Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Interrogating Shazadi

Fethas and Poeryth meet outside the Netherbane prisons.

[fethas-]: Hello, Poeryth.
Poeryth- turns and looks at Fethas. "Hello."
You bow before Fethas.
[poeryth-]: Are you ready to interrogate Shazadi?
[fethas-]: No stabbing.
Poeryth- snickers and shakes her head, unsure whether Fethas is talking to her, or to herself. Either would make sense, really. "No stabbing." she agrees with a firm nod.
[poeryth-]: Maybe slight, minor stabbing.
[fethas-]: None. at all.
[poeryth-]: All right.
Poeryth- pretends to be very put out.
[fethas-]: But we can go in when you are ready.
Poeryth- nods, and starts heading in.
Poeryth- leads Fethas through the new prisons, finally getting to the room where they are keeping Shazadi.
Shazadi- raises her head from where she sits on a cot against the wall.
[shazadi-]: Oh? Visitors?
Fethas- folds her arms.
Poeryth- nods at Shazadi. "Whether it's friendly visit or not is entirely up to you."
Shazadi- gestures with her arms out and hands up.
[shazadi-]: I have said that I will assist in any way that I can. That has not changed.
[poeryth-]: All right then, there's no reason for hostility. Good.
Shazadi- smiles.
[shazadi-]: What can I do for you?
[poeryth-]: We are planning our attack on the Umbral Eclipse, as you probably are well aware. We need to know as much as we can about the ship, about its defenses, and any weaknesses you may be aware of.
Poeryth- looks at Fethas for confirmation. "Among other things, which we'll get to later."
Shazadi- ponders the question for a moment.
Fethas- fidgits with her fingers a bit just listening to poe for now.
[shazadi-]: Well, you are already aware of the back door with the keys Mifu made, but the ship itself is built from multiple structures from over the last millenia. It's... not as sound as it once was.
[shazadi-]: The defenses are made to Sraath's will, but not exclusively. Malfias used to control them. However, it does require someone to be in tune with them. I do not believe that Malfias can control them any longer.
Poeryth- nods. "Is there anyone else that Sraath would have entrusted to them, or would he have only attuned himself at this point?"
Shazadi- presses her lips together thoughtfully.
[shazadi-]: In his current state, I would believe that it is possible only he has access. However, at one more, I would have been entrusted, but...
Fethas- tilts her head to the side as she listens.
Shazadi- sighs.
[shazadi-]: As far as the plans to the ship...
Poeryth- looks attentive.
Shazadi- grabs a quill and paper from a small table and scribbles out the rough designs.
Poeryth- watches her, saying nothing as she waits.
[shazadi-]: It can be a bit of a maze with the amalgamation of parts if you're not used to it.
Shazadi- stands and carries the pages over to the entry way, glancing at Fethas.
[shazadi-]: Can the barrier be partially opened to allow the papers?
Poeryth- looks at Fethas also.
[fethas-]: No problem with that. No.
Shazadi- waits for a small opening in the barrier and holds out the papers in one hand.
Poeryth- takes the papers when Shazadi holds them out, and looks over them.
Shazadi- steps back, allowing the barrier to close.
[shazadi-]: There's one page for each level. I've even noted where the back door is.
Poeryth- nods. "Thank you. Which parts are the strongest, and which are the weakest? Structurally?"
[shazadi-]: The lower levels are the weakest. The rest... is fairly even, I believe.
[poeryth-]: All right.
Shazadi- hums to herself.
[shazadi-]: Could you please hold up the map again?
Poeryth- looks thoughtful as she thinks how to phrase her next question in a way that won't reveal too much of the plan. When Shazadi asks, she holds the papers up.
[shazadi-]: I think... if something were to strike right here. Then it may break apart at that location.
Shazadi- points to a spot on the map.
[shazadi-]: I could go along to guide and assist if you wish. It may be easier than trying to find a vague location on the map.
Poeryth- nods, and pulls out a pencil and makes a note in it. She looks at Shazadi thoughtfully. "I'll run it by the others. I understand it's in your best interest to get rid of Sraath, but they may still not be willing to risk it."
[fethas-]: I would be more interested in what you considered the strongest point on the ship.
[poeryth-]: That was going to be my next question.
[shazadi-]: That would likely be the top of the ship where Sraath's personal chambers and the main weapon are.
[poeryth-]: All right. Does Sraath trust many in that area? How well guarded would it be?
Shazadi- shakes her head.
[shazadi-]: I'm not sure. I've never been allowed in that area. As far as I know, he's the only that is.
Poeryth- nods, and pulls out a paper and starts making notes, going back and adding everything she said before. "I imagine he's particularly paranoid now."
[fethas-]: Hmm.
[shazadi-]: Likely. He not as reasonable as he used to be.
Poeryth- thinks again. "Is there any surveillance to watch out for? Or traps?"
[shazadi-]: Not that I'm aware of. Sraath has always prided the security of his ship, so I doubt he expects anyone to make it inside.
Poeryth- looks to Fethas to see if she has any questions, since she's been doing most of the talking and might be missing something important.
[shazadi-]: What about Araatris? Was she able to obtain what she sought?
Fethas- is still mostly fidgiting with her fingers and looking like she thinking.
[fethas-]: She did. She mentioned a ritual you may know something about to it use.
Shazadi- nods.
Poeryth- nods in agreement with Fethas, and is reminded of an important question.
[shazadi-]: Yes, there's a ritual that I use to bind Sraath within the crystal. What do you need to know?
[poeryth-]: As much as we can-- though, one last question about the ship. Where does he keep prisoners?
Poeryth- realizes this question may be very blatant but there's really no danger in Shazadi knowing about Ary being taken.
[shazadi-]: In the base of the ship. One of the vessels is a prisoner block. The forges are also on the ship.
Poeryth- nods, and makes a note of it.
[shazadi-]: However, they're in a different section. Be careful if you pass through there. The fires are the same as the ones that burned Mifu.
[shazadi-]: Now what questions did you have regarding the ritual? I'm assuming that Araatris will be performing it, but I can as well if you need.
[fethas-]: Araatris was going to help but the dirty of it may be going toward me.
[shazadi-]: Oh? Do you have familiarity with crystal binding rituals?
[fethas-]: More then a bit. My own nature helps with it.
Shazadi- nods.
[shazadi-]: Of course, what do you need to know then?
[fethas-]: Its not my crystal, and this is Sraath..theres bound to be a few abnormal bits to the ritual then what i have done before.
[shazadi-]: You're right. It has slight differences. The crystal will attempt to fight the will of the person holding it. It's semi-sentient on an instinctual level and will attempt to consume any soul nearby that it can. It has to be directed toward Sraath.
Shazadi- pulls a strand of hair forward.
[shazadi-]: You'd need a conduit, but Sraath's power would likely burn it out without someone to control the flow.
[shazadi-]: Last I spoke with her, she was trying determine what would best would as a conduit.
[shazadi-]: Do you have any ideas?
[fethas-]: Besides the ritualist you mean? Thats what i meant when i said i would be on the 'dirty' end of it.
Shazadi- nods.
[shazadi-]: What piece will you be doing then?
[fethas-]: Using the crystal on him or directing it. The part of doing the ritual with need to be tweaked around between Araatris or you. That will depend on a few things and Greyseers opinion on it.
[shazadi-]: Of course. What will it depend on? I'd be happy to assist.
Shazadi- grins a little too broadly.
[fethas-]: Fine I will be blunt, as i have this place warded heavyily you are in a barrier and you have lost enough to want Sraath dead, Though i do not trust for alliegence to malfias at all so on the same length as the parasite himself. Araatris was taken.
Shazadi- frowns just as quickly.
[shazadi-]: She was taken? When?
[fethas-]: Last night after our planning.
Shazadi- curses in a few different languages.
[shazadi-]: I will do as you need to assist. Sraath must fall.
Shazadi- looks between Poeryth and Fethas grimly.
[fethas-]: That will be up to the Greyseer. But again, I will be the one directing the crystal.
Poeryth- nods to Shazadi.
[shazadi-]: Then you'll need something to connect it to Sraath. I doubt you'll be able to physically put the crystal against him.
[fethas-]: ....Actually that was the plan.
Shazadi- raises both eyebrows.
[shazadi-]: You're going to walk up and put the crystal on him?
Poeryth- looks over her shoulder at Fethas, raising an eyebrow.
[fethas-]: How much reasearch have you done on the Netherbane, Shazadi?
[shazadi-]: Enough to know that you have an ability with vines. The Fethas, isn't it?
[fethas-]: Yes, and did you know exactly what it does?
[shazadi-]: Typically, you've used it to destroy souls. However, Sraath's is indestructible. You could risk giving him a new body.
[shazadi-]: You'd need to make sure that he never gets far.
[fethas-]: I can also use it to encapsulate that crystal and weaponize it. Something i have done before in our own bindings with crystals.
[shazadi-]: It is a large crystal about the size of a gnome's head. Will that still work?
[fethas-]: No soul is indestructiable if you know how to handle it. and yes it will. I have wielded bigger.
[shazadi-]: You'd still need a ritualist to control the flow to ensure that nothing explodes though.
[fethas-]: That will be the help while i am stabbing it into him yes.
[shazadi-]: I do not believe that his soul can be destroyed even by your vines, but we will see. In all my years of experimentation, I have found nothing that worked.
Shazadi- nods.
[shazadi-]: Of course.
Poeryth- continues to listen, her eyebrow slightly raised, then turns to Fethas. "I thought Tharion nixxed that plan."
[fethas-]: No. He forbid me from going straight in with it. He's plan was to combine the crystal with the vines and the ritual for purposes of sealing.
Fethas- eye twitches and she fidgits with her fingers again.
Poeryth- nods at Fethas. "All right then."
[shazadi-]: Well, regardless, I will lend my skills and knowledge as your Greyseer sees fit.
[fethas-]: Very well.
[shazadi-]: Are there any other questions that I can assist with?
Poeryth- thinks for a moment.
[poeryth-]: Anything we haven't asked about that you think might be relevant?
[shazadi-]: What of Malfias?
[poeryth-]: Sraath has him.
Poeryth- sighs.
Shazadi- grimaces.
[shazadi-]: Then what do you plan to do about him?
[fethas-]: How do you mean?
[shazadi-]: He is there possibly under Sraath's control, yes? You may need a way to deal with him. I can assist with that if you need.
[shazadi-]: He cannot remain under Sraath's influence.
[poeryth-]: I figured we'd just kill him.
[fethas-]: ...I know what i would like to do to him were it compelely up to me but I have a long standing bias.
Shazadi- raises an eyebrow.
[shazadi-]: He is the guardian of an Outer Gate. Do you wish to leave it unguarded?
[poeryth-]: Ok so that's probably not the best thought out idea.
Fethas- head nearly does a full owl style tilt with her eye twitching.
[shazadi-]: I would recommend against it, but I do understand your conflicts. There are ways to mediate that should they be needed.
Poeryth- sighs. "My concern is, how much choice will we have."
Fethas- eyes twitches a few more times, before her head goes back to its normal tilt as if she had just snapped herself out of something.
[poeryth-]: Do you have any suggestions?
[shazadi-]: I... do not know, but I can try to assist. Besides myself, there are others that might be able to make a connection and break Sraath's influence.
[poeryth-]: Which others?
[shazadi-]: The one that you now call Vasedra was his lieutenent.
[fethas-]: I could not care about saving the damn spider..but that is me.
Poeryth- nods, then looks over her shoulder. "If it were up to me we'd kill him, but... then who would watch over the gates? we'd have to find a replacement."
[shazadi-]: That is fine, but you should care about having someone at the Outer Gate. If you will not take the risk yourself, then that is still our duty.
Shazadi- nods at Poeryth.
[shazadi-]: Anything else?
[fethas-]: Pardon me for saying it..but currently..That gate is unguarded anyway due to Sraath.
[poeryth-]: And that's not a good thing.
[fethas-]: Mmm.
[shazadi-]: Exactly. It will not hold on its own. Sooner or later something will come through.
[fethas-]: Heh.
[shazadi-]: Does that amuse you?
[fethas-]: No. But i am an odd one.
Shazadi- nods, relaxing.
[shazadi-]: It is not a laughing matter. We should all be concerned. Do you have any other questions for me?
[shazadi-]: I can't think of anything else to tell you.
Poeryth- looks to Fethas. "I don't."
[fethas-]: I am fine.
[poeryth-]: I think we're done here then. If we think of anything, we'll come back.
[shazadi-]: Of course. I'll be here. Waiting. It's not as if I can leave.
Shazadi- smiles.
Poeryth- snickers. "I'll talk to Greyseer about your suggestions."
Shazadi bows before you.
[shazadi-]: Yes, I'm sure he'll let me know what he thinks of them.
You bow before Shazadi.
[poeryth-]: Goodbye for now, then.
Shazadi- shifts back and sits on her cot again.
[shazadi-]: Goodbye.
Poeryth- looks to Fethas. "You need anything else?"
[fethas-]: No. Not for now.
[poeryth-]: All right.
[poeryth-]: I will see you around then. Be well, Fethas.
Fethas- waves to Poe.
You wave at Fethas.