Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft


The others rejoin the lone Araatris back at the bomb.

21:17:25 [Araatris]: The bomb is ready. Elithe made sure everything is hooked up.
21:17:46 Araatris shifts anxiously.
21:17:51 [Elishtar]: So, we wait for the final hunt.
21:17:55 Poeryth is quiet, her eyes wide in surprise.
21:18:13 Araatris nods.
21:18:39 [Araatris]: Thar went off to take care of other things while I watched the bomb.
21:18:46 [Araatris]: Is everyone as ready as they can be?
21:18:56 Elishtar shakes her head.
21:19:08 Felshroud nods firmly.
21:19:10 [Poeryth]: they can be is appropriate.
21:19:16 Poeryth nods, however.
21:19:32 [Elishtar]: I think I forgot my spare boot dagger in Azeroth. Can we go back?
21:19:54 Araatris raises an eyebrow.
21:20:02 [Araatris]: Do you need to use the restroom, too?
21:20:16 [Poeryth]: You'll have to do with just one, and you should have gone before we left.
21:20:26 [Felshroud]: I packed snacks.
21:20:28 Poeryth seems to have completely missed the joke, her tone deadpan.
21:20:29 [Elishtar]: No, I haven't been very hungry or thirsty lately.
21:20:35 [Araatris]: At least someone has common sense.
21:20:42 Araatris grins at Shizukera.
21:20:52 [Felshroud]: Show me a war where I won't have snacks, and I'll show you a war I won't be attending.
21:20:56 Felshroud grins at you wickedly.
21:21:01 Araatris tense and tilts her head as if hearing something down the hallway.
21:21:44 Zadera, on the other hand, giggles at Shizukera's joke, and seems to be debating poking into her teacher's pack to see if there is actually food in there. Distracting demons takes a lot of energy.
21:22:20 There's a series of rhythmic thumps in the distance.
21:22:21 Elishtar cranes her neck to follow Tris' example, ears straining.



21:22:46 Elishtar frowns and pulls both her sword and glaive
21:24:35 The ship shudders as it arrives... somewhere.
21:24:50 Araatris rocks on her feet, but manages to keep her balance.
21:24:54 [Araatris]: Well... We must be somewhere now.
21:24:55 Zadera rests her hand on Shizu's shoulder as the ship shudders, bracing herself to keep from falling.
21:25:12 Felshroud grabs onto Zadera in an attempt to keep both of them upright.
21:26:06 [Araatris]: Everyone okay?
21:26:17 Poeryth again seems surprised, almost reeling from the blip. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, her usual reflex when trying to calm down.
21:26:53 Shatterbound steadies himself as the ship lands, then looks for a view of the outside through a window or monitor.
21:27:22 [Shatterbound]: We're "here," people.
21:28:20 Zadera looks at her shan'do. It's obvious if she had eyes, they'd be wide. "Where, exactly, is here though?"
21:28:26 [Shatterbound]: Regardless of where "here" is, we have a mission.
21:28:33 Araatris nods.
21:28:34 Elishtar frowns, rolling on the balls of her feet. "And where is that?"
21:28:49 [Felshroud]: Probably nowhere we would go voluntarily.
21:28:52 Felshroud wrinkles her nose.
21:29:05 [Araatris]: Agreed. It can't be good.
21:30:11 [Araatris]: He did display an image here. He knows we're at this location. It's only a matter of time before he comes.
21:30:15 [Araatris]: I'm sure of it.
21:30:40 Zadera says: We should have probably considered the possibility we'd be taken on a ride... *she makes a 'whelp' face, then brightens.* Maybe it'll be interesting, though!
21:30:48 Elishtar frowns and paces the exterior of the room.
21:31:08 [Araatris]: I hate waiting...
21:31:14 [Shatterbound]: Someone should hit something. Hard.
21:31:20 [Shatterbound]: If we break his--
21:31:26 Poeryth is quiet, seeming to have pulled herself together, her face expressionless.
21:31:31 Elishtar shadowmelds.
21:31:50 [Araatris]: Whelp... Time to buckle down. It won't be long.
21:32:06 [Elishtar]: Not true.
21:32:11 Araatris mutters.
21:32:15 [Araatris]: Most of us anyway.
21:32:19 [Shatterbound]: Shut up, Elishtar.
21:32:36 Shatterbound smiles as he speaks to the hiding huntress.
21:32:56 [Araatris]: I do kind of like her plan...
21:33:03 Araatris fades into the shadows as well.
21:33:12 Zadera looks at Shizu with a frown. "That doesn't have the same ring, does it?" she whispers.
21:33:24 Felshroud whispers back, "Not really, no."
21:33:33 [Sraath]: This is all he brought with him?
21:33:40 [Sraath]: I am... disappointed.
21:34:57 [Shatterbound]: You? This whole ship, and you haven't even sent minions to deal with us.
21:35:08 [Shatterbound]: It's almost offensive.
21:35:11 Araatris' voice echoes off the walls.
21:35:19 Sraath laughs at Shatterbound.
21:35:28 [Araatris]: This is enough.
21:35:39 [Sraath]: They are elsewhere.
21:35:52 Poeryth listens to the unnecessary banter, her face still blank.
21:36:04 Shatterbound inclines his head to Araatris. "What she said."
21:36:17 Elishtar studies the blade at Sraath's back from the shadows. She frowns, coiling her body down tight like a spring.
21:36:20 Sraath draws Sunbreaker from his back.
21:37:28 Araatris draws her flame glaives, only partly in the material world.
21:37:55 [Araatris]: You laugh, but you will be defeated today, Sraath.
21:38:01 Poeryth draws her own sword, which was made for this very moment.
21:38:16 [Sraath]: He told me there would be others.
21:38:17 Zadera says: And then we will point and laugh at you!
21:38:22 Felshroud quietly draws her glaives.
21:38:29 [Sraath]: I guess this will have to do...
21:38:58 [Araatris]: Awwww. Sorry we disappointed you. Would you like a tissue?
21:39:20 Sraath flings a blood red blindfold at the snarky night elf.
21:39:36 Araatris snarls.
21:39:49 Araatris darts forward and back to grab it.
21:40:12 [Araatris]: This is Thar's!
21:40:23 Sraath grin seems to widen.
21:40:25 Felshroud growls softly.
21:41:06 Zadera looks from the blindfold in Tris' hands to Sraath and snarls.
21:41:14 [Sraath]: Are you truly so eager to join my collection, then?
21:41:20 [Sraath]: So be it.
21:41:33 [Shatterbound]: Greyseer can handle himself. Stay focused.
21:41:39 Sraath raises Sunbreaker in the air.
21:41:42 Elishtar grunts and speeds forward towards the demon lord, body wreathed in the shadows. she was just hiding in, umbral whips trailing behind her as she slices both blades in a spiraling arc.
21:45:00 Araatris collapses.
21:47:59 Poeryth looks over her shoulder at Tris and for a second she actually looks upset, despite her muted emotions.
21:48:40 Sraath grunts as Elishtar's blade cuts across his armor, forcing him to stumble and interrupting Sunbreaker's call.
21:49:42 [Elishtar]: I have not forgotten what you did to my daughter. You die today!
21:51:10 Sraath frowns at the void-shrouded night elf beneath him.
21:51:21 [Sraath]: Who is your daughter that I should remember her over any other?
21:54:39 Sraath swings his massive blade at Elishtar, aiming to cut her in half.
21:56:42 Elishtar smirks and slides under the blade, coming to a stop behind the demon. "Big and slow. Why am I not surprised? And no one, just know it’s personal fucker."
22:01:05 Shatterbound sees his chance and rushes at Sraath's legs, hoping to throw the demon lord off-balance.
22:03:32 Sraath stumbles again as Taldarion collides with his legs. The demon lord drops to one knee and snarls.
22:03:37 Sraath kneels down.
22:03:48 Poeryth is quiet, her blue eyes focusing on Sraath, but her expression a bit distant. She narrows her eyes.
22:06:02 Sraath kneels down.
22:06:34 Poeryth grins, which means she must be very pleased right now. She closes her eyes, taking advantage of Sraath being distracted to reach out to J'ure, the naaru within Sraath's sword, and bend it to her will.
22:07:17 Felshroud slips back next to Araatris and begins checking her over.
22:07:21 Felshroud kneels before you.
22:08:45 Sraath’s blade pulses briefly, but there is no further response.
22:10:25 Elishtar, now that the large demon is on his knees and more on her level, attempts to stab Merciless into the crack between Sraath's gauntlet and armor on his sword hand.
22:10:48 The Umbral Eclipse shudders again, a wrenching sound coming from elsewhere deep in the vessel.
22:11:17 Sraath seems unaffected as Elishtar's blade harmlessly glances off his armor.
22:13:01 Zadera sets her jaw and fel dashes towards Sraath, aiming to strike him with both her glaives before zooming past him and turning to face him on the other side.
22:15:13 Sraath shrugs against Zadera's attack, clipping her with a massive armored forearm as she speeds past.
22:17:45 Zadera While her attack barely did anything, at least she manages to dodge his counter attack. She scowls, regardless.
22:19:05 Felshroud stands up, growling at Sraath. She zooms forward with her glaives aimed forward, going for Sraath's sword-wielding arm.
22:21:41 Sraath roars in shock as Shizukera's blade cuts deep. Demon blood sprays into the air, all over everyone nearby. He does not, however, release Sunbreaker from his grasp.
22:22:21 Araatris stays deathly still.
22:23:18 Araatris is shifted as the ship lurches.
22:24:50 Sraath gets back to his feet and raises Sunbreaker once more...
22:26:00 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: *there's a thin whisper in your head* ... Poe? Wh...
22:27:11 Shatterbound falls to one knee, looking up at Sraath. A moment later, his body hits the floor.
22:27:30 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: *Poe answers back, tentatively.* Sedra...?
22:28:08 Felshroud lies down.
22:28:30 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: ... coming... st... *the thoughts are as if half-eaten* ... to help.
22:29:40 Zadera looks shocked for one second before falling to the ground. This isn't supposed to happen like this!
22:29:50 Sraath’s blade pulls all available soul-energy from the bodies of those present, and begins to pulse and glow far more rapidly than before.
22:30:00 [Elishtar]: "No, let’s not all make sure we are safe by putting our souls away in boxes. My husband doesn't know anything. "
22:30:30 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: we could definitely use it... *her thoughts are distracted, like she's doing two things at once.*
22:31:00 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: I'm coming. *somehow, it's more pulled-together, suddenly.
22:32:00 Vasedra rushes down the hall from behind Sraath, shadows whisping around her and her drawn blades.
22:32:37 Poeryth narrows her eyes, watching her friends fall adding to her determination as she once again tries to reach to J'ure pushing harder. Her eyes turn to Vasedra as she enters, though it's difficult to tell with their dull glow.
22:33:00 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Help.
22:33:30 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: Tell me what to do. I'm yours to wield.
22:33:50 Vasedra dashes past Sraath to skid to a stop at Poe's side, turning back.
22:34:00 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Distract hi-- I got it!
22:34:54 Sraath frowns as the blade begins to resist his control.
22:35:04 [Sraath]: ...what? No...
22:35:20 Sraath grasps Sunbreaker with both hands.
22:36:37 Vasedra glances around at the fallen with only a tiny movement of her eyes, her reaction hidden in the shadows of her cowl.
22:37:22 Poeryth says, under her breath, barely audible, only meant for her and J'ure. "Let go. Come to me. We will destroy him."
22:38:15 Sraath’s grip tightens around the haft of the weapon, but the grip from his bleeding arm is weaker...
22:38:51 Poeryth reaches out with her shadows to aid the sword, death gripping it.
22:39:35 [Sraath]: WHAT?
22:40:02 Vasedra readies, taking a low stance with both blades, preparing to rush forward.
22:40:20 Sunbreaker flies from Sraath's grasp, spinning through the air to land, piercing the deck plating near Poeryth's feet.
22:40:35 [Sraath]: No...!
22:41:03 Poeryth reaches down and moves the massive sword behind her, placing herself between it and Sraath, should he try to come get it back.
22:42:07 Elishtar lashes out at Sraath's already bloody sword arm, trying to finish Zadera's work and take it off in a slicing arc of her living blade
22:42:30 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Watch my back! I'm going to try to get everyone back.
22:42:49 Sraath roars and grips his bloody arm, which seems to be dangling by his side, unmoving now.
22:42:55 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: Yes.
22:44:03 Vasedra steps forward to take a defensive position in front of Poeryth. She lifts one blade, the right, and points it at Sraath. It laughs maniacally as it zips free of her hand and flies at him.
22:44:34 Poeryth looks down at the blade, resting her hand on it and closing her eyes. She says something about "release them, and watch him be ruined" throwing a bit of force of will behind it.
22:46:46 Sraath’s body stumbles backward as the floating blade pierces his armor just beneath his shoulder. More fel-blood sprays into the air.
22:48:33 Sraath grasps the blade and rips it out, flinging it away. He then lowers his head, the fel energy around him bleeding out from his wounds. Shadows begin to engulf him...
22:49:44 Sraath’s wounds, cease bleeding fel and begin to close up, and further voices can be heard around him. He reaches up and pulls a new weapon from nowhere.
22:50:42 Poeryth bares her teeth in frustration as the blade resists releasing the souls of her friends. "I didn't want to do it this way. You're kind of a beautiful blade." she whispers to it, and then focuses more forcefully. --
22:51:54 Vasedra raises a hand to her blade and grins beneath her cowl. "Well done." It flings through the air and back to her waiting palm, a cacophony of sounds following it. It goes silent when she grips it.
22:55:45 Araatris groans and pushes, to her feet staggering.
22:55:45 Shatterbound rolls to one side and rises to his feet slowly.
22:56:15 Vasedra actually cheers, glancing over her shoulder at Poe. "You did it."
22:56:16 [Araatris]: I'd imagine that's what a hangover feels like...
22:56:31 [Shatterbound]: No, it's much worse.
22:56:31 Zadera slowly pushes herself back up to her feet, picking up the glaives that fell next to her. She looks disoriented, a little confused. "Well, that... was... something."
22:56:44 Felshroud sits up, then hops to her feet. "Ugh. That...was not fun.
22:56:53 [Shatterbound]: Thank you, Poeryth.
22:57:29 Poeryth gives Vasedra and Taldarion both a small smile. She'd appreciate Sedra's cheer much more if she had a soul right now.
22:58:02 Felshroud purrs at Poeryth.
22:58:08 [Felshroud]: Thank you, Poeryth.
22:58:25 Poeryth nods at Felshroud.
22:58:45 [Araatris]: Yeah, thanks. Now let's pay this bastard back!
22:58:56 Elishtar looks at Sraath's newly-healed sword arm with a frown. Armor is still ruined around it, thankfully, but then she notices a very naked and vulnerable tail swishing below that cloak and slides her blades in towards it, trying to sever it from its stump
22:59:22 Sraath kneels down.
22:59:27 Poeryth nods at you.
22:59:54 Sraath roars as his tail is severed from his body, dark clouds of *something* pouring from the wound.
23:00:14 Sraath stumbles to his knees.
23:00:35 Vasedra shudders, but her blades barely waver.
23:01:06 Elishtar laughs darkly, the shadows dancing around her and the demon flaring.
23:01:30 Vasedra whispers to Poeryth: May I press him?
23:01:45 Poeryth whispers to Vasedra: Absolutely.
23:02:56 Vasedra nods slightly, inexplicably, and rushes at Sraath, bringing her twin swords to bear against him in a pair of stabs aimed at where his helm and breastplate meet.
23:04:42 Sraath flinches as the twin blades glance harmlessly off his armor. He snaps his gaze upwards and fixes them on the void knight in front of him.
23:07:57 Sraath stands again... he's really getting tired of falling... and raises his blade. This time, however, the corridors around the vessel darken in a strange mixture of fel and void...
23:11:19 You feel a strangeness enter your mind and body, as if an unwanted intruder attempts to take control of you. It is faint and highly unnerving, as if another part of you begins to resist.
23:14:57 Shatterbound is still unarmed from his recent near-death experience, so he grabs the nearest object --a severed tail-- and swings it at the demon lord's head.
23:16:43 Sraath spins to the side at the impact, becoming severely unbalanced at being his with his own anatomy.
23:19:02 Poeryth brandishes her sword and charges at Sraath, going for the side of the torso, around the ribs.
23:20:46 Sraath’s sideways motion turns himself towards Poeryth's blade, and it scores a deep gouge across his torso, releasing darkness from the wound.
23:22:21 Elishtar drops her glaive and grips Merciless with both hands. She furrows a brow and ducks down, under the cape, and tries to thrust upwards into the gaping stump at Sraath's backside, trying to bury her blade to the hilt.
23:23:52 Sraath shifts to the side at the last moment, and Elishtar's attack merely cuts across the wound instead.
23:25:10 Zadera yells: You. KILLED. ME!!
23:26:11 Zadera lets out a cry of outrage at the very NERVE as she launches herself at Sraath, glaives pointed straight at him, going for about his shoulder, but any place will do.
23:27:14 Ary Valryss says: Approaching Eastern Gate, master. Positioning vessel in place for apotheosis ritual in three minutes.
23:27:53 Vasedra lifts her gaze from Sraath, grinding her teeth.
23:28:57 Sraath roars again as the glaive pierces his armor. He stumbles backwards further, completely off balance.
23:29:36 Felshroud aims for the weak spot and charges forward.
23:33:33 Sraath falls backwards under the impact, his void-cracked blade flying from his grasp--and vanishing-- as he lands.
23:33:40 Sraath lies down.
23:34:29 Elishtar, behind Sraath, is knocked prove when he falls as well, grunting in pain
23:34:33 Elishtar lies down before Sraath.
23:40:08 Ary Valryss says: Two minutes, master. Soul engine activated. Warming up.
23:40:13 Sa'khari steps calmly from the shadows a few yards behind where Sraath has fallen, her taloned feet clicking on the deck. Though her face is an unhappy scowl, she looks at Vasedra and simply nods.
23:42:07 Vasedra drops both swords and steps beside Sraath, her false blue gaze within her cowl narrowing on his fallen form. She says nothing, just growls wordlessly as her mind and Khari's slam against his own.
23:44:05 Sraath’s eyes snap open as he feels the mental probe. He grunts and clenches his jaw.
23:45:46 Araatris roughly ties Thar's blindfold on her arm before gripping her blade hands and activating her shadowflame. She darts into the shadows, appearing above his head and bringing her blades down.
23:46:58 Sraath’s helm is gouged by Araatris's attack, revealing something... else? Beneath. But the broken armor starts to close up...
23:48:25 Ary Valryss says: Approaching ritual center. Umbral Eclipse beginning lockdown sequence. Closing bulkheads
23:48:29 Sraath lies down.
23:48:43 From another entry section of the area a large and VERY DEAD demons comes sailing in towards Sraath's location even if it’s on the ground.
23:50:03 The Demon Corpse(tm) sails through the air and lands atop the prone demon lord, splattering into a mess of gibbets and fluids.
23:50:20 Araatris gags.
23:50:21 Soulthorn stands near the entry way the demon sailed in from, very bloody with her head tilted and the most eerie fucking SMILE on her face "We broke a plaything. We are returning it..."
23:50:34 Vasedra shies back, shielding her face with her arm. Gross!
23:50:39 Elishtar grunts and rolls out of the way of the projectile demon, grabbing her tossed glaive as she does so.
23:51:03 [Araatris]: ...
23:52:07 Poeryth doesn't really seem all that revolted as she's splattered in demon gore and blood. Is it because she has no soul? Is it because she's a death knight? Does she look a bit... revived from it? We just don't know.
23:52:36 Zadera squeals and jumps back, landing several feet away, but she still got splashed.
23:52:46 Sraath remains unmoving, completely unconscious now. His body, however, appears to be healing quickly, with shadows flowing into and out of his wounds.
23:52:48 [Elishtar]: Friendly fire Fethas, watch it!
23:53:36 [Felshroud]: Messy, yet effective.
23:53:39 Ary Valryss says: Lockdown continues. Bulkheads in sections 1 through 42 closed. Sections 43 and higher closing now.
23:53:59 Vasedra frowns and looks up. "This is not good. We're taking too long."
23:54:01 [Elishtar]: Guys, maybe we use the bomb now?
23:54:09 The floor vibrates as heavy doors begin to descend from above... slowly...
23:54:13 [Araatris]: Agreed! We need to clear out and hit the bomb!
23:54:16 [Araatris]: NOW!
23:54:33 [Shatterbound]: Everyone out!
23:54:39 Shatterbound points over yonder.
23:54:42 [Shatterbound]: That way!
23:54:44 Vasedra scoops up her blades and sheathes them before following.
23:54:49 [Araatris]: Let's go! Move it!
23:54:52 Elishtar needs no second warnings, and takes off towards the door
23:54:55 Poeryth pulls Sunbreaker towards her quickly, despite the massive weapon's weight, before following the exodus.
23:55:30 Shatterbound rushes after the others, but chances one look back. Then realization washes over him.
23:55:43 [Felshroud]: Taldarion?
23:55:58 Zadera follows everyone else out, speeding ahead a bit before turning around.
23:57:34 [Shatterbound]: Go, love. Find Greyseer.  I will be...along.
23:58:08 [Soulthorn]: ...Taldarion if you are about to do something stupid. We are going to have to throw you like the demon.
23:59:11 Elishtar is gone, oblivious to Taldarion's martyr complex.