Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Ceremony of Remembrance

18:23:11 Poeryth tilts her head slightly at Shizu, unsure. "How about you?"
18:23:31 [Felshroud]: Not great, admittedly. But I'm glad you're doing well.
18:24:13 Greyseer bows down graciously.
18:24:14 [Zhuriel]: Greyseer.
18:24:15 Poeryth nods in understanding, asking no more, unsure what to say. "Thank you... I. I'm sorry."
18:24:17 Zhuriel bows before Greyseer.
18:24:19 Felshroud bows before Zhuriel.
18:24:30 Poeryth bows before Greyseer.
18:24:31 Felshroud gives Poeryth a tiny nod. "Thank you."
18:24:40 Zhuriel looks at the female demon hunter with sadness in his eyes.
18:24:45 Felshroud bows before Greyseer.
18:24:46 [Zhuriel]: Shizukera.
18:24:52 [Felshroud]: Zhuriel.
18:25:01 Zhuriel bows before you.
18:25:20 Poeryth looks up, and nods in greeting to Vasedra.
18:25:20 Felshroud bows before you.
18:25:46 [Greyseer]: Good eve to everyone.
18:25:53 Vasedra steps up quietly, saying little. She greets the others with little nods.
18:27:39 Elishtar s, both light and dark, walk up, chatting. Light Elishtar is mid-sentence "...and then, he says, 'goodness, we need to think about this over tea!' " she says, affecting a stuffy tone. Void Elishtar laughs and says, "Oh yes, as if tea is the answer to all life's problems."
18:28:26 Araatris shifts another romance novel to the bottom shelf as she straightens the books.
18:28:42 Greyseer glances around.
18:29:13 Ary raises her gaze to Vasedra, smiling slightly.
18:29:15 Void Elishtar smiles and nods, and they both look forward to the group, and say in tandem 'Shan'do' and bow
18:29:22 Elishtar bows before Greyseer.
18:30:14 Vasedra looks at Ary. It's still light enough out to see her lips quirk up under her cowl.
18:30:45 Poeryth looks over at Tris and Ary and nods at each of them.
18:31:07 Vasedra leans down and rests a hand on the bough she perched on, hopping down with a click of cloven hooves.
18:31:08 Araatris bows before Poeryth.
18:31:23 Ary nods at Poe.
18:31:33 Felshroud unsheathes her warglaives, then lets go of them. They vanish in a poof of fel-tinged smoke.
18:31:36 Light Elishtar gives Zhuriel a polite nod. Void Elishtar dashes a concerned look towards Shizukera.
18:31:37 [Vasedra]: Are you feeling better, Poeryth?
18:32:06 Ary pushes to her feet with a small sigh.
18:32:08 Felshroud catches Void Elishtar's glance and smiles.
18:32:39 Poeryth nods slightly. "Not perfect, but... I am alive. I wasn't sure that would be the case."
18:32:56 [Poeryth]: "Thank you for asking."
18:33:04 Vasedra nods slightly. "I was concerned."
18:33:15 Poeryth totally bowed to Tris I just forgot to have her do it.
18:33:41 [Ary]: I don't think anyone expected to get out alive.
18:34:24 [Poeryth]: "No, we were all prepared..."
18:34:49 Ary bows her head.
18:34:52 Vasedra presses her lips into a thin line as she looks at Ary. And says nothing.
18:35:58 [Araatris]: Well, I'd hoped. I mean, I'm rather attached to this body.
18:36:13 [Greyseer]: I believe we have one more joining us this evening.
18:36:15 [Araatris]: Not that I even made it to the fight with Sraath...
18:36:26 Araatris sighs deeply.
18:36:38 Sakhari has joined the raid group.
18:36:44 Vasedra smirks at Tris.
18:38:35 Vasedra 's odd little blue-black spider skitters around Poeryth's boots.
18:38:53 Ary 's gaze sweeps across the assembled.
18:39:15 Vasedra sighs softly and wanders over to lean against the column. She reaches up to rub her temple under the cowl.
18:40:10 [Vasedra]: ... what's the story behind the war machine?
18:40:16 [Araatris]: Should we try to ask Rephaia to join us again?
18:40:21 Poeryth glances at the little blue-black spider and gives it a small, somewhat amused smile.
18:40:26 Vasedra fixes her luminous blue gaze on Zhuriel, as if he's going to know.
18:40:33 Araatris waves at Rephaia.
18:40:40 [Araatris]: Rephaia!
18:40:41 [Zhuriel]: I believe she will join us when she is ready.
18:41:02 [Araatris]: Are you sure you don't want to join us?
18:41:08 [Greyseer]: She is here to stand watch.
18:41:14 [Vasedra]: Are we expecting hostile company?
18:41:24 [Poeryth]: When are we not?
18:41:28 Araatris glances over her shoulder.
18:41:29 Vasedra sighs and grumbles, "As usual in this dump."
18:41:34 Greyseer nods at Poeryth's comment.
18:41:59 Ary raises an eyebrow at Vasedra, frowning slightly.
18:42:35 Vasedra 's spider folds in on itself, disappearing. A new creature flicks into existence by her shoulder.
18:42:39 [Greyseer]: There have been rumors of forthcoming Horde activity here.
18:42:46 Araatris nods.
18:43:00 [Araatris]: Alright. I just wanted to check.
18:43:07 Poeryth looks over her shoulder at Vasedra, amused by her little creatures.
18:43:16 [Greyseer]: I do not believe anyone wishes to take further risks, yes?
18:43:24 [Zhuriel]: I have heard the same.  Do you think an attack is imminent?
18:43:35 Vasedra presses her lips together and says nothing, avoiding Ary's look. The buzzing little fly flits over around Tharion for a moment.
18:43:50 [Greyseer]: We sit on the border of the Warsong lumber camp. It is a staging ground.
18:43:57 [Elishtar]: One would hope with the Legion dealt with that there will be a level of... cooperation? Or at least a cease fire.
18:44:07 Zhuriel chuckles.
18:44:16 [Ary]: It wouldn't be the first time that we'd been at risk from the Horde.
18:44:31 [Zhuriel]: The Lightforged have officially joined the Alliance.
18:44:52 [Zhuriel]: Their support is fully one-sided.
18:45:07 Greyseer looks at Elishtar.
18:45:12 [Greyseer]: Cooperation. Indeed.
18:45:22 Poeryth looks to Elishtar. "You assume that either group's leadership is intelligent or reasonable."
18:45:33 Felshroud snickers at Poe's statement.
18:45:42 [Araatris]: There's still some in-fighting. Without the Legion hanging over us...
18:45:45 Araatris shrugs.
18:46:00 [Felshroud]: The leaders will find something to fight about, I'm sure.
18:46:12 Void Elishtar snickers. "She assumes no such thing. She hopes. In vain I say."
18:46:13 Ary shifts closer to Vasedra.
18:46:31 [Zhuriel]: Still, there is no price to hope.
18:46:38 Greyseer nods at Sakhari and Fethas, both.
18:46:53 Araatris bows before Soulthorn.
18:46:59 Araatris bows before Sakhari.
18:47:00 [Poeryth]: As long as we're ready for our hopes to be dashed.
18:47:03 Vasedra sighs softly and reaches under her cowl to rub her temple. The little firefly flitting around Tharion silently collapses in on itself and disappears.
18:47:13 [Araatris]: Hope for the best and expect the worst.
18:47:18 Soulthorn perches up on the wall, purposely trying to keep distance it looks like.
18:47:21 [Zhuriel]: Then there is room to hope for something else, no?
18:47:25 Zhuriel shrugs again.
18:47:34 Sakhari quirks a brow at the gathering and then tosses her cigarette aside. There is no bowing in return, perhaps a slight incline of her head, but nothing more.
18:47:46 Greyseer looks around once again, makes a quick mental count, then nods his head.
18:48:01 Vasedra looks over at Khari and nods slightly.

Everyone heads to the Site of Remembrance.

18:48:04 [Greyseer]: We have all arrived. Good. Come.
18:48:22 Araatris picks up a bag by the bookcase.
18:48:23 Greyseer makes a signal to Rephaia.
18:48:29 [Zhuriel]: The Site of Remembrance?
18:48:40 [Greyseer]: Indeed.
18:49:05 [Elishtar]: ...our cat is missing.
18:51:03 Araatris murmurs to Elish.
18:51:09 [Araatris]: How long has Nightwish been missing?
18:51:13 Elishtar s arrive slightly behind the mounted members and panting a little
18:51:39 [Elishtar]: Since we left for the assault.
18:52:02 Araatris frowns.
18:52:16 [Araatris]: I'll keep a watch out for her.
18:52:39 Light Elish gives a small shrug. "She's likely hunting. She goes off on her own sometimes."
18:52:54 Araatris nods.
18:53:01 Vasedra brushes idly at her gauntlet, a habit, now. There's no frost to brush free. Her luminous gaze glances around the place.
18:53:08 [Araatris]: Hopefully so, but I'll still let you know if I happen to run across her.
18:53:19 Greyseer clears his throat.
18:53:21 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "The Bloodbinder has sent a gift for you and a request."
18:53:27 [Greyseer]: I thank you all for coming this evening. We gather here this evening in both joy and sorrow. In both victory and defeat.
18:53:29 Void Elish nods appreciatively.
18:54:09 Vasedra glances over her shoulder at Khari for a moment, her frown showing under her cowl.
18:54:45 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: His business can wait until the end of our remembrance, Sorrow. Show some respect.
18:54:48 [Greyseer]: We celebrate our victory against a threat that has loomed over the head of the Netherbane since even before its inception.
18:54:56 Sakhari cants her head at Vasedra and flashes predatory teeth.
18:55:26 [Greyseer]: But we also mourn those things which we lost during the battles: friends and family who have paid the price. Sacrifices made to achieve that which needed to be achieved.
18:55:47 Vasedra 's shadowy bird collapses and the firefly flickers back into being above her shoulder. It zips off to buzz around Khari's head.
18:55:52 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I am, Desire. Otherwise I would have dropped it upon you and left."
18:56:15 [Greyseer]: We tell ourselves it was necessary, yes? We did what we had to do.
18:56:19 Felshroud stands statue-still, her gaze focused on Greyseer.
18:56:24 Araatris sets the bag at her feet as she listens.
18:56:27 Greyseer looks at each one in turn.
18:56:52 Poeryth also stands still, listening to Greyseer, her expression neutral.
18:57:10 [Greyseer]: Tonight, we are fewer than we were.
18:57:22 Light Elishtar lowers her head and raises her hands, in gesture of prayer, even though she remains quiet. Void Elish merely listens, nodding solemnly.
18:57:33 Sakhari 's attention flits toward Greyseer, brow furrowed, lips pressed together in a tight line over her teeth.
18:58:08 [Greyseer]: This is a simple ceremony. One I offer to all of you, should you choose to partake.
18:58:39 [Greyseer]: This is our Site of Remembrance, the place where we retain the memories of all that has been lost in the pursuit of the hunt.
18:59:34 [Greyseer]: For everyone who has lost something, you may step forward and commit a piece of memory--a token, if you will--into this vessel before us. If you wish to say a few words, you are free to do so.
18:59:46 Greyseer motions to the large bowl next to him.
19:00:01 Greyseer bows before Felshroud.
19:00:10 [Greyseer]: Shizukera Felshroud, do you wish to be first?
19:00:22 [Felshroud]: Yes...thank you.
19:00:48 Felshroud approaches the bowl, hesitant. Then she slides her wedding ring off her finger and places it carefully in the bowl.
19:00:57 [Felshroud]: For you, my love. Always for you.
19:01:39 Vasedra watches Shizukera with a furrowed brow.
19:01:42 Zhuriel removes from his person a small pair of dice.
19:01:57 Araatris watches silently.
19:02:10 Ary glances at Vasedra.
19:02:20 Vasedra sighs softly and glances down and pulls something from a pouch at her hip.
19:02:35 [Zhuriel]: When I first came to Azeroth, Taldarion invited me to a game of chance.  We used these dice, carved from satyr horn.
19:02:43 Zhuriel lets them roll out of his hand.
19:02:48 [Zhuriel]: For you, my friend.
19:03:07 Greyseer 's eyeless gaze turns to Poeryth.
19:03:34 Poeryth sighs, and slowly walks up.
19:04:33 [Poeryth]: Taldarion was one of my first... friends. One of the first to welcome me. Thank you, friend, for your kindness, and for believing in me even when I did not.
19:06:10 Poeryth 's words sound dry, as if there's no emotion behind them, though they are sincere. "I have no physical items to give, but I will never forget you."
19:06:32 Greyseer nods.
19:06:44 Greyseer looks to Araatris.
19:06:54 Araatris clears her throat.
19:07:06 [Araatris]: I'll go last. Elishtar?
19:07:15 Greyseer furrows his brow, but nods.
19:07:18 [Greyseer]: Very well.
19:07:34 Greyseer glances at the Elishtars.
19:09:02 Light Elishtar nods, and strides up, undoing a set of prayer beads from around her gauntlet. Void Elishtar seems a little taken aback, patting at her clothes before finally pulling out a small dagger from her boot. Both are offered.
19:10:10 Light Elishtar says. "We thought him mad when we first met him. One demon is difficult enough. He was brave, and filled with valor."
19:11:01 Greyseer turns to Ary.
19:11:10 Faeroh kneels down.
19:11:20 Ary pulls out her dagger as she steps forward.
19:11:51 Ary climbs up on the wooden block to reach the bowl.
19:12:24 Felshroud watches Ary, her head tilted slightly.
19:12:59 [Ary]: There has been much sacrificed. This is for the time and will taken from me and that I was forced to battle you all.
19:13:19 [Ary]: It... was not what I would have wished.
19:13:47 Ary leans forward over the bowl as she cuts a lock of hair and drops it into the bowl.
19:13:53 Greyseer nods.
19:14:26 [Greyseer]: Soulthorn. Do you wish to step forward?
19:15:23 [Soulthorn]: I am no good at these.
19:15:36 Greyseer bows before Soulthorn.
19:16:20 [Greyseer]: Sedra and Sakhari. The both of you have fought alongside us enough. If you wish to place a memory, you both are welcome to do so as well.
19:16:37 Vasedra glances over at Ary before stepping toward the bowl and unwrapping the fist-sized parcel in her hand. She tucks the cloth back in the pouch.
19:16:40 Araatris turns her head towards them.
19:17:02 Ary watches with a slight frown.
19:17:07 Sakhari turns her head and looks off into the darkness, hesitant, thoughtful. She pauses for a moment and then slides a pouch from her hip as she walks over.
19:17:20 [Vasedra]: Taldarion. I was never sure if we were friends, but .... I was always sure that I valued your wisdom and council.
19:17:43 [Vasedra]: When you gave me this back, I swore to return it to you without fail. This... wasn't how I expected to do so.
19:18:00 Vasedra puts a broken medallion on a rough-hewn chain into the bowl and steps back.
19:18:12 Greyseer nods, then turns to Sakhari.
19:18:13 Sakhari pulls a handful of soul gems from the pouch. Each is dark, empty, the surface lined with cracks... whatever, whoever, they'd once contained long used. They are rolled in her hand and then dropped, one by one, into the bowl.
19:18:49 [Sakhari]: I did not know your packmate well, and I was not there for his death. I have no doubt that he died well, and, in truth, that is all any of us can hope for.
19:19:06 Ary watches Sa'khari curiously.
19:19:33 Sakhari nods toward Greyseer and then, over her shoulder, to Shizu as she strides back to where she'd stood.
19:19:44 Ary rests a light hand on Sedra's arm before dropping it back to her side at her now sheathed dagger.
19:19:45 Felshroud returns Sa'khari's nod.
19:19:53 Greyseer nods in reply, then turns to Faeroh.
19:19:57 [Greyseer]: Moonreign?
19:20:01 Faeroh nods.
19:20:54 Faeroh stops before the offering plate and kneels to the ground.  In his hand are three seeds, which he plants-- one alone, and two closer together.
19:20:56 Vasedra sighs softly and glances at Ary. The spider at her feet folds in on itself and all that is left is something wispy and vague.
19:22:31 [Faeroh]: For Tal... the Shatterbound.  When it blooms, only some here will see it-- for I am told it appears only to those with spectral sight.
19:22:50 Faeroh points to the other two seeds.
19:24:29 [Faeroh]: And, as with Taldarion's sacrifice, a memorial for two more.  These seeds will intertwine as the grow-- in memory of the one who showed us the way...
19:24:37 [Faeroh]: ...and his wayward mate.
19:25:03 Faeroh turns slowly, looking first at Shizukera, then Rephaia.
19:25:20 [Faeroh]: Taldarion, Mifuune, Shazadi.
19:25:24 Vasedra frowns and mumbles, "Her?"
19:25:35 [Faeroh]: Thank you for your sacrifices.
19:25:49 Greyseer nods, then looks to Rephaia.
19:26:11 Rephaia steps out of the Warframe, which shatters into a cascade of glittering Light.
19:26:49 Ary whispers to Vasedra.
19:26:54 [Ary]: She did help us.
19:27:17 Rephaia removes a small crystal amulet from a pouch at her waist. looks like a starburst. A few of the rays, however, are cracked and broken.
19:27:38 Vasedra shakes her head and presses her lips into a tight line, saying nothing in response. Just a wordless denial.
19:27:46 [Rephaia]: For my mother, as I remember her growing up. Not as she is, but as she once was.
19:28:29 [Rephaia]: May your cleansed soul be at rest, and may your corrupted essence remain forever lost.
19:28:49 Rephaia drops the amulet into the bowl without further ceremony.
19:29:02 Rephaia is embraced by a halo of Light, which solidified into a Lightforged Warframe.
19:29:18 Greyseer raises an eyebrow, but still nods.
19:29:23 Greyseer then turns to Araatris.
19:29:58 Araatris steps forward and then turns around and fumbles with a piece of red fabric in her hands.
19:30:14 Greyseer leans around to catch a glimpse of the fabric.
19:30:16 Vasedra watches Araatris, taking and releasing a deep, frosty breath.
19:30:42 [Araatris]: I'm not good at this myself. We all sacrificed against Sraath in one way or another. I think that battles like that always have to take something from you.
19:31:14 [Araatris]: Friend. Husband. Emotions. Control.
19:31:26 [Araatris]: Mother.
19:31:38 [Araatris]: Or even your very body.
19:32:00 [Araatris]: We fight because we must to protect that which we love.
19:32:24 Araatris drops a red blindfold into the bowl.
19:32:45 [Araatris]: So, I will honor my Shan'do's sacrifice.
19:32:52 [Greyseer]: ...I am not dead...
19:33:19 [Araatris]: I thought you were. That counts for something. Especially when I couldn't even get to the fight.
19:33:34 [Greyseer]: ...but I am standing right here...
19:33:59 [Araatris]: Then consider it whatever part of your sanity that you sacrificed working with Eraelan.
19:34:13 [Zhuriel]: Then perhaps, in our solemnity, there should be some celebration.
19:34:18 Greyseer opens his mouth to respond... then just nods his head.
19:34:45 Vasedra mutters under her breath... " ...making any moment better for others."
19:34:53 Araatris hops down from the bowl and grins at Zhuriel.
19:34:58 [Araatris]: I have plans for that.
19:35:28 Greyseer pinches the bridge of his nose, the one behind his shiny new black blindfold, since he had no idea someone had his old faithful red one, and just sighs.
19:35:33 Ary sighs and rubs her temple.
19:36:01 Araatris picks up the bag on the ground and tosses it over her shoulder.
19:36:16 Greyseer clears his throat again and looks around at the gathered once more.
19:36:20 Sakhari slides another thing from the satchel at her hip. A small, slim, cylinder capped at both ends with a fine-grained wood. It is the type that holds parchments and the surface has been worn to a sheen from constant handling. It is considered for a moment.
19:37:21 Sakhari makes her way over, head downcast, expression pensive. The cylinder is rolled in her hands for a moment and then, with some reluctance, placed, delicately, in the bowl.
19:37:36 Void Elishtar smirks and opens her mouth to speak. Light places a hand on the other's shoulder gently and shakes her head. Void lets out a soft sigh, but nods
19:37:54 [Greyseer]: We place these items here, but we do not leave their memories behind. We keep them with us as we continue into the future. We may be lesser now, but we are not weaker.
19:37:56 Vasedra glances back at Khari curiously.
19:38:08 Soulthorn fidgets with her arm with a grimace for a moment.
19:38:38 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Not for you to concern yourself with. Though I hold you accountable for some sins."
19:38:39 Ary follows Sedra's gaze, raising a curious eyebrow.
19:38:44 [Greyseer]: Things change. It is the inevitable constant of our existence. Life. Death. Injury... Change.
19:39:11 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: I'll respect your wishes, and perhaps learn later about my sins.
19:39:26 Vasedra tilts her head at Khari slightly before focusing back on Tharion.
19:39:59 [Greyseer]: The Burning Legion has been defeated. Sargeras is bound beyond our reach, and his minions have been scattered. The threat they pose has not vanished entirely, but it was waned. This does not mean our vigil ends, however.
19:40:14 Sakhari 's expression is closed and cold and there is a somber sadness as she crosses her arms over her chest with a sigh.
19:40:38 Ary turns away to look at Tharion as he speaks.
19:41:12 [Greyseer]: We learned something during this last battle. We saw something previously unbeknownst to us.
19:41:30 Vasedra raises a brow at Tharion and tilts her head.
19:41:55 [Greyseer]: I believe each of you knows of what I speak, yes?
19:42:08 Elishtar s nod in unison.
19:42:39 Vasedra snorts. "Are you afraid to name it?"
19:43:08 [Greyseer]: Because of Sraath, at least one of these..."Outer Gates"...remains unguarded. Those who stood watch are no more. Well... most of them...
19:43:41 Ary rests a hand on Vasedra's arm for a moment and gives a brief shake of her head.
19:44:09 Vasedra glances over at Ary and presses her lips together with a little nod.
19:44:24 [Greyseer]: We do not know what Sraath has set into motion. We do not know what he may have done prior to his defeat. But...Sraath was our responsibility. Our duty.
19:44:59 Greyseer glances over at the demon lord that has just manifested beyond the gathered circle.
19:45:35 Rephaia tracks her weapon on the shadowy figure, but remains calm.
19:45:45 Ary grimaces, but bites her tongue.
19:45:56 Greyseer nods at Malfias, grimacing as he does so.
19:46:04 Felshroud 's glaives materialize in her hands, but she remains still.
19:46:14 Vasedra grips her sword hilts, watching Malfias.
19:46:18 [Malfias]: I do not come this eve as an enemy.
19:46:23 Soulthorn growls.
19:46:32 Malfias waves his hands, and the shadows around him dissipate.
19:46:35 Poeryth simply turns to Malfias, reaching towards her back for a sword that's not there.
19:46:45 [Araatris]: Then why have you come?
19:46:48 Sakhari snorts softly and shifts on taloned feet as her 'gaze' moves to the new arrival. Unperturbed.
19:47:09 [Malfias]: The gate still lies barren. Unguarded. Unprotected.
19:47:37 Vasedra grits her teeth.
19:47:46 [Malfias]: The Shadowed Sun--those who survived Sraath's purge--are scattered. No different than the Legion itself.
19:47:55 [Elishtar]: You come asking for help?
19:47:56 [Malfias]: You... have won.
19:48:14 Araatris frowns thoughtfully.
19:48:16 [Sakhari]: ...a hollow victory, I think.
19:48:17 Malfias 's gaze turns to Elishtar.
19:48:39 Malfias nods at Sakhari.
19:48:56 Ary mutters to Vasedra.
19:49:01 [Ary]: Did you know?
19:49:29 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Do they know yet the deals you've made?"
19:49:38 [Greyseer]: He has come seeking asylum. And help, yes.
19:49:46 Vasedra frowns and nods slightly. "The... bargain I made was for ... an army."
19:49:52 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Not... yet.
19:50:14 Vasedra looks back at Malfias. "One to take to the Gate."
19:50:32 Rephaia 's weapon does not waver from her target.
19:50:59 [Araatris]: Asylum? So... he's staying here? Then who's guarding the gate?
19:51:07 Araatris glances between Malfias and Vasedra.
19:51:14 [Sakhari]: I think that's the quandary.
19:51:17 Malfias turns to the human.
19:51:21 [Malfias]: The gate has been breached.
19:51:49 Sakhari stiffens, her attention locking on Malfias. "Breached?"
19:51:56 Felshroud frowns.
19:51:57 Vasedra starts, taking a little step back. "What?"
19:52:15 Ary frowns and side steps to avoid Vasedra's feet.
19:52:22 [Malfias]: I felt it. The sound of a singular knock. A peal of thunder that races across the cosmos.
19:52:24 Void Elishtar frowns, crossing her arms.
19:52:30 [Felshroud]: So, what's coming through?
19:52:38 [Vasedra]: ... Lightless Depths...
19:52:47 Poeryth simply listens.
19:53:08 Araatris tilts her head.
19:53:08 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: It was all for nothing.
19:53:32 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "You think the Bloodbinder simply builds guardians?"
19:53:50 [Malfias]: What Lies Beyond the Gate is unknown to me. A secret kept from all save the leader of the Shadowed Sun. The founder.
19:54:07 [Malfias]: All I know is that it must be kept sealed.
19:54:17 [Sakhari]: And the founder is? Was?
19:54:28 [Poeryth]: Sraath?
19:54:41 Malfias shakes his head at Poeryth before turning to Sakhari.
19:54:55 Sakhari raises her hands to her temples to rub at them and then sweep her hands over the rough surface of her curling horns.
19:54:57 [Malfias]: The Dreadlord Xonath, defeated by the one you are honoring this evening.
19:55:08 [Malfias]: He was our First.
19:55:21 [Sakhari]: Is he no more... or does he reform?
19:55:41 Soulthorn is trying to keep from growling but it more sounds like she is growling while breathing through her teeth.
19:55:42 Sakhari 's brows are furrowed as she watches Malfias intently.
19:55:48 [Greyseer]: His soul is trapped within the blades that Taldarion wielded. Those blades were likely lost during the explosion.
19:56:13 Araatris scratches her cheek.
19:56:14 Greyseer looks at Shizu briefly before frowning to himself.
19:56:35 Vasedra raises an unsteady hand to rub her temple.
19:56:37 Felshroud tilts her head at Tharion.
19:56:48 Sakhari growls, the sound feral, and murmurs just beneath her breath before speaking again.
19:57:16 [Felshroud]: I... don’t think they made it, no.
19:57:31 [Sakhari]: Can this breach be scouted? Or is the fabric far too disrupted?
19:58:16 [Malfias]: It is small. I was there after the crack appeared. The gate itself still stands intact, but the seal is weakening.
19:58:37 [Vasedra]: Then what do you propose?
19:58:39 [Malfias]: It is being struck from the inside. You will soon hear the thunder above. Thunder that comes with no rain.
19:59:08 Vasedra clenches a fist.
19:59:13 Sakhari 's attention flits to Vasedra.
19:59:27 [Malfias]: I can gather the last remnants of the Shadowed Sun. I can bring them to the Gate.
19:59:41 [Ary]: Will it be enough?
19:59:52 Sakhari seems as though she is about to say something, but instead looks back to Malfias.
20:00:04 [Vasedra]: ... I can demand the army that was promised to me.
20:00:13 Malfias turns to Ary, then to Vasedra.
20:00:17 [Elishtar]: The House of Gis would likely be willing to assist. Yvaine seems eager to be on our good side.
20:00:49 [Araatris]: At a price, likely. I'm pretty sure they'd drain us dry if we let them.
20:01:14 [Zhuriel]: What I hear is this...
20:01:16 Void Elishtar smirks. "Nothing they do is free."
20:01:31 [Zhuriel]: We will guard the Gate.
20:01:42 Araatris snorts at the Elishtars.
20:01:42 [Sakhari]: No demands, Ice Strider.
20:02:03 Vasedra takes unsteady breaths, glancing back at Khari. She says nothing.
20:02:25 Sakhari rubs her face with the heels of her hands and gives a faint snarl.
20:02:44 [Poeryth]: ...If Taldarion where here, I would apologize to him for suggesting this when I turned it down when he had the idea in the first place. An undead army could be useful, if only for sheer numbers.
20:02:51 Soulthorn is now actually growling loudly.
20:02:58 Poeryth 's emotions also apparently include COMMON SENSE
20:03:18 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Then I will ask nicely. It was his promise.
20:03:19 [Zhuriel]: Each of us wishes to bring an army.
20:03:38 [Malfias]: They will be needed.
20:03:40 [Zhuriel]: But WE must also act.
20:03:45 [Felshroud]: Armies are good to have when fighting horrible thundering things from beyond.
20:03:52 [Zhuriel]: Greyseer...
20:04:12 Vasedra glances back at Ary.
20:04:20 [Zhuriel]: What would you ask of us?
20:04:22 [Elishtar]: I will not shy away from duty or danger.
20:04:33 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "He will be amiable; the goals are the same. But pets do not demand."
20:05:00 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Fine. *the thought is bitten and hard-edged, grudging*
20:05:03 Void Elishtar nods. "Life would be awfully boring without horrid abominations to murder."
20:05:08 [Greyseer]: Malfias once possessed me. He left my mind trapped in my own body, and tried to incorporate me into his army.
20:05:29 [Malfias]: You were strong, Tharion Greyseer. Consider it a compliment.
20:05:34 [Araatris]: I remember that. I was very new then.
20:05:39 Malfias smiles behind his large collar.
20:06:11 Soulthorn is now glaring with her growling.
20:06:13 [Greyseer]: I do not trust you as far as your body will fly once obliterated by Rephaia's cannon. However...
20:06:19 [Sakhari]: Still, Old Wolf, you cannot judge for that no more than you can judge a jackal for slaying a fawn.
20:06:24 Vasedra presses her lips into a tight line.
20:06:28 Greyseer nods.
20:06:57 [Greyseer]: I will not put my pride in front of this need. We spoke not too long ago, you and I.
20:07:01 Malfias nods.
20:07:34 Ary whispers to Vasedra: Do not forget to breathe in your concern.
20:07:46 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "We need to talk, you and I, soon, I think. Still... the Bloodbinder's gift and request must come first."
20:07:58 [Malfias]: The gate will need to be guarded. It took an infinite army to protect it before Sraath's attack. It may need such again.
20:08:24 [Malfias]: The lot of you... are strong. You defeated Sraath, something that I was unable to do.
20:08:26 Vasedra nods slightly with a glance at Ary and sucks in a shaky breath.
20:08:54 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Yes... in those, we agree.
20:09:14 [Malfias]: I need you to continue the legacy of the Shadowed Sun. I need you to become what we were.
20:09:34 Vasedra shudders.
20:09:35 Greyseer looks to the others.
20:09:46 Sakhari snorts, just beneath her breath.
20:09:49 [Araatris]: So... because we defeated the Shadowed Sun. We have to become the Shadowed Sun?
20:09:56 [Soulthorn]: No.
20:10:23 [Malfias]: What you call yourself is irrelevant to me, as it is irrelevant to What Lies Beyond.
20:10:37 [Poeryth]: If that is what is necessary.
20:10:43 [Sakhari]: I'm afraid that I already have an employer.
20:11:10 [Malfias]: What's needed is the willingness to leave behind everything else and stand guard at the gate when it is needed.
20:11:29 Araatris puts her free hand on her hip.
20:11:40 [Araatris]: And you'd be the one calling?
20:12:07 [Malfias]: Little one, I may very well be gone after this next push against the Eastern Gate.
20:12:27 Araatris twitches slightly at the "little one".
20:12:55 Vasedra whispers to Ary: Ary... you may have to... forgive me.
20:12:55 [Malfias]: I will take the remnants of the Shadowed Sun and try to strengthen the seal.
20:13:08 [Ary]: Then what's the balance? How would we even know to come? And if we were there, then how would we....
20:13:09 [Sakhari]: And if something has already come through?
20:13:14 Ary whispers to Vasedra: What are you talking about?
20:13:20 Vasedra turns toward Ary, saying nothing.
20:13:26 [Malfias]: After that, whether or not I survive, the task will fall to you. Or to no one.
20:13:36 Malfias looks to Sakhari and frowns.
20:13:48 Ary frowns at Vasedra.
20:13:50 Vasedra whispers to Ary: *her thoughts shutter*
20:14:03 [Greyseer]: I believe this is something we can do.
20:14:08 Greyseer speaks up to the others.
20:14:25 [Poeryth]: If Malfias is to be believed, we must do it.
20:14:26 [Araatris]: You know I'll follow your lead, Thar.
20:14:26 Vasedra looks back over at Malfias.
20:14:30 [Zhuriel]: I stand with you, Greyseer.
20:14:40 [Felshroud]: As do I.
20:14:48 [Greyseer]: To guard the gate is the least of the duties we can perform, since Sraath...
20:14:52 Greyseer frowns.
20:15:11 Ary whispers to Vasedra: What stupid thing are you going to do? *mentally nudges Sedra's locked down mind*
20:15:13 [Greyseer]: He may be gone, but we will be cleaning up his mess for some time, yes?
20:15:24 Malfias nods solemnly.
20:15:34 [Greyseer]: Zhuriel.
20:15:39 [Greyseer]: Rephaia.
20:16:13 [Greyseer]: I have always believed in the pursuit of balance.
20:16:41 Vasedra whispers to Ary: *Ary is ignored, finding a wall of uncertainty and dread and determination in her way*
20:17:08 [Greyseer]: I believe we will need your assistance, and that of any allies you may have, in addition.
20:17:44 Malfias 's expression changes, but is largely unreadable behind his collar.
20:17:56 Zhuriel nods slowly.
20:18:28 Greyseer looks to Vasedra and Sakhari.
20:18:41 Sakhari arches a brow at Tharion in return.
20:18:51 [Greyseer]: I would ask the same of both of you, if you are able to spare it.
20:19:33 Vasedra nods her head at Tharion.
20:19:46 [Sakhari]: I'll see what I can do...
20:19:56 Greyseer bows down graciously.
20:20:22 [Greyseer]: I have trained demon hunters along this path for many years. My mentor, Eraelan, has done so for far longer.
20:21:10 [Greyseer]: I believe we all must step forward for this, and pass along our skills and our knowledge, so that we have the strength to perform this duty.
20:21:24 Vasedra 's luminous blue gaze shifts to Malfias, unreadable.
20:21:47 Felshroud nods, thinking of her own student.
20:22:15 Ary narrows her eyes at Vasedra, then sighs and looks back towards Malfias and Tharion.
20:22:22 Soulthorn one of her arms stays tensed up gritting her teeth.
20:22:37 [Sakhari]: So long as the goal is equal you will be agreeable to what tools, weapons, we are able to bring to the table?
20:23:33 Vasedra whispers to Malfias: So long as you do not ask me to call you Master, I will serve, again. I will bend worlds to feed the might at the Gate if I must.
20:23:40 Greyseer frowns for a moment, but nods.
20:23:49 Vasedra winces and reaches up to rub her temple.
20:24:00 [Ary]: Does Eraelan already know of this?
20:24:28 Malfias whispers to Vasedra: I ceased being your master long ago, Sedrai. Perhaps not for you, but for me.
20:24:48 [Araatris]: If I know Eraelan, he's probably lurking nearby somehow.
20:24:51 Araatris snorts.
20:24:57 [Greyseer]: I believe he suspected. However, knowing him, he's likely lurki--
20:25:02 Greyseer points at Araatris.
20:25:26 Elishtar smiles shallowly.
20:25:29 Ary smirks humorlessly.
20:25:29 Greyseer looks at each of the Netherbane in turn.
20:25:32 Vasedra sucks in a breath, her brow furrowing.
20:26:06 [Greyseer]: For many of you, you came to me seeking to learn. Be it as a student of the path, or a student of the Grey, you sought knowledge and became one of my students.
20:26:13 Soulthorn is actually glaring murder at Malfias, and how she managed to stay in one spot for this long is anyone’s guess.
20:26:31 [Greyseer]: Today you are no longer my students.
20:26:41 Vasedra whispers to Malfias: -I- was never the one who served you. Sedrai is gone.
20:27:01 [Greyseer]: From today, you are all my equals.
20:27:16 Vasedra 's eyes narrow in the shadows of her cowl.
20:27:23 Greyseer bows down graciously.
20:27:30 Araatris bows before Greyseer.
20:27:53 Felshroud bows before Greyseer.
20:28:18 Elishtar salutes Greyseer with respect.
20:28:18 Malfias whispers to Vasedra: They are never truly gone. They always lurk within the folds of your mind. What power you give entirely up to you.
20:28:31 Poeryth bows before Greyseer.
20:28:54 Zhuriel salutes Greyseer with respect.
20:28:59 Sakhari slips a cigarette between her lips with a half-shrug, the gesture to nothing in particular, and casually lights it.
20:29:08 [Rephaia]: I suppose this means I cannot shoot him?
20:29:26 Zhuriel smiles at Rephaia.
20:29:29 [Malfias]: I would be rather put-out if you did, Lightforged.
20:29:35 Sakhari glances toward Rephaia.
20:29:46 [Greyseer]: Yes. Or, rather, no. No? No. You cannot shoot him. Yet.
20:29:46 [Zhuriel]: We have work to do first.
20:29:52 [Araatris]: I suppose you could graze him for testing purposes.
20:29:58 [Araatris]: That wouldn't be too bad.
20:30:00 Vasedra whispers to Malfias: Don't play games with me. I'm in earnest on all fronts.
20:30:01 [Sakhari]: And this is why I asked what I did....
20:30:49 [Sakhari]: Not all of us dance to the music of windchimes.
20:30:58 [Rephaia]: I do not need to test. I know it works. Rather well, in fact. But I will honor the request...
20:31:03 [Ary]: It was a fair question.
20:31:10 Ary nods at Sa'khari.
20:31:21 Sakhari takes a pull from her cigarette.
20:31:22 Void Elish turns to Khari with a lifted brow.
20:31:25 [Vasedra]: I'm not sure the answer matters. We will do as we must.
20:31:32 Malfias may actually have breathed a sigh of relief.
20:31:49 Malfias turns to the Greyseer.
20:31:57 Ary goes to nudge Vasedra and scowls when the woman steps away.
20:31:58 Vasedra clenches her sword hilts tightly.
20:32:01 Soulthorn is still glaring bloody murder at Malfias
20:32:17 [Malfias]: I must still gather the remnants. I will remain in contact.
20:32:29 [Sakhari]: Do as we must, yes. However, I would prefer to not have to kill any foolish eredar, draenei, that seek to get in my way.
20:32:35 Malfias looks to the others.
20:32:41 [Araatris]: Fethas, your face is going to get stuck that way.
20:33:03 Vasedra looks over at Zhuriel. "I suppose that would be ... wasteful."
20:33:15 Soulthorn makes a very unholy sounding growl in reply.
20:33:21 [Zhuriel]: Ah, yes.  More veiled threats.
20:33:32 [Sakhari]: Veiled?
20:33:40 [Malfias]: Time within the gate, as far as I know, flows far more slowly than it does here. That Which Lies Beyond is pushing against its prison, but we do have that advantage.
20:33:47 [Zhuriel]: Some of you-- some who participated this evening in our ceremonies honoring the dead-- still do not understand, do you?
20:33:59 [Zhuriel]: You continue to be so wrapped up in yourselves.  Your own problems.
20:34:03 [Zhuriel]: Your own anger.
20:34:15 Zhuriel pointedly stares at several of those gathered as he speaks.
20:34:18 [Malfias]: I will leave you to it, then.
20:34:25 Sakhari 's eyeless 'gaze' settles on Zhuriel as she exhales a plume of smoke.
20:34:26 [Zhuriel]: That you cannot lift a finger to help.
20:34:37 Malfias raises an eyebrow... then grins? That damnable collar again.
20:34:40 [Zhuriel]: Please, do us all a favor, then.
20:34:41 [Zhuriel]: Go.
20:34:57 [Araatris]: We need all the help we can get for this.
20:35:03 [Zhuriel]: While the rest of us attempt, again, to save what-- and who-- we can.
20:35:09 Poeryth watches impassively.
20:35:28 Vasedra growls softly, gauntlets creaking as she grips her blades tightly. The empowered spider at her feet collapses on itself, and the nameless blades keen.
20:35:57 [Sakhari]: Dispense with the self-righteousness.
20:36:04 [Araatris]: All sacrifices and not just death must be honored. Taldarion was not the only loss.
20:36:28 [Poeryth]: "If we are to achieve anything, we must act as a unit. At least somewhat. We must be aware of who is an enemy, and who is a friend, and not forget that in desperation.
20:36:31 Vasedra takes a few steps forward before she stops, gritting her teeth.
20:36:40 [Araatris]: It's not right to argue our remembrances.
20:37:18 [Sakhari]: Ice Strider... the fool does not understand that he's trying to shepherd those that chose their path to damnation with as much righteous cause.
20:37:19 Araatris turns and walks to a clear area and pulls a bit of wood from the bag, then lighting it.
20:37:42 [Zhuriel]: No. It is better to turn our words against one another and threaten each other, rather than taking a stand?
20:38:00 [Zhuriel]: Out of what? Fear?  Self-indulgence?
20:38:06 [Greyseer]: We need BOTH sides of this.
20:38:08 [Araatris]: Oi! We need all types to fight.
20:38:09 [Vasedra]: The fool doesn't know anything, Sa'khari. Nothing.
20:38:13 [Sakhari]: You think we're not taking a stand?
20:38:23 [Greyseer]: Or did you not hear me ask BOTH sides?
20:38:38 [Araatris]: I'm going to make tea.
20:38:44 [Zhuriel]: I think that, rather than stand together, there are many here who choose to make snide comments.
20:38:54 [Zhuriel]: Who do not wish to *be* equals.
20:38:56 [Soulthorn]: will the three of you SHUT UP.
20:38:57 Void Elishtar smirks.
20:39:21 [Zhuriel]: If we are in this...
20:39:21 Araatris sets up the tea pot over the fire and heats up the water.
20:39:29 [Zhuriel]: ...Then *we* are in this.
20:39:45 [Zhuriel]: Greyseer, I will go and find those you have asked for.
20:39:50 Sakhari snorts and taps the ash from her cigarette.
20:39:52 Araatris then pulls out a picnic basket and several bottles.
20:40:21 [Zhuriel]: Perhaps this new turn of events needs more time to be processed.
20:40:23 [Vasedra]: You. Fel-rotting Zhuriel the stranger. I gave up most of what I had, nearly everything, to fight this fight before you knew it existed.
20:40:32 Araatris holds up a bottle of Sunglow to Rephaia and then another to Zhuriel.
20:40:36 Vasedra growls.
20:40:38 [Araatris]: Hey! Zhuriel!
20:40:56 Araatris sighs.
20:41:07 [Araatris]: And I even had an extra bottle of Sunglow...
20:41:15 [Sakhari]: I have those I can call on, but -that- is contingent upon whether zealots can cast aside their biases...
20:41:19 Soulthorn one hand seems to go to her neck in a snap action as it looks like she tears something away from it.
20:41:32 Ary pinches the bridge of her nose.
20:41:35 [Rephaia]: I do not drink while on duty, Araatris. But thank you.
20:41:52 [Araatris]: Hold onto it for later then.
20:41:54 Poeryth continues to just kind of stand there, having realized that trying to reason with either side will get her nowhere.
20:41:56 [Greyseer]: We are all zealots with biases, Sakhari.
20:42:03 [Araatris]: A symbolic drink with us.
20:42:03 [Greyseer]: It is simply the way of things.
20:42:09 [Poeryth]: This is an argument that must happen.
20:42:24 [Sakhari]: That may be, Old Wolf. But you know well what I can call on...
20:42:31 Vasedra takes a deep breath and turns away, stepping farther from the group with the odd creature trailing after her.
20:42:34 Sakhari gestures toward Zhuriel and Rephaia.
20:42:36 [Poeryth]: Better this than built up resentment that will only cause more trouble at inconvenient times.
20:42:44 [Ary]: Yes, it may be. It is difficult to see either side from the far edge.
20:42:54 [Sakhari]: My concern is whether they can... deal.
20:42:54 Ary nods at Poeryth.
20:43:33 Rephaia nods and then steps from her warframe, which again shatters into a cascade of Light.
20:43:45 [Rephaia]: Very well.
20:43:51 Araatris grins.
20:43:53 [Araatris]: Thank you.
20:43:59 [Poeryth]: You three. Four. Get it all out. The rest of us will have tea.
20:44:11 Araatris presses the bottle into Rephaia's hand.
20:44:31 [Rephaia]: You have been through a lot, yes?
20:44:40 Rephaia focuses her attention on Sakhari.
20:44:49 Sakhari cants her head at Rephaia.
20:44:49 Araatris grabs the tea pot and begins pouring the tea.
20:44:53 [Sakhari]: Enough, yes.
20:45:04 [Rephaia]: As have I. You chose your path. I have chosen mine.
20:45:08 [Araatris]: Poe, can you grab the liquor from the bag. Clear bottle. I'm spiking our drinks.
20:45:17 [Rephaia]: I do not resent you for your path. You have not crossed me.
20:45:20 Vasedra 's blades whisper and chatter madly while she stares out over the forest, silent.
20:45:24 [Rephaia]: Malfias has. My mother has. Sraath has.
20:45:40 Poeryth nods, and reaches into the bag Tris pointed out, handing her the bottle.
20:45:45 Ary pats Sedra's arm.
20:45:48 [Sakhari]: I do not think you know the entirety of my path, Light Slinger.
20:45:56 [Rephaia]: Nor you mine.
20:45:59 Rephaia salutes Sakhari with respect.
20:46:35 Vasedra ignores Ary, but the nasty little construct tries to slap her toes with its tendrils.
20:46:47 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "The more I deal with these ardent followers of the Light, or whatever the fel it is, the less I like them."
20:47:02 Araatris puts the tea back on its hanger and pops the bottle open while waiting on the tea to step. Once it's down, she splashes liquid from the bottle into each cup.
20:47:12 Light Elishtar looks at those left, and says "-I- left for Argus never intending to return twice. Once with the Vindicaar, once with you all. I believe this legacy of our fallen enemy will take all of us, in all our varied skills to best."
20:47:22 [Araatris]: I think we could all use a little drink after that.
20:47:28 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: This will never work. There's no balance between what we are and what they are.
20:47:51 Vasedra 's lips move in a whisper with the thought she sends to Sa'khari. "This will never work. There's no balance between what we are and what they are."
20:48:19 Sakhari raises her right shoulder in a half shrug as Rephaia walks away. Something touches her expression, unreadable, and then is just as quickly gone. Something is palmed from the pouch at her hip and she makes her way over to Vasedra.
20:48:27 Ary glances down at the tendrils, then turns to Elishtars' voices.
20:48:57 Greyseer nods at Elishtar.
20:49:22 [Ary]: Is being two a problem, Elishtar?
20:49:25 [Greyseer]: This is a thing that one path may not be able to defeat alone.
20:49:26 Sakhari offers a serpent-shaped vial to Sedra. The glass is so dark that the contents cannot be seen, though the glass of the vial itself seems to smoke and shift.
20:49:54 Void Elishtar nods, and adds "We are willing. Able, and capable. But we must find it within ourselves to not be at odds with ourselves. Two Netherbanes won't do." She says, and looks at her twin, offering a hand. It is met with light.
20:49:59 Araatris hands a cup to Poeryth and gathers the others on a tray.
20:50:13 Greyseer furrows his brow.
20:50:21 Vasedra takes a deep breath before she turns to Khari and takes the offering, looking at it.
20:50:37 Greyseer watches the Elishtars.
20:50:41 [Greyseer]: What...?
20:50:43 [Sakhari]: You are due, Ice Strider.
20:50:50 Ary frowns.
20:51:04 Araatris offers the tray.
20:51:13 [Araatris]: Tea spiked with alcohol?
20:51:29 Vasedra closes her eyes beneath the cowl for a moment before she nods and tucks the vial in a pouch. "I understand."
20:51:37 Araatris glances over at Elishtar.
20:51:39 [Vasedra]: No, Tris.
20:51:40 Sakhari gives a soft shake of her head to Araatris. "I must be going soon."
20:51:45 Elishtar 's both flare their respective elements. Shadow and light growing in vibrance, and then seem to take on an almost liquid quality, flowing and forming one Elishtar. Neither light nor shadow, but at the same time both.
20:51:52 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I am to make sure you drink, Desire."
20:51:52 Poeryth shakes her head. "I need to go try to figure out how to... get my soul back. I will see you all. Be well."
20:51:59 Araatris watches the Elishtars.
20:52:06 [Araatris]: Oh...
20:52:14 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: You're joking. Not in front of them.
20:52:17 Araatris tilts her head.
20:52:34 Greyseer 's eyebrows raise in surprise.
20:52:49 Poeryth pauses and watches the Elishtars-- or rather now the Elishtar.
20:52:50 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "I don't have time to wait."
20:52:51 [Araatris]: I... Ummm... could you do that at any time?
20:53:12 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: NOT in front of them, Sorrow. Scurry off. I will drink it.
20:53:14 [Greyseer]: Was it really that easy? All this time?
20:53:19 [Ary]: Balance. Represented by one person. Light and Dark.
20:53:31 Elishtar gasps slightly. She looks at the four weapons at her feet. She reaches down and picks up a void wreathed glaive, and a light touched sword. "I... I... don't really know. I suppose so."
20:53:45 Vasedra turns away from Khari pointedly and walks over toward the others.
20:53:50 Araatris holds out a mug to Tharion without looking away from Elishtar.
20:53:59 [Poeryth]: They both just had to want to do it, and agree with each other.
20:54:04 [Araatris]: Well, I guess you just needed it to happen.
20:54:06 [Poeryth]: She did it momentarily when we fought Sraath.
20:54:07 Greyseer takes the mug without looking at Araatris.
20:54:18 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Again, I've been tasked. I'm not waiting."
20:54:32 [Araatris]: She did?
20:54:43 Poeryth nods at Araatris.
20:54:47 Araatris glances at Poeryth, finally breaking contact with Elishtar.
20:54:59 [Araatris]: That's rather fascinating. I wonder if--
20:55:03 [Ary]: No.
20:55:03 Vasedra just glances at Khari. Nothing more.
20:55:15 [Araatris]: It was just a thought...
20:55:30 [Rephaia]: A willingness. An acceptance.
20:55:46 [Elishtar]: ...did we hear there was tea? We- I could use some tea.
20:56:01 [Araatris]: Yes, spiked tea.
20:56:01 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "You test my patience."
20:56:08 Araatris offers the tray.
20:56:10 Vasedra watches Elishtar as a good distraction.
20:56:15 [Poeryth]: Now. I really must go. Good night.
20:56:17 [Greyseer]: ...which one of you? Or is it both? It is both, yes?
20:56:22 Greyseer bows before Poeryth.
20:56:24 Araatris looks over her shoulder.
20:56:25 Poeryth bows before Greyseer.
20:56:37 Faeroh waves at Poeryth.
20:56:40 [Araatris]: Goodnight! Sorry if I don't bow... I'd spill the tea.
20:56:42 Sakhari bares her teeth in irritation towards Vasedra.
20:56:46 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: I hope it is stalwart, then.
20:56:48 Ary nods at Poeryth.
20:56:54 [Ary]: Goodnight.
20:57:02 Poeryth nods in understanding to Tris, and nods at Ary as well.
20:57:03 Elishtar smiles and takes the tea. She smirks at Tharion. "Well, light will have tea. Void will have the booze."
20:57:06 [Faeroh]: Travel well!
20:57:10 [Vasedra]: Goodbye, Poeryth...
20:57:14 [Elishtar]: Be well Poeryth.
20:57:17 [Greyseer]: So... now we are even fewer?
20:57:27 Greyseer quirks an eyebrow at the singular Elishtar.
20:57:37 Araatris offers a cup to Faeroh.
20:57:42 [Araatris]: Want some?
20:57:45 Sakhari whispers to Vasedra: "Once you are free of them, then. I will know."
20:57:49 Faeroh declines politely.
20:58:18 Vasedra whispers to Sakhari: Fine.
20:58:19 Araatris offers the tray to her sister.
20:58:32 Ary takes a cup for herself.
20:58:55 [Ary]: I hope you added plenty of alcohol. I think I'll need it to stave off the headache...
20:58:59 [Araatris]: Enough.
20:59:10 [Araatris]: Fethas?
20:59:23 Sakhari curses, the sound muted, and then gives a short, sharp, whistle that brings Soulcatcher wheeling down to bank and land beside her. She swings into the saddle and with no words of goodbye or dismissal the fel-beast is brutally whipped around urged skyward.
20:59:24 [Soulthorn]: No tea.
20:59:46 [Araatris]: But... you love tea.
21:00:00 Vasedra watches her go stiffly before she sighs.
21:00:06 [Soulthorn]:  ...No tea.
21:00:13 Araatris sighs.
21:00:15 [Araatris]: Alright.
21:00:37 Araatris sets the tray on a bench and grabs her own mug, sipping at it.
21:01:05 [Ary]: This has been a... tiring evening.
21:01:51 [Greyseer]: You did not anticipate our joining the remnants of a formerly infinite army of demons to guard against a cosmic doorway with unknown horrors beyond?
21:01:58 [Greyseer]: Has Eraelan taught you nothing?
21:02:02 Greyseer half-grins.
21:02:14 [Faeroh]: It is a lot to take in.
21:02:19 Elishtar frowns and looks at Merciless, the mithril blade with living, pulsing flesh inlays she has carried since before the Dark Portal opened. It sits on the ground, darkening the ground around it with slowly leaking blood. She frowns. "That should not be left unattended." She says and walks over to pick the blade up.
21:02:20 [Vasedra]: ... I, for one, did not expect company in the effort.
21:02:55 [Ary]: Company. The conflicting, if understandable, points of view, the sudden, but pleasant change for Elishtar...
21:03:03 [Ary]: It has been a full night.
21:03:29 [Rephaia]: And did not have to shoot a demon lord.
21:03:36 Soulthorn growls and moves to pull something away from her neck again.
21:03:41 [Rephaia]: It gets messy, from my experience.
21:03:54 [Araatris]: Well, yes, but we're used to messy.
21:04:01 [Faeroh]: What do you think, Rephaia?
21:04:08 [Araatris]: Probably not a good idea at a remembrance ceremony though.
21:04:24 [Rephaia]: About how messy? Very.
21:04:29 Araatris turns her head ever so slightly towards Fethas, but doesn't say anything.
21:04:31 Faeroh chuckles.
21:04:43 Greyseer turns to Elishtar.
21:04:50 Vasedra glances off to the side at nothing, frowning under her cowl. She reaches down and rests a hand on her pouch.
21:04:51 [Greyseer]: Do you need a place to store the weapon?
21:04:52 Elishtar does however leave the light-fire wreathed war glaive. That seems safe here. Plus, she's out of arm space.
21:05:08 [Faeroh]: I was going to ask about taking a stand with our former enemy.
21:05:24 Rephaia frowns.
21:05:26 Ary whispers to Vasedra: What will you do this evening, my friend? Will you run off for your army?
21:05:43 [Rephaia]: There was a time when I considered demon hunters my enemy, druid.
21:05:49 [Rephaia]: These very ones.
21:05:57 [Elishtar]: The site has a place for such artifacts, yes? And we still haven't found its twin since I lost them. Future riddles, no doubt.
21:06:11 Araatris glances at Rephaia.
21:06:19 [Faeroh]: Yeah, I think I saw some of that.
21:06:26 [Faeroh]: Glad you came around, for what it's worth.
21:06:32 [Greyseer]: There is a vault, yes. If you need to place it somewhere safe, it has not been compromised, yet...
21:06:49 Ary whispers to Vasedra: *Ary continues to speak to Vasedra's closed mind... stubbornly*
21:06:57 [Elishtar]: That will do.
21:07:28 Vasedra glances over at Ary. "My head hurts. Just rotting talk."
21:07:44 [Rephaia]: I have seen deeds done on all sides that can be considered... "evil."
21:07:49 Ary inclines her head.
21:07:55 [Rephaia]: I have committed some.
21:07:57 Rephaia frowns.
21:08:10 [Faeroh]: A paladin? Surely not.
21:08:12 [Ary]: As you wish. Will you be traveling with me tonight or heading off to start your work?
21:08:22 Elishtar looks sympathetically to Vasedra.
21:08:24 Faeroh 's eyes twinkle as he makes his little joke.
21:08:35 [Vasedra]: ... I will stay with you.
21:08:59 [Rephaia]: There is plenty of blood on my hammer, regardless of what others call me, druid.
21:09:01 Rephaia smirks.
21:09:03 Ary nods simply.
21:09:13 [Rephaia]: And there will likely be more in the future.
21:09:22 Faeroh grows solemn.
21:09:28 [Faeroh]: Most likely.
21:09:39 Araatris sips more of her tea.
21:09:51 [Greyseer]: Hammers hurt.
21:10:11 [Araatris]: Thank you for telling Arcadius not to hit me with his hammer.
21:10:16 [Araatris]: It came in handy.
21:10:22 [Elishtar]: If you don't dodge them.
21:10:23 [Greyseer]: I...
21:10:27 Greyseer sighs.
21:10:57 Greyseer waves at Soulthorn.
21:11:00 [Faeroh]: It's funny-- Zhuriel blowing up like that.  I didn't actually expect him to get on board so quickly.
21:11:01 Ary tosses back her tea drinking it quickly.
21:11:17 Soulthorn raises a brow.
21:11:19 Ary frowns and wanders over to the campfire and the bottle of alcohol.
21:11:27 [Rephaia]: He is recently forged as well, yes?
21:11:27 [Elishtar]: Anyway, I will bring this to the vault. I'll be back... after the walk to the site and back.
21:11:42 Ary picks up the drink and meanders back to Sedra’s side.
21:11:44 Greyseer bows before Elishtar.
21:12:03 [Faeroh]: So, the story goes.  He hasn't spoken much about it.  Not that we have the same, uhm, social circles.
21:12:10 [Faeroh]:
21:12:12 [Greyseer]: It is good to see you together once again, Elishtar.
21:12:15 [Faeroh]: Eh.
21:12:22 Faeroh throws his hands up.
21:12:28 [Faeroh]: Which reminds me...
21:12:29 Araatris nods at Elishtar.
21:12:32 Faeroh points at you.
21:12:41 Elishtar bows, its slightly awkward with the extra blade in hand
21:12:49 [Faeroh]: You asked why I would honor "her."
21:12:50 [Araatris]: He was rather passionate. I suppose we're all still a bit high strung.
21:13:20 Vasedra looks at Faeroh. She manages not to frown, but her fists clench.
21:13:59 [Elishtar]: Fethas?
21:14:02 [Vasedra]: I'm quite sure I don't want to know.
21:14:05 [Soulthorn]: What?
21:14:29 [Faeroh]: Oh?  Well...
21:14:38 Ary pops the cork out of the bottle and takes a drink while Thar's back is turned.
21:14:39 [Faeroh]: In that case, nevermind.
21:15:05 Elishtar gives the woman a soft smile. "Relax. We deserve to celebrate a little."
21:15:10 [Rephaia]: Why did you, druid?
21:15:40 Ary sighs at Vasedra and takes another drink as if it will somehow make certain things easier to deal with.
21:15:47 Soulthorn makes a bit of a Mmm noise.
21:15:50 [Faeroh]: Everyone plays a part, Rephaia.  We may not like their parts, but every action creates another.
21:16:04 [Greyseer]: You have kept your distance further than usual this evening, Fethas. Is something amiss?
21:16:25 Greyseer furrows his brow as he notices her occasional fidget.
21:16:45 [Faeroh]: Your mother, and I emphasize that, brought Mifuune to us.  Whether on purpose or accidentally.
21:16:58 Rephaia frowns.
21:17:08 [Faeroh]: Without her, we never would have accomplished what we did.
21:17:30 [Rephaia]: One day I will ask about this 'Mifuune'.
21:17:33 [Araatris]: That's true. She helped find the keys and helped free Malfias.
21:17:44 [Soulthorn]: More than a few things.
21:18:40 [Araatris]: Despite it all, she was more of a help than a hindrance. Though... I'm still not happy about what she did to me.
21:18:56 Araatris presses her lips together in a thin line.
21:19:00 [Faeroh]: I mean no harm by what I say next, Tris:
21:19:07 [Faeroh]: I am glad she did so.
21:19:18 [Faeroh]: I *like* Ary.
21:19:49 Vasedra suddenly plops down to sit in the grass, her shadowed, luminous gaze on Faeroh.
21:19:55 [Faeroh]: I mean, I like a lot of people, so that's nothing to brag about, but this is the way things are now.
21:19:57 [Greyseer]: I can only assume by your talkative nature that you do not wish to speak on it?
21:20:05 [Araatris]: Well, it's turned out fine now, but we had no idea in the beginning. I'm trying not to hold a grudge.
21:20:23 [Rephaia]: She is dead, Araatris.
21:20:26 Ary glances down at Vasedra and sits as well.
21:20:35 [Rephaia]: And we still have not had our conversation, you and I.
21:20:40 [Araatris]: ...
21:20:42 Rephaia crosses her arms.
21:20:51 [Araatris]: You know. I think it's about time for me to patrol...
21:20:57 Faeroh slides back from the conversation.
21:21:03 [Faeroh]: Go get her, tiger.
21:21:06 Rephaia narrows her eyes.
21:21:06 [Soulthorn]: Even if I wasn't being stubborn about it right here might not be the best place.
21:21:09 Faeroh winks slyly at Rephaia.
21:21:18 [Araatris]: Not helping, Faeroh!
21:21:30 [Faeroh]: Never do, Tris!  Never do.
21:21:37 [Faeroh]: I'm a leaf on the wind.
21:21:48 Araatris glances at the path, judging if she can make it before Rephaia catches her.
21:21:57 Rephaia grins.
21:22:01 [Rephaia]: I have a warframe.
21:22:09 Faeroh smiles a big, sloppy smile and walks away, careful not to trip.
21:22:23 [Araatris]: And I have a flying winged monster. Your point?
21:22:32 Greyseer frowns but nods.
21:22:39 Rephaia is embraced by a halo of Light, which solidified into a Lightforged Warframe.
21:22:44 [Araatris]: Ack!
21:22:50 [Faeroh]: Good night!
21:24:19 [Vasedra]: Does she need help?
21:24:33 [Ary]: No. She can get herself out of this one.
21:24:33 Vasedra 's gaze follows Tris and Rephaia's Warframe.
21:24:36 [Soulthorn]: She will be fine...
21:24:47 [Vasedra]: Good.
21:24:49 [Ary]: Anyway, Rephaia won't kill her.
21:24:53 [Greyseer]: Two hundred gold on the one in the machine.
21:25:10 [Ary]: On the catching or the beating?
21:25:27 Vasedra pulls her knees up and rests her chin on them, just watching Tharion. Unamused.
21:25:42 [Greyseer]: She CAN heal...
21:26:09 Ary ponders it for a moment before nodding.
21:26:43 [Ary]: But my sister can still shadowwalk. The question is... will she remember she can in the heat of the moment.
21:27:34 Soulthorn smirks a bit before grimacing again, looking at an awfully tight coil of vines around her arm.
21:27:40 Vasedra flicks a glance over at nothing, smirking, before she focuses back on the others.
21:28:54 [Ary]: Fethas, don't forget to speak with Tharion later.
21:29:07 [Soulthorn]: Why is that a requirement?
21:29:07 Ary takes another drink directly from the bottle.
21:29:16 [Greyseer]: Wait, YOU know what's wrong?
21:29:22 [Ary]: Because if you don't... someone else will.
21:29:38 Greyseer sighs and pinches the bridge of his blindfold again.
21:29:59 [Ary]: Don't worry, Tharion. We won't leaving you hanging for long.
21:30:15 [Ary]: I wonder if you can heal hangovers...
21:30:50 [Greyseer]: I will return to my tower.
21:30:55 [Vasedra]: You can. I've seen clinics selling heals for those cheaply. Or expensively on the celebration days...
21:30:56 [Greyseer]: It is quiet there.
21:31:00 [Soulthorn]: She does mainly cause I followed her the other day… I also know how to tease Eraelan.
21:31:36 [Greyseer]: Call him a bastard? Tease him about his preferences for floral patterned bed coverings?
21:31:54 [Ary]: They aren't floral.
21:32:03 [Greyseer]: Nor are they 'camouflage' like he claims.
21:32:32 Ary chuckles, perhaps a bit tipsily.
21:32:52 [Soulthorn]: [Darnassian] Dor thus diel lo ash u'phol Lo tal o dath mush nor o terro. <The fact that of all things, he has a soft spot for a human.>
21:32:52 [Greyseer]: He can claim his desire to 'get back to nature' all he wants.
21:33:12 Ary sighs.
21:33:25 Greyseer grins at Fethas.
21:33:33 [Ary]: I wish I had retained the Darnassian I knew from my binding.
21:33:42 [Vasedra]: This topic of conversation makes me uncomfortable enough as it is without wisecracks in the night elven language.
21:33:44 [Soulthorn]: And that's when he told me to get out.
21:34:14 [Ary]: No, he told you to get out first. Then, he told you again after... whatever you said.
21:34:31 [Soulthorn]: Yes, but with more emphasis.
21:34:32 Ary glances at Vasedra.
21:34:45 [Ary]: Does it bother you?
21:35:20 [Ary]: Well... I mean... you just said... -- Nevermind. I think I've had enough to drink...
21:35:24 Vasedra snorts. "I'm not qualified to judge. That doesn't mean I love to ponder the possibilities."
21:36:20 [Soulthorn]: Also, fine, I will tell Tharion while he’s returning to the tower...just...not here.
21:36:37 Ary nods.
21:36:43 Greyseer sighs.
21:36:56 [Greyseer]: ...we are going to need all the help we can get...
21:37:09 [Ary]: Well, you're free to disappear when he's near. Tris did mention something about a fight between you two...
21:37:28 Vasedra winces and reaches up under her cowl, muttering, "... shut up. We're not talking about the arms."
21:37:41 Ary stands and looks at the bag of things left behind by her sister.
21:37:48 [Vasedra]: ... Tris is a loudmouth.
21:37:56 Vasedra sighs and gets to her hooves.
21:38:00 [Ary]: You're just now realizing this?
21:38:06 [Soulthorn]: So is this one.
21:38:06 Greyseer removes a small metallic mask from a pouch at his belt, one that looks vaguely like one worn by a spirit from Pandaria. He frowns, then places it in the bowl.
21:38:29 Ary puts out the fire and packs what she can back in the bag.
21:38:55 Ary attempts to lift it, then scowls as it slips from her hands and she stumbles back.
21:39:12 Greyseer 's tattoos quickly fade to an orange coloring as a bead of Light runs across them, then they quickly return to normal.
21:39:19 [Vasedra]: I am happy to d... *she sighs* Do you need a hand, Ary?
21:39:19 [Ary]: I'm leaving the bag for someone else to get.
21:39:34 [Greyseer]: Come. You can tell me about...whatever this is.
21:39:40 [Ary]: No, my sister brought it, she can deal with it.
21:39:57 Vasedra nods. "As you wish."
21:40:14 [Ary]: Where shall we go?
21:41:11 [Vasedra]: The Cleaver? I repaired the sanc-...  workshop. Again.
21:41:20 Ary nods.
21:41:48 [Ary]: I'd like to go to back to the Sanctuary.
21:42:14 [Ary]: Do you wish to talk later?
21:42:43 Ary bites her lip, her cheeks flush slightly because of the drink.
21:43:34 Vasedra frowns a little at the choice of words, but nods. "That... place is yours whenever you want it. Let's just get back, and then we can ..." She sighs. "I'm sure we can talk. If we must."
21:44:18 [Vasedra]: Maybe you should take the rest of the bottle. It might help.
21:44:25 Ary covers her mouth as she yawns.
21:44:52 [Ary]: I'll go get it...
21:45:22 Ary digs in the bag once more for the bottle and clasps in one arm.
21:45:48 [Ary]: I'm not sure being tipsy is helping though.
21:46:30 Vasedra snorts. "It can't possibly hurt. Come on, then. Let's get you back."
21:46:39 Ary nods.