Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

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Soulshapers: Eclipse. Day 3, Showdown

After being caught by surprise by the Umbral Eclipse's unexpected jump into the Twisting Nether, the Netherbane digs deeper into the vessel to find its prey. The twisting corridors of the fused fortress-ship pull the teams apart the deeper they go, and Sraath begins to stalk each one individually.

Will they be able to neutralize Sunbreaker and eliminate Sraath's ability to break their will and steal their souls? Will they be able to survive the demon lord long enough to lure him into their trap? Will the explosive device even trigger as it should?

Who will survive the showdown with Sraath, the Lord of the Eclipse?

(( Third of the four part finale to the Legion-long Soulshapers roleplay arc, this night's event promises to be very combat heavy. Be sure that your NB20 stats are up-to-date, and be prepared for the fight of your (character's) life! ))

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