Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

The Netherbane Lessons

Warriors as we are, our weapons define our techniques. However, we are not without our tools. The artifacts hidden within our reliquaries can be as potent as any warglaive, if one is not careful.
— Tharion Greyseer

Appendix A. Artifacts of the Netherbane

This section catalogs the artifacts that have been discovered or created by the Netherbane. Some of these are still in our possession. Others have been spirited away to locations unknown.

(Item catalog currently being translated)

Appendix B. Tools of the Netherbane

Our rituals, as with almost all, require specialized tools and reagents. I have listed the most common ones here.

Soul Crystal - Made from the crystallized soul of a demon, these items are used as vessels in which we can store the fel energies used in binding ceremonies. Complete souls can also be stored within these. The color of the crystals themselves vary depending on the method used to create them.

Resonance Crystal - Not as strong as a Soul Crystal, the resonance crystals can store magical energies, but not sentient souls. Attempting to store a soul in a resonance crystal can potentially destroy both. Resonance crystals can be found in the wild, and vary in colors and strengths.

Runestone - Runestones act as markers in the physical realm to denote a barrier in the spiritual realm. Runestones can often be moved without efforts in the physical realm, but are anchored elsewhere, preventing the passage of energies across its boundaries. 

Blinding Oil - The blinding ritual is performed by coating a clean blade with blinding oil, and igniting that oil in flame. Fel fire is most commonly used to ignite the weapon, but mundane flame can be used as well. The oil is made from the blood of the demons known more commonly as “Inquisitors." The properties of their blood allow a temporary felsight to develop when mixed with the energies of another demonic essence.

Binding Vessel - Most commonly a blade of some sort, usually a long dagger or a sword. The hilt of the weapon has a socket that will accept a crystal or other reservoir of power. The binding vessel acts as a bridge between the demonic soul bound within a soul crystal and an awaiting demon hunter in training. Sometimes a resonance crystal can be used, but the resulting binding will be weaker and will eventually burn out, if so.

Training Blindfold - Soaked in Blinding Oil and tempered with felfire, the training blindfold can be used to allow an unblinded initiate to experience the spectral vision. When worn around the eyes, the blindfold removes natural sight. When activated with a word of power, it can provide a weaker version of the felsight.