Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

The Gained Champion

This scene takes place in the immediate moments after the 3rd knock, when Rhoelyn collapses in the streets of lower Boralus and Elishtar saves her from a mob that assumes her “fit” is related to the sudden disappearances all around them.

21:44 Elishtar says: Ishnu'alah, sister, are you well enough to walk on your own?
21:44 Rhoelyn takes a shaky breath and mutters...
21:45 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I... I will try. I am dizzy, still.
21:46 Elishtar nods, gestures down the alleyway. "Do you have anywhere safe to go to? I fear you are not safe alone right now"
21:47 Rhoelyn levers her unsteady legs under herself, clinging to the demon hunter's arm heavily.
21:47 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] Home... h-home is on the far side of the Market. At... at the end of the wall.
21:48 Elishtar nods, thinking a moment.
21:49 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Closer than mine, come.
21:50 Rhoelyn nods slightly and sniffles, wiping tears from her cheek with the back of one hand. Her fingers twitch once, little sparks of Light dancing between them for a split second.
21:51 Elishtar lets out a soft grunt and lifts, bearing the brunt of the other woman's weight  as she helps the priestess down the road.

The pair begin to make their way back toward the Tradewind Market and the head of the seawall, their progress slow.

21:51 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] So, what... happened there?
21:52 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I... I do not know, sister. Truly. The fits are... they have been afflicting me now and again for some time.
21:53 Rhoelyn looks down as they walk, valiantly trying, but she supports little of her own weight and is tense with aches.
21:54 Elishtar frowns and nods. "Has that happened before? The disappearing? You said something about that which knocks?
21:56 Rhoelyn looks up at Elishtar at that, her brow furrowing as her eyes shine with fresh tears. She looks half worried and half certain. It's an odd mix. "I did not make them vanish! It was... it was not me. I swear it."
21:57 Rhoelyn sniffles, though, and glances back the way they came. "You hear it, do you not? ... the city mourns. The world mourns. I-I saw it."
21:57 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] I'll need you to guide from here. don't need to convince me, I don't think you were guilty of what happened, though you were the center of it.
21:58 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] ...Darnassus is cinders, we all mourn, sister.
21:59 Rhoelyn takes a deep breath, again, still half catching hers despite their time walking slowly. "I know, sister. I... Th-thank you for helping me."
22:01 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Of course. These Kul'Tirans are suspicious enough as it is. We have to watch for our own.

They lapse into an easy silence for a while, the sound of the harbor growing louder around them until they step through an arched doorway and onto the fleet dock. The Wind’s Redemption is one of the few warships that remains docked there in the absence of the Kul’Tiran fleet.

22:01 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] What is your name?
22:02 Elishtar salutes Night Elf Sentinel with respect.
22:02 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] I'll take your report later, Luminaria.
22:03 Rhoelyn blinks and sighs with a little self-deprecating smile. She seems to be thinking clearer, if still weak from the way she leans against Elish as they walk. She also manages some Common. "Forgive my manners, sister. I am Rhoelyn Silverwing. Elune adore."
22:03 Rhoelyn puts a shaky hand over her heart, the weak person's version of a bow.

Their progress carries them up toward the Market.

22:05 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] I am commander Elishtar Fangblade of Razorleaf Squad. Pleasure to meet you, Blessed Be by Elune.
22:08 Rhoelyn smiles weakly and bows her head. "Elishtar Fangblade. It is my pleasure to meet you." As they pair of them pass by the inn, she balks looking around with worried eyes. "Please can we... please can we rest a moment before we go on?"
22:09 Elishtar nods a bit. "Sure, let's stop here."

They enter the Snug Harbor Inn and head toward one of the few unoccupied tables near the back of the taproom.

22:09 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Want something to drink? A water?
22:10 Rhoelyn snags the chair and plops into it with relief, grimacing as if she aches. "Please? Water would be a blessing, right now."
22:10 Elishtar nods at you.
22:11 Elishtar walks up to the bar, tapping a few coin on the wooden structure. "Water and a mead please, thank you."
22:11 Rhoelyn sucks in another shuddering breath and leans her elbows on the table, rounding her shoulders and resting her face in her hands. Her long hair dribbles by her elbows as she mutters, "Goddess..."
22:12 Elishtar grabs the two offered tankards, and heads back to her table
22:14 Rhoelyn straightens and attempts to look less afflicted as she hears the demon hunter's now-familiar steps approach once more. She looks over with a little smile that doesn't reach her eyes.
22:14 Elishtar slides the water in front of Rhoelyn and gives a weak smile. "There you are... relax a bit, tell me what happened... you say you have... fits?" she says, frowning in concern and takes a sip of her mead.
22:15 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] ... yes. These episodes have afflicted me periodically since shortly after we came to Boralus. After... a-after... the war...
22:15 Rhoelyn 's voice trails off a bit as she looks down at her water, and she buries her nose in the mug for a drink.
22:18 Elishtar nods solemnly and mutters "To the Fallen" In Darnassian. She then focuses her eyeless gaze back to the other woman. "Have they been getting worse? Have the people disappearing happened before?"
22:20 Rhoelyn cups her mug in her two hands as she unhappily admits, "Yes, they are getting worse. The... the thunder... makes them hit harder than normal. But I have never harmed anyone." She looks over at Elish, brow furrowed, and repeats, "I've never harmed anyone."
22:22 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] No, I understand that, of course you haven't...
22:22 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] But maybe you should.. see someone?
22:22 Rhoelyn looks grateful at the acceptance and closes her eyes with relief.
22:23 Elishtar frowns, and reaches over to the priestess' hand to squeeze it softly in comfort
22:26 Rhoelyn glances at the contact before offering Elish a grateful, if small, smile. "I do appreciate your concern, Elishtar. I am blessed that Elune saw fit to put you on my path and that you chose to help me."
22:26 Rhoelyn uses her free hand to take another sip of her water.
22:27 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Well, I don't know if that was Elune's doing, although if it is I am happy to be part of her plan, for once.
22:27 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I do not know what I should do. I... I needed to rest here because I... have kept these fits secret from my family.
22:27 Elishtar gives a small smile.
22:28 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Why have you kept them secret? You don't want them to worry for you?
22:30 Rhoelyn nods and looks down at her water.
22:31 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I would... not be another worry for them. And until recently, it seemed no threat.
22:32 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Well, that is no longer the case, is it? So where do our options lie? Next time, there may be no me nearby.
22:33 Rhoelyn sighs softly and looks over at Elishtar. She gives her a little smile. "I suppose it is too much to hope that Elune could promise your appearance whenever I had need of a champion?"
22:35 Elishtar smirks. "Well, while I am not against protecting my kin, I think hoping that I'll always be around is a bit of a stretch- my husband may get jealous, after all."
22:35 Rhoelyn gives a slightly more genuine smile at that.
22:36 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] Ah. I suppose it -is- something of an imposition. I shouldn't like to irritate him. Certainly not if he is as capable as you.
22:38 Elishtar chuckles. "No, not really, but he is the brains of the operation. And our daughter the charm I suppose."
22:40 Rhoelyn sips her water, the tremor in her hand far less than before and her color much improved. She looks to be feeling better. "A husband and a daughter. I am pleased you have the riches of family, Elishtar. Yours must be a fascinating story."
22:41 Rhoelyn 's gaze drops to where Elish's tattoos pulse from Light to Shadow where they can be seen.
22:43 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] The goddesses have blessed me. My family is one of the few true joys in my life... and what of your own?
22:46 Rhoelyn 's smile warms, and she glances down at her water, her hands flexing around the mug. "I have a brother, a twin. Rhese. And his mate, my dear sister. Their own children and... a-and my own, now. I pulled a child from the Fire. He lost his parents on Teldrassil, but I... I wish to see that he knows of their loss without suffering it. I-if I can."
22:49 Rhoelyn blushes as she stares at her drink, her cheeks darkening inexplicably with her thoughts.
22:50 Elishtar frowns, nods. She pauses, chewing a little on her lower lip as she thinks. She takes a sip of her mug, and says , softly, "How old is he? Your child?"
22:51 Rhoelyn says, equally softly, "I suppose I will never know for certain, now. But he seems to be near one and a half turns of the seasons."
22:52 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] And your daughter?
22:53 Elishtar nods. "Ah, he won't remember a thing. He is blessed, in that regard. My daughter, Keilvoras, she's an adult. Young, but still old enough to make her own mistakes yet," she says with a sly smile. "I’m curious as to what she becomes. She seems continent to have a mundane life, for now.”
22:57 Rhoelyn blinks a few times, her brow furrowing thoughtfully. "Keilvoras? Her name sounds very familiar..." She lifts one fine-boned hand to rub her temple thoughtfully, frowning a bit. "I feel as if I'd remember from where if my head were only a bit clearer."
22:58 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] She's a waitress... draenei.
22:59 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] A barm- Oh!
23:00 Rhoelyn smiles warmly. "Does your daughter serve in the Hero's Welcome in Dalaran?"
23:01 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] She used to. She works here now. Follows the front and all that. I take it you know her?
23:03 Rhoelyn giggles and turns her mug in her hands, her cheeks darkening once more. "I do. How mysterious are the threads our Lady uses to tie us to each other." She giggles a second time and looks at Elish. "Your dear daughter was kind enough to nudge me off to my rest when I would fall asleep at her dining tables. Which was embarrassingly often in those overfull days."
23:05 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Keily has a kind heart. I'm not sure where she gets it from, probably her father.
23:05 Elishtar smiles, and attempts but fails to keep the swelling pride from her voice.
23:06 Rhoelyn regards Elishtar warmly and with gratitude. "Oh. Perhaps not -all- of it, my champion."
23:07 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] I was merely fulfilling my duty to my people. I'll hear nothing else of it. Have you heard her sing? Keilvoras, that is.
23:08 Rhoelyn shakes her head.
23:08 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I have not had that pleasure.
23:09 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Next time you see her, ask. She's quite the musician.
23:10 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] She can play violin, viola, and pianoforte.
23:10 Rhoelyn smiles. "Then I will certainly do that. I adore music. Does she ... ah... "follow the front" to somewhere here in the city?"
23:13 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Yes, there's a cafe she works at... not too far from where I found you. ...I’m afraid I'm at a loss. These human names, you know?
23:13 Rhoelyn giggles at that. "It most certainly has something about anchors or seagulls in the name. I am relatively certain they all do."
23:14 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Ugh. Or some 'clever' pun about the tide.
23:15 Rhoelyn finishes her water... and nearly chokes on a laugh at Elishtar's comment. She coughs, setting the mug back down and shooting the demon hunter a grin.
23:16 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] You are kind, Elishtar Fangblade. And witty. Thank you for helping me to feel like... myself again.
23:18 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Don't tell anyone, I do have a fearsome reputation to uphold. And my pleasure. I enjoyed grabbing a drink with you and fighting off an angry mob on your behalf. Are you well enough to move on?
23:19 Elishtar gives a soft smile and knocks back a bit of her own drink, though it's only halfway empty at this point.
23:21 Rhoelyn smiles gently, an expression that seems to be infinitely natural to her despite the newer lines of tension and grief around her eyes. "Yes. I am, thanks to your interventions. May I show you to my home? It isn't far, and my champion must know where to find me when she has need of healing. Or ministering." Her smile dims a bit. "I still do both, when I find those in need."
23:23 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Ministering? You are a priestess?
23:24 Elishtar stands in a fluid motion and offers a hand to help Rhoelyn if she needs it
23:24 Rhoelyn blinks a couple of times. "Oh. I did neglect to mention that, didn't I?" She smiles as she accepts the hand up, though she barely seems to need it. Once standing, she bows formally to Elishtar. "Rhoelyn Silverwing, priestess of Elune."
23:24 You bow before Elishtar.
23:25 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Well, it is fortuitous that we found each other indeed. I may have need of you soon.
23:26 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Please, lead the way.
23:27 Rhoelyn 's eyes widen. "Truly? Of course, I am at your service. Elune's hand is deep in the workings of this night, it seems." She gestures to the door and leads the way back out into the early edges of the night.
23:28 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] Our apartment is not far.
23:28 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] I could use the pre-work exercise anyhow.

Moving on her own, finally, and much better, Rhoelyn leads Elishtar through the Tradewind Market, quieter at this late hour than during the day.

23:29 Rhoelyn glances over her shoulder at the demon hunter, "You are a commander?"
23:31 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] More or less. Technically, I am a mercenary, but the division I was working with- my old division from the war of the ancients, we suffered heavy losses between the Legion and the Horde.

The pair walk under a veranda cafe, between archways of wooden posts with shade plants growing beside the path. Through it is another part of the city, a quiet middle-affluence neighborhood of mostly Kul'Tirans. A wide boulevard with small planted verges all along and benches aplenty heads rows of cute brownstone and wood houses, and there are homey cafes on the edges of the neighborhood and parks in easy walking distance as well as the Tradewinds Market. They continue their chat as they walk in the advancing night.

23:33 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] The others are technically awaiting reassignment, But, high command has turned a blind eye to me calling the shots. We aren't pushing our luck.
23:36 Rhoelyn considers that for a moment as they wander parts the herb garden and under a cafe's tall terrace. "You simply lead your friends in battle as you see fit. You choose your own missions?"
23:38 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] You could say that. We on occasion get general objectives... 'suggestions' from above to recon this or help fortify that. But it's rarely hard objectives.  
23:42 Rhoelyn nods slightly. "I think... I understand. My brother works for an organization that helps to provide him similar direction, but he and my sister are given much free rein, I think, to pursue ... 'suggestions'. Perhaps you might have interests in common."
23:43 Rhoelyn rounds the corner, leading them along a boulevard of row houses, tidy little things made of brown and tan brick and well-oiled and carefully maintained wood. The ravages of the salty air are well eradicated with care in this neighborhood.
23:45 Elishtar nods. "Sounds similar. Right now, we are preparing to head back to Darkshore. We will not allow the Forsaken to hold Ashenvale."
23:47 Rhoelyn 's brow furrows sadly, and she shudders a bit. It's obvious enough that she tries and fails to hide that bodily reaction. "Though it means more must fight, our lands should not be the reward for their murderous ways."
23:48 Rhoelyn sighs and wraps her arms around herself. "Elune watch over you, Elishtar. You and all of those who fight."
23:49 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] They only won because they surprised us by dropping down from Felwood. It’s our turn to surprise them.
23:51 Elishtar snears, caught in the fresh memory, she shakes her head focusing back on present company. "But, enough of that. Since you are already familiar with my daughter, perhaps you should meet my husband as well. Would you join us some time for tea?"
23:53 Rhoelyn nods and pauses outside of a particular house, turning back to the demon hunter. Her fear-rich frown and sad eyes clear quite quickly at the mention of tea, and her face brightens with a smile. "Oh, it would be my pleasure. I can seldom resist the lure of tea, sister."
23:55 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Well good. I know just how to tempt you then. Soon then? And you will... see someone about the fits?
23:56 Rhoelyn winces and nibbles her lip at that. Though she sighs a bit, she nods.
23:57 Elishtar bows before you.
23:57 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I will see someone. You have my word, sister.
23:57 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Have a good night then, sister.
23:57 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] Elune'adore.
23:58 Rhoelyn steps forward and rests a tentative hand on Elishtar's arm. "Elune keep you safe through all that you must do. Please call upon me without hesitation."
23:58 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] Thank you for your protection, Elishtar. I do not wish to know what might have happened without you.
23:59 Elishtar smiles lightly, and nods. "And you. Please let us know if you need anything else."
00:00 Rhoelyn nods and steps back, lowering her hand. As the demon hunter starts to turn away, she gasps, "Ah!"
00:00 Elishtar says: [Darnassian] ...hrmmm?
00:00 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] Where... is there somewhere I can find you? Save perhaps sitting down in the middle of the street on the docks and crying for help?
00:00 Rhoelyn smiles a bit at the self-deprecating joke even as her cheeks darken.
00:01 Elishtar smiles and nods. She pulls out a stray piece of parchment, and scribbles an address down quickly.
00:03 Elishtar places the folded piece of paper into Rhoelyn's hand, giving it a soft squeeze "Any time you need."
00:04 Rhoelyn accepts it gratefully, tucking the paper between both hands. There's a certain transparent relief in her pleased expression. "You -are- kind, Elishtar. But your secret is safe with me on that front. Elune adore, falore. Be well."
00:04 You bow before Elishtar.
00:05 Elishtar smirks a little, and nods. "We will be seeing you, Priestess Silverwing."
00:06 Elishtar bows before you.
00:06 Rhoelyn turns to the house and steps up the stairs. The door opens before she can even knock, and a voice from inside scolds, "Min'nu! You're late!"