."
22:44 [Malfias]: A year?
22:44 Vasedra nods. "How long has it been for you?"
22:45 Raeisley squints at the giant lizard
22:45 [Malfias]: In that time, three of these entities have freed themselves, claimed their champions, and have started to work against one another.
22:45 Wintflink pets Ssivix.
22:45 [Aris]: Champions? What do you mean champions?
22:45 Vasedra nods at Aris. Good question.
22:46 Malfias motions to the group.
22:46 [Malfias]: Forgive the word choice, but... you.
22:46 Raeisley chortles covering her mouth. "Somethings never change regardless of the scale."
22:46 [Aris]: ...
22:46 Vasedra scoffs.
22:47 [Malfias]: If The Silence has claimed you, it is easy to assume the others have claimed theirs, too.
22:47 [Aris]: Would the others have marks like ours, but a different design?
22:47 [Malfias]: I do not know.
22:47 Aris sighs.
22:47 [Fethas]: I have no marks and am more wondering how to purge that pool over there.
22:47 [Telnara]: Who would?
22:48 Malfias opens his palms upwards, as if to indicate a lack of anything substantial.
22:48 Aris whispers to Wintflink.
22:48 [Aris]: This is a lot to take in, isn't it?
22:49 [Vasedra]: Fine, then the fourth Gate. Where can we start on trying to find that?
22:49 Wintflink nods.  "Oh, yes!"
22:49 Vasedra nudges Admiral gently with her hoof as she steps away.
22:49 [Malfias]: It is gone. No longer where it should be.
22:49 [Malfias]: I traveled there not too long ag--
22:50 Raeisley achieves her 3d chess goal and wraps a arm around Malfias smirking at Vasedra. "How do you find your enemy in an open land Vasedra?"
22:50 [Vasedra]: Malfias, that is no an-
22:50 [Malfias]: --ago.
22:50 Malfias frowns.
22:50 Vasedra looks at Raeisley. "I don't know what you're talking about."
22:51 Wintflink sits and puts her chin in one hand, a very thoughtful expression on her face, listening intently.
22:51 [Telnara]: Wait. Gone? How big are these things?
22:51 [Raeisley]: How do you locate your opponent’s army on a map?
22:51 [Vasedra]: You send scouts, of course.
22:52 [Raeisley]: Correct but how do you know where to send those scouts.
22:52 [Malfias]: The gates are manifestations of the mind exerted upon reality. We "see" them as gates, because that is a limit of our own perception. It is what we know. The truth, however, is that they can become whatever they need to become.
22:53 Vasedra tilts her head at Raeisley. "Really? It's a lesson? Right now?"
22:54 [Aris]: So... can we summon the gate?
22:54 [Raeisley]: Not at all ♫ Perhaps spending too long with me has you thinking too deeply. You did say you commanded armies before yes?
22:54 Malfias looks to Aris.
22:54 [Malfias]: I am uncertain anyone has ever tried.
22:55 [Raeisley]: Well how big is it?
22:55 [Raeisley]: And what would that accomplish other than put a target on Azeroth.
22:55 [Malfias]: We always assumed that they were static--locked into their position. We knew they could shift depending on perception, but we did not know they could move.
22:56 [Vasedra]: It has no size. And it's infinite.
22:56 [Aris]: We have people disappearing, we're marked by this... this Lady of Silence, and there's more out there. I think we already have a target here.
22:56 [Fethas]: I am more concerned if someone else is looking also.
22:56 Aris looks at Telnara.
22:56 [Aris]: Can you summon indescribable gates?
22:57 [Raeisley]: Yes and no and yes.
22:57 [Telnara]: I accidentally summoned gnomes earlier this evening. You tell me.
22:57 [Aris]: ... Fair. Not a chance then.
22:57 Vasedra looks at Telnara as well. "There are a few who... know what the Gates are. You did say that knowing what you want to summon was important, correct?"
22:57 [Telnara]: Who else would be looking?
22:57 [Raeisley]: Allow me to state it may be arrogant of us to assume that a single elf can summon a primal force.
22:58 [Raeisley]: Even the Legion at full power required warlocks as older than all the elves on this planet to focus in ships the size of a Dalaran tower.
22:58 [Aris]: Well... maybe it wants to be found.
22:58 [Telnara]: That was Wint's instruction, yes. But I needed help to bring just this wretched thing in. How do you fathom trying to summon something that, by description, has no definition?
22:58 [Fethas]: Old acquaintance, whom I am honestly just hoping is feeding off the atmosphere. but be careful if you see odd moon priestesses around.
22:59 Vasedra frowns at her. "Don't call him that."
22:59 Malfias frowns at the use of the word "wretched".
23:00 [Fethas]: It fits.
23:00 [Telnara]: What, "wretched"? Or "thing"? I'm confident that I'm at least fifty percent correct there.
23:00 Raeisley lightly pats Malf's arm with a light hmmmm. "Unlimit your description, love."
23:01 [Vasedra]: He has lived longer than anything on this world, at this point, and spent most of that time fighting to protect all of existence. Show some respect for a Sovereign of the Gates, elf.
23:01 [Fethas]: And I can't forgive half the things he has done.
23:01 [Telnara]: Fine. Fine. I'm not here to get into an argument. I came here to try and find answers about what was going on.
23:01 [Telnara]: I think that, maybe, some of that was accomplished?
23:02 Vasedra clenches her fists, but merely looks away. "It's precious little to act on."
23:02 [Raeisley]: Void elf - Ren'dorei they're calling you now days? Perhaps start by picking a different location?
23:03 [Raeisley]: If you're going to summon something that large, a shrine is a weak place to start and rather disrespectful.
23:03 Raeisley perks up softly blinking "And perhaps - you actually have the perfect location for such a task already created for you ♪"
23:04 [Telnara]: Trust me, I'm not one to try something like this. I don't even know who could be. Maybe some of the mages of the Kirin Tor? But it took a team of them just to move Dal--
23:04 [Telnara]: Hmm?
23:04 [Telnara]: What are you talking about?
23:04 [Raeisley]: Kun Lai mountain. The peak of the world. It happens to have a legion gate ontop of it.
23:05 [Raeisley]: If you ever needed space and a powerful instrument well... you'll be hard pressed to do better. Dalaran would lock you up at the notion.
23:06 Raeisley shakes her head tapping her tongue with a tendril. "in-stra-ment.  Instrument, light whats with me tonight?"
23:06 Telnara bites her lip, a look of concern crossing her features.
23:06 Vasedra looks from Raeis to Malfias to Telnara, glancing at Aris beyond.
23:07 [Raeisley]: A friendly suggestion is all ♪ If you're going to attempt something so foolish you aught as well give it your best motion~♥
23:07 [Telnara]: I'm going to need some time to consider. I'm not even sure if it's possible.
23:07 [Raeisley]: And - Perhaps our beloved friend could provide ample assistance? The price for powering a gate isn't cheap.
23:08 [Aris]: I need to report back to the boss on all this. He'll want to know what's going on.
23:08 Raeisley leans forward to look up at Malfias, still holding onto his arm with a overly friendly squeeze.
23:08 Vasedra rubs some frozen drops of water from her cheek, sighing. "In the meantime, I can try to... Malfias, if you can give me information about where the fourth gate is supposed to be, maybe I can determine some places to try to send scouts."
23:09 Vasedra looks at Telnara.
23:09 [Malfias]: I am here now, on this world. I will need time to recover.
23:09 [Vasedra]: If it can't be summoned, we will still have to find it.
23:09 [Fethas]: I am going to go worm hunting, I think.
23:09 [Telnara]: Yeah, erm... sorry about that. The original plan was merely to open a path to talk to you. But I got a little over-eager with Wint's calculations.
23:10 Aris nods at Fethas.
23:10 Raeisley smiles at you.
23:10 [Raeisley]: Vaaa-seeeed-raw~♥
23:10 [Aris]: Be careful. I don't know if hunting worms means that you might disappear at the next Thunder. -If- we're actually being protected.
23:10 Vasedra blinks at Raeisley, instantly looking suspicious at that tone. "... yes?"
23:10 [Raeisley]: I found this poor man in a cave, exhausted and famished. Can I take him home with us?
23:10 Raeisley hugs Malfias.
23:11 Vasedra 's eyes widen, and she looks at Malfias.
23:11 Raeisley is dragged along.
23:11 [Malfias]: No.
23:11 [Vasedra]: To... .... no.
23:11 Raeisley huffs letting go, her arms cross under her breast, nose rising to the air. "Fine."
23:12 Vasedra looks relieved.
23:12 [Fethas]: Again. I am not marked like most of you.
23:12 [Aris]: Ya did try. I don't think he's the type though.
23:12 [Aris]: Alright. Shall we depart and reconvene at a later point?
23:12 Aris glances at Malfias.
23:12 [Vasedra]: Come on, Raeisley. I think it's time we went back to the tavern. Now I *really* wish I could punch a few people.
23:13 Raeisley opens one eye. "Fite?"
23:13 [Aris]: Can we recontact you more easily now that yer well... here?
23:13 Vasedra grabs the Paramour by the upper arm and tugs on her.
23:13 Malfias nods at Aris.
23:13 [Raeisley]: Just be careful if you stay here, loves~ There are far more dangerous things in rest than awake.
23:14 Telnara regards Fethas for a few moments.
23:14 Fethas looks at Telnara, "What?"
23:14 Raeisley counters by grabbing Vasedra hand to posture she was in fact going of her own will (poorly)
23:14 Vasedra glances at Malfias. "I assume I can still reach you in the usual way."
23:14 [Malfias]: I will find a place. And, yes.
23:15 [Aris]: Then I'm good for now. My brain has had enough work for one night... and it was supposed to be my night off...
23:15 Aris sighs.
23:15 [Telnara]: Nothing.
23:15 Telnara nods at the demon hunter and turns away.
23:15 Vasedra nods. "We're going." She drags Raeisley after her toward the shrine entrance.
23:15 [Aris]: Good luck with those worms and stuff, Fethas.
23:15 Telnara turns back to Malfias.
23:15 [Telnara]: I would say you could stay here, but... I kinda like this place. Could you maybe find somewhere else?
23:16 Vasedra stops and sighs. "... and we have to get wet, again. Fel."
23:16 [Fethas]: Need to figure out what does and dosen't work.
23:16 Aris nods.
23:16 Malfias grumbles and begins to teleport away.
23:16 [Aris]: I haven't really tried anything so... let us know.
23:16 Aris clambers out of the cave.
 They all head out from the shrine.

23:19 Vasedra grouches at Raeisley, "I can't believe you put your arm around him. Let's get you back to the *Revenant*."
23:19 Raeisley blinks at you.
23:19 [Raeisley]: Is that jealousy of him or me, love?
23:20 Vasedra shrinks back from Raeisley, her cheeks darkening. "It's... not jealousy!"
23:21 Raeisley leans into the woman's hold on her arm with a rising simper. "If you claim so~ But it was for our benefit. Men who have lost so much... they can be turned into allies easily with a little womanly kindness~♪”
23:22 Vasedra shudders and tries to extricate herself from Raeisley's grip. “I will leave the womanly kindness to you."
23:23 [Raeisley]: And I'll leave the fighting to you least you grow puddy. Though Vasedra. At the gates did you know of the... similar powers already present on Azeroth? The kind I attempt to implant some reverence into you.
23:25 Vasedra sighs softly and shakes her head. "No. I was... more Legion, then, and an odd duck among those peers. I didn't."
23:25 [Raeisley]: Then it's not odd Malfias and yourself seem confused about what is happening. Allow me to be arrogant and claim to see what?
23:26 [Vasedra]: If you know anything that can help, arrogant or not, I will listen.
23:26 [Raeisley]: These forces are merely a retelling of the cycle that has been ongoing on Azeroth since its inception.
23:27 Vasedra furrows her brow. "Then they are inevitable?"
23:29 Raeisley gives a simple nod yes. "Though this inevitability doesn't mean our destruction. We'll talk more about it when we get back. I prefer the listening walls to the open streets."
23:30 Vasedra nods and turns, beckoning Raeisley after her. "Seconded. Let's get going."