Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft


21:26:50 Vasedra steps between the others and the way forward as soon as they materialize, holding a hand up to stop their advance. "There are things you all need to know."
21:27:19 Veldrinas nods, his attention fully focused on Vasedra.
21:28:26 Elishtar 's both frown, Light holds her blade up, but glances to Vasedra, Void crouches low, ready to spring at any sign of danger
21:28:32 Elishtar kneels before you.
21:28:45 Vasedra looks and Veldrinas and then back around at the others. "First: Ary is here. In the spire. She's... alive. I think."
21:29:27 [Vasedra]: She is... integrated. I don't know all of what that means.
21:29:41 Vasedra sighs and looks around the group.
21:29:59 [Soulthorn]: That explains it...
21:30:02 Veldrinas rolls his shoulder.
21:30:33 Vasedra looks upwards, a vague motion like peering through bulkheads. "I don't know what it means for her that the ship has... fallen apart."
21:30:58 [Araatris]: So, Ary, tower, got it. And somehow Sraath is still alive.
21:31:01 Araatris grimaces.
21:31:09 [Vasedra]: Second. I know what the apotheosis is. What Sraath thinks he can do.
21:31:21 Veldrinas frowns slightly.
21:31:23 [Soulthorn]: ...It’s naive thinking the bomb would kill him,
21:31:40 Vasedra reaches up and rubs her temple under the cowl, her expression grim.
21:31:41 [Araatris]: Hey! I was -trying- to be optimistic!
21:32:01 [Araatris]: So, what's this apotheosis thing?
21:32:12 Felshroud focuses on Vasedra, her expression unreadable.
21:32:14 [Veldrinas]: "Yes, what is Sraath trying to accomplish?"
21:32:45 Vasedra looks at Tris, her "luminous blue eyes" gazing at her. "He's trying to transform himself, ascend to godhood by absorbing enough souls.
21:33:08 [Vasedra]: Or... something. That part was... harder to read.
21:33:11 Veldrinas furrows his brows.
21:33:40 Vasedra takes a deep breath. "He may find a surprise when he realizes that his pool of souls isn't... where he left it."
21:33:51 Veldrinas smirks.
21:34:01 [Veldrinas]: "I assume you had something to do with that?"
21:34:41 Vasedra tilts her head a bit as she looks over at Veldrinas. Her smirk is hidden in her cowl, but she nods.
21:35:23 [Araatris]: Sounds... unpleasant.
21:36:22 [Vasedra]: Whether they lived or died is now up to them, I suppose.
21:36:50 Vasedra sighs and steps out of everyone's way. "That is what I know."
21:36:56 [Araatris]: Anything else we need to know before we pop over?
21:37:19 Veldrinas draws his twin axes, hefting them.
21:41:03 The Legion teleportation is as painful and disorienting as it has been in the past. After a moment, you all find yourself on the outer skin of a Legion ship. The spire of the Umbral Eclipse. Sraath rests above you...
21:41:39 Veldrinas notices Sraath and his face turns into a scowl almost immediately.
21:41:49 Veldrinas looks at you.
21:42:13 [Sraath]: When will I rid myself of the lot of you?
21:42:20 [Sraath]: When...?
21:42:22 Veldrinas walks so as to be standing next to Vasedra.
21:42:24 [Felshroud]: When we kill you.
21:42:36 [Elishtar]: Ironic, I was just thinking the same thing.
21:42:36 Vasedra peers up at the demon lord, her expression hidden. "Not even then."
21:42:47 Sraath chuckles, but it is a raspy, broken laugh.
21:42:49 Soulthorn stays quiet her hands twitching slightly.
21:42:58 [Veldrinas]: "You."
21:43:01 Veldrinas points at you.
21:43:08 [Veldrinas]: "Have much to answer for."
21:43:09 Sraath waves his hand, summoning his defensive system.
21:43:29 [Ary]: What are your orders, master?
21:43:30 Vasedra gasps at Ary.
21:43:40 [Sraath]: Protect me, Eclipse.
21:43:45 [Vasedra]: Ary!
21:43:49 Veldrinas 's jaw hangs open when Ary appears before them.
21:43:55 [Poeryth]: Oh. I see.
21:44:05 Poeryth looks from Ary to Sraath, and nods.
21:44:15 [Veldrinas]: "Ary! It’s not you!"
21:44:16 Ary raises her hand, creating a fiery shield to protect Sraath.
21:44:27 Felshroud stares at Ary, then growls at Sraath.
21:44:38 [Ary]: Protection grid initiated.
21:44:48 A shield materializes around the demon lord, the source seeming to come from the human standing in front of him.
21:45:24 Ary scans the area.
21:45:34 [Poeryth]: You're counting on the fact that none of us will kill Ary.
21:45:35 Vasedra puts her hands on her blades before they can make more than a tiny, aborted sound, her fists gripping the hilts tightly.
21:45:37 Veldrinas gets into a ready stance, though he remains where he is standing.
21:45:38 Soulthorn hands twitch more her expression more calculating than anything else.
21:46:56 Sraath inhales, and a pulse of spirit energy rises from the nodes around the area, streaming into the demon lord.
21:47:03 Zadera is uncharacteristically quiet, waiting for Taldarion to catch up with them.
21:48:54 Ary is physically in front of you all. It appears a few cables dangle from her form.
21:49:21 [Sraath]: You interrupted my apotheosis ritual, mortals. But you do not understand what you have created in its place.
21:49:36 Poeryth looks up at Sraath.
21:49:48 [Sraath]: ...I do not even understand what has been created in its place.
21:49:56 Veldrinas notices the cables attached to Ary and the beginnings of a plan formulates in his mind.
21:50:10 [Poeryth]: That generally leads to problems.
21:50:14 Sraath takes another deep breath. More energy flowing from the external nodes and into the demon lord.
21:50:26 Void Elish moves up, and prods at the firewall with her void-wreathed glaive.
21:50:48 [Soulthorn]: We don't care.
21:52:30 Felshroud looks at the nodes, then at the cables, then back at Sraath. She's stopped growling. For now.
21:52:44 Vasedra steps close to Ary, as close as the fire shield will let her. She's so intent on her friend, shadows blanket the edges of her vision, narrowing it.
21:52:56 A fissure erupts from the surface of the vessel nearby, spewing felfire into the air.
21:53:16 [Ary]: Intruders identified. Elishtar, Poeryth, Veldrinas, Vasedra, Shizukera, Fethas, and Zhuriel.
21:53:30 Vasedra whispers to Ary: Ary...
21:53:39 [Ary]: And Zadera.
21:53:43 Veldrinas follows Vasedra closely. Probably to make sure she is protected if she does anything untoward.
21:54:09 Light Elishtar walks up to Zhuriel, giving the Draenei a nod, she leans in and whispers something
21:54:27 Ary whispers to Vasedra: *static*
21:54:48 Vasedra gathers voidfrost around her hand, intense cold, and presses her left gauntlet against the fire shield.
21:56:07 Veldrinas barely flinches from the cold that is swirling around Vasedra.
21:56:27 Zhuriel converses quietly with the Light-bound demon hunter.
21:56:37 The shield resists attempts to interfere with it.
21:56:48 Ary watches as Vasedra's voidfrost shatters upon contact.
21:56:55 [Sraath]: Kill them, my guardian. Rain fire upon them and char their bodies!
21:56:57 [Ary]: Yes, master.
21:57:00 [Zhuriel]: Although...
21:57:12 Veldrinas leans in closer to Vasedra and whispers in her ear. "I might have a plan."
21:57:22 Flames rain down from above upon the party.
21:57:50 Veldrinas is interrupted as the fire comes raining down on him, he attempts to roll out of the way.
21:58:31 Zhuriel is surrounded by light as he instinctively shields himself from the attack.
21:59:31 Void Elishtar is struck by falling flame, but Light is surrounded by a nimbus of holy light that deflects any raining debris
21:59:59 Sraath motions with his hand, and the gout of felflame still erupting from the vessel flows into the shield surrounding him.
22:00:44 Veldrinas nimbly dodges out of the way of the raining fire and returns to his position next to Sedra to whisper his plan to her.
22:00:49 Vasedra yanks her hand back from the fire shield in time to avoid her gauntlet heating, but then she dodges to the side as fire rains down on them. A chunk of fiery rock slices across her side, rending her armor. She gives a pained cry.
22:00:54 Vasedra kneels before Ary.
22:01:21 Another fissure cracks open on the surface of the vessel, spouting more flames into the featureless sky. These flames, too, are soon redirected into the field around the demon.
22:01:26 Veldrinas cries out. "Vasedra!"
22:01:39 Veldrinas runs over and tries to help her up.
22:01:44 Veldrinas kneels before Vasedra.
22:01:57 Vasedra growls, holding her hand over her side as she stands. "I'm fine. We have to do something about the felfire."
22:02:29 Felshroud attempts to roll away, hissing as the flames strike exposed flesh. She scrambles to her feet, wincing.
22:02:55 Veldrinas nods at Vasedra.
22:03:04 [Veldrinas]: "I'm on it."
22:03:17 Vasedra thanks Veldrinas with a little nod, wrinkling her nose beneath the cowl.
22:03:20 Poeryth hisses as she's hit by the felfire, taking quite a bit of damage.
22:03:42 Ary raises her hands and pulls the shooting flames to herself.
22:03:49 Felshroud frowns.
22:04:00 Light Elishtar strikes at the air before her in quick succession twice, her blade sending forth blades of energy towards the cables connecting Araatris to the ship
22:04:05 [Felshroud]: We need to...disconnect her, I think.
22:04:07 Vasedra whispers to Ary: Don't worry, Ary. I'll fix this. We'll fix this.
22:04:13 Zhuriel blesses himself and is covered in the warm glow of the Light.  Looking towards the injured, he hesitates, then steps directly into one of the geysers of felflame.
22:04:25 Ary whispers to Vasedra: *static*
22:04:39 Soulthorn gets back to her feet after being hit and stands up
22:04:49 Veldrinas runs over to the other gout of felfire and tries to channel it into himself.
22:05:15 Vasedra follows Zhuriel with her gaze for a moment before turning back.
22:05:51 Void Elishtar coughs in pain and rolls over, getting back to her feet and collecting her things
22:05:53 The Light blades strike harmlessly against the shield, missing the cables entirely.
22:07:58 Vasedra glances over her shoulder. "Shizukera. Can you help with the felfire at all?"
22:08:20 [Felshroud]: Try to absorb it?
22:08:23 Sraath seems to grow in size a little, pulling wayward soul energy into him.
22:08:26 Veldrinas channels some of the felfire into his system but he exclaims in pain as it burns him.
22:08:30 [Vasedra]: Deny it to them, at least. Yes.
22:08:38 Felshroud nods.
22:08:55 Felshroud moves to help Veldrinas with the fel geyser.
22:09:04 Vasedra gestures LightElish toward the others. "Do you just spout militaristic rhetoric, or do you heal as well?"
22:09:21 Void Elishtar frowns, and tries to bait the demon lord "Sraath, remember when I cut off your tail?"
22:09:30 Poeryth tilts her head thoughtfully, and with some effort swings not her sword, but Sunbreaker at the shield.
22:09:30 Zhuriel looks to "Light" Elishtar.  "Take.  The other.  Vent."/roll 6-20
22:10:20 Light Elishtar shakes her head at Vasedra "Sadly, I am not blessed with that ability." she says and makes her way to the other vent
22:11:15 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: How bad are you?
22:11:34 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: *the thoughts are clearer than the words in them, asking about her wounds*
22:11:38 Felshroud screeches with surprise, then pain, as the flames race along her body. She hits the ground and distinguishes them, but she is definitely scorched.
22:12:24 To [Veldrinas]: You noticed that they're just holes in the hull which could likely be sealed.
22:12:32 Zhuriel raises his hammer far above his head, hoping to close the rent metal over the hole in the ship.
22:12:48 Vasedra grits her teeth, glancing back at Shizu. "You two, stay back. Let the LightBrigade try before you char yourselves."
22:12:52 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Moderately.
22:13:01 [Felshroud]: I... think... that's a good idea.
22:13:11 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: When it gets to “severely”, I have one healing crystal. Only one.
22:13:38 Veldrinas tries to redirect the felfire, but not at himself, rather at the tear in the wall of the vessel, hoping to weld it shut with the flames.
22:14:08 The metal edging of the fissure around Zhuriel bends back under the blow, but not enough...
22:14:20 Poeryth looks at the geysers, thoughtfully. "Those are weak points. We could probably use them to our advantage."
22:14:25 The fissure closes beneath Zhuriel's second hit.
22:14:31 [Zhuriel]: Look, everyone!
22:14:59 [Zhuriel]: Close the vents.  Use whatever means necessary!  Melt them, crush them...
22:15:06 Zhuriel looks around himself.
22:15:20 The redirected energy from Veldrinas's attempt tears open a new fissure. From this one erupts void energy...
22:15:42 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Understood. It would probably be smarter to prioritize yourself. Even if we win this fight, I may not make it. *this is all said dryly, just stating fact.*
22:16:02 Zhuriel casts a glance at "Light" Elishtar.
22:16:19 [Zhuriel]: That will have to be ours.
22:16:34 [Sraath]: Eclipse... again...
22:16:41 [Ary]: Yes...
22:17:01 Flames once again rain from the sky above.
22:17:04 Vasedra grimaces and glances at the other fissure. "Elish... dark one."
22:17:58 Elishtar frowns and redirects towards the newly opened void rift.  The Void Elish too tries to get there as well
22:18:24 Zhuriel attempts to call a defensive shield of Light over himself again, only to find it to be too much.
22:18:33 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: No one is dying, today.
22:20:08 Vasedra manages to sidestep the first two bits of flame that drop around her, but the third skims down her back and shoulder, knocking her forward to the very edge of the void fissure.
22:20:13 Vasedra kneels down.
22:20:15 Elishtar both Elishtars are struck by falling felflame. The void Elish isn't looking great, having been struck by both barrages. She huffs and tries to pull herself towards the geyser.
22:20:21 Felshroud attempts to close the geyser with felfire.
22:20:36 Veldrinas after getting burned by the felfire yet again, takes a few steps back with his charred hands held in front of him. Too quick for him to dodge, more fire comes raining down and strikes him.
22:20:49 [Felshroud]: I'm getting tired of all this fiery rain.
22:20:57 Poeryth again takes a LOT of damage, but doesn't react with more than a reflexive hiss. You just have to look at her though, to see that she's not doing well.
22:21:05 Ary raises her hands again, drawing in more fire now mixed with void to empower the shield.
22:21:11 [Vasedra]: Sh... they should be... running out of fire if we shut that damn vent.
22:21:11 The fissure erupting flame closes partially, but a few embers still sputter forth, adding to the shield.
22:21:38 Veldrinas is not looking so good, he kneels down as if to catch his breath.
22:21:46 [Ary]: Shield is currently at 75%, master.
22:22:08 [Sraath]: I am aware, Eclipse...
22:22:14 Vasedra grimaces and tries to shove herself up, but there are darkling things crowding her senses. She grits her teeth and lifts her arms, extending them out to the side and fisting her hands.
22:22:30 Sraath breathes in again, more soul energy flowing forth from the nodes around him. He grows a little more.
22:23:52 The shadow fissure seals.
22:24:00 [Vasedra]: Quiet.... and still... and CLOSED.
22:24:13 Veldrinas glances up at Ary.
22:24:21 [Ary]: Shield is at 40% now and holding.
22:24:21 Zhuriel realizes that closing the last port is a priority and points a finger towards the gap.
22:24:30 [Veldrinas]: "Ungh, we have to separate her from the ship."
22:24:39 Felshroud shoots more felfire at the fissure.
22:24:39 Vasedra shudders and curls up around her chest for a minute. She doesn't move.
22:24:44 [Ary]: I will attempt to re-empower the shield from the remain energy.
22:24:55 [Veldrinas]: "Anyone have any ideas?"
22:24:55 Ary raises her hand to pull fire in.
22:25:07 [Poeryth]: How did we close the last two?
22:25:38 [Poeryth]: It would make sense to... repeat.
22:25:49 [Vasedra]: HIT IT.
22:26:11 Vasedra practically groans the words, trying to shove herself back to her hooves after a few silent minutes.
22:26:19 Poeryth turns to the flame vent, and focuses on using her shadows to just... force the two pieces of the floor back together.
22:26:29 Veldrinas grunts as he steps to his feet.
22:26:41 Zhuriel jumps towards the final rupture, swinging his hammer in a high arc.
22:26:46 Vasedra shoots Elishtar a look from the depths of her cowl. Whether she can see that it's grateful or not...? Who's to say?
22:27:06 [Veldrinas]: "Ary, I know you are in there, you helped save me once, now I think it is my turn to return the favor."
22:27:26 The flame vent seals.
22:27:44 Veldrinas rushes towards the barrier around Ary and swings his felsteel axes at it.
22:27:56 Vasedra blades scream as she steps back up to the fire shield, her false gaze on Ary.
22:28:00 [Ary]: S-s-shields at 25%, m-m...
22:28:05 [Ary]: Master.
22:28:12 Felshroud walks over to Ary, her brow furrowed.
22:28:31 [Sraath]: Eclipse, begin mimic protocol.
22:28:37 Vasedra whispers to Ary: It's time to fight. This isn't you.
22:29:44 Ary raises her hand and a form appears next to her.
22:29:48 [Ary]: Mimic established.
22:29:51 [Sraath]: Myself, as I was. My body, reshaped from the memories left within this ancient soul. A suitable second guardian, wouldn't you say?
22:30:07 Vasedra draws her blades, her every motion slow and tense. They chatter quietly, a whispered cacophony of mad sounds and words.
22:30:29 Ary whispers to Vasedra: *static*...n-not...*static*
22:31:14 The axes strike against the shield, sparking them, but not seeming to do much harm.
22:31:15 Vasedra whispers to Ary: I will never give up. You will never give up. We're coming.
22:31:39 [Vasedra]: There's no power to recharge the shield.
22:32:59 Poeryth watches Zhuriel heal the others, and her eyes narrow thoughtfully.
22:33:46 Zhuriel throws a healing potion to "Void" Elishtar and winks, before healing "Light" Elishtar with a Flash of Light.
22:34:36 Veldrinas sees the mimic doomguard and swings his axes at it, intending to cut its legs off.
22:35:52 Echo of Sraath roars as the axes dig into his legs, causing him to stumble. However, they are definitely still attached.
22:35:58 Vasedra slashes the nameless blades across the shield between herself and Ary (oh, and Sraath, sure), a furious series of attacks while the pair of blades laugh and chatter, shadow swirling over their lengths.
22:36:12 Light Elishtar offers a quick prayer of thanks, and the Void smirks and says something akin to 'not so bad'
22:37:47 [Sraath]: You look upon me as I was, mortals. And you look upon me as I am now.
22:37:55 [Sraath]: Soon, you will look upon me as I will be.
22:38:42 [Elishtar]: Void Elishtar: Oooh, so ominous. Keep talking scary demon, we'll kick your ass again.
22:39:11 [Felshroud]: What you will be is dead, demon.
22:39:50 The shield sparks, but holds solid against Vasedra's blade.
22:42:19 Vasedra growls, releasing more of her suppressive grip from the blades. Their chattering grows in volume, as if two madmen (or women) were talking from her hands.
22:43:03 [Vasedra]: Not slice, you idiots. CONSUME.
22:43:35 Vasedra 's blades complain and whimper and cry before she quietly says, "Yes, I'm sorry. Of course."
22:43:54 Soulthorn kicks herself off a bit at the launch like she needed it, going at the demon pretty much clawed fists first straight at the echo, trying to angle herself so she MAY slam into the shield of Ary's while she impales a demon with her hands.
22:45:04 Echo of Sraath screams and slumps into an inanimate form at the base of the shield. After a brief moment, it dissolves into nothing.
22:45:19 As the demon collapses and dissolves, a huge rupture opens up in the middle of the platform. Soul energy pours upward from this new geyser, larger than any others.
22:45:20 Poeryth looks slightly disappointed.
22:45:33 Veldrinas grins as the demon puffs into nothingness.
22:45:45 Ary grabs her head with a cry of pain.
22:45:54 Veldrinas refocuses his attention at Ary.
22:46:13 [Vasedra]: No! Ary!
22:46:23 Veldrinas cries out as the new fissure opens up and tries to roll out of the way.
22:46:38 Felshroud rolls aside as a new geyser opens.
22:46:54 [Ary]: Shiel--Shields atat 5%.
22:47:24 Veldrinas rolls successfully to the side and ends up standing on Vasedra's right.
22:48:00 Veldrinas leans closer to Vasedra. "Perhaps if we struck together and in the same spot?"
22:48:22 Ary kneels down.
22:48:30 Vasedra grips her blades tightly and curls forward, grunting in pain for ill-defined reasons. "L... lightless... D-!"
22:48:31 Soulthorn takes the brunt of the fissure but holds her ground growling...
22:48:34 Vasedra kneels before Ary.
22:49:09 [Ary]: O-one per... cent, maaaaa-master.
22:49:40 Elishtar s are both running towards the mini-Sraath when it gets destroyed, and then a geyser of soul energy erupts under them, sending them scattering in different directions
22:49:45 Elishtar kneels before Felshroud.
22:50:59 [Sraath]: It is no matter any longer.
22:51:20 Sraath stands and draws in from the font of soul energy, growing in size.
22:51:29 [Vasedra]: N.... no!
22:51:30 Soulthorn hears the shield report and for some reason shifts one leg back in stance, her arm twitching toward her back.
22:51:42 [Sraath]: It ends....
22:51:49 Veldrinas grimaces as he sees Sraath enlarge.
22:51:59 Vasedra whispers to Veldrinas: Get... get her...!
22:52:01 Sraath slowly begins to step towards Ary, who is most certainly in his way...
22:52:36 Vasedra struggles to her hooves. "Ary!"
22:53:08 Sraath swipes with his blades, and the shield evaporates.
22:53:38 Soulthorn mutters something to herself, "Good hunt, Daeloth.", her hand is behind her as she seems to wait...
22:54:08 Light Elishtar grows wings for a brief moment, leathery demonic wings that flap hard and she lifts off into the air a few feet, before coming crashing down before Sraath. Void Elish follows her twin in a zip of shadow, they both clash into him at the same time, striking in tandem, swirling around the demon lord opposite and in tandem with one another, when one feints, another strikes.
22:54:35 Vasedra draws her swords and aims for the cables along the ground by Ary as Veldrinas begins to move.
22:54:41 Veldrinas nods towards Vasedra once in response to her wordless request, he dashes forward arms outstretched reaching for Ary.
22:55:15 Poeryth steps back, all too aware that she's currently too wounded to try to engage Sraath like she usually would. Instead she focuses on closing the new fissure the same as the last one, just pushing it closed.
22:55:22 Zhuriel calls upon the focused totality of the Light, hoping it can reach him in this place.  Light's Judgment crashes down through the sky, directly at Sraath.
22:56:10 Felshroud charges toward Sraath, deftly directing herself around Ary.
22:56:19 Sraath pauses mid-stride, facing the heavy resistance. He shrinks slightly under the assault.
22:56:30 [Sraath]: Gah!
22:56:31 Ary lies down.
22:56:39 Veldrinas grabs Ary and pulls her away out of Sraath's path of advance.
22:56:47 [Sraath]: No! Not while I am this close!
22:56:49 Veldrinas kneels before Ary.
22:57:13 Veldrinas shields Ary with his body.
22:57:19 Sraath swings wildly at everyone around him.
22:57:19 Veldrinas kneels before Ary.
22:57:20 Vasedra 's damn blades decide to listen, this time, and try to CONSUME the cables instead of cutting them. ((Whatever that means.))
22:57:28 Ary 's cables are yanked free from the helm.
22:57:37 [Ary]: I... I...
22:57:41 [Sraath]: YOU. WILL. NOT. DEFEAT. ME!
22:57:55 Soulthorn seems to be in a waiting stance watching...
22:58:05 Zhuriel closes his eyes and presses two fingers to the sigil on his forehead.  "Khaala?"
22:58:09 [Felshroud]: Yes. We will. You've taken enough lives; now we take yours.
22:58:21 Ary grimaces.
22:58:24 [Sraath]: Not enough! Never enough! I WILL ASCEND!
22:58:36 Vasedra growls and watches Veldrinas and Ary for a moment before rushing at Sraath. "You will not."
22:58:43 [Felshroud]: No. Not today, not ever.
22:58:54 [Ary]: Shields... No... The shields went down...
22:59:06 The soul fissure seals under Poeryth's attempt.
22:59:13 Vasedra whispers to Ary: ...
22:59:18 [Sraath]: No...
22:59:21 Veldrinas whispers to Ary. "Stay down, don't move."
22:59:31 Vasedra whispers to Veldrinas: I'm trusting you.
22:59:55 Sraath collapses to one knee, the soul energy cracking from his body.
22:59:56 Veldrinas whispers to Vasedra: "Don't worry, I have her." This thought comes with reassurance.
22:59:58 Ary whispers to Vasedra: *confusion and pain* I... Eclipse.
23:00:20 [Ary]: Down?
23:00:44 The vessel begins to shudder as Sraath's body begins to crack.
23:00:50 Vasedra whispers to Ary: No. No, Ary. You're not Eclipse. You are my friend. *despite her distraction, the thought is soothing and warm*
23:00:57 [Veldrinas]: "Yes."
23:01:06 [Sraath]: I will persist... you cannot defeat a Soulshaper...
23:01:19 [Soulthorn]: No... THEY… can't...
23:01:37 Ary shakes her head and struggles to her knees, raising an arm as if to do... something.
23:01:38 Vasedra doesn't glance back, but steps aside to clear Fethas' line of sight.
23:01:46 Soulthorn forms a large spear with inverted thorns in one hand, and from behind her back another forms but there's something very large twined up in the head of the spear, she leaps forward toward Sraath and brings the spears down in tandem. "I can."
23:01:56 Poeryth also steps out of Fethas' side.
23:02:11 Poeryth also steps out of Fethas' way, rather.
23:02:27 Veldrinas pushes down on Ary's shoulders. "NO, stay put. Rest."
23:03:21 Ary scowls and shoves Veldrinas off of her.
23:03:28 [Ary]: No.
23:03:52 Vasedra whispers to Veldrinas: *that she's grateful comes across clearly enough, even without words*
23:04:36 Ary growls as she makes it to her knees.
23:04:46 [Veldrinas]: "Vasedra made me promise to keep you safe. And I must do so."
23:05:51 Zhuriel grabs Veldrinas by a pauldron and hauls him off Ary with a sigh.
23:06:10 [Veldrinas]: "Woah, hey!"
23:06:11 Ary stands, staggering.
23:06:22 The spear pierces Sraath's lower jaw, tearing through his neck and out the back. The vines around the crystal flare outward, piercing the rest of his body.
23:06:30 [Ary]: Get out! G-get... Get out!
23:06:36 Ary shakes her head.
23:06:37 Vasedra glances back, her gaze darting from Zhuriel to Veldrinas to Ary.
23:06:38 Zhuriel reaches out a hand to Ary.
23:06:58 Vasedra whispers to Veldrinas: ... it's alright. She is stubborn.
23:07:24 Vasedra sheathes her swords, and they fall silent.
23:07:32 Ary stares at Zhuriel's hand.
23:07:34 Veldrinas whispers to Vasedra: *a chuckle* "Heh."
23:07:38 Poeryth looks down at Ary.
23:07:40 [Ary]: L-light...
23:07:59 Ary shakes her head again.
23:08:02 Zhuriel speaks to Veldrinas, without taking his eyes from Ary.
23:08:13 Sraath’s soul energy surges back up the spear and into Fethas, a violent torrent of power...
23:08:17 [Zhuriel]: Faith, brash one.
23:08:24 Veldrinas looks at Zhuriel.
23:08:29 Ary looks up at Sraath.
23:08:32 Veldrinas takes a deep breath.
23:08:39 [Veldrinas]: "Very well."
23:08:44 [Ary]: Not... not master...
23:08:47 Ary murmurs.
23:08:52 Veldrinas returns his focus to Ary.
23:08:55 Poeryth watches Ary.
23:09:02 [Ary]: She's...
23:09:05 [Veldrinas]: "Ary, you must fight his control"
23:09:25 Ary 's eyes suddenly widen as shadows begin to switch violently around her.
23:09:28 [Veldrinas]: "Remember who you are."
23:09:43 Vasedra whispers to Ary: Ary... *there's something offered of just... support, stability (as best Sedra has it)*
23:09:58 Soulthorn makes almost a pained roar as she holds her ground as she keeps her focus on the vines.
23:10:13 Ary darts toward Fethas and Sraath.
23:10:16 [Sraath]: No... no... n...
23:10:18 [Ary]: The ritual!
23:10:21 Veldrinas glances up quickly at Fethas when she roars.
23:10:31 Poeryth hisses in pain a moment, and looks at Vel. "Veldrinas?"
23:10:45 Veldrinas looks at Poeryth.
23:11:04 Veldrinas stops himself in mid stride. "Yes, what is it Poeryth Dacre?"
23:11:06 Ary grasps the crystal, shadows wrapping around it.
23:11:17 [Poeryth]: "Don't take this personally. Zhuriel? You'll need to heal him in a moment." she pokes the draenei.
23:11:21 [Vasedra]: End it.
23:11:31 Veldrinas shakes his head.
23:11:35 [Veldrinas]: "I am fine."
23:11:38 Soulthorn coughs up some blood before just falling over.
23:11:51 [Veldrinas]: "We must finish what we started first.
23:11:57 Felshroud charges at Sraath again, her glaives aimed forward.
23:12:18 Sraath 's body collapses to the ground under the impact, unmoving and dark...
23:12:28 Veldrinas turns around and draws his axes, fel dashing towards Sraath, aiming for his side as he streaks past.
23:12:34 Poeryth frowns and slightly stabs Veldrinas, syphoning enough energy from him to heal herself.
23:14:02 Ary clutches the crystal against her chest.
23:14:13 The soul chamber in Ary's arms pulses weakly, a far lesser energy signature than what was in the demon lord. Fethas...
23:14:19 [Ary]: Fethas...
23:14:29 Vasedra takes up position over Fethas' fallen form, defensive of them both.
23:14:37 Ary kneels before Soulthorn.
23:14:37 Poeryth doesn't really react, shrugging.
23:14:39 Zhuriel grabs Poeryth's blade, feeding his own life force into it.
23:14:52 Veldrinas whispers to Vasedra: "What do you need me to do?"
23:15:12 [Ary]: I wasn't fast enough.
23:15:19 Poeryth nods to Zhuriel. Normally she'd be overwhelmed by the kindness but right now... well she has no feelings.
23:15:27 Vasedra whispers to Veldrinas: I don't.... know. Something is wrong. Just be ready...
23:15:39 Veldrinas whispers to Vasedra: *A mental nod*
23:15:46 [Ary]: Zhuriel...? Can you please check on Fethas?
23:15:51 Zhuriel holds the blade for a long moment, watching Poeryth recover.  After an agonizing moment, he draws back, stumbles to his knee, and calls forth another burst of the Light.
23:15:58 Zhuriel kneels down.
23:16:08 Elishtar s both come to a stop next to one another from their flurry, covered in demonic gore. They seem to flicker a moment, and for just that moment, there is only one Elishtar standing there, the true one, with a proud disdain on her face for the demon.
23:16:11 [Vasedra]: Sraath, Ary?
23:16:14 [Zhuriel]: She is-- next.
23:16:39 [Vasedra]: Is he...?
23:16:41 [Ary]: He... He is here. In the crystal. I can feel him.
23:16:47 The extra mass of Sraath's body dissolves away. The skin around his face withers and melts, revealing the demon's skull. There is... something else? Beneath.
23:16:48 [Ary]: But weakened.
23:16:50 Soulthorn lays on the ground pretty much motionless but doesn't SEEM to be dead.
23:17:28 Vasedra steps forward and nudges Sraath's skull with the careful tip of a sword.
23:17:43 Veldrinas watches Sraath's form closely.
23:17:48 Poeryth approaches the rest of the group and looks over Sedra's shoulder.
23:17:49 Veldrinas kneels before you.
23:17:59 [Felshroud]: I'd like his head, please. I'll put it in Taldarion's vault.
23:18:03 The skull falls away and rolls down the ramp.
23:18:04 Poeryth or around Sedra's shoulder considering the height difference.
23:18:09 Void Elishtar reaches down and grabs the demon lord's helmet, picking it up and examining the felsteel.
23:18:23 Felshroud pauses, watching the skull roll away. Then she goes after it.
23:19:33 [Veldrinas]: "Is it over? Is he dead for good this time?"
23:19:33 Sraath whispers to Vasedra: *The body "beneath" Sraath is clearly that of... a draenei?
23:19:40 Felshroud catches the skull and slides it into her bag.
23:20:30 Vasedra frowns and sheathes her blades, leaning down to the draenic body "beneath" Sraath's dissolved form.
23:20:32 [Ary]: He is never dead, but... restrained, yes.
23:20:36 Vasedra kneels before you.
23:20:42 Ary stands, making room for Zhuriel.
23:20:50 Veldrinas turns to look at Ary.
23:20:52 Elishtar puts on the helmet. "Behold, my true form, pathetic mortals!" Light Elishtar looks at her twin with disdain.
23:20:58 Vasedra pulls her gauntlet off and checks him.
23:21:01 [Veldrinas]: "Araatris, are you alright?"
23:21:11 [Veldrinas]: "Are you in any danger?"
23:21:39 Zhuriel kneels next to Fethas, keeping her vitals as stable as possible.
23:21:42 Veldrinas has concern written on his face.
23:21:47 Zhuriel kneels before Soulthorn.
23:21:48 Vasedra is probably ignoring VoidElish's antics... because she has zero sense of humor.
23:21:52 Ary scowls, trying to ignore the throbbing echoes of the ship in her head.
23:22:00 Void Elish pulls the helmet off quickly. "Ugh. That's gross. No thank you."
23:22:05 [Zhuriel]: Brash one...
23:22:21 Zhuriel points to Ary.
23:22:30 Sraath whispers to Vasedra: *The flesh is cold, and more than a little worse for wear. However, he was someone before all this, wasn't he?*
23:22:35 [Felshroud]: We still need to find Tharion, don't we?
23:22:39 [Ary]: I'm well enough.
23:22:41 Veldrinas looks at Felshroud.
23:22:42 [Zhuriel]: *That* is Ary. Araatris is... her sister.
23:22:49 Poeryth also has no sense of humor and is just kind of watching everything happen until she's needed again.
23:23:10 [Veldrinas]: "I know that, but to me, they are one and the same. Just two parts of a whole."
23:23:20 Veldrinas looks at Ary.
23:23:23 Ary glares at Veldrinas.
23:23:24 [Poeryth]: Do not say that to them.
23:23:34 [Poeryth]: They do not think of themselves that way, Veldrinas. They have made it clear.,
23:23:35 [Ary]: I have had a very bad few days. Let's not add to it.
23:23:36 [Veldrinas]: "I am glad you are safe *
23:23:44 [Veldrinas]: "Ary."
23:23:48 Zhuriel looks away from Fethas just long enough to catch Ary's glance.
23:23:58 [Veldrinas]: "I..."
23:24:01 [Zhuriel]: You are your own person.  Now more than ever, it would seem.
23:24:05 Zhuriel smiles.
23:24:13 [Veldrinas]: "Apologize, if I offended you."
23:24:16 Ary relaxes slightly.
23:24:28 [Ary]: Yes. Yes, I am.
23:24:42 Veldrinas bows his head.
23:24:43 Ary nods in acceptance of Veldrinas' apology.
23:25:03 [Ary]: It's fine. I'm just... worn.
23:25:16 [Veldrinas]: "Now, I assume we must go find Shan'do Greyseer."
23:25:22 Vasedra sighs softly and rolls the draenic corpse to his back, closing his eyes respectfully.
23:25:29 Light Elishtar bows. "Ishnu'alah, Araatris. We are pleased to have you with us again."
23:25:50 Felshroud smiles at Ary.
23:25:54 [Felshroud]: Welcome back, Ary.
23:25:54 Ary bows her head back at Light Elishtar.
23:26:15 [Ary]: I am... I am very glad to be back and myself.
23:26:30 Soulthorn is still motionless on the ground despite Zhuriel tending to her.
23:26:32 [Ary]: I'm only sorry that I didn't get a chance to hit him myself.
23:26:37 [Elishtar]: Void: I don't suppose you could pilot this back home?
23:26:38 Vasedra straightens and turns towards the others. It's no hard guess who her gaze hits on first.
23:26:57 Veldrinas happens to glance up and he notices the ship hovering above the group.
23:27:23 Ary nods to Vasedra, just slightly.
23:27:38 [Felshroud]: Taldarion says welcome back, too. Even though he's not here. I'm not sure how I know, but...he says welcome back.
23:28:01 [Zhuriel]: If the others *can* be rescued, they *have* been rescued.
23:28:01 Vasedra watches the little human, quiet.
23:28:16 Ary nods at Shizukera.
23:28:25 [Ary]: Thank you, all.
23:28:32 Veldrinas nods at Ary.
23:28:51 [Ary]: Not just for me, but... for succeeding in the plan.
23:29:14 Ary whispers to Vasedra: Not Eclipse... Ary.
23:29:14 Vasedra 's blades make a soft sound, one that she immediately quells with a glance down at them. She reaches up and rubs her temple under her cowl.
23:29:34 Vasedra whispers to Ary: Welcome back... Lightless Depths, but I missed you.
23:30:08 Vasedra takes a deep, shuddering breath, looking down at the man's corpse by her hooves. To hide her face even more?
23:30:16 [Ary]: I think... I think I'm ready to go home.
23:30:52 Ary whispers to Vasedra: Thank you.
23:31:03 [Ary]: Will she be alright, Zhuriel?
23:31:49 [Zhuriel]: She is stable.  But there is nothing more I can do here.
23:34:07 [Ary]: Then it'll have to do. We'll get her home and let her rest and heal.
23:34:48 Vasedra leans down and takes ahold of the corpse at her hooves, grimacing as she tries to lift it. Her pulled shoulder protests, and she lays him back down, switching angles to her better arm.
23:35:20 Veldrinas moves to help Vasedra carry the body. "Let me help you."
23:35:21 [Ary]: What are you doing, Sedra?
23:35:55 [Vasedra]: This was once someone. Just because it later became Sraath doesn't mean... Ungh... that someone doesn't deserve a fallen's respect.
23:36:03 [Vasedra]: Thank you, Veldrinas.
23:36:12 Veldrinas smiles and nods.
23:36:39 Ary frowns and walks around to talk a better look.
23:36:49 Veldrinas slings Sraath's corpse over his shoulder.
23:37:15 Veldrinas grunts with the weight.
23:37:27 [Veldrinas]: "Ungh, he is a lot heavier than he looks."
23:38:14 [Ary]: Wait just a moment. I want a close look at him... I think.
23:38:18 [Ary]: ...
23:38:30 [Veldrinas]: "Alright."
23:38:35 Ary gasps and steps back.
23:38:52 Vasedra sighs and rolls out her shoulder, watching them.
23:38:55 [Ary]: I... I remember him.
23:39:04 [Vasedra]: Who is he?
23:39:20 [Ary]: He was a draenei by the Site of Lessons... A man named Seruun.
23:39:20 [Poeryth]: Is he not thousands of years old?
23:39:44 [Poeryth]: Or is this just a body Sraath stole?
23:39:50 Vasedra tilts her head, peering at the corpse. "... so?"
23:40:03 [Ary]: Stolen. Rephaia will want to see him.
23:40:05 Ary grimaces.
23:40:25 Ary hugs the crystal tighter.
23:40:28 Zhuriel 's eyes widen.  "Rephaia--indeed."
23:40:43 Veldrinas nods. "Very well, we will take the corpse to this... Rephaia."
23:40:46 Vasedra 's false blue gaze flicks to Ary, then Zhuriel. "Do we want to know why?"
23:40:53 [Veldrinas]: "Uh, who is Rephaia?"
23:41:08 [Poeryth]: It was probably someone she cared about.
23:41:40 [Ary]: She's a lightforged like Zhuriel and Seruun is someone she knew.
23:42:04 Veldrinas nods sadly. "Ah, I see."
23:42:37 [Veldrinas]: "Well, I guess we need to leave before this vessel breaks apart eh? Wouldn't want to be lost in space forever?"
23:42:39 Void Elishtar looks over at her twin and gives the glowing woman a playful punch to the side of the arm
23:42:56 Veldrinas grins a little.
23:43:29 [Ary]: Yes, it's time to return home. I'm hoping you have a way because I'm not sure I want to hook back up to this ship...
23:43:56 Vasedra looks up at the hovering Mindslayer. She pulls a little black communication stone from a pouch at her hip.
23:43:58 [Veldrinas]: "Probably the way we came in, right?"
23:44:18 Vasedra sighs softly and raises the stone to her lips, speaking quietly into it.
23:44:20 Zhuriel points to the Mindslayer.
23:44:29 [Zhuriel]: Rephaia is up there.
23:44:32 Veldrinas looks up at the Mindslayer.
23:44:35 [Zhuriel]: With Malfias.
23:44:35 Ary follows their gestures to the Mindslayer.
23:44:40 [Ary]: Ah. Yes.
23:44:49 [Zhuriel]: And Shazadi.
23:44:59 Ary looks sharply at Zhuriel.
23:45:05 [Elishtar]: And our husband.
23:45:20 Vasedra 's fists clench at the mere mention of the name.
23:45:26 [Ary]: Well, I suppose that means there's likely no longer a Shazadi.
23:45:32 [Vasedra]: Good.
23:45:38 Zhuriel nods in agreement, having put the story together some time ago.
23:45:49 Vasedra gestures to Elish. "Gather in, would you? It's safer."
23:45:54 The Mindslayer moves in low, charging the energy on its prow. In the blink of an eye, a searing green beam of fel power sweeps across the spire's spine...
23:47:08 [Vasedra]: Does anyone have a bet on whether he's going to kill us or te—

* * * * *

Somewhere out in the nothingness, on one of the abandoned Legion-vessel fragments separated from the Eclipse, two demon hunters sit, battered, bruised, and cut, looking out over the nothingness.

"You did not save me."

"I did, but you're too stubborn to admit it, aren't you?"

"I am not stubborn."

The darker of the two grins. "Someone will come to find us, don't lose your pretty white hair over it."

"Indeed. I am aware. And my hair is in no danger."

"...unless there are gnomes about."

"Who told you about that?"

"Who do you think?"

"..." sighs "I think I hate you even more than I did before this all started..."

"Good. That is as it should be."