Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Opening the Gates

(( There is small chatter as people arrive, but due to technical difficulties and document length that has been removed for now. ))

Everyone arrives at the overlook starting down at the Umbral Eclipse.

21:02:39 [Greyseer]: Does everyone present know the intended plan?
21:02:39 Sakhari quirks a brow at Elithe and summarily snorts.
21:02:48 [Sakhari]: They're made, not summoned.
21:02:52 You nod at Greyseer.
21:03:01 [Araatris]: I do.
21:03:13 [Elithe]: Indeed Shan'do.
21:04:26 Sakhari slips from the saddle to stretch, the talons of her malformed feet ticking off the stone. Soulcatcher grunts, piggy eyes scanning the motley crew before him, and then withdraws... seeming to vanish into a pool of shadow.
21:04:28 Soulthorn fidgets with her fingers again.
21:04:47 [Sakhari]: ...a plan?
21:06:07 [Greyseer]: Today we begin our assault on the Umbral Eclipse.
21:06:20 Greyseer motions to the large fortress-vessel looming on the horizon.
21:07:00 Sakhari twitches and glances over her shoulder, seeming at nothing, her lips moving momentarily as she murmurs something. Her gaze returns just as quickly to Tharion and follows to where he points.
21:07:33 [Sakhari]: .... rather optimistic, aren't we?
21:08:14 [Araatris]: We never said anything about living. Just an assault.
21:08:19 Araatris grins.
21:08:34 [Araatris]: Though, of course, I'm sure we'd prefer to live if possible.
21:08:52 Greyseer grimaces at Araatris's comment, but says nothing.
21:08:55 Sakhari cants her head toward Ary, a strange expression flitting across her features that is quickly gone.
21:09:17 [Sakhari]: I think an end is what we're all going to be vainly chasing sooner rather than later, no?
21:11:05 Sakhari continues to regard Ary, lips thinned.
21:11:32 Araatris shrugs.
21:12:01 [Araatris]: Sure. We all die at some point, but I'm not exactly chasing it. It'll happen one day.
21:12:35 Sakhari shrugs, ears flattening for a moment, a faint curse escaping her. She looks over the group and then glances to Ary again.
21:12:47 [Sakhari]: Where is Des.... Ice Strider?
21:13:12 [Araatris]: I told her to go kill things on our path until we're ready.
21:13:17 [Araatris]: We'll meet her on the way.
21:13:51 [Sakhari]: I required to remain here?
21:14:45 Araatris shrugs.
21:14:58 [Araatris]: No, go ahead and help her if you want.
21:15:17 Sakhari nods and darts past them and off the cliff.
21:24:21 Soulthorn looks around.
21:25:47 [Araatris]: Bad storm tonight. It's going to be a pain for travel.
21:26:04 [Greyseer]: This is Argus. There are bad storms every night, Araatris.
21:26:17 [Araatris]: They're not usually in our path.
21:26:42 [Araatris]: I mean on a specific path we plan to take.
21:28:38 [Soulthorn]: It will be fine.
21:28:57 Araatris glances at Fethas.
21:29:26 [Araatris]: Yeah, I suppose so. Just makes me antsy.
21:41:42 Sakhari returns, somewhat the worse for wear, bloodied and on edge.
21:41:54 [Greyseer]: The path is clear?
21:41:58 Greyseer glances over to Sakhari.
21:42:38 [Sakhari]: was when I rode back. But there are several portals and they already know that there's... trouble in the area.
21:43:00 [Sakhari]: I would recommend, perhaps, being expedient.
21:43:55 [Greyseer]: When all the keys are present, we will move.
21:44:00 You nod at Sakhari.
21:44:12 [Greyseer]: Without them, we will die at the gates themselves. And that would be... unproductive.
21:45:10 [Sakhari]: You don't say.
21:45:25 Sakhari says this in a rather dry tone.
21:49:43 [Sakhari]: What, exactly, is it that you think you are going to do? Wander up in plain sight?
21:50:23 Greyseer bows before Zadera.
21:50:27 Zadera bows before Greyseer.
21:50:35 Felshroud purrs at Zadera.
21:50:36 Araatris nods at Zadera, distracted.
21:50:37 [Greyseer]: You have the keys, yes?
21:51:54 Zadera nods to Greyseer, taking the Southern and Northern suns of N'alo out of their wrappings to show him.
21:52:25 Greyseer nods in satisfaction.
21:52:52 [Greyseer]: Then let us make haste to the gates. Ride there through whatever you encounter. Ride over them, if you have to.
21:53:08 [Araatris]: Yes, Shan'do.
21:53:11 You bow before Greyseer.
21:53:17 Greyseer bows down graciously.
21:53:18 [Zadera]: That sound be fun!
21:53:26 Zadera grins at the idea of running demons over.
21:53:34 [Greyseer]: Follow.
21:55:50 Vasedra grits her teeth. "WHY are we walking?"
21:56:04 [Sakhari]: For the scenery, Ice Strider
21:56:18 Zadera snickers at Sa'khari.
21:56:19 Vasedra makes an unreadable face at Sa'khari from under her cowl.
21:56:45 Greyseer glances over to Vasedra.
21:57:10 [Greyseer]: These were the gates as described to us, yes?
21:57:22 Shatterbound nods at Greyseer.
21:57:28 [Greyseer]: Where you encountered him last, Vasedra?
21:57:34 Zadera looks up... and up... and up at the gates, and says nothing.
21:57:43 Vasedra nods curtly.
21:57:59 [Greyseer]: Then there has to be something here...
21:58:04 [Medallia]: Could you use another priest?
21:59:04 Vasedra rests her hands on her swords as they whisper something barely audible.
21:59:05 [Sakhari]: Is there something you're looking for, Old Wolf?
21:59:16 [Sakhari]: In particular?
21:59:19 [Araatris]: We're trying to unlock this door to fight a demon lord. Then we're going to plant a bomb inside. It could be dangerous.
21:59:37 Araatris glances at Medallia.
21:59:43 Sakhari 's gaze shifts to Ary and then back to Tharion, contemplative.
21:59:44 Zadera grins a little mischievously at the priest. "But also maybe fun."
21:59:45 [Greyseer]: I am uncertain "could" is the correct word, Araatris. "Will" is more appropriate.
21:59:55 [Vasedra]: Someone should probably warn the healer that she's very likely to get her soul consumed.
21:59:56 [Medallia]: Sorry to disturb you...
21:59:58 Medallia bows before you.
22:00:01 You bow before Medallia.
22:00:07 [Araatris]: Oh no worries.
22:00:14 [Araatris]: Be safe out there!
22:00:24 [Greyseer]: This is Argus. That...
22:00:27 Greyseer sighs.
22:00:36 [Greyseer]: ...nevermind.
22:00:42 Greyseer bows before Medallia.
22:00:43 [Araatris]: Don't think too hard on it, Thar.
22:00:48 Zadera looks over her shoulder and frowns, hoping the priestess will be all right.
22:00:51 [Shatterbound]: That... actually sounded like something we might wish to have a priest for.
22:01:07 [Greyseer]: We are looking for the lock for these keys, Sakhari.
22:01:10 [Elithe]: She is not prepared.
22:01:11 [Araatris]: Yes, but... We can't ask someone unprepared to take the risk.
22:01:16 Greyseer motions to the weapons on his back.
22:01:30 Vasedra looks at Sa'khari, her luminous gaze all that's visible beneath her cowl.
22:02:28 Zadera turns around as the priestess returns, smiling. "Changed your mind?"
22:02:34 [Elithe]: So, we have swords that are also keys, but where is the lock?
22:02:53 [Sakhari]: What type of demon lord is your.... Sraath? Some of these doors sing to blood... some to souls... to open the windows.
22:02:59 Felshroud edges a little bit closer. Just a very little bit.
22:03:15 Sakhari trails off as though she'd lost track of her thoughts.
22:03:45 Greyseer holds his blades up towards the door.
22:04:06 Greyseer hmmphs.
22:04:38 Zadera unwraps the two swords, sisters to the ones Greyseer holds, looking down at them to see if they are reacting in any way.
22:05:37 [Mifuune]: Holding it up to the door will not help, Greyseer. Though, you do strike a dashing pose, yes?
22:05:37 Zadera looks over her shoulder and beams at her Shan'do happily.
22:05:42 Vasedra lifts her head.
22:05:49 Mifuune lets out a hearty chuckle.
22:06:25 Zadera 's eye sockets widen at seeing Mifuune.
22:06:32 Zadera pokes Mifuune.  Hey!
22:06:35 Felshroud turns and stares at Mifuune.
22:06:41 [Sakhari]: you say, Ice Strider.
22:06:51 [Zadera]: You were supposed to be dead.
22:07:11 [Mifuune]: I am.
22:07:17 Vasedra ignores Khari and instead considers Mifuune.
22:07:28 [Mifuune]: It is far more peaceful than I would have imagined, little one.
22:08:20 Zadera actually kind of smiles at the not-eredar, not-draenei. "Good. It seems like you deserve peace." she says softly.
22:08:40 Mifuune grins.
22:08:52 [Mifuune]: Ah, peace? Soon, I hope. Soon. But not yet.
22:09:08 [Mifuune]: There is one more task that needs doing.
22:09:09 [Elithe]: Hrmm. So, how then do we access the door, specter?
22:09:19 Greyseer bows before Mifuune.
22:09:32 [Greyseer]: Elithe speaks what many of us are thinking.
22:10:19 [Mifuune]: I built the locks on this gate while I served the master. He never knew.
22:11:20 [Mifuune]: You have done well, getting here with the keys, yes? Holding them as long as you have.
22:11:34 [Mifuune]: I am... happy, to see my work not be in vain.
22:11:45 [Mifuune]: But there is one last thing. One last trial you need to pass.
22:12:02 [Araatris]: Trial?
22:12:08 Felshroud tilts her head.
22:12:14 Araatris frowns.
22:12:16 [Sakhari]: ...lovely.
22:12:35 [Araatris]: What trial would we need after all this?
22:13:09 [Mifuune]: You have been persistent. You have been strong. But... are you cunning?
22:13:27 [Felshroud]: Sure. We're very cunning.
22:13:28 Zadera shrugs at Mifuune.  Who knows?
22:13:31 [Mifuune]: Do you have the intellect with which to battle Sraath in his own domain?
22:13:55 Elithe frowns at the demon-ghost.
22:14:25 [Zadera]: Sraath is crazy, and we are not. That's both a help and hindrance, isn't it?
22:14:33 [Sakhari]: A game then of shadows and guile?
22:14:53 Mifuune raises his arms, and a plaque appears inscribed above the gateway.
22:14:59 Sakhari arches a brow toward Mifuune.
22:15:39 [Mifuune]: Not a game. Proof that you are truly the ones who will survive this ordeal.
22:16:18 Zadera studies the plaque thoughtfully.
22:16:19 Mifuune points to the plaque, which reads: "Never still. Needs no rest. Moving silently from east to west. I do not walk, run, or trot. All is cool where I am not."
22:16:26 [Mifuune]: Answer.
22:16:32 Mifuune bows down graciously.
22:16:32 Araatris frown more deeply.
22:16:36 [Sakhari]: A game still. The stakes being costly changes nothing.
22:16:39 [Zadera]: The Sun?
22:16:49 Mifuune grins at Zadera.
22:17:04 [Mifuune]: Youthful intellect is a promising feature, yes?
22:17:11 Felshroud purrs at Zadera.
22:17:14 Elithe frowns and walks closer to take a better look at the plaque. "Being able to solve riddles does not equate to survivability."
22:17:17 Vasedra snorts.
22:17:32 Zadera beams proudly at Mifuune, ignoring the fuddy duddies.

An image of Azeroth appears above Mifuune, upon this ethereal globe are four runes.

22:19:46 [Mifuune]: My master hated your world, but I--I cherished it for the defiance it represented.
22:20:21 [Mifuune]: The first lock was modeled after Azeroth and its cultures. My... mate... provided me with the visions I needed to craft this one.
22:20:47 [Mifuune]: Each of you has a direction in your possession. Give each run a direction as cast by the map of your world. Choose the keys wisely.
22:20:51 Mifuune bows down graciously.
22:21:22 [Zadera]: I have two.
22:21:28 [Zadera]: Opposite sides, even.
22:22:08 Felshroud turns slowly, examining the runes.
22:22:17 [Mifuune]: Choose one, and we will determine of you are correct.
22:22:24 [Mifuune]: You may then choose the other.
22:22:59 [Mifuune]: Explain your reasoning, when you choose.
22:23:08 Zadera nods.
22:23:12 [Mifuune]: The runes will vanish when the correct key had been placed.
22:23:25 [Felshroud]: Does anything happen if we're wrong?
22:23:48 [Vasedra]: ... the map.
22:23:51 Mifuune shrugs at Felshroud.  Who knows?
22:23:55 [Mifuune]: You will be wrong.
22:24:00 Mifuune bows before Felshroud.
22:24:04 Felshroud purrs at Mifuune.
22:24:13 [Vasedra]: Eastern Kingdoms.... Northrend...
22:24:26 Shatterbound bites his lower lip, stepping back as he does so.
22:24:33 Zadera looks thoughtful.
22:24:40 Vasedra sighs and rests her hands on the hilts of her swords as they laugh audibly.
22:24:58 [Araatris]: What about the map, Sed?
22:25:21 Greyseer looks to Zadera.
22:25:21 Sakhari 's wire-laced ears flick as she turns her head to look back toward Vasedra.
22:25:28 Zadera thinks.
22:25:29 [Vasedra]: The spacing of the runes matches the map.
22:25:32 [Greyseer]: What did you answer for the first riddle?
22:25:42 [Zadera]: The Sun...
22:25:49 Vasedra reaches under her cowl to rub her temples.
22:26:10 [Zadera]: To the east...?
22:26:12 [Greyseer]: I hold east and west.
22:26:32 Felshroud mutters "Southern Moon?" and takes a step back.
22:26:42 Greyseer kneels down.
22:26:58 Zadera frowns. "Northern Sun, or Southern Sun..."
22:27:00 Greyseer brushes away the dirt and finds a slot buried there.
22:27:32 Greyseer slides one of the keys, the Eastern Sun, into the empty slot. It clicks into place.
22:27:58 Felshroud watches Tharion, frowning slightly.
22:28:00 [Felshroud]: Hmm.
22:28:16 [Greyseer]: To the east. The eastern kingdoms. A blue shield.
22:28:39 Vasedra looks over at Khari, and her blade keens for a second before she silences it.
22:29:14 [Vasedra]: Northrend, where the Scourge is born...
22:29:22 Zadera nods.
22:30:26 [Greyseer]: And the wester sun, for Kalimdor. The moon. Elune and the rest of our people.
22:30:35 Greyseer slides the second sword into the slot until it clicks.
22:30:52 Mifuune bows before Greyseer.
22:30:53 Sakhari gestures towards the last one.
22:31:14 Zadera pulls out the Northern Sun, and frowns, unsure. "
22:31:20 Vasedra clenches her sword hilts tightly.
22:31:24 [Sakhari]: I traveled, curious, to the new land... That, perhaps? The one with the flea-ridden noodle-eaters?
22:31:35 [Vasedra]: WHAT are you waiting for?
22:31:36 [Felshroud]: Southern, for Pandaria?
22:31:41 Vasedra glares angrily at Zadera.
22:31:53 [Zadera]: Northrend, a land of death, where the--
22:32:00 [Araatris]: That would be the best guess. It'd make sense with the others.
22:32:00 Zadera glares at Vasedra.
22:32:11 [Zadera]: I'm trying to make sure it's RIGHT.
22:32:12 [Araatris]: Especially, if north is Northrend.
22:32:27 Vasedra just grits her teeth and says nothing, looking somewhere else.
22:32:39 [Shatterbound]: Where the Son of the King began his reign?
22:32:50 [Shatterbound]: Where the Light triumphed over Darkness?
22:32:53 [Zadera]: I was concerned the Northern SUN wouldn't be right for Northrend, because of the death and shadow beings there.
22:32:54 [Soulthorn]: Hmmm...
22:32:59 [Mifuune]: Place the key into the slot to learn if you have chosen wisely.
22:33:20 Zadera sighs, frowning, probably overthinking it, and places the sword in the slot.
22:33:30 [Greyseer]: The first lock's answer was the Sun.
22:33:36 Vasedra 's blades growl and hiss, and she mutters, "I know. Shut up."
22:33:40 Mifuune bows before Zadera.
22:34:03 Zadera looks relieved.
22:34:09 Felshroud slides hers into the slot.
22:34:09 [Mifuune]: There is but one more for the first lock, little one.
22:34:25 Felshroud smiles at Zadera.
22:34:38 Zadera quickly runs to the south.
22:35:14 [Zadera]: Pandaria! The land that is green and full of life.
22:35:33 Zadera takes out the Southern Sun and puts it in the slot.
22:35:47 Vasedra 's glare shifts to Sa'khari, and the shadows shift around her.
22:36:11 Sakhari bares predatory teeth at Vasedra, a silent warning.
22:36:14 Zadera did not such thing.
22:36:23 [Mifuune]: The current key in there is unresponsive.
22:36:26 [Felshroud]: Okay.
22:36:34 Felshroud slides her key out and scoots over for Zadera.
22:36:50 Zadera now actually places the sword in the slot.
22:37:05 Mifuune grins.
22:37:08 Zadera slumps, relieved.
22:37:18 Felshroud beams at Zadera.
22:37:23 [Mifuune]: None of you die today.
22:37:39 [Sakhari]: ...How comforting.
22:37:40 [Elithe]: Oh, there's still plenty time.
22:37:49 Zadera looks at Vasedra pointedly. "Disappointing."
22:37:56 Mifuune grins at Elithe.
22:38:28 [Araatris]: Now now. We're here to beat up and kill a demon. Not each other.
22:38:30 Vasedra only flicks a glance at Zadera before returning to ignoring her.
22:38:41 Mifuune places his blade into the gate, and there is a loud mechanical noise.
22:38:46 Araatris waggles her finger between Zadera, Vasedra, and Sa'khari.
22:38:53 [Mifuune]: The first lock has been undone.
22:39:03 Araatris grins.
22:39:07 [Mifuune]: The Soul of Balance is pleased.
22:39:15 Zadera mutters something about half-baked liabilities to herself.
22:39:34 Araatris glances at Zadera with a raised eyebrow as she passes.
22:40:04 Vasedra sighs.
22:40:14 [Sakhari]: I suggest, Desire, that you exercise patience...
22:40:32 [Mifuune]: Patience. If she were dead, she would be dead. Rushing to her corpse will grant you nothing.
22:40:39 Sakhari allows the name to escape, unheeded, until, realizing, she snarls to herself in annoyance.
22:40:43 Vasedra whips her gaze to Khari and growls.
22:40:54 [Shatterbound]: We removed our eyes, not our ears, Sedra.  There is no need to yell.
22:41:03 Mifuune raises his hands again, and another plaque appears over this gate.
22:41:12 Sakhari returns the look, lips peeled, savage incisors revealed again.
22:41:13 [Araatris]: Ah! Yes, another trial, right?
22:41:30 Araatris stands between the current growling parties.
22:41:34 Vasedra says nothing to Tal's comment, just shaking her head.
22:41:34 Zadera starts to say something to her Shan'do, then bites her lip, exercising uncharacteristic restraint.
22:42:08 The new plaque reads: "Ever strongest near the light, but if I feel its touch, then I take flight. What am I?"
22:42:24 [Mifuune]: Your answer?
22:42:26 [Shatterbound]: A Shadow.
22:42:34 Mifuune bows before Shatterbound.
22:42:41 Felshroud purrs at Shatterbound.
22:42:50 [Shatterbound]: The closer to the source, the stronger the shadow is cast.
22:43:06 Mifuune waves his hands again, and an ethereal image of Argus appears above them. More rune symbols appear as well.
22:43:36 [Shatterbound]: But when shone upon directly...
22:44:11 [Mifuune]: Argus was never Sraath's home.
22:44:41 [Mifuune]: As an ered'ruin, he believed himself inferior to the eredar masters of the Burning Legion. This did not dissuade him, however. It only drove him to prove that he was better.
22:45:03 Elithe frowns. "There are only three major landmasses left of Argus, no?"
22:45:18 [Mifuune]: It was because of this that he rose to power within the Shadowed Sun. It was here, on this battered world, that Xonath gave Sraath the opportunity he so desired.
22:45:28 Mifuune grins at Elithe.
22:46:00 [Mifuune]: Once again, give each rune a direction as cast in the light of Argus's burning world soul.
22:46:05 [Mifuune]: Choose your keys wisely.
22:46:09 Mifuune bows down graciously.
22:47:01 [Mifuune]: If you try a lock, again, reveal your reasoning.
22:47:27 [Araatris]: There's Mac'aree, Krokuun, and Antoran Wastes.
22:48:00 [Shatterbound]: Mac'aree is shadowed by L'ura...
22:48:02 [Araatris]: So... what is the last one?
22:48:18 [Felshroud]: An X where there's not a land mass?
22:48:29 Felshroud frowns at the runes, looking vaguely annoyed.
22:48:34 [Shatterbound]: The Antoran Wastes shield the Legion.
22:48:41 [Shatterbound]: In the west.
22:49:04 Vasedra takes the opportunity to go to each marker in turn and brush away the dirt to reveal the slots.
22:49:08 [Shatterbound]: The heroes touched down in the south, over Krokuun...
22:49:11 Vasedra kneels down.
22:49:23 Vasedra kneels down.
22:49:37 Vasedra kneels down.
22:49:41 [Shatterbound]: And in the East, the light of the soul of Azeroth?
22:50:19 Vasedra nudges Tal aside. Not particularly roughly.
22:50:27 [Mifuune]: The world then was not always as it is now. Remember this when you try your keys.
22:50:32 Vasedra kneels down.
22:50:46 Soulthorn folds her arms.
22:50:48 Sakhari folds her arms over her chest as she watches Mifuune, her attention straying to the others momentarily.
22:51:39 [Shatterbound]: Mac'Aree was a temple to the Light... perhaps it is the North, then?
22:52:04 [Zadera]: Or maybe where the Vindicaar is?
22:52:25 [Shatterbound]: That is now.  We must think back further.
22:52:32 [Vasedra]: The Vindicaar is anywhere we want it to be.
22:52:36 Vasedra scoffs.
22:52:38 [Shatterbound]: Who holds the Northern Moon?
22:52:57 Araatris raises her hand.
22:53:12 [Araatris]: I do.
22:53:13 [Shatterbound]: Then the choice is yours.
22:55:38 [Sakhari]: I see the shadow of taint and the sheen of shattered fields.... but I don't know the keys.
22:56:02 Sakhari rolls scarred shoulders in a small shrug as she pops a cigarette between her lips.
22:56:20 [Araatris]: Which one do you think is the Shattered Fields?
22:56:59 Greyseer hands Zadera the swords back.
22:57:04 [Sakhari]: That... I'm unsure.
22:57:16 Zadera takes the swords, wrapping them up carefully once more.
22:57:40 [Sakhari]: Perhaps the golden one?
22:58:23 Mifuune grins.
22:59:13 [Mifuune]: I am. I spent many days over the beautiful hills of that land.
22:59:33 [Mifuune]: I still dream of it as it was then.
22:59:40 [Mifuune]: As much as the dead can dream...
23:00:09 Vasedra points at the golden one. "Just do it."
23:01:07 [Sakhari]: The orchards of Mac'aree are tainted...
23:01:18 Sakhari gestures toward the purple.
23:01:27 [Vasedra]: Now, yes. But they were not always. Nowhere on Argus was more radiant that the Seat.
23:01:50 [Soulthorn]: Shattered fields? If we are going directions it is going to be southernmost or western most… so the X shaped rune or the circle one.
23:01:51 Sakhari nods, thoughtful.
23:02:10 [Araatris]: ... I don't think I'm going to implode if I get it wrong. I just need a reason.
23:02:17 [Sakhari]: I'm thinking of this time, but Ice Strider is right... the ghost works with the past.
23:02:22 [Araatris]: I'm not going to implode, am I?
23:02:30 Araatris glances at Mifuune.
23:02:46 [Mifuune]: I have no intend of ... imploding... you, no.
23:02:55 [Sakhari]: Krokuun was once great forests... with canopies that blocked the light and a forest floor soft and shadowed, no?
23:03:30 [Vasedra]: L'ura fell there, in Mac'Aree. But she also lived there, radiant.
23:03:30 Sakhari glances back and forth between Mifuune and Sedra.
23:04:31 [Mifuune]: The trial is yours.
23:04:40 [Vasedra]: If Mac'Aree is golden, then the land that is gone is Red, to its east.
23:05:32 [Sakhari]: Krokuun then...?
23:05:40 Sakhari points toward the purple rune.
23:06:39 [Araatris]: But Krokuun is south, isn't it?
23:06:53 Sakhari shrugs again and takes a pull from her cigarette.
23:06:57 Vasedra reaches under her cowl, rubbing her temple. "No. By where they are, Krokuun would be orange, then. And Antorus purple. A circle and a diamond."
23:07:04 [Sakhari]: I kill things... I'm not a calligrapher.
23:07:48 Soulthorn rubs her head.
23:07:51 [Araatris]: Are you sure you're not looking at the map backwards? West is left, right?
23:07:52 [Sakhari]: However, we are wasting time.
23:08:24 [Araatris]: I'm willing to shove it in any slot. Just point.
23:09:57 [Shatterbound]: Araatris, the Light.
23:10:17 You kneel.
23:10:31 Araatris pushes the sword into the slot.
23:10:51 [Araatris]: This is where the Seat of the Triumvirate is and where L'ura resided.
23:11:01 Mifuune bows before you.
23:11:13 [Shatterbound]: Mifuune never wished to be Legion.
23:11:16 Vasedra breathes a sigh of relief and shoots expectant looks to the others.
23:11:29 [Sakhari]: ...a few can say that, I think.
23:11:48 [Araatris]: So that makes this north.
23:12:03 [Felshroud]: So, this must be south.
23:12:12 Vasedra stares Soulthorn down.
23:12:15 Felshroud slides her key into the slot, carefully.
23:12:32 [Felshroud]: Krokuun shielded the broken.
23:12:49 Mifuune bows before Felshroud.
23:13:09 Felshroud bows before Mifuune.
23:13:16 Araatris grins at Shizukera.
23:13:21 Felshroud grins at you wickedly.
23:13:24 [Shatterbound]: Fethas?
23:13:49 Shatterbound points to the void-colored diamond.
23:15:19 Sakhari as stated... is not a calligrapher and terrible at reading maps.
23:15:40 [Shatterbound]: The shadow of Antorus looming over all from the West.
23:16:01 [Mifuune]: Is that what you believe?
23:16:30 Soulthorn rather casually and a bit too forcefully slots her sword in the hole "Pretty much. Antorus is the darkest place here."
23:16:47 Mifuune bows before Soulthorn.
23:17:10 [Araatris]: One last one...
23:18:17 [Shatterbound]: But why...
23:18:27 [Shatterbound]: Because it is unknown to us?
23:18:41 [Shatterbound]: Or perhaps because Mifuune wished to mark his home.
23:19:08 [Mifuune]: Choose, and I will reveal.
23:19:08 [Shatterbound]: Then again, red can also be the color of blood, for those lost.
23:19:21 [Vasedra]: Because it is fallen and gone, lost to the future and only left in the memories of those who knew the old world.
23:19:34 [Vasedra]: Just stab your damn sword, Taldarion.
23:19:42 [Sakhari]: ...though I believe eredar bleed blue...
23:19:45 Vasedra grips her swords tightly.
23:19:49 Shatterbound glares at Vasedra.
23:19:58 Sakhari eyes Tal.
23:20:24 [Shatterbound]: The sword alone does not unlock the fortress, you fool.
23:20:39 Zadera tries to hide her amusement by staring at the ground.
23:20:55 [Shatterbound]: Without the right reason, Ary remains inside.  And, possibly, dead.
23:21:10 [Sakhari]: ...poor words.
23:21:24 Vasedra growls and steps forward. "If you won't, I will."
23:21:30 Sakhari cants her head toward Taldarion.
23:21:39 Felshroud raises an eyebrow.
23:21:41 Araatris holds up her hand.
23:21:48 Zadera steps closer to her Shan'do.
23:21:54 [Araatris]: Fighting out here certainly won't help my sister.
23:22:00 [Felshroud]: We need both the sword and the reason. He's working on the reason. Let him be.
23:22:27 Vasedra glances at Araatris before gritting her teeth and looking away.
23:22:54 [Shatterbound]: Sakhari is correct, though.  Draenei blood is blue...
23:22:55 Araatris rubs sweaty palms on her kilt with a sigh.
23:23:05 [Shatterbound]: So, there is a significance.
23:23:25 Shatterbound raises the sword and lowers it into the pedestal.
23:23:44 [Shatterbound]: For those lost in Mifuune's home.
23:24:03 Mifuune bows before Shatterbound.
23:24:25 Shatterbound looks to Vasedra.
23:24:25 Felshroud purrs at Shatterbound.
23:24:32 Mifuune draws his blade once more.
23:24:42 [Shatterbound]: You're welcome.
23:25:08 Mifuune slides the serene crystal blade into the gates, and another loud 'click' echoes out.
23:25:14 Vasedra 's gaze follows Taldarion for a moment before shifting to Mifuune.
23:25:41 [Araatris]: So, wait... there were actually nine keys?
23:25:47 Vasedra 's swords whisper, and she shakes her head, resting her hands on the hilts.
23:26:21 [Mifuune]: The Soul of Balance is the master key, only empowered to unlock the doors when the others have been placed correctly.
23:26:48 [Mifuune]: It can only be wielded by those of... certain qualities.
23:26:58 [Mifuune]: And it is not for you.
23:27:25 Araatris tilts her head, frowning, but doesn't argue.

The gates of the vessel, recently sealed shut, begin to grind open. The insides are revealed, black and twisting, and a foul stench wafts out and embraces everyone present.

23:28:18 [Soulthorn]: Heh.
23:28:34 Zadera scrunches her nose in distaste.
23:28:51 [Mifuune]: The Umbral Eclipse is open to you now.
23:29:03 Sakhari takes a final, long, draw of her cigarette and tosses the stub to the ground. The smoke is held for a long moment and then exhaled... strong, sweet, and heady.
23:29:07 Elithe doesn't seem to register, or at the very least react to the smell.
23:29:12 Araatris covers her nose with a grimace.
23:29:16 Vasedra shifts a sidelong glance to Sa'khari, barely visible across the edge of her cowl.
23:29:31 [Mifuune]: You have proven yourselves capable of thought and reflection. You will need these tools, and more, to face against the Lord of the Eclipse.
23:29:50 [Mifuune]: My task is done.
23:29:56 [Sakhari]: ...the standards are low.
23:30:42 Sakhari 's tone is that of irritation and she raises her hands to her temples to rub gently before sweeping them back over the curve of her bone horns.
23:30:43 Vasedra bows her head at Mifuune.
23:30:50 Mifuune raises an eyebrow at Sakhari, tilts his head, then just smiles.
23:30:55 Araatris mumbles to Sa'khari.
23:31:18 [Shatterbound]: Safe journeys, Mifuune.
23:31:23 [Araatris]: Perhaps you should withhold your judgment. You can feel free to judge any time if he kills us.
23:31:29 Zadera bows her head at Mifuune and smiles at him.
23:31:31 [Araatris]: But not until then.
23:31:35 Shatterbound bows before Mifuune.
23:31:36 [Mifuune]: I have one last thing I wish to do. But I leave you to the bowels of his vessel. Be wary of what you find inside.
23:31:44 [Vasedra]: Thank you for opening the way, old soul. Sa'khari.
23:31:48 [Mifuune]: Tell my mate I said...
23:31:52 [Mifuune]: Hello.
23:32:58 Sakhari raises one shoulder at Araatris as she speaks.
23:33:05 [Sakhari]: As you say.
23:33:15 Araatris grins at Sa'khari.
23:33:19 [Araatris]: And I do.
23:33:24 [Vasedra]: Let's go. We have work to do.
23:33:52 [Elithe]: Might I suggest that myself and the bomb be in the center of the group? I would prefer not to be ambushed, and it has been some time since I've been in the field.
23:34:28 [Araatris]: That's a good idea as we go Elithe. Best to be safe.
23:34:34 [Soulthorn]: So, your out of shape in other words.
23:34:37 [Araatris]: I'll cover your back.
23:34:53 [Sakhari]: Ice Strider... do we hunt or no?
23:35:11 [Shatterbound]: Shizu, love...
23:35:22 [Shatterbound]: Perhaps we can go provide a distraction.
23:35:28 [Felshroud]: Let's do it!
23:35:30 [Elithe]: I deal more in theory than action, Fethas. I was never particularly in shape, however. All skin and bones.
23:35:36 Felshroud purrs at Zadera.
23:35:58 Elithe smiles wistfully at Fethas.
23:36:03 Vasedra nods at Sa'khari, and leads the way at a run into the vessel.
23:38:06 Zadera looks at her Shan'do and his mate and grins.
23:38:20 Felshroud returns the grin.
23:38:39 [Shatterbound]: Yes, young one.  you too.
23:38:41 Greyseer motions Fethas over.
23:46:31 Elithe bows before Poeryth.
23:46:39 Poeryth bows before Elithe.
23:46:44 You wave at Poeryth.
23:46:48 Poeryth waves at you.
23:48:38 [Elithe]: Now, do give the voidwalker trio a bit of a birth, it would be unfortunate if they dropped the mana bomb.
23:49:02 Soulthorn growls.
23:49:05 Poeryth nods. "If anything attacks, make sure it's not hit."

The group moves into the ship, surrounding Elithe and the magical device. The corridors are dark and twisting, as if made of up varying vessels, structures, and randomly grown segments.

23:49:28 Soulthorn twitches a bit.
23:50:19 Poeryth looks around at it, but doesn't say anything. She seems a bit... weird, probably because her soul is on another planet.

The group eventually makes it way to a section of the vessel, after following the map provided to them by Shazadi, that is centralized to the fused nature of the ship. There is a strange feeling here. A nexus of powers...

23:53:14 [Elithe]: Is it just me, or is this place.... unusually empty?
23:53:29 [Greyseer]: It is not just you.
23:53:48 [Araatris]: It's very empty. There should be someone...
23:54:12 [Greyseer]: He has likely purged or imprisoned everything he has deemed a threat.
23:54:25 [Greyseer]: Only a few patrols still wander these halls.
23:54:28 Greyseer points at Citadel Dreadguard.
23:54:40 Greyseer points at Citadel Dreadguard.
23:55:06 Elithe frowns, and looks the room over. "Well, if this is where it is supposed to go... let’s begin setting this up, no?"
23:55:18 [Greyseer]: IS this the location?
23:55:37 Greyseer looks at Poeryth and Fethas.
23:55:49 [Greyseer]: Assuming we are reading this map correctly?
23:56:32 Poeryth looks at the map, and shows it to Tharion. "According to what Shazadi drew for me, it is..." she glances around.
23:56:44 [Soulthorn]: Should be.
23:57:01 [Elithe]: I trust Poeryth to follow the map. She is the only one with eyes, after all.
23:57:20 [Greyseer]: Near this nexus of power, yes?
23:57:29 [Greyseer]: Elithe, if you will, please.
23:57:45 Soulthorn rolls out her wrists and looks around a bit once more
0:00:13 Elithe frowns and looks the location over. "Well, this is a potent internal conduit to the ship's mana. Curious. We'll have to be careful about how we set it up. The arcane sigils will have to be arranged so they don't cause a resonance cascade."
0:00:56 [Araatris]: Are you speaking common...?
0:01:15 [Soulthorn]: He is sadly.
0:01:15 [Elithe]: Technically, yes.
0:01:23 [Araatris]: ...
0:01:31 [Araatris]: I'll... just watch for patrols.
0:01:37 [Poeryth]: He's worried that we could cause more destruction than we want by blowing up something explosive.
0:01:59 Araatris glances over her shoulder at Poe and grins gratefully.
0:02:02 [Araatris]: Thanks, Poe.
0:02:28 Poeryth nods to Tris.
0:04:38 Elithe waves a hand and directs the voidwalkers to set the rune down at the center of the rune. "I could use some help, perhaps. This is complicated spell-work..."
0:04:58 Poeryth looks at the panel thoughtfully, trying to pull back to some of the knowledge she received when she used Sedra's memory crystals.
0:05:50 [Araatris]: Do you want me to help? I'm pretty good at following instructions.
0:06:21 [Greyseer]: I believe we may all need to assist with this one.
0:06:26 [Elithe]: Yes please. If you could go to that red rune there, and try a mana bypass?
0:06:28 Poeryth then shakes her head, reminding herself that this is not crystal technology but runes. Slightly different. "I wish the void elf was here..." she nods to Tris. "We can figure this out together, I think."
0:06:54 [Araatris]: I think so.
0:07:01 [Araatris]: Mana... bypass...
0:07:38 [Elithe]: So that any backlash from the bomb is redirected back into to room, not to the rest of the ship.
0:07:45 [Poeryth]: I think it's a matter of switching the sigils.
0:08:08 [Greyseer]: This panel is... blue.
0:08:08 [Poeryth]: Maybe not exactly switching, but moving them to change the flow of the mana.
0:08:36 Soulthorn just quietly starts working on her panel.
0:09:08 Araatris stares really hard at her panel...
0:09:20 [Araatris]: I don't think this is right...
0:09:37 [Araatris]: Maybe here?
0:09:43 Poeryth looks at her panel thoughtful, studying the sigils and the way they are aligned. She moves over to the others to compare.
0:09:54 [Elithe]: ....Blue.... blue... you want to amplify a blue rune, Tharion.
0:10:20 [Greyseer]: Araatris believes she may understand the blue rune, yes?
0:10:41 [Araatris]: Yeah, I think this will amplify... or something.
0:11:28 [Greyseer]: This panel is red. I prefer red...
0:11:43 [Greyseer]: I still have no idea what I am looking at, however.
0:12:09 Greyseer kneels down.
0:12:29 Elithe frowns, nodding as he connects the bomb's spells to Araatris' blue rune. "Yes! Precisely it Araatris! Wonderful." He smiles at her. "Tharion, rune rune is a bypass. Still."
0:12:38 [Greyseer]: Ah! Indeed.
0:12:58 [Elithe]: Also, Fethas and Poeryth both need to invert their manaflow.
0:13:21 [Greyseer]: Bypassing does not seem to be working.
0:14:38 Greyseer raises an eyebrow at Poeryth, then stands away from the red rune.
0:14:46 [Greyseer]: It is... all yours.
0:14:49 Greyseer bows before Poeryth.
0:15:01 [Poeryth]: I'm sure you would have figured it out.
0:15:09 Ary Valryss says: All launch systems online.
0:15:15 [Greyseer]: ...I prefer art and literature.
0:15:37 Greyseer ears perk up at the familiar voice.
0:15:37 Ary Valryss says: System check completed. Coordinates loaded. Engines online. Launch countdown starting: 5 minutes to launch.
0:16:05 Araatris looks up and around.
0:16:17 Poeryth studies the red rune, trying to think of what Elithe mentioned about bypassing and what she just said. She stops, standing very straight.
0:16:21 Elithe frowns, trying to look at Tharion's work and continue setting up the bomb. Portions of the crystal begin rotating on in counter-clockwise direction, the runes around the crystal flaring. Poeryth's rune connects without Elithe having to do much
0:16:56 [Araatris]: That was Ary's voice.
0:17:01 [Sraath]: Ah, so the worms have infested my vessel?
0:17:15 Poeryth shakes her head, clearing away the distraction and goes back, attempting to cause the bypass with what she's figured out so far.
0:17:49 Poeryth looks up at Sraath.
0:17:58 [Sraath]: You think yourselves capable of undoing what has taken me thousands of years to build?
0:18:20 Araatris glares at Sraath's image.
0:18:37 [Poeryth]: You seem to find us threatening enough.
0:18:58 Sraath grins.
0:19:23 Elithe 's heart skips a beat, and he makes just the tiniest squeak of fear at the image of the Eredruin Lord. He frowns, shakes his head, and keeps working, the bomb almost primed
0:19:38 [Sraath]: I find you amusi--ng---
0:19:38 Araatris kicks the panel under the image.
0:19:56 Poeryth snickers at Sraath. "The feeling is mutual."
0:20:02 Sraath 's image frowns a moment.
0:20:12 Ary Valryss says: 4 minutes to launch.
0:20:38 [Elithe]: Why is the ship launching? ...and where to?
0:20:46 [Sraath]: I do not fear you, mortals. I look forward to taking you with me. We will have a long voyage together, I think.
0:20:50 [Sraath]: So very... very long.
0:22:00 Poeryth raises an eyebrow at Sraath. "A roadtrip with people you hate seems unwise." Someone watching carefully however, may notice her hands shaking, just a little.
0:22:09 [Greyseer]: We should hurry with that last one.
0:22:22 Ary Valryss says: 3 minutes to launch.
0:22:45 [Sraath]: Hate is such a strong word. We shall have the time to explore it... in detail... I think.
0:22:50 [Sraath]: So much detail.
0:22:58 Ary Valryss says: 2 minutes to launch.
0:23:08 [Sraath]: I look forward to it.
0:23:11 [Elithe]: AHA!
0:23:17 Sraath 's image fades.
0:23:52 Soulthorn fidgets with her panel again
0:24:03 Elithe laughs as the last rune snaps into place, the crystal now thrumming with energy. "That's it!"
0:25:28 Elithe smiles at Soulthorn.
0:25:34 [Elithe]: Thanks, Fethas.
0:25:39 [Greyseer]: Come, let us move away from here. I am uncertain where this vessel intends to take us.
0:25:44 Ary Valryss says: Starting engines. Launch is imminent.
0:25:50 [Greyseer]: I wish to se--
0:25:52 [Greyseer]: Dammit.
0:25:59 [Araatris]: Run?
0:26:09 [Poeryth]: Where?
0:26:28 Poeryth might actually be a bit panicked, deep down.
0:27:20 [Elithe]: We're too far in. If this vessel is jumping, we are going with it.
0:27:30 The floor lurches and a deafening roar can be heard as the vessel begins to lift into the nether-wrought sky over Argus. A deep creaking and cracking can be heard as the entire fortress-vessel shakes uncontrollably.
0:28:02 [Elithe]: Assuming we kill Sraath, perhaps I can figure out a way to get us a port-
0:28:03 Poeryth just stares at nothing.
0:28:33 Elithe shuts up as the room starts shaking uncontrollably
0:29:53 Greyseer braces himself against the floor of the vessel, and curses quietly.
0:29:55 Greyseer kneels down.
0:30:40 [Greyseer]: The bomb is set. We are going along for this "ride". We have no choice now.
0:30:44 Araatris grabs a wall.
0:30:47 Soulthorn just casually cracks her neck.
0:31:05 Poeryth does not bother be quiet about her cursing as she falls as well. "No no nooo..."
0:31:56 Elithe takes a seat, not wanting to get knocked off his feet when the ship takes off
0:32:23 Araatris flops face forward as there's another lurch.
0:33:40 A loud hum reverberates through the entire ship and the Umbral Eclipse and its occupants... blink out of existence.
0:33:45 Elithe mumbles something about figuring this out, he shakes his head and braces for takeoff.