Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Offensive Posture


The setting is a well-hidden camp far off the beaten track in the wilds of Ashenvale, far enough but not too far from the Netherbane Site of Lessons. It is a dwelling of sorts, built with careful stealth into the half-hollow trunk of a huge, ancient tree, some shelves hidden within and carved from its lightning-scarred wood.

17:18 Eraelan removes a pair of small objects from a foliage-covered chest. He rolls them around in his hands--each a crystalline object about the size of a coin, one dark, one light, and wreathed in metalwork--before tucking them into his belt pouch.
17:20 Eraelan stands, a near-permanent frown etched into his features.
17:20 Vasedra growls and leaps down, landing in a crouch behind Eraelan
17:20 Eraelan says: For someone who was to be her bodyguard, you are rather clumsy, Vasedra.
17:21 Vasedra says: What did you do, Eraelan? Where is she?
17:21 Vasedra stalks toward him, bristling and tense.
17:21 Eraelan says: And stupid as well. You think I did something? Have you not been paying attention?
17:22 Eraelan says: No wonder she was taken, if this is the level of skill to be expected from you.
17:23 Vasedra says: What do you mean, taken?
17:22 Vasedra bares her teeth at him. "I only just got back. She was supposed to stay at the Sanctuary! Unless you sent her off on another of your rot-damned tests."
17:23 Eraelan says: Ah. So what happened was... YOU left HER.
17:23 Eraelan says: Her bodyguard. Her sword and shield. Abandoned your charge.
17:23 Vasedra growls again, gripping her swords. "I planned for it all! She should have stayed safe! What did you DO?!"
17:24 Eraelan says: I killed a demon hunting her and the others. What did YOU do?
17:24 Eraelan says: WHERE were you that was so much more important that your sworn duty?
17:25 Eraelan leaps off the platform and onto the grass next to the demon knight.
17:25 Vasedra glares, the expression mostly in her mouth, the rest of her face hidden under her cowl. "I went to get the power I need to protect her. She... she should have been safe. Eraelan, where is Ary?"
17:27 Eraelan says: You abandoned her safety in order to gain the power to make her safe? So you admit that you are inadequate for the task you chose? Because of your inadequacies, she is now likely chained somewhere within the Umbral Eclipse.
17:28 Vasedra gasps and takes a step back. "No!"
17:28 Eraelan spits on the ground at his feet.
17:28 Vasedra says: I made her a place to go to be safe! She would have only left for YOU!
17:28 Eraelan says: How long have you been by her side, demon knight?
17:29 Eraelan 's jaw is clenched.
17:29 Vasedra 's hands shake as she clenches her fists. "Long enough. Long enough to know that you a-" She bites off what she was going to say, grimacing.
17:30 Eraelan says: Long enough? But not long enough to understand the strength of her own independence? Are you TRULY that dense?
17:30 Eraelan says: WHERE did you go? WHAT was so much more important than her protection?
17:30 Eraelan says: You turned a blind eye to the truth in pursuit of WHAT?
17:31 Vasedra growls. "Shut up. Shut up! It was never going to be enough against Sraath and Malfias!" The way she looks around, it's not completely clear that she's telling Eraelan to shut up.
17:32 Eraelan takes a step closer, his permanent-frown somehow far more severe than usual.
17:33 Vasedra says: You lured her out. I always make her safe, and you always put her in danger! It was for nothing if you got her killed!
17:34 Vasedra sneers and grips the hilts of the smoky, void-dense swords on her belt.
17:34 Eraelan says: She allowed you to remain by her side because you had no purpose once severed from your master. Because you were no more than an aimless wanderer. And you repaid that by abandoning the duty she asked of you.
17:34 Eraelan says: Is that all you are good for, SEDRAI? Aimless wandering?
17:37 Vasedra steps back once, her eyes widening beneath the dark cowl. There's something false about the dim, luminous blue of them. After a breath or two, they narrow once more, and she glances to the side.
17:37 Vasedra says: I told you to shut up.
17:37 Vasedra refocuses on Eraelan.
17:38 Vasedra says: I am Ary's blade. Her friend. I'm not a wanderer, any more.
17:38 Eraelan says: What will you do now? Find another master to disappoint? Or will you attempt to make right what you made wrong this time?
17:38 Vasedra sneers at him. "I will save her, of course."
17:40 Eraelan turns away from Sedra and steps over to a cluster of shelves carved into the hollowed-out tree trunk.
17:40 Eraelan kneels down.
17:41 Vasedra growls. "We're not done, Eraelan."
17:41 Eraelan says: How did you find this place, anyway? I have never welcomed you here.
17:41 Vasedra says: Ary is my friend.
17:41 Vasedra looks smug as she says it.
17:41 Eraelan says: So your words say. I have yet to see actions that prove it, however.
17:42 Eraelan pulls a few items from the shelves, also shoving them into various belt pouches hanging from his waist.
17:42 Vasedra glances aside and mutters. "Yes, I know. You're right, of course."
17:42 Vasedra says: I've always known he was the first threat.
17:43 Eraelan raises his eyebrow as he glances over his shoulder at Sedra.
17:44 Eraelan says: How many are present here with us, demon knight?
17:44 Vasedra tilts her head and then nods, her lips twisting up at something unheard.
17:44 Eraelan stands and faces Sedra again.
17:44 Vasedra glares at him, a dark grin on her face. "Multitudes, I think. Or just the two of us and the blades. It's hard to tell."
17:45 Vasedra says: But they are right.
17:45 Vasedra says: Eraelan, where is the key? The weapon Mifuune forged...
17:49 Eraelan says: Against my better wishes, it is in the hands of the Greyseer. Who else better to balance those scales?
17:49 Eraelan grimaces as he speaks.
17:49 Vasedra says: Good. Then this becomes simpler.
17:50 Eraelan raises an eyebrow.
17:50 Vasedra looks almost calm and happy, an odd contrast to the rage of a moment before. "I will give you to Sraath, and he will give me Ary."
17:51 Eraelan says: Try it.
17:53 Vasedra sneers darkly. "Gladly." She shoves him away, suddenly, and yanks her blades from their sheathes and swings them at him.
17:56 Eraelan steps backward with the force of the shove, but does not evade the blades. His glowing green felblood spatters on the grass as two wounds open up on his chest. He seems... unconcerned.
17:57 Eraelan draws his dueling blades slowly and deliberately, his frown vanishing and his face going completely emotionless.
17:57 Eraelan says: First blood to you. I still stand. Try again, wanderer.
17:59 Vasedra says: Just to be clear... I am not sure I hated you before today. You only had to leave her alone for a few days. She would have been safe.
18:00 Vasedra growls and lunges forward, slicing again across his chest, drawing new lines with her void-mad blades. They laugh audibly and sob at the same time.
18:00 Eraelan says: You wanted me to do as you did, but no. I will not be the one that abandons her.
18:02 Eraelan steps to the side after the demon knight's blades cut his flesh again. In a single motion, he reverese his grip on one of his dueling blades and rakes it across Sedra as she passes.
18:02 Eraelan says: Surely you are better than this. She would not have chosen a failure unless you had more to offer.
18:03 Vasedra steps forward and spins around on the other side of the motion, her side oddly not even scratched. There is a momentary gust of cold air that wafts by as she grins.
18:04 Vasedra says: I have much more to offer, Eraelan. You'll see.
18:04 Eraelan laughs at you.
18:04 Vasedra randomly chuckles and mutters, "No, that shouldn't be necessary."
18:07 Vasedra lifts her blades high and then releases her grip. They stay there, mumbling something incomprehensible, and the left one screams briefly as she reaches her arms out, clenching her fists.
18:08 Vasedra says: Your false body, probably stolen from someone. He'll enjoy breaking it, anyway.
18:08 Vasedra gathers cold around her fists as the blades spin and level their points at Eraelan's neck.
18:09 Eraelan raises his head, baring his throat to the weapons.
18:10 Vasedra sneers. "You think I won't because you're being meek? Do you blame yourself, too?"
18:11 Eraelan says: Pointing weapons at me is not a threat, Sedrai. There is nothing you can do to me that has not already been done. If you feel the need to justify your abandonment, then do so. But do not waste my time thinking that I will cower before a failure.
18:12 Vasedra yells: I did not abandon her!
18:12 Eraelan says: You can tell her that when you remove her from Sraath's prison. If she is still alive...
18:13 Vasedra gestures, and the right blade sobs as it darts forward. Hm. Somehow, it seems to have changed its trajectory and drives for his shoulder.
18:13 Vasedra says: She is alive. Ary is alive. She has to be alive.
18:15 Vasedra repeats it a couple of extra times, like a mantra, and even the cowl can't hide how haunted she is by the thought.
18:16 Eraelan 's torso rocks back as the blade pieces his shoulder. The flesh around the wound darkens and crackles, and Eraelan's lip twitches in reaction.
18:17 Vasedra says: If I put the other through your heart, you will b-
18:18 Eraelan rushes forward in a blink, slamming Sedra into the tree behind her. His blades pierce the flesh... of the trunk, inches away from her face.
18:18 Eraelan says: Here. Your weapon is yours to retrieve.
18:18 Eraelan grins.
18:19 Vasedra sneers, though clearly rattled. She grips the blade and yanks it free, though the other has dropped to the grass behind them.
18:20 Eraelan pulls his blades out and steps back, the grin still on his face.
18:22 Vasedra follows him by only a step. Her lips quirk up a bit when she lifts her empty hand and the other blade comes flying back, its hilt striking for his cheek like a slap as it passes.
18:22 Eraelan’s head snaps to the side with the contact, but he just pulls it back around and raises an eyebrow at the childish maneuver.
18:23 Eraelan says: She must have the patience of a spirit healer...
18:24 Vasedra sheathes her blades and steps closer to him, the air around her suddenly exploding into a whirl of ice and snow, a blizzard around them both. Shadows move in the white fog, and the whispers there are full of momentary, mad visions.
18:29 Vasedra darts forward through the obscuring storm, her fist crusting with ice as she swings it at Eraelan's borrowed jaw.
18:30 Eraelan spins at the strike, a loud "crack" echoing across the forest. He steps back and kneels into a crouch, looking up at Sedra with an expression of... amusement?
18:31 Eraelan says: Did that feel good, demon knight?
18:32 Vasedra steps forward, glaring down at him.
18:32 Vasedra says: Yes. But a blade through your heart would feel better.
18:32 Vasedra 's swords seem to wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment, chittering enthusiastically.
18:33 Vasedra slowly pulls her left blade free with her right hand, a mockery of his own slow draw of his blades.
18:33 Eraelan leaps into the air suddenly, his body transforming at its arc. He then comes crashing down towards Sedra.
18:33 You lie down before Eraelan.
18:34 Eraelan leans forward, his blades scissored across her throat as the demon form vanishes.
18:34 Eraelan says: Understand one thing, demon knight.
18:35 Eraelan says: I do NOT hate you. You are not even worthy of my hate. With the flick of my wrist, I can sever your skull from your body and give it to someone who DOES care. You are WORTHless to me.
18:35 Vasedra gasps in surprise, her cowl knocked back. She gazes up at him with wide, black eyes, and her metal-banded and decorated horns are clear to see.
18:35 Eraelan spits on the ground next to her.
18:36 Eraelan says: But you are worth something to her. So you will live today.
18:36 Eraelan stands, yanking his blades away and sheathing them.
18:36 Vasedra scrambles back to her hooves, her teeth clenched tight.
18:36 Darkwatcher appears in a batch of shadows.
18:37 Vasedra yells: Bastard!
18:37 Eraelan chuckles.
18:37 Darkwatcher says: What the fel is going on here?
18:37 Eraelan says: Anger management.
18:37 Darkwatcher says: For which one of you?
18:37 Vasedra slants a glance at Tris and quickly pulls her cowl back into place.
18:37 Eraelan says: Does it matter?
18:38 Vasedra says: Don't interfere, Tris.
18:38 Vasedra gestures her swords back into her hands.
18:38 Darkwatcher holds up a hand to silence Sedra.
18:39 Darkwatcher says: It only matters because we need you BOTH in one piece.
18:39 Darkwatcher says: Seriously, my sister is missing and you two are fighting?
18:39 Vasedra 's swords scream with her own frustration, and she mutters, "Thank you. Now, shut up."
18:40 Eraelan says: Consider it... practice.
18:40 Vasedra says: I'm going to get her back!
18:40 You point at Eraelan.
18:40 Darkwatcher says: WE'RE going to get her back. All of us. In a coordinated attack. That I'll catch you up on in a minute when you take a deep breath and cool off.
18:41 Darkwatcher says: Which I NEVER thought I'd have to say to you.
18:41 Vasedra seems unamused by the way she bares her teeth at Tris.
18:42 Darkwatcher pinches the bridge of her nose.
18:42 Eraelan says: Why are you even here?
18:42 Eraelan tilts his head at Araatris.
18:43 Darkwatcher grimaces.
18:43 Vasedra says: Help me take him to Sraath, Tris.
18:43 Darkwatcher says: Hunting satyr. It's not like I'm overjoyed to... Really. Did you just say that?
18:43 Darkwatcher says: Even I'm not that stupid and I've had plenty of stupid moments.
18:44 Eraelan nods at Darkwatcher.
18:44 Vasedra clenches her blades tightly, watching the demon huntress with falsely blue eyes. "I'm not stupid."
18:44 Darkwatcher twitches.
18:45 Darkwatcher says: So, you want Sraath to get his hands on an immortal demon hunter and attempt to subsume him. Assuming the worst case scenario and Sraath succeeds, we have double trouble and an even harder time getting Ary back. Best case scenario...
18:45 Darkwatcher says: We're down one.
18:46 Eraelan says: It would not work anyway.
18:46 Eraelan reaches for a small wooden box on a shelf, and rests it on part of the stump that forms a table.
18:46 Vasedra grits her teeth, glancing between them both. She says nothing, apparently possibly thinking better of her great plan.
18:47 Eraelan opens the box, revealing a golden pin and some thread. He immediately threads the needle and begins to stitch up his shoulder wound.
18:48 Darkwatcher says: Vasedra, put away your swords.
18:48 Vasedra says: No. *she turns her attention to E* Why won't it work, Eraelan?
18:49 Eraelan says: Have you forgotten that Sraath seeks to destroy everyone and everything that has bore my name? Including you? You cannot bargain with him any more than you can bargain with a rabid hound.
18:50 Eraelan says: You are guilty by association, demon knight.
18:50 Eraelan says: Can you not see the breadth of the smile on my face from under that cowl of yours?
18:50 Eraelan is, indeed, grinning rather widely.
18:50 Darkwatcher sighs.
18:50 Darkwatcher says: He is right.
18:51 Vasedra says: I don't matter. Do you suggest we just wait? I'm not leaving Ary in Sraath's hands while Elithe presses his best robe and Tharion communes with his rage monkey and ... and ... Ary is in his hands!
18:52 Eraelan says: Who is waiting? What do you believe I was doing when you interrupted me here? Preening? Because of you, I now need to repair this flesh.
18:52 Eraelan says: Did you NOT think before you attacked?
18:52 Eraelan 's expression reveals that it's not really a question.
18:53 Darkwatcher says: We can't get in until we gather there with the swords anyway. He's not going to bring Ary to the door. She's too useful.
18:54 Darkwatcher says: We checked over her apartment for clues. Whatever attacked her was lying in wait there in her childhood bedroom.
18:55 Vasedra grits her teeth and curls her shoulders forward, her gauntlets creaking with how tightly she grips the whispering swords.
18:55 Vasedra says: She was supposed to go back to the sanctuary.
18:56 Darkwatcher says: She must have stopped by there on the way back to the sanctuary. It was really late when she left. She seemed rather tired.
18:56 Vasedra yells: Be silent!
18:57 Vasedra tosses her swords in the air and the pair of them go flying to bury themselves in the tree trunk while she glares at them.
18:58 Darkwatcher says: Sedra, here's what we know. She came to the Site and talked to Shazadi. From what I understand, she went somewhere and gathered a crystal that could hold Sraath's soul since we can't destroy his soul. She left the Site of Lessons.
18:59 Eraelan finishes stitching up his shoulder wound, bite off the thread, and begins on the cuts on his abdomen.
18:59 Vasedra brushes unsteady fingers over her horns, looking at the grass somewhere between Tris and Eraelan.
18:59 Darkwatcher says: My sister is a strong individual on her own. I had no reason to think she wouldn't be safe on her travels.
19:01 Vasedra says: Lightless Depths! I thought I could trust her to you all. She told me I could!
19:01 Darkwatcher says: That doesn't mean we baby her, Sedra. She's not a child any more than I am.
19:01 Eraelan raises an eyebrow at Sedra yet again, but says nothing. He just continues stitching himself.
19:02 Vasedra growls. "The only way to keep what you treasure is to protect it. AND I SAID BE SILENT!"
19:02 Vasedra points a finger at the blades stuck in the tree, and they quiet.
19:03 Darkwatcher rubs her face, shifting the eyeveil to reveal her sockets.
19:03 Darkwatcher says: The voices in your head are showing, Sedra...
19:04 Vasedra blinks at that and kind of half-chuckles as she says, "Shut up, Tris."
19:04 Vasedra says: So you two suggest... what, exactly? If you say 'tea', I will stab someone. Twice.
19:04 Darkwatcher laughs.
19:05 Vasedra gives Eraelan a look that makes it clear just who is at the top of the list.
19:05 Darkwatcher says: I'll be sure to skip the tea this time then, but I do suggest that you come and find out what our plan is.
19:05 Darkwatcher glances at Eraelan.
19:06 Eraelan says: You have already stabbed me multiple times this evening. It was ineffective. I am uncertain anyone should have need to worry.
19:06 Vasedra says: We still have places to try.
19:06 Vasedra sneers.
19:06 Eraelan grins in reply.
19:06 Darkwatcher opens her mouth, closes it, takes a deep breath and tries again.
19:07 Darkwatcher says: Alright. Seems I'm the voice of reason for the night.
19:07 Darkwatcher points at Eraelan.
19:07 Vasedra glances over at her blades as they whine and whimper audibly.
19:07 Darkwatcher says: You. Do you need anything before the battle?
Tza'kiel whispers to Vasedra: *For a moment, brief as the span of a single heartbeat, something touches Vasedra's mind. There is something both soothing and possessive in it, yet rich with controlled menace directed elsewhere. It peers for a passing second from her eyes, taking in all that she can see, and just as quickly is gone. Her swords would give a quiet, audible, moaning sigh as it disappears. The sound sad as though mourning.*
19:08 Eraelan says: I have everything here. In my home. Where the two of you are currently. Unwelcome.
19:08 Darkwatcher snaps.
19:09 Darkwatcher says: I don't care if I'm welcome or not. I don't exactly like your home or you most days, but I need you in fighting shape.
19:09 Darkwatcher says: Are you going to be capable of fighting in time?
19:10 Eraelan bites off the last length of thread and ties it off. Then he flares a tiny felfire flame around the object for a brief flash before placing it back into the wooden box.
19:10 Vasedra looks at Eraelan and then shivers and presses her hands to her chest as her eyes close beneath her cowl. She bows her head for a moment before she recovers from that.
19:10 Eraelan says: I am, yes.
19:10 Darkwatcher says: Good.
19:11 Darkwatcher says: You are going to retrieve your weapons without causing anyone injury and come with me. We have things to discuss to save Ary.
19:11 Darkwatcher switches her eyeless gaze to Sedra.
19:12 Vasedra looks at Tris. "Fine. If I don't like what you say..." She doesn't even finish, just walking over to retrieve her blades from where they are moaning mournfully in the wood.
19:12 Darkwatcher says: Yes, yes. You'll stab me.
19:12 Eraelan says: Twice.
19:12 Eraelan smirks.
19:12 Vasedra grins at Tris, false and toothy. "Maybe thrice."
19:13 Darkwatcher glances at Eraelan.
19:13 Vasedra shushes the swords, and they fall silent as she sheathes them.
19:13 Darkwatcher says: Don't sound so happy about it. All your hard work to get this body together for me would be marred.
19:13 Eraelan 's smirk vanishes, and he frowns instead.
19:14 Eraelan replaces the wooden box on the shelf.
19:14 Darkwatcher makes a rude gesture at Eraelan.
19:14 Eraelan says: I saw that.
19:14 Darkwatcher says: Come on, Sed.
19:14 Darkwatcher says: Of course you did. I wasn't hiding it.
19:14 Vasedra 's gaze follows Eraelan, and she frowns at his back before turning away.
19:14 Eraelan grumbles.
19:15 Darkwatcher yells: You know you like the challenge!

Sedra and Tris summon their respective mounts and ride off for the Site of Lessons, arriving only a short while later.

19:18 Darkwatcher says: Let's sit and talk. I won't even offer you tea. Promise.
19:18 Vasedra frowns and balks. "I am not going to that useless, tumble-down building."
19:18 Vasedra says: This place is worthless.
19:18 Darkwatcher says: Why is it worthless?
19:19 Vasedra sighs and does put some effort into calming down, brushing her shaking fingers over her horns. "Fine. Sorry, it's fine."
19:19 Darkwatcher says: We can sit on the steps or use another shelter if you want.
19:20 Darkwatcher says: The location isn't important.
19:20 Vasedra says: The steps, then... The steps are fine.
19:20 Vasedra steps past Tris and plops down, kicking her hooves out.
19:20 Darkwatcher sits down on the steps, leaning her elbows back on the step behind her.
19:21 Vasedra sets the swords out beside her, shushing them tenderly when they keen.
19:21 Darkwatcher says: I understand you're upset. I'm not sure anyone is happy about this.
19:22 Darkwatcher says: We want Ary back as well, but we can't leap in without a plan. You can't even get into his ship without the swords.
19:22 Vasedra scrubs her hands over her face under the cowl. "Just tell me the plan so that I can go, Tris."
19:23 Darkwatcher glances over at Vasedra.
19:24 Darkwatcher says: Listen, I'm telling you this as a friend, but you can't just go running off to fight Sraath when we're done here. I don't know what's going on with you, but you need to take a deep breath.
19:27 Vasedra says: A deep breath...
19:27 Vasedra sighs and pulls her knees up, wrapping her arms around them. "Fine. I'm breathing."
19:28 Darkwatcher says: That's a good first step.
19:28 Darkwatcher smiles reassuringly.
19:29 Vasedra says: He's right. I shouldn't have gone. But I had to go.
19:29 Vasedra sighs and tilts her head. "The plan, Tris. Talk."
19:29 Darkwatcher says: We all have things we have to do. I can't imagine that you didn't talk it out with Ary.
19:30 Darkwatcher says: I was busy most of the evening, but she didn't seem bothered from what I could tell. She also didn't ask any of us to travel with her.
19:31 Darkwatcher says: I wish she had.
19:31 Vasedra 's hands tighten where they grip her arms. "She didn't keep her promise. Shazadi? A crystal? We made a safe place, and she said she would stay until I got back."
19:31 Darkwatcher sighs and looks up at the sky.
19:32 Vasedra says: Well. The sanctuary. The Site. Safe places.
19:33 Darkwatcher says: She went after the crystal, but she wasn't attacked there. She was attacked and taken from her Dalaran apartment.
19:33 Vasedra says: ... Do you know why?
19:33 Darkwatcher says: I wouldn't have thought that Dalaran or her apartments there to be high on the list of risky places.
19:34 Darkwatcher says: Sraath's minions. We talked to one, but he didn't give any good reasons.
19:35 Vasedra glances over at Tris. "Then let's talk to another. We can go find one tonight."
19:36 Darkwatcher says: No, it's too risky. We don't want to alert him to our plan. He may be able to see through some of them.
19:37 Darkwatcher says: We don't have any reason to believe that he killed her yet despite what Eraelan said about Sraath hating all those with the Netherbane name.
19:37 Darkwatcher says: You'd know for sure, wouldn't you?
19:38 Vasedra sighs and hunches forward, brushing her fingers over her horns, once more. "Not... for sure."
19:39 Darkwatcher watches her for a long moment.
19:39 Darkwatcher says: Well, I choose to believe my sister is tough enough to stay alive. She was last time she was held captive... shortly after she was born.
19:40 Vasedra lowers her head and closes her eyes, but the blades keen loudly. After a moment, she shudders and opens them again.
19:41 Vasedra says: I believe in her. I just... Lightless Depths. Why would he want her?
19:41 Darkwatcher says: I... don't know.
19:42 Darkwatcher speaks softly.
19:42 Vasedra says: I'm... afraid of the answer. All the ways he can hurt her. All the ways he can ruin her.
19:43 Vasedra surges to her hooves. "How can I just sit here?"
19:43 Darkwatcher says: Sedra, we're pulling out all the stops we can to defeat him... and get her back. We have all the keys. We're getting a bomb even.
19:44 Vasedra takes a deep breath and looks at Tris. "Tell me we're ready to go tonight."
19:44 Darkwatcher pushes to her feet.
19:45 Darkwatcher says: We're not, but soon. Within a day or two. Sedra, we need you. Ary needs you to help us.
19:45 Darkwatcher gazes at her seriously.
19:45 Darkwatcher says: I... we... need to know that we can count on you.
19:46 Vasedra 's furrowed brows are just barely visible in the shadows of her cowl. "I will do whatever it takes. But please don't ask me to wait." Her swords whimper and cry and scream in a cacophony.
19:47 Vasedra says: Gather them faster, Tris. Make them hurry.
19:47 Darkwatcher says: We're gathering as fast as we can. We don't plan to wait any longer than necessary.
19:49 Vasedra steps closer and pokes a finger at Tris' chest. "Faster."
19:49 Darkwatcher looks down at the finger and the frost on her chest.
19:50 Darkwatcher says: Go to your sanctuary, get your head on straight, get what you need together. I'll keep you updated. We ARE moving as fast as we can.
19:51 Vasedra says: Make sure of it. I'm going with or without you, if you take too long. I will drag all the power from Viskarri if that's what it takes.
19:52 Vasedra is quite the surly grouch and bares her teeth at Tris once more, a grimace and a sneer at once.
19:52 Darkwatcher answers dryly.
19:52 Darkwatcher says: "Oh Tris, I know you must be worried, too. After all, she's the other half of your soul..."
19:54 Vasedra blinks and takes a step back. She looks away, a little sheepish. "... I... I know. Even Eraelan is upset. I'm sorry."
19:56 Vasedra sighs and glances over her shoulder as the blades whimper and whine. "Hush, you two. We're talking."
19:56 Darkwatcher says: Apology accepted. I know something is bothering you beyond just Ary. If and when you want someone to talk to, I'm here. However, right now we need get to work. You think you can take a moment to gather yourself so you can focus on the fight better?
19:57 Darkwatcher says: You'll help Ary most if you're in top shape.
19:58 Vasedra takes a deep breath and nods. "I will be ready."
19:58 Vasedra says: Tomorrow. Night.
19:58 Vasedra attempts a smile. It's a little toothy, but a fair attempt.
19:59 Darkwatcher says: I hope we're ready by then. I'll do my part to make sure we are.
20:00 Darkwatcher smiles reassuringly.
20:00 Vasedra says: I can't spend the next twenty-four hours sitting around. Give me something to do to help, and I'll see to it.
20:01 Darkwatcher ponders for a long moment.
20:02 Vasedra says: Armor. Weapons. Tech. Supplies. Allies. Anything.
20:02 Darkwatcher says: How about clearing the path to the ship? We need a straight shot to him once we're ready.
20:03 Vasedra blinks and then breaks into a grin. "Killing demons always does help, A-... Tris."
20:03 Vasedra 's swords giggle and murmur.
20:04 Darkwatcher says: I thought it might suit your mood best. It can be cathartic.
20:04 Darkwatcher chuckles.
20:05 Vasedra nods and then glances off to the side for a moment. "Is there anything else I should know?"
20:06 Darkwatcher nods and explains about the souls to protect themselves from Sraath and any other details she missed.
20:07 Darkwatcher says: A few of us are still at risk, but... we're working through that.
20:07 Vasedra says: ... "working through that"?
20:08 Darkwatcher sighs.
20:08 Darkwatcher says: It's only a couple of us. I don't have a good way to protect myself since my soul's already been split. Shazadi's curse already did its job.
20:09 Darkwatcher says: I might have to come in once we take out the sword.
20:13 Vasedra nods. "You must not be anywhere near when he tries to absorb or subsume."
20:14 Darkwatcher says: Agreed. Putting myself at risk won't help anyone.
20:15 Vasedra says: I suppose I will require a solution as well. Shazadi's soul fragment was destroyed with Belmun.
20:15 Darkwatcher nods.
20:16 Darkwatcher says: Then look into that as well. Elithe mentioned something about finding a way to protect Elishtar without a phylactery if you need ideas.
20:17 Vasedra sighs and brushes a hand across her horn. "Perhaps... since it is already claimed..." she mumbles mostly to herself.
20:17 Darkwatcher raises an eyebrow.
20:17 Darkwatcher says: Do you feel a bit more settled now?
20:18 Darkwatcher says: I'd hate to think that I'm still at risk of being stabbed.
20:19 Vasedra 's lips quirk up just a bit. "You were never really at risk of being stabbed. ... probably. But I am... calmer. Yes."
20:19 Darkwatcher lightly teases.
20:19 Vasedra frowns as her blades laugh madly.
20:19 Darkwatcher says: Does that mean I can offer you tea...?
20:20 Vasedra smirks and both blades rise from the ground just enough to spin and face Tris. "I can't recommend you try."
20:20 Darkwatcher sighs.
20:21 Darkwatcher says: Now, now. No need to point blades.
20:21 Darkwatcher says: Anyway, there's better things to stab... like demons.
20:22 Darkwatcher gestures for her to put away the blades.
20:23 Vasedra lets them drift into her hands and then sheathes them. She brushes her glove across a drop of blood that drips from under her cowl.
20:24 Darkwatcher says: Hey, take care of yourself. K, Sedra? Make sure you keep a tight rein on those voices in your head.
20:24 Vasedra says: I will keep the way to the Umbral Eclipse clear. And my head on ... something resembling straight should be good enough, right?
20:24 Darkwatcher nods.
20:24 Vasedra nods as well.
20:25 Vasedra says: I'm going, then. You'll hear from me, tomorrow.
20:25 Darkwatcher says: Good. I'll give you an update then.
20:27 Vasedra starts to turn away and then pauses to glance back. "Tris... be careful. I would not like another friend to disappear into the Eclipse."
20:27 Darkwatcher says: I will. You, too. Alright?
20:28 Vasedra nods slightly. "I'm not worried for myself, any more. Goodnight. And... thank you for probably saving Eraelan from me." She sighs at that, and the blades murmur darkly.
20:29 Darkwatcher says: Goodnight. Safe travels.
20:29 Darkwatcher bows before you.
20:30 Vasedra makes a face. "You people and your bowing." She raises a hand in a wave before riding off.