Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

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Netherbane: Metamorphosis Prologue

Metamorphosis has been a long time coming, and while the bulk of the story has been finished for nearly a year, the rewrites and restructuring necessary to realign it with RP events has taken some time.

However, I wish to once again offer a preview with the prologue (which has been rewritten and adjusted a few times. So this is that preview:

The demon roared, and the trees around it began to wither. Enraged that its smaller opponent had the gall to still be alive this far into the battle, the creature swung its large sword at the elf with intent to cut him in half.

I will die today, Tharion Greyseer thought as a frown crept across his face. It was not something he thought very often, but he rarely liked it when he did.

As the heavy blade arced towards him, time slowed for the demon hunter. He could see the sword incoming, and he could feel it in the air around him, too. The massive slab of ornate metal cut an invisible wake through the forest. He knew he had less than a heartbeat to react, but his battle focus had increased his perception of time, allowing him to see the flow of events at a more granular level. It was a side effect of his overall heightened senses: he perceived the world with extreme clarity, even with his current exhaustion.

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