Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

AESOP: A Grave Chat


Rhoelyn walks along the streets of Proudmoore Keep, rounding the corner of the hedge maze where many government and militia command buildings ring a large and lovely courtyard. Nysse sits on one of the benches under a tree, waiting patiently.

18:45 Nysse glances up.
18:45 Nysse says: Sister.
18:45 Nysse smiles at you.
18:46 Nysse hugs you.
18:46 Rhoelyn smiles. "Ishnu-alah, falore."
18:47 Rhoelyn gives Nysse a warm hug. "I am pleased to see you, Nysse."
18:48 Nysse says: It's good to see you, too, Rhoe.
18:48 Rhoelyn takes the huntress' hand. "You've been well, my sister? I admit, I was surprised to be summoned here. Is something wrong? Rhese?"
18:49 Nysse shakes her head.
18:49 Nysse says: I don't think anything is more wrong than normal. I think it's just a... chat?
18:50 Nysse says: To meet us. I have to admit, that I've not really talked with him much, but he's the leader of AESOP.
18:51 Rhoelyn blinks slightly and glances around the courtyard. "Oh? Well. Then, I suppose it isn't good that we keep him waiting. Should we go in? Ah... which building is it? There are so many." She fidgets as she looks around more.
18:51 Nysse says: Are you nervous, too?
18:51 Nysse pushes her hair behind her head with a shy little grin.
18:52 Rhoelyn looks sheepish. "Perhaps... just a bit. We are quite ridiculous, I suppose. It isn't as if he's a beast to bite our heads off."
18:52 Rhoelyn says: He... isn't... a beast, is he?
18:52 Nysse says: Well... Ummm. Not that I know?
18:52 Nysse says: What would constitute a beast?
18:54 Rhoelyn bites her lip and shrugs a bit. "I... am not certain, sister. But if he leads all of AESOP, perhaps we will find out."
18:54 Nysse nods.
18:54 Nysse says: Come on, let's walk towards there. It was... Erikson Hall I think.
18:54 Rhoelyn conveniently waves Nysse ahead and makes sure to follow her.
18:55 Nysse pauses at the bottom to get her bearings.
18:55 Nysse says: Ah! I remember.
18:55 Nysse says: Erickson Hall. This should be the place.
18:56 Rhoelyn looks around as they walk, taking in the sights to try not to dwell on her nerves. "Mmhm." She bites her lip as she follows her sister in.

They find a particular building, conveniently labeled as Erikson Hall by a sign out front. Two marines flank the doorway, but they don’t challenge the pair of night elves as they approach with some trepidation.

18:56 Nysse peers in the doorway nervously.
18:56 Nysse says: I don't see any beasts...
18:57 Nysse leans in carefully and looks around.
18:57 Nysse says: I don't see anyone…
18:57 Rhoelyn peeps her head in. "It... appears empty?"

A bootfall from behind them is all the warning they get before...

18:57 Ardell clears his throat.
18:57 Nysse jumps!
18:57 Nysse says: H-hello!
18:57 Rhoelyn squeaks and starts, ducking behind Nysse.
18:57 Ardell removes his helm and tucks it under his arm. He's wearing a slim smirk, barely hidden.
18:58 Ardell says: Nyssera and Rhoelyn, I assume?
18:58 Nysse says: Y-yes, sir.
18:59 Nysse clasps her hands tightly in front of her stomach.
18:59 Ardell says: You're early. That's usually a good trait.
18:59 Rhoelyn simply nods, watching the man with slightly widened eyes for a moment before she steps out from behind her sister and curtseys.
18:59 You bow before Ardell.
18:59 Ardell says: Though, you're clearly nervous, which makes me wonder what you're hiding...
18:59 Ardell is still smirking... ever-so-slightly.
18:59 Nysse swallows.
19:00 Nysse whispers over her shoulder to Rhoelyn.
19:00 Nysse says: Beast, definitely beast.
19:00 Ardell shakes his head.
19:00 Ardell says: No no, not yet.
19:00 Ardell says: Trust me, you'd know.
19:00 Nysse blushes brightly.
19:00 Nysse says: S-sorry!
19:00 Rhoelyn blinks. "He has good ears for a human."
19:00 Ardell scratches Greyfeather on the neck before leaning in and whispering something to the animal.
19:01 Ardell's Greyfeather is dismissed.
19:01 Ardell watches as the gryphon launches itself into the air and flies away.
19:01 Rhoelyn quietly grips on to Nysse's gauntlet, just watching.
19:01 Nysse says: He's good with animals...
19:01 Ardell says: Sorry, I merely had to take him out for an evening walk. Decided to patrol a little while doing so. Two birds, one stone, eh?
19:02 Nysse says: I... I only saw one bird.
19:02 Rhoelyn says: ... and why would you give it stones?
19:02 Ardell opens his mouth to respond, but pauses a moment. He then closes it and shakes his head. Again, ever-so-slightly.
19:02 Rhoelyn frowns. "That is quite bad for the beast." Aside to Nysse she says, "Perhaps he is not SO good with animals."
19:02 Ardell says: Please, proceed inside. I won't bite.
19:02 Ardell salutes Academy Marine with respect.
19:02 Ardell salutes Academy Marine with respect.
19:03 Ardell says: Pardon the mess, but this building is shared with some of the Academy instructors.
19:03 Nysse says: I see...
19:03 Rhoelyn pauses inside the room and looks all around, looking at the decorations and the... everything.
19:03 Ardell says: Upstairs. It's a little more comfortable.
19:03 Nysse says: Y-yes, of course.
19:04 Ardell motions to the two seats across the table.
19:04 Ardell says: Please, be my guest.
19:05 Ardell looks at the books with a frown, as if he weren't expecting their presence.
19:05 Nysse looks around before glancing at Rhoelyn and sliding into the first seat.
19:05 Rhoelyn blinks and glances at Nysse before taking a seat, demurely perching herself on the edge of the chair. She nervously smooths her skirt once seated.
19:05 Ardell removes his sword and rests it against the table before pulling the chair out and taking his own seat.
19:06 Nysse pulls her bow off her shoulder and sets it across her lap.
19:06 Ardell slides a folder out from atop the seat cushion next to him and flips it open onto the table. It clearly has two dossiers within.
19:06 Rhoelyn 's staff rests against the corner of the table, until it slides over and lands on the chair with a clatter that makes her jump. She blushes and rights it. "Apologies..."
19:07 Ardell waves a hand dismissively.
19:07 Nysse flinches at the sound, but smiles reassuringly at Rhoelyn.
19:07 Nysse says: Are those... our records?
19:08 Ardell says: In a manner of speaking, yes. They're the most recent dossiers we were able to salvage from before the Legion invasion. I'm not sure actually how recent that is, however.
19:08 Ardell says: The gnome kept a lot of records, but that's like saying a library keeps a lot of dust.
19:08 Rhoelyn says: Dos'eyays?
19:09 Rhoelyn blinks between Ardell and Nysse. "I ... do not know that word."
19:09 Ardell holds up a page. It has a low detail photograph and a few words scribbled onto a form.
19:09 Ardell says: This is a dossier. Basically a...
19:09 Ardell looks at Nysse.
19:09 Ardell says: ...a record.
19:10 Nysse says: I think it's typically of people from how I've heard it used before.
19:10 Ardell nods.
19:11 Rhoelyn doesn't appear to be much reassured, and she just manages a little smile and a nod and says, “Oh."
19:11 Ardell says: Information we have on individuals who have served, or served with others who have served, the organization in the past.
19:12 Rhoelyn 's hands clasp and unclasp in her lap, and she looks over at Nysse.
19:12 Ardell looks at Rhoelyn.
19:13 Ardell says: Don't worry. You're not in any sort of trouble or anything.
19:13 Nysse says: What was the last information in my record? I was recruited in Zangarmarsh several years back.
19:14 Nysse says: I'm not sure if Morthis has sent over any other information considering... everything.
19:14 Ardell says: I would be lucky if Morthis sent over anything, truth be told. I'm not sure he likes me all that much.
19:15 Rhoelyn blinks at that. "Why... would he not like you?"
19:15 Ardell says: However, I've been able to get a few pages from him.
19:15 Nysse leans over to Rhoelyn.
19:15 Nysse says: Morthis -does- like to grump....
19:15 Ardell says: The two of you may know that better than I. I've yet to actually meet the man.
19:16 Ardell says: For all the night elves have done to help my people, he seems...reluctant.
19:16 Ardell shrugs it off.
19:16 Rhoelyn considers both Nysse and Ardell, chewing her lip. "It is true. He can be... difficult, I suppose. Perhaps I will ask him when I see him again."
19:17 Ardell says: It's of little matter, though. We're working to rebuild what lost records we can, and gather new information, too.
19:17 Ardell says: That's part of why I invited the two of you here tonight.
19:17 Ardell says: Sort of a simple get-together. A 'chat', if you will.
19:18 Rhoelyn says: So you can write more of us in your doesays?
19:18 Nysse 's shoulders hunch slightly less at the mention of a chat.
19:18 Ardell nods at you.
19:18 Nysse says: It's no different than Morthis debriefing us after a mission.
19:18 Nysse says: I think.
19:19 Ardell says: Maybe that's where we should start.
19:19 Ardell says: What WAS your last mission from him?
19:19 Rhoelyn says: Oh. Well, that seems... if we're to chat, then perhaps we should have tea. Morthis always has tea. Or coffee. Perhaps you prefer coffee, Grave?
19:19 Ardell looks around.
19:20 Ardell says: No fires here. Too many papers. The academy would...frown upon that.
19:20 Nysse sighs and looks remorsefully at Rhoelyn.
19:21 Rhoelyn 's shoulders slump a bit but her expression stays friendly. "Ah, I understand."
19:22 Ardell reaches for the quill and removes it from the inkwell. He then scribbles something on one of the pages.
19:22 Nysse says: Oh well. As for my last mission, Rhese and I have started to explore the edges of Drustvar. I'm still getting back into missions after having the twins.
19:22 Ardell looks up quickly.
19:22 Ardell says: ...twins?
19:22 Nysse blushes.
19:23 Nysse says: I guess he really hasn't told you much. Yes, twin children, a boy and a girl. They're just old enough that I can leave them for a bit for missions now.
19:23 Ardell says: I see...
19:23 Ardell scribbles something else on a different piece of paper.
19:23 Nysse tries to discreetly see what he's writing.
19:23 Ardell glances up to Rhoelyn.
19:24 Ardell says: And, you? Do you accompany them on these endeavors?
19:24 Rhoelyn blinks and blushes. "Oh, no. Not since Pandaria."
19:25 Ardell says: Did...something happen in Pandaria? Aside from the obvious, of course.
19:25 Nysse clears her throat.
19:25 Rhoelyn 's eyes widen, and she looks at Nysse. A plea for help.
19:26 Nysse says: We were kidnapped by Horde and my sister became... sha infected. It was resolved, but... it was a bit...
19:26 Nysse says: Unpleasant.
19:26 Rhoelyn adds quietly... "And embarrassing."
19:27 Ardell glances over to Rhoelyn, then back at Nysse and nods. He scribbles something more in his notes, directly onto one of the dossiers.
19:27 Nysse reaches under the table to pat Rhoelyn's hand.
19:27 Rhoelyn says: Though I enjoyed playing ambassador until... all of that.
19:27 Rhoelyn sighs softly and grabs Nysse's hand for support.
19:27 Ardell nods.
19:28 Ardell says: I'm sorry to hear of it. It's good you were able to get away.
19:28 Ardell says: I don't know many who have enjoyed Horde custody.
19:28 Ardell frowns.
19:29 Nysse says: If you could... Please don't let Rhese know about Pandaria. He hasn't heard the story, and we'd rather he didn't know since he wasn't with us. He gets... stressed.
19:29 Ardell says: Hmmm? Ah, of course.
19:30 Ardell says: I'm starting to perhaps understand why Morthis is so secretive.
19:30 Rhoelyn 's shoulders slump with relief.
19:30 Ardell writes more on the pages.
19:30 Nysse blinks and tilts her head.
19:30 Nysse says: What do you mean?
19:30 Nysse glances in confusion at Rhoelyn.
19:31 Ardell looks between the two with a furrowed brow.
19:31 Rhoelyn gives her sister a tiny shrug, looking as mystified as Nysse.
19:31 Ardell says: ...have you not asked the same of him? Confidentiality?
19:31 Ardell says: ...or does he not know, either?
19:31 Nysse says: Well, mostly just for that mission. You think he took it for more of our missions?
19:32 Nysse says: Oh! No, he definitely knows. I had a full debriefing... and lots of being chewed out... Is that the right word? Chewed out?
19:32 Ardell says: Yes. It is. There are others, but that's perhaps the most polite.
19:32 Ardell says: How long have the two of you been working with him?
19:33 Nysse says: Well, I was posted in Zangarmarsh at the Cenarion Refuge after the portal to Outland opened. So... several years.
19:34 Rhoelyn looks between Ardell and Nysse, owlish and quiet.
19:35 Nysse says: I met Rhese and got caught up in one of his missions and requested to join.
19:35 Ardell nods.
19:36 Ardell glances over to Rhoelyn.
19:36 Rhoelyn grins softly at Nysse, but says nothing.
19:36 Ardell says: That is where the two of you met as well?
19:36 Nysse nods.
19:36 Rhoelyn blinks. "Well, it was in Darnassus, to be precise."
19:36 Nysse says: We got in some trouble and Rhese had me use his hearth which was set to Darnassus... where I found Rhoelyn.
19:37 Ardell nods.
19:38 Rhoelyn looks down, clasping her hands in her lap.
19:39 Ardell says: And Knight Silverpaws, where is he right now?
19:41 Nysse says: Well, an'da--my father--is watching the children, but since he just got back, he's probably spending time with them.
19:41 Ardell says: You have accommodations here, in Boralus? Or in Stormwind?
19:42 Nysse says: In Boralus. It's a small three bedroom house for the...
19:42 Nysse counts on her fingers.
19:43 Nysse says: For eight of us?
19:43 Nysse glances at Rhoelyn to confirm.
19:43 Nysse says: I didn't count min'da since she's in Stormwind.
19:43 Ardell raises his eyebrow.
19:43 Rhoelyn glances up from her hands, nodding. "She seldom has time to visit."
19:43 Ardell says: That's something like 2 and one-third people per room. Isn't that a bit... cozy?
19:44 Rhoelyn grins a bit and pats Nysse's hand before she turns her attention back to Ardell.
19:44 Nysse says: A bit, but... there's not a lot of empty houses here within our budget.
19:44 Nysse says: We tend to rotate. A couple of us heading out when it gets too full.
19:45 Ardell looks at Nyssera with a frown.
19:45 Ardell says: You and Silverpaws have been agents with a while, you should have been getting a monthly stipend.
19:45 Ardell looks to Rhoelyn.
19:46 Ardell says: Even allies should receive something. Have neither of you been getting your dues?
19:47 Rhoelyn blinks at Ardell. "I... my stipend once came from the Temple. But that is... ah..." She just falls silent, her brow furrowing.
19:48 Nysse says: R-rhese tends to handle the stipends, but with two children... it goes quickly.
19:48 Ardell says: Ah...yes. I'm...sorry.
19:48 Ardell says: But, still, you should have received something from us.
19:49 Rhoelyn nods slightly at Ardell's comment and forces a little smile before she looks back down at her hands. "I have never asked him for... anything."
19:49 Ardell says: We have provisions for extra family members, too.
19:49 Ardell waves his hand in frustration.
19:49 Ardell says: I'll get it sorted out.
19:49 Ardell says: It would be nice to see someone use the funds for something other than beer and explosives for a change...
19:50 Ardell grumbles to himself.
19:50 Nysse looks at Ardell wide-eyed.
19:50 Nysse says: Beer and explosives?!
19:50 Rhoelyn glances from Ardell to Nysse, her eyes widening. "Oh, but ... ... beer and explosives? Wh-who would...?"
19:50 Ardell looks between the two of them.
19:50 Ardell says: I have a list.
19:50 Ardell says: Don't worry about it.
19:51 Rhoelyn blinks. "We... really, we do not need much, though... more space would be nice."
19:51 Nysse says: But... but that shouldn't need to be a list...
19:51 Nysse mumbles.
19:51 Rhoelyn leans over to Nysse and mutters in Darnassian.
19:51 Rhoelyn says: [Darnassian] I am ... suddenly uncertain whether or not I would wish to meet any more of his operatives.
19:52 Nysse nods emphatically.
19:52 Ardell says: Don't worry. They're not THAT bad. Just...unrefined.
19:52 Nysse glances at Rhoelyn worriedly.
19:53 Rhoelyn blinks at Ardell and blushes. "Tor'esthasil Darnassian?"
19:53 Ardell waggles his palm in the air, indicating "a little."
19:53 Ardell says: I am Gilnean. We spent a lot of time in Darnassus.
19:54 Nysse says: O-oh!
19:54 Rhoelyn only blushes darker, lowering her eyes. "My apologies. I... was rude."
19:54 Ardell grins.
19:54 Nysse squeeze Rhoelyn's hand comfortingly.
19:54 Ardell says: Trust me, I've been called many things in many languages. At least you weren't talking about me, eh?
19:55 Ardell says: You should hear agent Sparks when he goes on a rant.
19:55 Rhoelyn starts a bit and darts a look at Nysse. Nope. Definitely weren't talking about him like recently.
19:55 Nysse says: Agent... Sparks? He... talks about you. AND you know about it?
19:55 Rhoelyn says: Oh, but ... you are his commander.
19:55 Nysse says: Do you not... chew him out?
19:56 Rhoelyn blinks and looks at Nysse. "Ch-... chew on him?"
19:56 Ardell laughs.
19:57 Rhoelyn looks at Ardell, bewildered.
19:57 Nysse says: N-not literally, Rhoelyn. It's a human phrase that Wrune taught me.
19:57 Ardell says: I've known Bairem for many many years. Aris, too. They understand when rank is important and when it's not. Usually, it's when they're drunk. Beer, as I mentioned before.
19:57 Ardell says: ...okay, well Bairem knows when rank is important. Aris... she's still learning.
19:57 Rhoelyn says: Ah.
19:57 Rhoelyn still looks mostly bewildered.
19:58 Ardell says: What we do requires the utmost skill and trust in each other, as I'm sure you've learned. Discipline is important, but so is the ability to blow off a little steam without worry that you're breaking a rule in some handbook.
19:58 Ardell says: I do have a handbook, by the way.
19:59 Nysse says: T-there's a handbook?
19:59 Ardell says: Yes. The latest revision is in edits right now.
19:59 Ardell pats a book-sized pouch at his belt.
19:59 Rhoelyn says: Oh. Oh, my.
20:00 Nysse says: Morthis never mentioned a handbook...
20:00 Rhoelyn glances at Nysse. "Yes. And I have never read the rules."
20:00 Ardell raises an eyebrow, then scribbles again on a completely different sheet of paper.
20:00 Rhoelyn bites her lip. "I may have broken one inadvertently. If so, I apologize."
20:01 Ardell says: Oh?
20:01 Ardell says: I see...
20:01 Ardell scribbles something down on Rhoelyn's dossier, harshly.
20:02 Rhoelyn 's brows furrow as she watches him write. "Oh, dear..."
20:02 Nysse says: Ummm... what are you talking about, sister?
20:02 Rhoelyn looks at Nysse. "Well, I'm sure I would not know. I have never read the rules, so I may have broken one of them."
20:03 Nysse says: Oh... Can we be held accountable if we didn't know?
20:03 Ardell says: I'll make sure you get a copy of the current handbook. And I'll be publishing the new one once it's finished.
20:03 Ardell says: Ignorance is no excuse, Agent Ghost.
20:04 Nysse ducks her head.
20:04 Nysse says: Oh.
20:04 Ardell 's face is a mask of super-seriousness.
20:04 Rhoelyn grasps Nysse's hand under the table.
20:05 Rhoelyn says: We will be certain to read the newest rules immediately, of course.
20:05 Nysse says: What... what happens if we break a rule?
20:06 Rhoelyn gasps. "Is that where the explosives come in?"
20:06 Ardell says: You're generally assigned a punishment. Usually locked in a room, with one of our most...challenging...agents.
20:06 Rhoelyn squeezes Nysse's hand, paling.
20:07 Ardell says: But, luckily for the two of you, Aris is busy in the field right now. So... I'll let you off with merely a warning.
20:07 Ardell cracks a grin, but tries to cover it with a cough.
20:07 Nysse narrows her eyes and glances at Rhoelyn.
20:07 Nysse says: He smiled.
20:07 Nysse looks at Ardell.
20:07 Nysse says: Were you teasing us?
20:08 Rhoelyn blinks from Nysse to Ardell and back.
20:08 Ardell clears his throat again.
20:08 Rhoelyn says: Oh. Oh, he was.
20:08 Ardell says: That's a matter of national security, agent Ghost. I cannot reveal that to you at this time.
20:09 Nysse smiles a tiny bit.
20:09 Rhoelyn blushes and grins a bit. "Perhaps he is a bit of a beast, after all."
20:09 Nysse turns bright crimson.
20:09 Nysse says: S-sister!
20:10 Rhoelyn clears her throat and bows her head to Ardell. "Apologies."
20:10 Ardell waves his hand again and smiles.
20:12 Ardell clears his throat, far more seriously now.
20:12 Rhoelyn says: I think perhaps Mor-... Specter and Grave have more in common than they realize.
20:13 Rhoelyn tilts her head and peers at Ardell, an assessment less hidden behind nervousness.
20:13 Nysse says: I think you're right.
20:14 Ardell says: I think I have learned enough of what I wished to know of the two of you.
20:14 Ardell says: Before I go any further, however...
20:14 Ardell turns to Rhoelyn.
20:14 Nysse follows his gaze.
20:14 Rhoelyn peers at him, her eyes widening.
20:14 Ardell says: My records indicate that you are not an official agent of the organization, is this correct?
20:15 Ardell says: You have served your family as an ally, but have never truly taken the oath.
20:15 Rhoelyn shakes her head. "No. I have only helped where I can."
20:15 Rhoelyn blinks at Ardell.
20:15 Ardell says: Do you WISH to be? Do you wish to have a hand in helping to support the Alliance against the crimes this world seeks to push upon us?
20:17 Rhoelyn startles and looks from him to Nysse and back. "I-I am not a fighter, Grave. I would never be able to help in the war."
20:17 Ardell says: Not everyone needs a place on the front line.
20:17 Ardell says: Our cover is "Alliance Emergency Support Operations". It is only a half mask. Much of what we do is support, even non-combat in nature.
20:18 Nysse squeezes Rhoelyn's hand again.
20:18 Nysse says: So... she could stay here and heal and other things?
20:18 Rhoelyn looks at Nysse, her brow furrowing.
20:18 Ardell says: If you wish to join us, we can make sure that the stipend you received from the temple is supplemented accordingly, and you will be given access to other avenues from within our organization.
20:18 Ardell nods at Nysse.
20:19 Ardell says: We have separated families from Brennadam that could also use assistance.
20:19 Nysse says: That does seem like something you'd like to do, sister, but it's your choice.
20:20 Nysse says: It sounds a bit like an... AESOP ambassador.
20:20 Nysse smiles gently at Rhoelyn.
20:21 Rhoelyn blinks at Ardell, tugging her hand free from Nysse's to clasp them together in her lap. She looks troubled. "Ah... I-I would of course like to help, but ... Rhese would never let me join the organization. And I am a priestess of Elune. I..."
20:21 Rhoelyn lowers her eyes. "I cannot do what you do."
20:22 Nysse says: Rhese let me join. If it's something you wanted, I know he'd understand.
20:22 Ardell says: If you want a desk job... that can also be arranged. We have plenty of desks, too.
20:22 Ardell smirks.
20:22 Ardell says: But you certainly feel more like an "in the field" type of healer to me.
20:23 Ardell says: You get the most out of being near them, don't you? The ones you help?
20:24 Rhoelyn glances down at her hands, shuddering. "I -did-. B-but now I am... who would help Sarren care for the children if I did more?" She looks over at Nysse.
20:24 Nysse says: We could trade out when we're in the field, I'm sure. We don't both have to be gone at the same time.
20:25 Nysse says: And I wouldn't think...
20:25 Nysse glances at Ardell.
20:25 Nysse says: That you would have to be alone?
20:26 Nysse says: Maybe Rhese could go with you. It'd make both of you feel better.
20:27 Nysse swallows nervously and continues glancing at Ardell to see if she's overstepping any boundaries.
20:28 Ardell says: Most of our current needs can be met here in Boralus if it will help. Field work can be kept to a minimum, barring emergency situations, of course.
20:29 Rhoelyn tears her gaze away and puts it back on her hands. She finally raises her head to glance from Ardell to Nysse and forces a little smile. "I would like to think about your offer, please. I am... I will consider it. I wish to help."
20:29 Ardell says: Of course.
20:30 Ardell says: Take your time.
20:30 Nysse bites her lip.
20:31 Nysse draws her hand back to her lap and sits neatly.
20:32 Nysse says: Thank you for your offer, Ardell, sir.
20:32 Rhoelyn nods slightly and glances up at the human. "Yes. Thank you."
20:32 Ardell nods.
20:33 Ardell says: The two of you bring a very unique element to the team that I currently do not have. I think you'd be a valuable addition.
20:33 Nysse says: That we do not drink or use... explosives?
20:34 Ardell says: ...yes. That's part of it, certainly.
20:34 Nysse says: Oh... Ummm. Do you like wolves?
20:34 Nysse clears her throat.
20:34 Ardell says: ...are you trying to joke with me, Agent?
20:36 Nysse says: N-no! I mean... I train wolves--actual wolves!--So, when I go out on missions I tend to have one or two with me. Usually Tsume or my son Yami...
20:36 Ardell gets his quill ready.
20:36 Ardell says: ...your son?
20:36 Nysse blushes.
20:37 Nysse says: Adopted voidling son. Yamiriel. He's very good at shifting like a druid.
20:37 Ardell smiles, but scribbles hastily on the pages in the folder.
20:37 Ardell says: Adopted. Voidling. Son.
20:37 Rhoelyn blinks at her sister, biting her lip, and leans over to whisper, "Are you certain it's a good idea to ... tell him all of it?"
20:38 Ardell says: Alright. Very well.
20:38 Ardell says: And, yes. I am fine with wolves. I am one, you know.
20:38 Nysse mumbles to Rhoe.
20:38 Nysse says: Some of it...
20:39 Rhoelyn turns her shocked blink on Ardell next, her mouth opening into a little 'o'.
20:39 Nysse blinks and then turns to Ardell.
20:39 Nysse says: Oh! You're a... a... ahhhh...
20:39 Ardell says: A worgen, yes. Don't worry, it's not a four-letter-word.
20:39 Nysse says: No, it's six.
20:40 Nysse frowns slightly.
20:40 Ardell says: No, no. I mean it's not a curse.
20:40 Rhoelyn blinks. "Isn't it?"
20:40 Nysse says: But... it is a curse...
20:40 Nysse nods at Rhoelyn.
20:40 You nod at Nysse.
20:40 Ardell opens his mouth to respond again, but closes it again.
20:40 Rhoelyn says: If you require education about it, I know a very experienced druid.
20:41 Ardell pinches the bridge of his nose for a few seconds, then takes a deep breath and plasters his smile back on.
20:41 Ardell says: No, no. I'm fine. Thank you, though.
20:41 Rhoelyn looks at Nysse, "Verune has studied quite a lot, you know. Since... well..."
20:41 Nysse says: I didn't know anything about Worgen before Verune told me about them, but then again... it's been more recent.
20:42 Nysse says: I hope we haven't said anything wrong.
20:42 Ardell says: You're fine. No worries.
20:43 Ardell says: What I mean to say is: I'm not ashamed of my condition. It has, surprisingly, been beneficial.
20:43 Rhoelyn widens her eyes at him. "Goodness."
20:44 Nysse says: I... can understand. A little.
20:44 Rhoelyn leans over to Nysse, "Do you think you should tell him about being a wolf, too?"
20:45 Nysse says: I implied it... I think he got it.
20:45 Nysse speaks to Ardell.
20:45 Nysse says: You did get that my son turns into a wolf as well, didn't you?
20:45 Ardell nods.
20:45 Ardell says: Yes... I did.
20:45 Rhoelyn blinks at Ardell and mumbles, "Well, a void... wolf."
20:45 Ardell says: Your adopted voidling son, correct?
20:46 Rhoelyn says: And Nysse. Once.
20:46 Nysse says: Yes. There is a bit more of a story to that, but... I hope you don't mind if we keep that to ourselves. It wasn't on a missio--
20:46 Rhoelyn smiles and looks over at her sister.
20:46 Nysse blushes.
20:47 Nysse says: Just once.
20:47 Ardell says: I'm sure I will hear about it all in due time.
20:47 Ardell is still writing on the dossier.
20:48 Nysse says: I... I can't turn into a wolf again. Just... for your notes, you know.
20:49 Rhoelyn looks from Nysse to Ardell and decides against saying anything more, blushing slightly.
20:49 Ardell says: Well, if you wanted some pointers, I do have some experience with the subject matter.
20:49 Ardell smiles.
20:49 Rhoelyn says: Oh, no.
20:50 Nysse smiles a little.
20:50 Nysse says: N-no. I've come to peace with just enjoying the company of wolves. I'll let my son enjoy the ability.
20:51 Nysse says: It is rather taboo anyway. It is probably best to avoid it.
20:51 Rhoelyn just reaches over and pats Nysse's hand.
20:52 Ardell says: Well, I think we've all learned quite a bit about each other this evening, haven't we?
20:52 Nysse nods.
20:52 Nysse says: Will we speak again soon?
20:53 Ardell looks at Nyssera and nods.
20:53 Rhoelyn bows her head to Ardell.
20:53 Ardell says: With you, perhaps sooner rather than later.
20:53 Ardell look to Rhoelyn.
20:53 Ardell says: And you as well, if you decide to join us in our efforts.
20:54 Nysse scoots her chair out to stand and stretch.
20:54 Rhoelyn says: Ah. O-of... of course. Does this mean that Morthis... will... ah... Specter no longer issue Nysse and Rhese their orders?
20:55 Rhoelyn priestess rises on cue from her sister, a bit more graceful and slowly.
20:55 Ardell says: He and I likely need to have a...discussion. But, yes, he will likely still be the primary source for matters involving Kalimdor.
20:56 Ardell stands as well, grabbing both his sword and his helm.
20:56 Rhoelyn glances at Nysse, uncertain, before she leans down to grab her staff back.
20:56 Nysse swings her bow over her shoulder.
20:56 Nysse says: I'll catch up Rhese... unless you plan to meet with him as well?
20:57 Ardell looks down to another sheet of paper next to the stack of books.
20:57 Ardell says: He's on the list, yes.
20:57 Ardell says: Scheduling is an entirely different matter, of course.
20:57 Nysse says: Yes, of course. I'll give him the highlights then, but leave the details to you.
20:57 Rhoelyn folds her hands together in front of her belt, thoughtful.
20:57 Nysse says: If... If that's okay.
20:58 Ardell nods at Nysse.
20:58 Nysse bows before Ardell.
20:59 Ardell salutes Nysse with respect.
20:59 Ardell bows before you.
20:59 Nysse says: Good evening, then. I hope your work goes well.
20:59 Nysse says: Sister?
20:59 Rhoelyn looks from Ardell to Nysse and back. She answers Ardell's bow with her own, pressing her hand over her heart.
20:59 Rhoelyn says: It was a pleasure to meet you. Elune adore, Grave.

The ladies lead the way toward the stairs down.

21:00 Rhoelyn says: Ah.
21:00 Nysse pauses on the stairs and looks back at Rhoelyn.
21:00 Rhoelyn says: One question, if you would.
21:00 Rhoelyn looks back at Ardell.
21:01 Rhoelyn says: Do... do all your agents have to wear the blue and gold?
21:02 Nysse quickly covers her smile with her hand.
21:02 Ardell says: You will be asked to wear a dress uniform for special formal occasions. Parades and the like. Otherwise... most of us just find it rather catching, don't you?
21:02 Ardell smirks.
21:02 Nysse says: Wait... we have to have a dress uniform?!
21:03 Nysse eyes Rhoelyn worriedly.
21:03 Ardell says: It's in the handbook, yes.
21:03 Rhoelyn turns her gaze on Nysse, speculative. There's a gleam there. A gleam that her sister recognizes.
21:03 Ardell says: Which you will be receiving a copy o--

Nysse takes a nervous step back and proceeds to trip down the stair behind her, nearly landing on her rear before her desperate grip on the banister saves her.

21:03 Ardell says: Erm?
21:04 Nysse clears her throat like she didn't just flop on the stair a moment ago.
21:04 Rhoelyn giggles and offers her sister a hand. "Do be careful, Nysse."
21:04 Nysse says: Yes, handbook. Blue gold. Dress uniform.
21:04 Nysse takes Rhoelyn's hand as she steadies herself.
21:05 Nysse says: Is t-that all?
21:05 Rhoelyn turns her attention back to Ardell, a smile still on her lips. "I suppose we can work with the blue and gold. It will take some accents to go with her hair." She mutters it almost to herself.
21:05 Nysse says: ...
21:05 Ardell says: I'm sure you both have the matter well in hand.
21:05 Ardell grins.
21:05 Rhoelyn says: One of us, at least.
21:05 Rhoelyn smiles broadly at Nysse.
21:06 Nysse sighs and ducks her head.
21:06 Nysse says: We... we should go check on Rhese and the children.
21:06 Nysse says: Goodnight, Ardell, sir.
21:06 Rhoelyn says: Yes. Good night.
21:06 Ardell says: Safe travels.
21:06 Nysse says: T-thank you.
21:07 Ardell dons his helmet as he leaves the building.

Nysse and Rhoelyn leave the building not long after Ardell, heading in the opposite direction, through the twisting streets of Proudmoore Keep and back toward the bustle of Tradewinds Market and their much less bustling cozy neighborhood behind it. As they walk, they talk.

21:07 Nysse says: That... could have went worse.
21:07 Rhoelyn ponders Nysse's new armor as she walks, looking much lighter than she did on the way in.
21:07 Rhoelyn says: He is a beast. But he is not a beast.
21:08 Nysse says: Yes, and maybe.
21:08 Rhoelyn giggles suddenly. "Nysse, I was utterly shocked that you didn't ask to see his worgen form."
21:08 Nysse blushes.
21:09 Nysse says: That would have been rude!
21:09 Rhoelyn reaches out and pats her sister's arm. "Yes. And I am very proud of you."
21:09 Rhoelyn says: Shocked. But proud.
21:09 Nysse says: I'm not that bad...
21:10 Nysse says: Do you feel a bit better, sister?
21:10 Rhoelyn blinks at Nysse. "Better than what?"
21:11 Nysse says: You were nervous before we went in. Do you feel less nervous now that you've met him?
21:12 Rhoelyn considers that quite seriously for a while as they walk, clasping her hands together. "Mm. I suppose. But now I must think on his offer."
21:13 Nysse says: Maybe you and Rhese can talk about it?
21:14 Rhoelyn frowns and looks down at her hands. "Perhaps."
21:15 Nysse says: It is your choice in the end, sister. I won't pressure you to join. You're always welcome to help us regardless.
21:15 Nysse smiles over her shoulder.
00:18 Rhoelyn reaches out and grasps Nysse's bracer, drawing her gently to a stop. She keeps her head down. "You... really will not be disappointed if I don't join?"
00:18 Nysse: I swear it. I think it would do you some good to do something, but it has to be your decision.
00:19 Rhoelyn: But Sarren needs help with the children. I am not the same as you and Rhese.
00:20 Nysse shakes her head.
00:20 Rhoelyn: Morthis only asks me to speak to people, to do little things. Grave seems the type to ask too much.
00:20 Nysse: No, you're not. You don't fight, but you have a gentle heart that wants to help people.
00:21 Rhoelyn grips Nysse's other gauntlet, too, hanging her head. She sighs and quietly admits, "I do want to help, but..." She doesn't finish.
00:22 Nysse: Brennadam was attacked by the Horde. I heard about it. Their town is... They bombed the town.
00:22 Rhoelyn raises her head, her brow furrowing as she looks at Nysse in horror. "H-how awful."
00:22 Nysse: As for the children, we can always work out a schedule that works for us. We don't all have to be out on a mission.
00:23 Nysse nods.
00:24 Nysse: That's why I want you to take your time and think about it. Don't worry about Rhese or me or Sarren and the children. What do you want to do, my dearest sister? Think about it.
00:24 Nysse reaches out and hugs Rhoelyn.
00:25 Rhoelyn clings to Nysse just a bit before letting her go. "I will... think about it. Thank you, Nysse."
00:25 Rhoelyn bites her lip, thoughtful. She finally just shakes her head a little and glances away up the stairs. "Let us... let us go home. You father and Rhese are probably wondering what happened to us."
00:25 Nysse smiles just a little.
00:25 Nysse: They probably think we got distracted by Tsume on the way back. Should we prove them right?
00:26 Rhoelyn blinks and then breaks into a slow smile. "We should certainly not wish to lie to them."
00:26 Nysse: Exactly what I'm thinking as well.

The two of them proceed through the streets of Boralus, making a brief detour to the stables to visit their favorite wolf.