Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Seeking Malfias

Deep in the bowels of the Umbral Eclipse, the rogue party is seeking Malfias’ prison. They have moved at a clip through the twisted, confusing halls of the vessel since the moment the doors were opened, a rather prickly, but subdued former death knight taking the lead. Now, they are in a portion of the ship that is as if carved from black stone, looking more like a tunnel in a Legion-consumed world than a constructed vessel. Except this tunnel is now branching into three.

The group had paused only a moment before Ary Valryss’s voice resounded through the hallway and the ground pitched beneath them.


6/30 18:18 Vasedra pushes back to her hands and knees, cursing under her breath.
6/30 18:18 Vasedra says: Is anyone harmed?
6/30 18:18 Sakhari stumbles, balancing on clawed feet, and emits a volatile, feral, hiss as her wire-laced ears flatten to her head.
6/30 18:18 Veldrinas slowly pushes himself up from where he was laying and brushes some dirt off his arms.
6/30 18:18 Veldrinas looks at you.
6/30 18:19 Elishtar falls to her side as the ship shudders violently. She quickly scans the area, a quiet breath escaping her lips.
6/30 18:19 Shazadi sways dangerously, but manages to keep to her feet.
6/30 18:19 Veldrinas says: "I've had worse things happen to me."
6/30 18:19 Vasedra shoves back to her hooves, hands going automatically to grip her blade hilts. "Her hooded gaze skips around the group, sidling quickly past Shazadi.
6/30 18:19 Shazadi says: I much prefer to be sitting down when the ship moves.
6/30 18:19 Vasedra says: Then we keep moving.
6/30 18:20 Veldrinas nods in agreement.
6/30 18:20 Sakhari says: ...wonderful.
6/30 18:20 Vasedra doesn't look at the demoness. "Which way?"
6/30 18:20 Elishtar says: I am unharmed, although I feel... unwell.
6/30 18:20 Elishtar frowns and shakes her head.
6/30 18:20 Vasedra looks at Elishtar with a frown. "Can you continue?"
6/30 18:20 Shazadi says: You're on a Legion vessel, I expect it doesn't... react well with you.
6/30 18:20 Veldrinas looks over at Light Elishtar, concern written on his face.
6/30 18:21 Elishtar says: If the Light wills it, I shall.
6/30 18:21 Veldrinas says: "Can you continue?"
6/30 18:21 Sakhari quirks a brow toward Elishtar and a faint, irritated, sound escapes her before her attention flickers back to Vasedra.
6/30 18:21 Shazadi waits patiently.
6/30 18:22 Sakhari says: Pick a direction and move, Desire... time is being wasted.
6/30 18:22 Veldrinas turns and looks at Sakhari.
6/30 18:22 Veldrinas says: "Desire?"
6/30 18:22 Veldrinas says: "To whom do you refer?"
6/30 18:22 Vasedra growls at Sa'khari wordlessly.
6/30 18:23 Sakhari flicks an ear towards Veldrinas, but doesn't turn her head. "A pet name for a friend."
6/30 18:23 Veldrinas looks at you.
6/30 18:23 Vasedra says: Shazadi. You know the vessel. Which. WAY?
6/30 18:23 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Be careful or be quiet, Sorrow.
6/30 18:23 Elishtar says: Perhaps you should refer to Vasedra as her actual name. She doesn't seem to like your 'pet names'
6/30 18:23 Veldrinas clears his throat softly but says nothing.
6/30 18:23 Sakhari enunciates friend in a dry, annoyed, tone.
6/30 18:23 Shazadi sighs.
6/30 18:24 Veldrinas raises an eyebrow at Elishtar's statement.
6/30 18:24 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I do not like this, Desire. At all."
6/30 18:24 Shazadi gestures before them.
6/30 18:24 Sakhari makes a dismissive gesture in Elishtar's direction.
6/30 18:24 Vasedra just flicks a glance at Veldrinas.
6/30 18:24 Shazadi says: Straight then to the right at the second juncture.
6/30 18:24 Veldrinas says: "Vasedra."
6/30 18:25 Elishtar says: Lead the way.
6/30 18:25 Veldrinas says: "Before we begin, there is something I must say."
6/30 18:25 Vasedra looks at Veldrin, tense. "What?"
6/30 18:25 Veldrinas, Unfazed continues.
6/30 18:26 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: "We are committed. There is no going back, now."
6/30 18:26 Shazadi looks over her shoulder at Veldrinas.
6/30 18:26 Veldrinas says: "I just wanted to clear the air. I appreciate what you did for me back when I had the parasite in me. I would have done the same thing if I was in your shoes."
6/30 18:27 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I think your situation is more dire than mine.... Ice Strider."
6/30 18:27 Veldrinas says: "I promise that I will help you get her back through whatever means necessary."
6/30 18:27 Veldrinas says: "I owe you both that much."
6/30 18:27 Sakhari cants her head to give Veldrinas a searching look, her expression flat.
6/30 18:27 Sakhari says: Should we all hug and share... or move?
6/30 18:28 Veldrinas looks at Sakhari.
6/30 18:28 Veldrinas says: "By all means."
6/30 18:28 Sakhari searching look... bleh.
6/30 18:28 Veldrinas gestures ahead of them.
6/30 18:28 Vasedra considers him for just a moment before she simply nods. "Understood." She leads the way at a run, following Shazadi's instructions.
6/30 18:31 Vasedra pauses when the tunnel ends in a transition to a bright, metal deck and a large, locked door. She glances over her shoulder to Shazadi, unable to keep it from being anything less than a glare.
6/30 18:31 Elishtar says: Comradery and respect amongst battle-brethren is important. Morale as much as mettle will win a battle.
6/30 18:32 Veldrinas nods in agreement. "Indeed."
6/30 18:32 Sakhari rocks back on her heels, talons flexing against the stone.
6/30 18:32 Vasedra just grits her teeth at Elishtar's statement. She's not talkative.
6/30 18:32 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "A muzzle would have been useful."
6/30 18:32 Shazadi says: That's odd. This door is not usually locked...
6/30 18:33 Veldrinas says: "Can you unlock it?"
6/30 18:33 Shazadi steps forward and examines the door with a frown.
6/30 18:33 Shazadi says: Perhaps. If he has not thought to remove my access.
6/30 18:33 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "...for whatever one that is that won't cease her chatter."
6/30 18:33 Shazadi steps to the side to a small panel.
6/30 18:34 Vasedra grips her sword hilts crushingly tightly as she steps up beside Shazadi. The blades whisper something foul before falling silent.
6/30 18:34 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Elishtar. Ignore her. She is broken in half.
6/30 18:34 Sakhari raises her hands to rub at her temples, head bent, and then runs her palms over her horns.
6/30 18:34 Shazadi glances over her shoulder and presses her hand against the plate.
6/30 18:34 Veldrinas crosses his arms and waits patiently for Shazadi to grant them access.
6/30 18:35 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "...broken in half?"
6/30 18:35 Shazadi scowls as the panel shoots sparks and she hits it.
6/30 18:35 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: A story for another time.
6/30 18:35 Shazadi says: Damnable thing.
6/30 18:36 Sakhari paces, a few steps one way, and then the other... pausing for a moment behind Shazadi to peer around the demoness at the panel.
6/30 18:36 Elishtar frowns and keeps scanning around for an ambush, she mutters something under her breath.
6/30 18:36 Vasedra reaches under her cowl to rub her temple, growling, "Can you fix it?"
6/30 18:37 Shazadi says: The tech on the Umbral Eclipse is... jury-rigged at best. I will do what I can.
6/30 18:37 Shazadi tugs the panel off and looks behind it.
6/30 18:37 Veldrinas glances at the corridor behind them. It is too quiet.
6/30 18:37 Vasedra sighs and doesn't even bother to tell her to hurry.
6/30 18:38 Veldrinas leans closer to Elishtar before speaking. "Do you get the feeling that this has been too east thus far and we very well may be walking into a trap?
6/30 18:38 Sakhari says: ...gan'arg tend to be lazy without constant over-sight.
6/30 18:38 Shazadi says: That'd do it...
6/30 18:39 Shazadi reaches in and pulls out a cracked crystal.
6/30 18:39 Elishtar says: I suspect foul play. I am unsure what that shuddering we felt was, but I doubt it was good.
6/30 18:39 Sakhari arches a brow, and shifts, glancing back over her shoulder annoyed.
6/30 18:39 Vasedra looks over the Mother's shoulder, making a face under her hood.
6/30 18:39 Shazadi says: It may have broken in lift off. There was probably a surge. Is it too much to ask that you have another crystal?
6/30 18:40 Sakhari says: Usually when a Legion vessel decides to randomly lurch... it isn't good.
6/30 18:40 Sakhari says: I may be wrong.
6/30 18:40 Vasedra frowns and holds out her hand. "Let me see it."
6/30 18:40 Veldrinas draws his twin axes slowly and purposefully, rolling his shoulders before settling into a ready stance.
6/30 18:40 Shazadi says: You are not wrong, but it is one of the... eccentricities.
6/30 18:41 Shazadi turns and places the crystal in Sedra's hand.
6/30 18:41 Sakhari returns her attention to Shazadi. "Eccentricities?"
6/30 18:41 Elishtar says: Why axes? Slightly unusual choice for our path.
6/30 18:42 Vasedra holds it between thumb and finger, lifting it against the ill-defined, yellowing light built into the corridor wall near them.
6/30 18:42 Veldrinas glances back at Elishtar.
6/30 18:42 Shazadi says: The ship is cobbled together from many different vessels. Sometimes things don't work in tandem.
6/30 18:42 Shazadi says: Or in some cases, it doesn't work at all.
6/30 18:42 Veldrinas says: "I acquired them during my time at the Outer Gate. They have served me well against many types of foes."
6/30 18:43 Sakhari says: Different vessels from different worlds, then?
6/30 18:43 Shazadi nods at Sakhari.
6/30 18:43 Shazadi says: Yes, that's right.
6/30 18:43 Veldrinas says: "Plus, my warglaives weren't designed to handle the intense void the permeates that place."
6/30 18:43 Vasedra simply palms it once more and reaches into a pouch at her waist. She pulls out a fist-sized medallion on a rough chain and unsheathes a little dagger at her waist, setting to work prying out one of the crystals there.
6/30 18:43 Elishtar says: Mhmm. They are very useful for getting through thick armor, or demon hide.
6/30 18:43 Sakhari says: ...if any of them are of the living "bone" that I've seen... I can work with those.
6/30 18:43 Veldrinas gives a small grin.
6/30 18:44 Veldrinas says: "Indeed."
6/30 18:44 Veldrinas chuckles.
6/30 18:44 Sakhari flicks her ears as Elishtar and Veldrinas talk, her attention moving between them and Vasedra and the demoness. Strangely, she seems more at ease around Shazadi than the other two.
6/30 18:44 Shazadi says: You can... work with those? Why would you need to work with those?
6/30 18:45 Sakhari says: ship is one.
6/30 18:45 Elishtar says: I prefer a bit more finesse to my strikes, hence the traditional sword for offense. The glaive I use more as a shield than anything.
6/30 18:46 Shazadi glances over at Sedra as she speaks.
6/30 18:46 Shazadi says: So, you have your own vessel. Interesting.
6/30 18:46 Sakhari says: I deal with several.
6/30 18:47 Shazadi says: Is that what I think it is, Vasedra?
6/30 18:47 Veldrinas says: "I have found swords to be quite elegant weapons. before I..."
6/30 18:47 Sakhari tilts her head in Sedra's direction.
6/30 18:47 Veldrinas stops as he sees demons charging down the corridor they came from towards the group.
6/30 18:48 Veldrinas turns his attention towards the rest of the group.
6/30 18:48 Veldrinas says: "We have company."
6/30 18:48 Veldrinas says: "Don't take too long."
6/30 18:48 Shazadi nods.
6/30 18:48 Veldrinas turns around to face the onslaught of demons.
6/30 18:48 Vasedra glances sidelong at Shazadi as she tucks the ruined medallion back in a pouch. "It's nothing useful." She hands Shazadi the crystal. "This will power it."
6/30 18:49 Sakhari turns on her heel as she draws her glaives.
6/30 18:49 Elishtar grunts and rushes forward as a host of unhappy demons come at them. She whispers under her breath "I am one with the Light, the Light is with me." As she plows into their ranks, her blades slicing at demon flesh and spilling blackish blood
6/30 18:49 Shazadi takes the crystal and leans down for the panel again.
6/30 18:50 Shazadi shoves the crystal into the socket and the door panel hums loudly as if powering up.
6/30 18:50 Veldrinas charges forward and with one smooth motion decapitates one felguard while landing a blow in the chest of another, killing them both instantly.
6/30 18:51 Shazadi says: That seems to have worked well.
6/30 18:51 Sakhari doesn't press forward, instead allowing Elishtar and Veldrinas to control the rear.
6/30 18:51 Vasedra nods and puts a buffering step between herself and the demoness. "Good."
6/30 18:51 Shazadi settles the panel back in its spot and tries her hand on the plate again.
6/30 18:51 Vasedra glances over her shoulder, raising her voice over the din of battle. "Finish playing, back there! We're in business."
6/30 18:52 Veldrinas 's axes seem to sing as they cut through the air. Whatever material they were made of seems to be light, yet incredible durable.
6/30 18:53 Elishtar 's motions seem slower than normal for the few of the others that have seen her fight before, her reaction times just a little slower than normal. A few blades meet their mark piercing what little armor the huntress has,
6/30 18:54 Veldrinas notices that Elishtar is moving a little slow and tries to help peel some foes away from her. While he finishes off a felhunter he says, "Elishtar, are you alright? I can move forward to take on more of the enemies if you so wish."
6/30 18:55 Sakhari says:  ...stop playing with your food and let's move.
6/30 18:55 Veldrinas throws one ax which happens to land straight in the middle of the forehead of a doomguard charged down the corridor. His surprised expression all that remained on his face.
6/30 18:56 Elishtar slices her blade into one of the last of the felguard, the rest retreating in fear. She falls to a knee, panting a bit. "See. Morale is important in battle."
6/30 18:56 Elishtar kneels before Veldrinas.
6/30 18:57 Shazadi nods in satisfaction as the door slides open.
6/30 18:57 Veldrinas leaps forward and retrieves his ax before become a flurry of steel and demon blood. After the blood settled, all the remaining demons were on the ground, most of them in pieces.
6/30 18:57 Vasedra says: Let's go.
6/30 18:58 Veldrinas flicks the blood off his axes and sheathes them before putting a hand on Elishtar's shoulder.
6/30 18:58 Elishtar hisses in pain as she forces herself up.
6/30 18:58 Veldrinas says: "Are you alright?"
6/30 18:58 Shazadi says: As you wish.
6/30 18:59 Elishtar says: I yet draw breath. That is enough. Come.
6/30 18:59 Sakhari whispers: "We need to move."
6/30 18:59 Veldrinas nods approvingly.
6/30 18:59 Vasedra leads the way at a run, again. No walking in her rogue team!
6/30 18:59 Veldrinas says: "Very well."
6/30 19:00 Elishtar can't quite keep up. She tries, however.
6/30 19:00 Vasedra doesn't stop until they reach a more standard Legion structure, a black-green wall with a felsteel iris door. She growls and kicks at the locked door with a hoof.
6/30 19:00 Veldrinas lags behind a bit to make sure that Elishtar isn't left behind.
6/30 19:01 Shazadi sighs.
6/30 19:01 Vasedra says: Shazadi?
6/30 19:01 Shazadi says: I know.
6/30 19:01 Shazadi places her hand on the panel again.
6/30 19:02 Shazadi says: Just a moment. Sorry.
6/30 19:02 Veldrinas returns to watching the rear for more ambushes.
6/30 19:02 Shazadi kicks the panel.
6/30 19:02 Shazadi says: This door is never supposed to be closed because it's such a...
6/30 19:02 Shazadi kicks again for good measure, then puts her hand on it again.
6/30 19:03 Shazadi says: There we go. There shouldn't be any other doors in the way.
6/30 19:03 Vasedra actually almost sort of grins at the success, leading the way through the door without a word.

The door opens onto another long corridor, this one cut from a dark stone. It eventually opens out to a huge, open, circular chamber on the outer edges of the Umbral Eclipse. It is filled with cages of various sizes and shapes and types, all captured like boils on the outer skin of the vessel. Almost appearing as if the space is outdoors, the entire section has a field that dampens unwanted magical influence.

6/30 19:04 Vasedra steps into the room, luminous blue gaze fixed on the figure at its center. Her attention takes in the spires arrayed around him.
6/30 19:05 Vasedra says: Malfias.
6/30 19:05 Veldrinas 's expression darkens as he notices the figure in the center of the room. He draws his axes warily, ready for a fight.
6/30 19:05 Malfias 's fist is clenched tightly at his side, but he does not respond.
6/30 19:05 Shazadi says: He could be compromised still. I would recommend caution.
6/30 19:06 Sakhari sighs and flexes her malformed, taloned, feet, bone claws scraping loudly against the stone.
6/30 19:06 Veldrinas says nothing. His breathing is even, his attention focused.
6/30 19:06 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: You are here to be my strength. I ask you to trust me and answer when I call.
6/30 19:06 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I can make no guarantees to you, Desire. Do not say I did not warn you."
6/30 19:07 Vasedra frowns and takes a step forward toward the edge of the circle of mind spires. "MALFIAS." The audible words are accompanied by inaudible ones.
6/30 19:08 Vasedra whispers to Malfias: Malfias (Master).

*You feel the pressure of the Mindclaw Spires around the prison. It's obvious they aren't targeted at you, but there's a resistance that is absolutely present.*

6/30 19:09 Veldrinas grimaces slightly.
6/30 19:10 Vasedra sucks in a breath and turns her attention to the structures around his figure.
6/30 19:10 Malfias says: Sedrai...
6/30 19:11 Elishtar grits her teeth, and shakily points her glowing blade towards the demon. "Do we have reason not to simply exact justice upon this monster?"
6/30 19:11 Malfias 's words sound like a struggle coming from his voice.
6/30 19:11 Sakhari 's attention flicks between Sedra and Malfias, her expression unreadable.
6/30 19:11 Shazadi glances at Elishtar.
6/30 19:11 Veldrinas then notices the spires surrounding Malfias and smirks a little at the demon's predicament.
6/30 19:11 Vasedra steps around the circle of constructs to stand in front of Malfias.
6/30 19:11 Vasedra says: I am here.
6/30 19:11 Veldrinas follows Vasedra's movements.
6/30 19:12 Shazadi says: Besides the fact that he is a guardian of the Outer Gate. Besides the fact, that should he be intact that he may be able to assist against Sraath?
6/30 19:13 Sakhari says: Too many, too often, resort to aggression without thought and then we end up in the darkness.
6/30 19:13 Veldrinas looks at Sakhari.
6/30 19:13 Sakhari says: Then again, perhaps that's what they seek.
6/30 19:13 Veldrinas says: "Indeed. Too often has that very thing happened in the past."
6/30 19:14 Malfias 's head angles upwards ever-so-slightly, as if resisting a great weight.
6/30 19:14 Veldrinas returns his attention to Malfias.
6/30 19:15 Elishtar says: Hence why I asked rather than charging it outright.
6/30 19:15 Sakhari 's 'gaze' flicks to Sedra.
6/30 19:15 Veldrinas begins to pace in a circle around the spires, never taking his eyes off Malfias.
6/30 19:16 Shazadi says: Your caution is appreciated.
6/30 19:16 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Are you seeking to preserve your old master?"
6/30 19:16 Malfias says: There are... other voices.
6/30 19:16 Shazadi says: Yes, there are others here, Malfias.
6/30 19:16 Vasedra glances across the circle at the others behind Malfias before her attention returns to him. "Some you know and some you don't."
6/30 19:17 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: If he can be used. Only if he can be used.
6/30 19:17 Veldrinas stops somewhere behind Malfias.

*For those who step closer into the circle, there is a nearly inaudible hum, like the flow of blood through your ears. It is not so much a sound as a pressure. A presence. It grows with intensity the closer one steps towards the prisoner.*

6/30 19:17 Elishtar shifts her gaze between the spires and Malfias, hrmming softly.
6/30 19:18 Vasedra flicks a sidelong glance at Shazadi. "Shazadi. What do you know of this structure?"
6/30 19:18 Vasedra waves a hand at the mindspires.
6/30 19:18 Veldrinas glances at Elishtar.
6/30 19:18 Sakhari raises her head, aquiline nostrils flaring as though she sniffs the air, and, briefly, she flashes predatory teeth.
6/30 19:19 Elishtar says: I wonder if these can be manipulated somehow?
6/30 19:19 Veldrinas doesn't seem to be affected by the hum.
6/30 19:19 Veldrinas says: "Possibly."
6/30 19:19 Veldrinas says: "If we knew how."
6/30 19:19 Shazadi says: It is meant to suppress psychomancy. The hum drowns out everything until you break. Still... we are only feeling part of the effects.
6/30 19:19 Shazadi says: It's focused on him.
6/30 19:19 Shazadi points at Malfias.
6/30 19:20 Sakhari says: It reminds me of the depths of the Sun Reaver.... *glances toward Shazadi* Of course.
6/30 19:20 Veldrinas walks over next to Shazadi and Vasedra.
6/30 19:20 Vasedra draws her blades. "Then we destroy it."
6/30 19:20 Veldrinas says: "Perhaps that wouldn't be the best idea as of yet."
6/30 19:21 Malfias shakes his head slowly.
6/30 19:21 Malfias says: No...
6/30 19:21 Vasedra wrinkles her nose beneath her cowl, but she doesn't argue with Vel.
6/30 19:21 Veldrinas says: "If he is compromised as he seems to be, he cannot harm us now.
6/30 19:21 Veldrinas says: "But if we remove the restraints before we can ascertain the threat he might pose..."
6/30 19:21 Sakhari says: ...these things have fail-safes. Destroy part of it and his mind could be crushed like a wren's egg in hand.
6/30 19:22 Malfias says: Everyone.
6/30 19:22 Veldrinas leaves his sentence unfinished and nods in agreement with Sa'khari.
6/30 19:22 Malfias turns his head towards Sakhari, straining.
6/30 19:22 Veldrinas nods at Sakhari.
6/30 19:22 Vasedra settles her gaze on Malfias.
6/30 19:22 Sakhari shrugs, and side-glances at Veldrinas, eyeing him for a moment before looking toward Malfias.
6/30 19:22 Shazadi says: That would be unfortunate.
6/30 19:22 Malfias says: Connected. The spires. All prisoners.
6/30 19:23 Malfias grunts with extreme effort just to speak.
6/30 19:23 Shazadi glances at Vasedra.
6/30 19:23 Sakhari cants her head and gives a faint hiss.
6/30 19:23 Sakhari says: Threads?
6/30 19:23 Vasedra widens her eyes. "All?"
6/30 19:23 Elishtar says: How pitiful, a Lord of the Legion brought so low. You had a whole cult and everything.
6/30 19:23 Shazadi says: That would likely include Araatris.
6/30 19:23 Sakhari darts an irritated look toward Elishtar and hisses.
6/30 19:24 Sakhari says: There is a collar to fit all of us... because you've not felt its bite...
6/30 19:24 Vasedra sheathes her blades and steps to the nearest spire device, reaching out a tentative hand. She's not quite so foolish as to just touch it, but she tests proximity.
6/30 19:24 Veldrinas steps forward.
6/30 19:24 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "We need to find Daethior... "
6/30 19:25 Veldrinas speaks in a commanding tone. "Malfias, where is Araatris being kept?”

The spires emit a vibration when one gets closer, a physical manifestation of the mental interference.

6/30 19:25 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Quiet.
6/30 19:25 Elishtar says: Perhaps I should give our enemy empathy instead.
6/30 19:25 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: *retorts with a snarl* "I am not yours to command, Desire."
6/30 19:25 Elishtar shakes her head dismissively.
6/30 19:26 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Fine. I haven't forgotten.
6/30 19:26 Shazadi says: Veldrinas, I doubt he knows. This... sound is likely drowning out everything for him.
6/30 19:26 Veldrinas doesn't seem to be affected by the vibrations, perhaps they are similar to those he experienced at the Outer Gate.
6/30 19:26 Veldrinas looks at Shazadi.
6/30 19:26 Veldrinas says: "He could know."
6/30 19:27 Shazadi frowns.
6/30 19:27 Sakhari has become twitchy, bone-talon claws tapping at the leather and felsteel of her kilt.
6/30 19:27 Shazadi says: Possibly, but he's barely able to speak. I sorely doubt he'll be much use like this.
6/30 19:27 Sakhari says: Warder...
6/30 19:27 Shazadi glances sympathetically at Malfias.
6/30 19:27 Shazadi says: Warder?
6/30 19:28 Sakhari addresses Malfias, her tone pitched low.
6/30 19:28 Vasedra steps away from the spire, unsettled. She looks at Shazadi. "Is there a control panel? How do we disable it?"
6/30 19:28 Malfias 's jaw clenches. His only visible response.
6/30 19:28 Veldrinas returns his attention to Malfias.
6/30 19:28 Sakhari says: ...there is a hunter here, does he live? I probe, and he does not answer.
6/30 19:29 Shazadi says: There's a panel down the hallway, but... that is not a door. It's on a different security level.
6/30 19:29 Shazadi says: I can try.
6/30 19:29 Vasedra 's cowl-shrouded gaze quests around the room. "I am loathe to leave this place. An access panel, instead?"
6/30 19:29 Malfias says: Everyone. Is. Here.
6/30 19:30 Malfias turns his head, struggling, to look directly at Shazadi.
6/30 19:30 Malfias says: Everyone.
6/30 19:30 Veldrinas says: "In this room? Or on this vessel?"
6/30 19:30 Shazadi says: My clone children are here?
6/30 19:30 Shazadi frowns.
6/30 19:31 Sakhari grinds her molars audibly and murmurs, the words soft, in accented eredun.
6/30 19:31 Vasedra 's sharp gaze goes to the demoness, her fists gripping her sword hilts. "Explain."
6/30 19:31 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Be patient. We will find them both.
6/30 19:31 Shazadi looks at Vasedra.
6/30 19:32 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Something is wrong here. Twisted."
6/30 19:32 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Yes.
6/30 19:32 Veldrinas looks at Shazadi.
6/30 19:33 Veldrinas raises an eyebrow with a perplexed look on his face.
6/30 19:33 Shazadi says: All of the children that I successfully gathered to assist at the Outer Gates. The human Araatris was intended to be one as well. A copy of a soul that would help us defend.
6/30 19:33 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: At its heart is Sraath, the root of it.
6/30 19:33 Veldrinas says: "Clone children?"
6/30 19:33 Shazadi says: Now let me see if I can find that access panel you were asking about.
6/30 19:33 Elishtar lifts a brow. "Is that what happened with us?"
6/30 19:34 Vasedra frowns and pulls her cowl back to peer after Shazadi as she walks away, heedless of what she reveals without the glamour.
6/30 19:34 Shazadi pauses.
6/30 19:34 Vasedra says: HOW many did you make?
6/30 19:35 Sakhari rubs at her face with her palms.
6/30 19:35 Sakhari says: Ice Strider... that is hardly what we need to concern ourselves with now.
6/30 19:35 Shazadi says: Hundreds in the end. The curse would split their souls.
6/30 19:35 Elishtar says: I disagree.

Without her cowl up, Sedrai's eyes are black and lightless, her horns banded in felsteel at the base and covered in a filigree of metal. Now everyone can see this. She hides it in a glamour built in her cowl.

Sakhari's horns have similar felsteel bands. No filigree, though, there are visible sigils burnt into the entirety of their surfaces. Rather similar in pattern to Vasedra's filigree.

6/30 19:36 Veldrinas turns his attention to Vasedra's face, noticing some differences from before.
6/30 19:36 Vasedra flicks a black glance at Sa'khari. "It is important."
6/30 19:36 Shazadi says: As far as you, Elishtar, I am not sure. It is possible that you ran across one of the... catalysts, but I would have to check and see.
6/30 19:36 Veldrinas frowns slightly.
6/30 19:37 Vasedra growls. "We WILL discuss details, Shazadi. But the panel first."
6/30 19:37 Veldrinas says: "Vasedra... is something wrong with your eyes?"
6/30 19:37 Shazadi says: Yes, of course.
6/30 19:37 Vasedra says: No. Not now, Veldrinas.
6/30 19:37 Veldrinas frowns deeper but doesn't press the issue.
6/30 19:37 Shazadi checks along the base of the wall, tapping. She pauses at one and tugs at it.
6/30 19:38 Vasedra says: Step aside.
6/30 19:38 Shazadi steps to the side and gestures Sedra forward.
6/30 19:39 Vasedra manages not to snap it. Barely. She yanks her swords out and stabs them in the edge of the panel at an extreme angle. Then she gives them a wrenching twist.
6/30 19:41 Vasedra manages to wrench the panel... a little way free. And also wrench her shoulder a bit. With a grimace, she kicks it angrily.
6/30 19:42 Elishtar says: I would have assumed the Shattered Sun's vessel to be.... nice.
6/30 19:42 Veldrinas takes a few steps forward.
6/30 19:42 Veldrinas says: "Perhaps I could be of assistance?"
6/30 19:42 Shazadi says: It was... at one point.
6/30 19:42 Elishtar says: A functioning war machine, at the least.
6/30 19:42 Veldrinas is standing next to Vasedra, awaiting her response.
6/30 19:42 Vasedra spits three curse words in three different tongues but then steps back and lets Veldrinas through. She sheathes her blades and rubs her shoulder.
6/30 19:43 Elishtar says: Assets are useless if not maintained.
6/30 19:43 Veldrinas nods at you.
6/30 19:43 Vasedra says: Get the damn thing off.
6/30 19:43 Sakhari watches all this, arms folded, pensive. She seems to be mulling something over in her mind. Eventually she turns and looks toward Malfias, lips thinned over savage teeth.
6/30 19:43 Veldrinas sheaths his axes and rubs his hands together before grasping the loose panel and attempting to pull it free.
6/30 19:44 Sakhari attempted questing into Malfias' mind... pushing past the hum and seeking something, anything, useful.
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas grunts slightly with the exertion, but manages to get the panel free with a loud scraping noise of metal on metal. He throws it to the ground with a clang.
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas looks at you.
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas looks at Shazadi.
6/30 19:45 Elishtar says: Well done.
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas says: "Have at it."
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas looks at Elishtar.
6/30 19:45 Veldrinas thanks Elishtar.
6/30 19:45 Vasedra is only willing to thank him with a polite nod of her head. It's not terribly ruined by her surly expression(?).
6/30 19:46 Shazadi kneels down.
6/30 19:46 Veldrinas looks at you.
6/30 19:46 Veldrinas says: "We will get her back."
6/30 19:46 Vasedra is not subtle about setting herself over Shazadi's shoulder and watching what she does.
6/30 19:46 Vasedra says: ... I ... know.
6/30 19:46 Shazadi settles down at the panel and starts working with the wires and conduits.
6/30 19:46 Vasedra glances sidelong at Veldrinas.
6/30 19:47 Veldrinas says: "So, you don't have to be so wound up. Just breathe."
6/30 19:48 Shazadi says: Perhaps if we hook the transconduit into the vertical charge port which would override security protocol 13...
6/30 19:48 Sakhari whistles softly between her teeth, and wrinkles her nose and flattens her ears. The wire laced through them draws tight. She says nothing to the others but continues to focus on the bound demon.
6/30 19:48 Vasedra actually takes a little sideways step and turns to look at Veldrinas. Her furrowed brow is clear enough in the moment before she reaches back and flips her cowl up, obscuring her expression and blinking her "luminous blue eyes" back to life.
6/30 19:49:52.154 Veldrinas merely smiles and nods at Vasedra before turning around to appraise the mindclaw spires.
6/30 19:49 Vasedra kneels down beside Shazadi. "But what about the shunt diverter?"
6/30 19:50 Veldrinas says: "Hrm."
6/30 19:50 Veldrinas rubs his chin thoughtfully.
6/30 19:50 Shazadi says: Perhaps, but what about the dimension inverter?
6/30 19:51 Elishtar says: What if we just push him out of the center of the room?
6/30 19:51 Veldrinas says: "Hmm, I believe the spires will prevent that."
6/30 19:51 Elishtar says: The energy is focused there.
6/30 19:51 Vasedra mutters, "It shouldn't trigger unless this vessel has a ventranzian component. Their tech is least compatible."
6/30 19:51 Shazadi grimaces.
6/30 19:52 Shazadi says: Yes, I think you're right, but I have no idea if one was added after I left.
6/30 19:52 Shazadi glances over her shoulder.
6/30 19:52 Vasedra sighs. "Then we can't risk it. We'll need to rewire the inverter, too."
6/30 19:52 Veldrinas says: "I wonder if I could damage them if it comes to it."
6/30 19:53 Sakhari twitches an ear toward Elishtar, thoughtful, her gaze still fixed on Malfias. She ponders for a moment, and then with a shrug of slim shoulders she wanders over toward where he kneels. Discomfort crosses her features as she considers him.
6/30 19:53 Vasedra stands and turns to the others. Her eyes widen at Khari's choice.
6/30 19:53 Elishtar says: It's like a mental whirlpool, right? The effect is most intense in the center. If we could hit him hard enough he might get out enough he can-
6/30 19:53 Veldrinas glances up quickly at Sa’khari's actions.
6/30 19:54 Shazadi says: What's going on?
6/30 19:54 Elishtar watches Khari intently
6/30 19:54 Vasedra says: What are you--? Sorrow, don't!
6/30 19:55 Veldrinas says: "Sa'khari, what are you doing?"
6/30 19:56 Sakhari pinches the bridge of her nose as she disregards the others, and then, suddenly, gives Malfias a brutal shove forward.
6/30 19:56 Malfias stumbles forward and lets out a scream of agony before collapsing to the ground. He is... still breathing, actually.
6/30 19:56 Malfias lies down.
6/30 19:57 Shazadi leaps forward, more concern showing than usual.
6/30 19:57 Shazadi says: Malfias!
6/30 19:58 Malfias stumbles to his hooves, throwing a glance at Sakhari that is part confusion, part... thanks?
6/30 19:58 Sakhari cants her head.
6/30 19:58 Vasedra curses and turns back to the panel, shoving her hands in there for some quick, dirty work.
6/30 19:58 Sakhari says: Better manners than the Lecher, already.
6/30 19:58 Veldrinas draws his axes warily, his attention focused on Malfias.
6/30 19:59 Malfias 's legs seem to shake a little, as if held in the same position for a very long time.
6/30 19:59 Shazadi steps forward to support him.
6/30 19:59 Malfias says: I will kill him.
6/30 19:59 Vasedra steps away with a growl and steps into the circle.
6/30 19:59 Shazadi says: We already have plans to do so.
6/30 20:00 Malfias says: I will tear his stolen body to pieces and feed them to the fiends beyond the gates. Twice.
6/30 20:00 Sakhari rolls her shoulders in a shrug and peers at Vasedra.
6/30 20:00 Veldrinas takes a few steps closer but remains out of the circle.
6/30 20:00 Shazadi says: That wasn't currently in the plan.
6/30 20:00 Sakhari says: Can we move now?
6/30 20:00 Vasedra says: Where is Ary?
6/30 20:00 Vasedra says: How do we find her?
6/30 20:00 Malfias says: Ary? The human mimic?
6/30 20:01 Vasedra grits her teeth and simply repeats, "Ary."
6/30 20:01 Malfias nods at Sakhari, stepping out of that damnable noise.
6/30 20:01 Vasedra whispers to Malfias *it comes with an image of her*
6/30 20:02 Veldrinas says: "Why was I brought to the Outer Gate?"
6/30 20:02 Malfias says: She is no longer kept in a cell, Sedrai. She has been integrated.
6/30 20:03 Shazadi frowns.
6/30 20:03 Sakhari says: Integrated?
6/30 20:03 Vasedra tenses, and her swords keen for a heartbeat. "EXPLAIN."
6/30 20:03 Malfias frowns at Veldrinas, but turns back to Sedra.
6/30 20:03 Shazadi says: He has connected her to the vessel. That is... unexpected, but explains the countdown.
6/30 20:03 Veldrinas turns his attention on Vasedra.
6/30 20:03 Shazadi says: Which system?
6/30 20:03 Malfias says: She was taken to the tower. His personal overseer.
6/30 20:04 Sakhari says: ...the Thief...
6/30 20:04 Vasedra 's gauntlets creak on the hilts as she clenches them tighter.
6/30 20:04 Sakhari pauses.
6/30 20:04 Malfias says: You seek one of yours, too, do you not?
6/30 20:04 Sakhari says: Daethior... where?
6/30 20:04 Veldrinas says: "Breathe."
6/30 20:04 Malfias looks to Sakhari.
6/30 20:04 Vasedra flicks a glance at Veldrinas. Nothing more or less.
6/30 20:05 Baldric has gone offline.
6/30 20:05 Elishtar frowns. "We will find and slay the fiend, and Araatris shall be either rescued or avenged."
6/30 20:05 Vasedra says: His personal... overseer.
6/30 20:05 Malfias nods at you.
6/30 20:05 Malfias says: I do not know this name. I do not know many of the names kept here.
6/30 20:06 Vasedra says: Just tell us where the others are kept. Not her mimics.
6/30 20:06 Malfias says: The mimics are mixed with truesouls. There are... many.
6/30 20:06 Sakhari glances at the others and hesitates....
6/30 20:06 Vasedra grits it out, duty...
6/30 20:06 Malfias says: This block was for truesouls.
6/30 20:06 Sakhari says: A felsworn... void-bound.
6/30 20:06 Veldrinas looks at Malfias.
6/30 20:06 Vasedra growls. "Where, Malfias?"
6/30 20:07 Shazadi says: The tower is at the top of the vessel.
6/30 20:08 Vasedra makes a face. "Where Sraath hides."
6/30 20:08 Malfias says: Continue to look here for yours. If he is a truesoul, he will be here. They were kept for... special purposes.
6/30 20:08 Malfias turns to Veldrinas.
6/30 20:08 Malfias says: Did you not chase me down, hunter? Thinking you could bring your weapons to bear against me and my army?
6/30 20:09 Sakhari growls, the sound resonating in her chest. She seems torn between the group and the doorway, poised and tense.
6/30 20:09 Veldrinas says: "Foolishly I did so yes. Though you still allowed me access, why?"
6/30 20:09 Vasedra pierces Shazadi with her gaze. (Glare, arguably.)
6/30 20:10 Shazadi returns Vasedra gaze equally.
6/30 20:10 Vasedra whispers to Shazadi: Tell me what I need to undo what he did to her.
6/30 20:10 Malfias says: Do you no longer remember the lesson I taught you while there?
6/30 20:10 Malfias says: Have you forgotten the truth that seeing a gate brings? Or was that taken from your mind as he took everything else?
6/30 20:11 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Go if you want to risk it. I -will- follow, but I need more, first.
6/30 20:11 Veldrinas shakes his head slowly. "Sraath's parasite did its job well, unfortunately. While it did not take my mind completely, it did take most of what I knew about the Outer Gates.
6/30 20:11 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: Time is not something we have much of.
6/30 20:11 Shazadi whispers to Vasedra: We'll have to find her and see what he did first.
6/30 20:12 Veldrinas grips his axes tighter at the memory.
6/30 20:12 Sakhari snarls, and then spins on taloned feet and darts for the door and the corridor beyond, glaives drawn.
6/30 20:13 Vasedra says nothing, just tearing her glare away from Shazadi. Her blades whisper. Harsh things, but said quietly.
6/30 20:13 Veldrinas turns, noticing Sa'khari's absence.
6/30 20:13 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: I will follow soon.
6/30 20:13 Veldrinas says: "Can you remind me of those lessons?"
6/30 20:13 Malfias says: She is in a hurry...
6/30 20:13 Vasedra says: Leave her be. She's fine.
6/30 20:15 Shazadi says: We should get going if we wish to join the fight.
6/30 20:16 Vasedra steps closer to Malfias, her false, blue gaze flicking only momentarily to Shazadi. "Can we rely on you?”
6/30 20:16 Malfias says: My robes are held just outside this cell. I will need a moment to regain my strength, but if the goal is to remove Sraath from the board, then I will be ready.
6/30 20:16 Malfias grins.
6/30 20:17 Veldrinas says: "Wait!"
6/30 20:17 Veldrinas says: "Before we continue."
6/30 20:17 Malfias raises an eyebrow at the demon hunter.
6/30 20:17 Vasedra glances at Veldrinas.
6/30 20:17 Veldrinas says: "Malfias, Sraath did something to you in the last moments before I was sent from the Outer Gates."
6/30 20:17 Veldrinas says: "Is that still in effect?"
6/30 20:17 Veldrinas says: "Or should we be concerned."
6/30 20:18 Veldrinas looks at Shazadi to see if Malfias's condition on that matter can be ascertained.
6/30 20:18 Malfias says: My mind was never broken. The blade he carries was not strong enough to break me permanently. That is why these...
6/30 20:18 Malfias gestures to the spires around them.
6/30 20:19 Malfias says: ...were used. He learned then was a mistake it was to try.
6/30 20:19 Malfias says: He will have to be taught again, however.
6/30 20:19 Veldrinas says: "How do we know you can be trusted?"
6/30 20:19 Veldrinas says: "Is there a way to prove you won't betray us?"
6/30 20:19 Vasedra grits her teeth, rolling her strained shoulder.
6/30 20:20 Malfias raises his other eyebrow.
6/30 20:20 Malfias laughs at Veldrinas.
6/30 20:20 Elishtar scoffs. "We do not trust it."
6/30 20:20 Malfias says: You still have your will, yes?
6/30 20:20 Veldrinas is dead serious.
6/30 20:20 Vasedra sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose.
6/30 20:21 Veldrinas grimaces, but says nothing.
6/30 20:21 Veldrinas says: "I will be keeping a close eye on you."
6/30 20:21 Veldrinas points at Malfias.
6/30 20:21 Vasedra says: We have a common goal for now.
6/30 20:21 Vasedra 's glance skims past Malfias and lands on Shazadi. "It's enough."
6/30 20:21 Malfias says: You failed to keep your eyes once, demon hunter. I fail to see where that threat has any substance.
6/30 20:22 Veldrinas says: "I have learned from that mistake since then, Malfias."
6/30 20:22 Veldrinas says: "I think you will find I am not so easily fooled again."
6/30 20:22 Shazadi sighs.
6/30 20:22 Malfias says: And you have already forgotten plenty. When this is done, I will show you what you have lost.
6/30 20:22 Shazadi says: There is work to be done. Will we stand here and question each other all day while Sraath still walks?
6/30 20:22 Malfias looks around to everyone.
6/30 20:22 Veldrinas nods tentatively. "Very well. Lead on then."
6/30 20:22 Malfias says: ...what ALL of you have lost.
6/30 20:23 Vasedra 's swords screech once, a cut-off shriek, and she turns her head away. "Elishtar. Veldrinas. Try not to let them kill you. Get to the others, now. I'll meet you soon enough."
6/30 20:23 Veldrinas gives a concerned look towards Vasedra but nods in compliance.
6/30 20:23 Elishtar says: I am not so easy to kill.
6/30 20:24 Malfias says: Why would I wish to kill you, lightbound?.
6/30 20:24 Elishtar lies. A quick blade to the heart or brain, she's done.
6/30 20:24 Malfias says: You are part of it all.
6/30 20:24 Vasedra turns on a hoof and dashes off after Sa'khari.
6/30 20:26 Elishtar says: I'm not in the mood to pretend to guess at your motives. Get dressed. There are other demons to slay.
6/30 20:26 Veldrinas says: "Indeed."
6/30 20:26 Malfias grins, but nods.
6/30 20:26 Malfias kneels down.
6/30 20:27 Malfias opens a nearby chest, tucked away in a dark corner, and opens it. He retrieves his robes, and dons them.
6/30 20:27 Veldrinas carefully watches the demon lord's every move.
6/30 20:28 Malfias says: Come, shall we?
6/30 20:28 Shazadi nods.
6/30 20:28 Veldrinas says: "I have a bad feeling about this..."
6/30 20:28 Elishtar says: You know, I've been meaning to ask
6/30 20:29 Elishtar says: How is it these ships have both a vertical and horizontal orientation? Isn't that... difficult for the people inside?
6/30 20:30 Malfias says: Why do you think I specialize in the shifting of perception.
6/30 20:30 Malfias says: It is easier than the cleanup...
6/30 20:30 Veldrinas shakes his head slowly.
6/30 20:31 Veldrinas says: "I still have a bad feeling about this...