Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Revenant Bound - Prologue: Keeping Promises

This scene takes place approximately three days after the characters returned to Azeroth from the events aboard the Umbral Eclipse and the defeat of Sraath.

Prologue: Keeping Promises

Aboard the Soul Cleaver (location undisclosed)

Vasedra  07/09/2018
In that area, the halls of the Soul Cleaver were as silent and still as the grave. Appropriate, since these particular ones were a grave in truth, still home to a few drying carcasses of the Atrium's former denizens: the ones that had been too weak or too injured in the crash to escape their damaged cells.

Vasedra had known their names. From her Belmun self, she had crafted together a habitat for them, for all of the collection, and ... adored them in her own way. Sentient, intelligent pets. Children, half-loved  at best.

The void knight could still remember the feel of the mucus that had drenched her human hands when the vozaksian had first hatched. Disgusting. Fascinating. The corpse in the cell at her back had been the last of her kind, and Sedra's Belmun self had been the last creature in all of existence to experience one's hatching.

A memory, now. Rot and entropy. Decay, like the King in the mad shrine to Raeisley's slug.

It was the third day in a row when Sedra had found time to sit in that particular hall, isolated from the sounds of distant work as her crew labored to restore the Atrium's integrity. She couldn't even name why she did it, but something about that silence, that emptiness was... soothing. And something about the inevitability of it all... She remembered an old oath, Sedrai's choice: This is our chosen path. No past. No future. Only this moment, this day, this mission. One to the next to the next until there is either peace or oblivion.

The hall of corpses felt like... peace. And oblivion.

She sighed and looked down at the Blackstone communicator that she twisted idly in her hands, wondering if that was insane. Perhaps she hadn't put her head back on as straight as she'd thought after the Gate.

The one she wanted to call, now, certainly wasn't going to be the right person to confirm or deny... and yet... Sedra activated the stone, setting a finger against the symbols that blinked above its smooth, onyx surface.

"Raeisley," she said softly into the silence, a trigger for the contact. The stone pulsed with violet light, no longer prone to sparking against her skin, and the eredar sat, wondering if the Paramour would even answer.

~ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫~
The communicator chimed summoning a stir within the mound of cloth upon a wide bed, the only sight of the Paramour is her tail hanging off the ledge curls up slithering under the comforter. The good Admiral's bone maw pokes out, hissing the air he wiggles and paws out of the dense coverings looking round.

~♫ ♪ ♪ ♫~

He barks attempting to free himself from the blue arms draped about his red leather hide, his tendrils bristling. All he manages is to cause Raeisley to moan a drowsy command in Eredun dragging the fel pup to her bare breasts again. She was nude under her mountain of comfort nose buried in the pillow she inhaled and dared to smile at the scent that filled her nose. Not quite enough of -her- yet but enough.

~♫ ♪ ♪ ♫~

The crystals on the opposed to her chimed again and this time the good Admiral's honor would take no quarter for this disruption. He barked and growled jumping from his master's tat-tahs, zipping out of the mound and onto the hard wooden floor with a thump. Only mildly confused before back on his holy crusade to end the chimes. Bounding across the room he leaps up a chair and then onto a cabinet, snapping at the blackstone device in his mouth.

"Admiral." She whined sitting up her hands pawing at her eyes. Closed to the mid-morning sunlight dripping through silver lined blue curtain and cross her exposed shoulders and breast where her curls did not cover.

"Come." She commands in Eredun, her arms held out eyes still closed. Admiral trots back, trophy in maw. It takes him three attempts but he gets into the bed and then crawls into the Paramour's lap.

"Give." She mumbles prying the stone from his mouth. Touching the air next to her left cheek the matrix appearing, one tendrils guides through the menus while another controls an arcane cord attaching it into the stone. She waits.

-Decrypting cipher-

-Securing network-

-Establishing connection-

~♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫~

"Unless you are calling to say you're coming upstairs to spoon me I don't want to hear it." she mumbles falling back into the bed.

The void knight peers at the stone for a moment, her brow quirking up.

"... did you fail to look at the call indicator," she asks drolly, "or do you like a frigid bed?"

Raeisley squints out one of her eyes with a mumble, the knight was right this wasn't her bed partner.

"Maybe I'm just lonely, love. What do I owe the pleasure for this call. Am I finally getting my tour?"

"I am making the offer, yes." Sedra balances the stone on two fingers, watching the way the dim light plays off its surface as she speaks. She idly notes that Ary's half-assed little demon soul power source seems to be dimming, already. "If you still wish to see my ship, the Revenant, then we should meet."

She opens her eyes for the first time, tugging Admiral to sit on her stomach. "Ooooh?" She cooed her hocks compressing a simper came to her lips, staring at the ceiling with a dull intrigue. "Can we have dinner in the new quarters, this gift is a reason to celebrate after all ♪ Maybe you'll let me wear the captain's hat ♪"

The other woman's smirk is invisible to Raeisley, though perhaps some of her amusement comes through in her voice. "Yes, Siren. You may have dinner aboard the ship, if you like. Vaxos is a surprisingly good cook. Apparently, his former master appreciated food more than I do."

She continues after a little scoff. "However, if you wish to wear a hat, you'll have to bring your own."

"Where am I being collected then, Captain my Captain - and should I bring anything?"

Sedra considers that for a moment, finally raising the stone once more and saying, "Meet me near Bradensbrook, if you know the place. There's a cove along the coast, just in the shadow of the ruins of Blackrook Hold. I'll have everything you need."

"Hmmm~ You'll have everything I need? You wouldn't be plotting an adventure for us would you, darling?"

The void knight deadpans, "You don't want me to answer that, Raeisley. It would ruin the surprise and lessen the entropy."

"Fine, fine ♪ I do warn you I'm actually planning on getting captured soon. I can only linger for a few days ♪ I can be there by the end of the day."

"... I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that you would plan to be captured. And yet..." Sedra sighs and shakes her head with a smirk. "You can tell me the details when you're aboard. Please don't plan to stay a few days. I'm quite certain that would be significantly overstaying your welcome. A few hours should suffice."

"It's your ship captain ♫ I am there at your pleasure, by the end of the meal I may have you granting me a shared cabin~♥ Very well let me wake up then and I shall meet you there at twilight." She yawns and moans and all other manner of suggestive noises while rolling in her stolen bed.

The eredar rests her forehead on her palm for a moment, and there is yet another weary sigh.

"Why does everyone want to get in my bed, lately?" she asks of no one.

"Maybe it's your bright personality, love ♫" She ceases her stretching, taking Admiral in both arms she hugs him then releases as she walks nude into the den - then down the steps to the kitch, hooves clicking against the wood all the way.

"Who else could be coveting you - You weren't with Rhavos about two nights ago were you?"

"Rhavos?" The way Sedra says his name is part incredulous and part worried. "Why would-? No. To answer your question: no."

"Other Eredar I take it then? Perhaps a incubi or two~"

Vasedra ponders the felsteel plates on the hall's ceiling as she groans. "I believe it's best that I leave that in the capable tendrils of your imagination, Siren. I'll see you at twilight."

"Twilight it is~ Oh! And if we are in the area, darling. Perhaps the chief can prepare a Argus diet. There are some local cattle in High Mountain that make for a lovely substitute for Argussian beef ♪" She rises, fel pup still held to her arms as she steps out to peer outside the window. Argent boys sweating their youth away doing drills, at least it wouldn't be for nothing. They'll find service in her war soon, she just needs to wait.

"I'm not sure if he would know Argussian fare," the void knight says, glancing back down the hall toward the T intersection that would likely lead back toward Vaxos and the others. Her brow furrows. "I suppose I can ask him."

The idea doesn't please her, however, and something on the edge of her vision shifts restlessly. To the stone, she just says in a neutral tone, "I make no promises on what you eat; only that you eat. Something likely cooked. Something not Tauren meat..."

Raeisley stops mid dress and whines. A note picked up by the good Admiral and rallies it in kind. "Ominous ominous, darling. Giving me second thoughts of coming - questionable comforts, a cold host and now you're saying they won't even be serving local delight?" She huffs with a smirk drawing her dress up, she looks down at Admiral sticking her tongue out. He hisses back sitting while he waits for the morning meal.

"It's a tour of my warship, Raeisley," the eredar replies with a snort, "not a stay at the Falathri resort on old Argus. Luxury isn't automatically implied. It's not your sayaad pleasure barge you were discussing; it's harder edged. As are my crew..." Again, she glances down the hall, this time with a wince. "Well... arguably, at least. Some of them?"

"Whot, did they give you the equivalent of a sloop and convinced you it was a Man of War? Your navigation and captain quarters should be as fine as most noble rooms, darling. It's your ship, the instrument of your freedom ♪ it should be as grand as your aspiration~... it is -your- ship isn't it?" Her voice cast aspersions on the notion, all the while she compares tops to herself in a full body mirror.

"-Actually- " The Paramour snaps, literally as she stares down Admiral. His mouth held open over the wooden steps of the edge.

"Don't answer that yet for my, love. I want to see your eyes when you tell me ♪ I'll be there at twilight, tah-tah~ ♫"

The link dies leaving the knight to their corpse chamber and their ill made choices.