Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Veldrinas: To Honor the Fallen

Ashenvale Forest

Veldrinas is seated in front of a small campfire near the ruins of Forest Song. The heat of the summer evening coupled with the heat of the fire causes sweat to trickle down the side of his face, but he pays it no mind. No, instead the demon hunter is reminiscing about how close he and his friends came to annihilation at the hands of Sraath the Eclipse. The doom lord would have succeeded were it not for the sacrifice of one brave soul, Taldarion. Though Veldrinas was not personally close to the hunter, they shared a bond through affiliation with Tharion Greyseer, which would have made him a brother-in-arms, and perhaps even family.

"Thank you Taldarion Shatterbound, for your sacrifice." Veldrinas says softly. "May your soul one day find peace among the stars. Elune-Adore."

A ritual dagger is laid out in front of the hunter and next to it, a small pestle and mortar with powdered demon bone inside as well as a long needle made of bone.  

Veldrinas grasps the ritual dagger and holds his hand out above the mortar. He then slices his wrist and allows the blood to drip into the mortar until there is enough to make a solution. The blood in the wound clots relatively quickly due to his high regenerative properties. He then takes the mortar and pestle and silently mixes the powdered demon bone with the blood. When it is sufficiently mixed, Veldrinas dips the needle into the solution and starts on a new tattoo on the right side of his ribcage.