Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

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Soulshapers: Eclipse. Day 4, Apotheosis

After two years, the Soulshaper RP arc comes to a close with this event!

Will the Netherbane be able to finally put an end to Sraath's mad machinations? What has happened to Ary Valryss, the young human soul-clone of Araatris that was taken and imprisoned within the Umbral Eclipse?

A great toll has already been paid, but what else must be sacrificed before Sraath's game comes to an end?

(( This day's RP will be a mixture of the past three days. There will be some discussion, some puzzles, and some combat. Remain sharp for this one, folks, so that we can all survive the conclusion! ))

Later Event: July 10
[Server Event] Brawlpub Night