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Site Re-construction Under Way

In preparation for Battle for Azeroth and the coming theme-adjustment for the guild, we are doing some further construction on the site. At the moment, you'll see some things shift around, some design elements change or be removed (or new ones added), and other such things.

We plan to have this all completed before Battle for Azeroth launches, but we're not exactly on a time-crunch just yet. Thus, expect to experience our "dust" for a bit between now and then. Don't worry, it'll all settle back to normal soon!

Thanks for your patience!

Reopening the Blog Page for this Site!

So I had been using Enjin to manage our forums and blog, but I've been debating about shutting them down since forums don't seem to get a lot of use these days for a small guild like ours. Most of our members hang out on our Discord server, and a lot of folk completely skip over the web presence.

Because of this, I'm planning on condensing the Netherbane web presence to just this site. I'll likely be posting a link to our Discord for those who wish to contact us and talk Demon Hunter RP, but that'll come later.

The current forums were just paid-for last month, so there are still about 5 months left as of this post. So the forums and their content won't be vanishing immediately. I'll be archiving the stories and RP logs here as well, so not much should be lost.

We'll see how this iteration goes!