Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Mirra and Lash: Hearthcall

Mirra and Lash: Hearthcall

Set in: the Timeless Isle, Pandaria - midway through the Battle for Azeroth expansion
Setup: Lash has been on the Isle for a few months, sent by Mirra when she got mad at him for undefined reasons - his exile

The demon hunter lay on the thick branch high in the tree, back square against the rough bark and sandalled feet propped above him on the tree trunk. He had his legs crossed at the ankle and was rather enjoying the gentle breeze under his dangling kilt. His hearthstone glowed in his hand as he tapped a toe to a jaunty refrain in his head, his other arm folded behind his head. The way his face turned to the sky, he might have been contemplating the leaves in the canopy above him had he still had any mundane vision, but as it was, the senses that remained were more focused on the voice speaking to him through the spellworked stone.

"-found a few stragglers to take care of, but they were hardly a challenge. One did have a very interesting looking felseal artifact on her, but I'm afraid it was too fragile to survive th-... ... You're not listening, are you, Rhian?"

He sniffed idly, lifting his head long enough to rub his itchy nose. "Listening, yes. Interested? Mmm... not so much, darling."

The voice on the other side bubbled with a girlish giggle. "Well, I do appreciate your honesty, you handsome lout. What do you have on your mind, instead?"

His toe on the trunk made a steady click-click-click through his sandal as he answered, "It's been too long, Mirra. I want to come home."

There was a smirk in her voice. "Do you? And have you learned your lesson and fetched me many pretties from the Celestial Court?"

"But of course, my darling. My bag is full to bursting, and I am thoroughly - one might even say overly - educated on the error of my ways." Lash punctuated that statement with a large, toothy yawn, sensing the incredulous Yaungol warrior peering up at him from the ground far below.

"I will be the judge of that, darling. But I suppose it would be nice to see you, again. You're so pleasant to look at."

That earned a tender, unseen grin. "You're no slouch yourself, my Heart’s Guard. That is, unless you've let yourself go these past few months?"

Temirra giggled, again, the whuf that followed telling him that she was smacking the stone as proxy for her mate. "Never! I know you will run off with the first thing you see that's prettier than me, so I must keep myself fit and lovely. So fortunate that I have such... active hobbies... "

There were entire cities that were eons younger than their running joke, the easy back-and-forth of possessionless jealousy that they always played with, but they laughed together at it for the millionth time, set in their ways and ever amusing each other. 

Rhian gave his love one of his wittier responses, deadpanning, "Oh, good. It'd be so hard to train another woman."

"You have yet to succeed with the first, darling," she responded sweetly.

That had him chuckling, and he lowered his legs long enough to slip his sandals off onto the limb. He wanted to feel the bark against the soles of his feet.

"She's a work in progress, but she’s worth the effort. Mmm, that cute little derriere and tho-."

Mirra scoffed on the other end of the spell spanning the leagues between them. "Weren't you supposed to be convincing me that you're subdued and contrite?"

"Was I? Hm." Lash flexed his toes against the tree, smiling happily.

"You were."

"You’re sure, sweet?"

"I am quite certain, Rhian. How will you earn your way back, at this rate?" There was no hiding the smile in the other demon hunter's voice, nor any attempt made to do so. They were lifetimes beyond being able to fool each other.

Rhian smirked at the question. "I'll always think of something to get back to my Mirra."

Her giggle warmed him as always. "Do try. Go on, for now I am re-vexed at you."

She wasn't in the slightest, but he humored her all the same, sightless gaze fixed on the sky through the leaves. "I can convince you to let me return with only one question. Are you ready to hear it?"

"I believe I just have, darling.”

Lash paused, his brows raising, and then he barked a surprised laugh. “You got me. Another ‘only one question’, then.”

“Because I am so generous, Rhian," she laughingly said, "Proceed."

The handsome demon hunter smiled as he pulled his legs down and sat up. He brushed a hand through his black hair, straightening himself with a rustle she could hear before he finally did as ordered.

"What," he rumbled in a sultry tone, lowering his voice and holding the stone closer to his lips, "are you wearing right now?"

There was a brief pause before the woman on the other end gave a muffled giggle - no doubt into her hand. She answered once it had passed, her tone equally sultry, "Mostly sweat and demon blood, at the moment. My leathers need repair."

Rhian chuckled. "Oh, you know what I like to hear, dearest. Where are we meeting? And when?"

"The refuge in the Jade Forest? I'll just wager I can be there before you."

"You're on, Mirra. I'll be waiting for you."


Before she had even ended the hearthstone's magic, he was scrambling to his feet to leap upward with a happy WHOOP. He simultaneously snagged his sandals and pack  and unfurled his wings before he leapt from the branch. 

Far below, the curious Yaungol startled and grunted as he scrambled back, grabbing for his weapon. Lash landed at his hooves with a flash of felfire that blew the youngster back into a pile of brush.

As the bovine stared in blank shock, Lash pointed at him and growled, "You're lucky I'm in such a good mood, nosy."

And then he turned and dashed off. Back to civilization, and back to the fierce woman he adored.