Demon Hunters in the World of Warcraft

Netherbane seeks Eraelan's Camp



Involved Characters:

Araatris "Ary" Valryss, Iyanthe Ravensong, Tharion Greyseer, Elishtar Fangblade, Taldarion Shatterbound, Shizukera Felshroud, Zadera, Eraelan Netherbane

Soulshapers is the name of the current Netherbane RP arc.

From Dreadwhisper's perspective:
[22:14:48] Iyanthe bows before Greyseer.
[22:14:50] Elishtar bows before Greyseer.
[22:14:50] [shatterbound]: Shan'do.
[22:14:51] Felshroud bows before Greyseer.
[22:14:56] Felshroud purrs at you.
[22:15:01] [shatterbound]: Araatris.
[22:15:03] Shatterbound bows before you.
[22:15:13] You bow down graciously.
[22:15:14] Iyanthe bows before you.
[22:15:40] Zadera looks obviously impressed once Shatterbound addresses Tharion.
[22:16:09] [felshroud]: Shan'do, Araatris - good evening!
[22:16:34] [iyanthe]: Good evening Araatris.
[22:16:36] [dreadwhisper]: Good evening.
[22:17:06] Elishtar Fangblade looks confused as people are addressing the human as Araatris.
[22:17:08] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to address Tharion " Good eve Shan'do.
[22:17:57] Dreadwhisper sighs at the look from Elishtar.
[22:18:44] [greyseer]: I see that you all have chosen to arrive here on your own. I am uncertain if the eagerness is good or ... misguided.
[22:18:50] Tharion Greyseer raises an eyebrow.
[22:18:56] [felshroud]: Maybe both?
[22:19:06] Zadera remains quiet, watching the more experienced demon hunters gather , and wonders if she showed up at a bad time.
[22:19:06] Tharion Greyseer grins.
[22:19:08] [greyseer]: Perhaps.
[22:19:14] [shatterbound]: Netherbane is here. It is not eagerness, Shan'do. There is safety in numbers.
[22:19:25] [iyanthe]: I just thought I had best get this over with.
[22:19:30] [greyseer]: With the return of Sraath to this world, I would agree.
[22:19:34] Dreadwhisper glances over her shoulder.
[22:19:43] [greyseer]: There are faces that are unfamiliar.
[22:19:49] Greyseer bows before Zadera.
[22:19:54] Zadera bows before Greyseer.
[22:20:02] [shatterbound]: Ah, my apologies. Zadera, former of the Illidari.
[22:20:02] [greyseer]: You are?
[22:20:10] Tharion Greyseer nods.
[22:20:15] [shatterbound]: Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.
[22:20:24] [greyseer]: Zadera, an honor.
[22:20:25] [zadera]: Sh... Shan'do. Y-yes, what Taldarion said. It's an honor to meet you.
[22:20:35] Zadera nods eagerly.
[22:20:47] [zadera]: I apologize if I intrude...
[22:21:03] Tharion Greyseer shakes his head and waves a hand dismissively.
[22:21:18] [greyseer]: Worry not. I will not be the one needing apologies this evening.
[22:21:22] [greyseer]: If Eraelan is here...
[22:21:24] Tharion Greyseer sighs.
[22:22:03] Shatterbound speaks in a hushed tone to the young demon hunter at his side.
[22:22:26] Tharion Greyseer looks at human Araatris, then to Iyanthe.
[22:22:48] [greyseer]: Elishtar. Has your daughter been well?
[22:23:51] [elishtar]: Yes. Well enough, at least, considering the circumstances. It's been difficult though. I've spent as much time with her as possible though.
[22:24:12] Tharion Greyseer nods.
[22:24:40] Tharion Greyseer looks back to Iyanthe and Araatris.
[22:24:46] [greyseer]: The two of you are ready?
[22:25:03] [dreadwhisper]: It's Eraelan. I'm not sure such a thing exists.
[22:25:04] Iyanthe Ravensong nods silently.
[22:25:17] [greyseer]: His command tent was this way.
[22:25:37] [shatterbound]: Noo, Zadera. I do as well.
[22:26:06] Tharion Greyseer looks down and checks the maps for any changes from the previous night.
[22:26:31] [greyseer]: He has been here since we have...
[22:26:39] Zadera tries not to giggle at Taldarion.
[22:26:53] [iyanthe]: Changes to the map then?
[22:26:53] Tharion Greyseer converses with the Blood Elf a moment.
[22:27:13] Tharion Greyseer nods.
[22:27:15] [greyseer]: He is still here.
[22:27:24] Felshroud looks around, her brow furrowed.
[22:27:58] [greyseer]: He is...
[22:28:10] Elishtar Fangblade sighs, scratching her arm with her other hand idly.
[22:28:11] [eraelan]: Yes, Greyseer. I am right here.
[22:28:30] Zadera actually jumps.
[22:28:31] Elishtar bows before Eraelan.
[22:28:34] [eraelan]: I can only assume you are to blame for the mess you made of my notes?
[22:28:41] Shatterbound growls a low, guttural sound.
[22:28:50] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to look at Eraelan, a slight tremble in her arm the only sign of her nervousness.
[22:28:56] Tharion Greyseer grimaces.
[22:29:05] Iyanthe bows before Eraelan.
[22:29:11] Eraelan Netherbane looks around at everyone and frowns.
[22:29:15] Felshroud bows before Eraelan.
[22:29:27] [eraelan]: You brought a tea party to my place of planning?
[22:29:31] Dreadwhisper clenches her jaw.
[22:29:41] Zadera bows before Eraelan.
[22:29:45] Elishtar Fangblade looks at Eraelan with respect, rather than the nervousness of her compatriots.
[22:29:47] [felshroud]: No, sir, there's no tea.
[22:29:58] Shatterbound does not bow, but keeps his weapons drawn.
[22:29:58] Iyanthe Ravensong mutters imprecations under her breath.
[22:30:01] [eraelan]: Does the idea of quiet go over your head, child?
[22:30:07] Zadera snorts behind Shizukera.
[22:30:09] [felshroud]: Usually, yes.
[22:30:31] Tharion Greyseer ignores the barb.
[22:30:36] Zadera covers her mouth and if her eyes were more visible, they would be wide.
[22:30:54] [felshroud]: Unless you meant Tharion. He's better at quiet than I am.
[22:31:04] [greyseer]: You agreed to assist us, Eraelan. You would not go against your word, would you?
[22:31:15] Felshroud folds her hands behind her back and tries for quiet.
[22:31:19] Eraelan Netherbane finally turns his gaze to Shizukera.
[22:31:45] Eraelan Netherbane leans forward, as if examining her closely.
[22:31:57] Felshroud tenses a little, but stays put.
[22:32:06] [eraelan]: Imperfect.
[22:32:19] Shatterbound snorts.
[22:32:32] Eraelan Netherbane leans forward some more.
[22:32:43] Felshroud peers back over her shoulder.
[22:32:56] [eraelan]: You have grown since we have last met.
[22:33:11] Zadera tenses, but remains still as well.
[22:33:23] [eraelan]: Inexperienced.
[22:33:33] [zadera]: V-very.
[22:33:33] Eraelan Netherbane turns to look at Tharion.
[22:33:44] [eraelan]: Foolish.
[22:34:00] Felshroud edges a bit closer to Zadera.
[22:34:06] [eraelan]: Why are you all here? I agreed to help two of you. This is ... more than two.
[22:35:04] Eraelan Netherbane waits patiently.
[22:35:20] [felshroud]: We support each other. Why wouldn't we be here?
[22:35:40] Elishtar Fangblade purses her lips, wondering if it means anything that he stopped before her and said nothing.
[22:35:58] [eraelan]: Because you were uninvited and are trespassing on my delicate work.
[22:36:16] [greyseer]: Delicate?
[22:36:52] [shatterbound]: Untrue. If your work were so delicate, you would perform it in one of you little hiding holes.
[22:37:13] Eraelan Netherbane opens his arms wide to indicate the area around them.
[22:37:27] [eraelan]: This IS one of my "little hiding holes" as you so call it.
[22:37:58] [eraelan]: The Legion has yet to turn its eye on this encampment.
[22:38:31] Dreadwhisper forcibly relaxes her jaw and takes a deep breath. Being one of the few with eyes, they shift to each speaker in turn, but always come back to Eraelan.
[22:38:38] [eraelan]: We are right beneath their nose here, and they do not even realize it.
[22:39:54] Iyanthe Ravensong nods in agreement with Eraelan's comment.
[22:40:16] [greyseer]: We saw your notes, Eraelan. We know you have been hunting Sraath. He is a threat to all of us. Not just you.
[22:41:08] [eraelan]: He wants me dead, Greyseer. You? You are merely an inconvenience to him.
[22:41:17] [eraelan]: Perhaps less of an inconvenience.
[22:41:21] [eraelan]: And annoyance.
[22:42:32] Tharion Greyseer 's jaw tightens.
[22:42:37] [dreadwhisper]: It doesn't make us any less in danger. Sraath weakens and kills one by one. Who will be left to fight the Legion?
[22:43:09] [eraelan]: The whelp has a voice now?
[22:43:11] [eraelan]: Good.
[22:43:28] [eraelan]: I was wondering when you would grow up.
[22:44:18] Eraelan Netherbane peers at Iyanthe, his eye sockets narrowing.
[22:44:40] Iyanthe Ravensong stands calmly under the scrutiny.
[22:45:06] Dreadwhisper narrows her eyes at Eraelan.
[22:46:17] Elishtar Fangblade crosses her arms, watching the minor aggressions playing out with slight amusement.
[22:46:19] [dreadwhisper]: I choose not to waste my words. Does your offer still stand to examine us?
[22:47:02] Eraelan Netherbane pats Araatris on the head.
[22:47:14] [eraelan]: I think I prefer you like this, despite being ... human.
[22:47:19] [eraelan]: Yes.
[22:47:26] Eraelan points at Iyanthe.
[22:47:32] [eraelan]: You as well. Both of you. Come.
[22:47:35] Dreadwhisper eyes widen in surprise.
[22:47:42] [dreadwhisper]: Wait. What?
[22:47:49] [shatterbound]: We will be here, friends.
[22:47:50] [eraelan]: Yes, the rest of you can come as well.
[22:47:53] Eraelan Netherbane sighs in frustration.
[22:48:18] [felshroud]: Good. We would've anyway. With all due respect.
[22:48:36] Eraelan Netherbane examines the small crucible.
[22:48:41] [iyanthe]: Thank you, Elder for agreeing to examine us.
[22:48:43] Shatterbound side-sockets his mate.
[22:48:47] Eraelan Netherbane frowns.
[22:48:52] Eraelan points at Worm.
[22:49:07] [eraelan]: WORM! You were supposed to light thirty-SEVEN candles!
[22:49:14] [eraelan]: What is the meaning of this? Go fetch another!
[22:49:19] [zadera]: Demons don't count very well.
[22:49:29] Eraelan Netherbane 's tiny demon servant squeaks and scurries away.
[22:49:32] Zadera covers her mouth quickly.
[22:49:41] [eraelan]: No, they do not.
[22:50:04] [elishtar]: ...did Tharion stay behind?
[22:52:11] [eraelan]: Choose who goes first.
[22:52:17] Eraelan Netherbane grins somewhat wickedly.
[22:52:27] [elishtar]: I need to retrieve my daughter, she needs to be examined as well.
[22:52:41] [dreadwhisper]: I will go first.
[22:53:14] [eraelan]: I do not remember so much decisiveness in your ... sister.
[22:53:19] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to Dreadwhisper. "As you wish."
[22:53:25] Eraelan Netherbane tilts his head as he looks at Araatris.
[22:53:32] Dreadwhisper nods at Iyanthe.
[22:53:36] Elishtar Fangblade pulls out a small teleportation stone she specifically got and had attuned to Forest Song.
[22:53:51] Eraelan Netherbane motions to the kneeling pillow in front of the crucible.
[22:53:58] Iyanthe Ravensong steps back a pace allowing Eraelan room to work.
[22:54:14] Elishtar Fangblade poofs!
[22:54:15] You kneel down.
[22:55:16] You kneel down.
[22:55:16] [eraelan]: Kneel.
[22:55:21] Eraelan Netherbane nods in satisfaction.
[22:55:27] Eraelan kneels down.
[22:55:51] [eraelan]: What do you see within the crucible?
[22:56:23] [dreadwhisper]: Felsludge. Nothing else.
[22:57:08] Eraelan Netherbane, with one swift motion, snatches the dagger from the table and cuts open Araatris's hands and lets them bleed into the sludge.
[22:57:28] Zadera scowls, looking around, seemingly confused.
[22:57:36] Shatterbound snarls, reaching for his blades, but stops himself.
[22:57:41] Dreadwhisper hisses and jerks back.
[22:57:56] Felshroud stiffens and looks around.
[22:58:55] Dreadwhisper clenches her fists and continues to stare at the sludge.
[22:59:10] [dreadwhisper]: Was it necessary to surprise me?
[22:59:22] Shatterbound slowly scans the area around them.
[22:59:23] [eraelan]: No. Just enjoyable.
[22:59:33] [eraelan]: More blood is necessary.
[22:59:44] Eraelan Netherbane tightens his grip on the blade.
[23:00:04] Zadera frowns at Eraelan, trying to hide her dislike.
[23:00:11] Dreadwhisper growls and holds her hands over the sludge to let them drip .
[23:00:19] Felshroud frowns.
[23:00:45] [dreadwhisper]: Is this enough?
[23:00:57] Eraelan Netherbane seems disappointed.
[23:01:00] [eraelan]: ...yes.
[23:01:19] Shatterbound looks to his mate. "You, too, love?"
[23:01:23] Dreadwhisper closes her fists and puts them in her lap.
[23:01:27] [eraelan]: Now. What do you see?
[23:01:37] Felshroud nods once. "Yes. You as well, then?"
[23:01:41] Shatterbound keeps his voice low, not wishing to interrupt the ceremony.
[23:01:44] [dreadwhisper]: Your disappointment.
[23:01:45] Shatterbound nods.
[23:01:52] Eraelan Netherbane raises an eyebrow.
[23:01:59] [eraelan]: In the crucible, whelp.
[23:02:00] Zadera whispers quietly. "Did you both hear... the thing?"
[23:02:23] [dreadwhisper]: Now you specify.
[23:02:24] Felshroud nods slowly and whispers, "Yeah...I don't think I like this."
[23:02:31] [shatterbound]: I know that voice...
[23:02:33] Dreadwhisper peers back into the crucible.
[23:02:49] Iyanthe Ravensong shudders once as though she hears something.
[23:03:16] [dreadwhisper]: I see... barren and dead landscapes. Similar to the demon world I saw.
[23:04:52] Shatterbound chuckles. "I am not surprised."
[23:05:06] Felshroud takes a slow, careful look around.
[23:05:21] Zadera shakes her head.
[23:05:21] Eraelan Netherbane places a finger on Araatris's temple.
[23:05:31] Iyanthe Ravensong watches Eraelan and Araatris carefully.
[23:06:07] [eraelan]: The seed is planted.
[23:06:35] Eraelan Netherbane nods his head in satisfaction.
[23:06:45] [eraelan]: Go stand by the other, whelp.
[23:06:54] Eraelan points at Iyanthe.
[23:07:01] [eraelan]: You. To the crucible.
[23:07:24] Iyanthe Ravensong silently walk to stand in front of the crucible.
[23:07:52] Felshroud quietly draws her warglaives. Just to be safe.
[23:08:02] Zadera turns her head to Araatris, looking concerned, then turns back to Iyanthe and Eraelan.
[23:08:17] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to face Eraelan.
[23:08:33] Shatterbound slowly turns back towards Greyseer and mouths "He's here," without trying to alert Eraelan.
[23:08:44] Zadera follows Shizu's lead, drawing her blades.
[23:08:46] [eraelan]: Kneel. In front of it. Face what lies within.
[23:09:10] Iyanthe Ravensong kneels in front of the crucible.
[23:09:23] Tharion Greyseer frowns and silently draws himself away.
[23:09:33] Dreadwhisper glances at her hands and clenches her fists. A few drops of blood hit the ground.
[23:10:04] Felshroud whispers to Dreadwhisper: "Are you all right?"
[23:11:05] Dreadwhisper nods and replies in a low voice. "They're shallow enough, but I'll need bandages later."
[23:11:28] [eraelan]: What do you see when you gaze into the crucible?
[23:12:09] [iyanthe]: Blackness... a void.
[23:12:46] Felshroud reaches into her bag and pulls out a bandage, which she offers to Tris.
[23:12:58] Eraelan Netherbane 's brow furrows.
[23:13:07] Eraelan kneels down.
[23:13:12] Zadera bites her lip to keep from saying something out loud, but shakes her head.
[23:13:12] [eraelan]: Give me your hands.
[23:13:43] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to Eraelan holding her hands out in front of her.
[23:13:45] Felshroud tightens her grip on her warglaives, frowning.
[23:13:50] Dreadwhisper smiles slightly and takes the bandage. She mouths a quick " thank you".
[23:14:37] Dreadwhisper quickly and roughly wraps her hands.
[23:15:01] Eraelan Netherbane takes the dagger and wipes it clean of the human blood, then smoothly draws it across Iyanthe's open palms. He darker blood drips into the crucible.
[23:16:46] Shatterbound quietly converses with his mate. "I wish to look into something. I will return in a moment. Stay with the others, and ignore... "him."
[23:16:52] Felshroud nods at Shatterbound.
[23:17:37] Dreadwhisper watches Eraelan and Iyanthe curiously.
[23:17:50] [eraelan]: Now what do you see?
[23:18:54] [iyanthe]: I see demons flooding a world marching rank upon rank .. fire. . destruction.. Chaos.
[23:19:06] [shatterbound]: Nothing.
[23:19:17] [iyanthe]: Bodies everywhere.
[23:19:48] Felshroud frowns.
[23:20:09] Felshroud mutters, "I don't like this."
[23:20:12] Eraelan Netherbane considers Iyanthe a moment.
[23:20:13] Zadera scowls, her eyes narrowing as she watches Eraelan and Iyanthe.
[23:20:19] Dreadwhisper glances back and raises an eyebrow.
[23:20:26] Elishtar Fangblade shimmers back into view, with her 'draenei' daughter in tow. Keilvoras frowns and looks around, holding her stomach a bit. "Where are we, mom, who are these people?"
[23:21:29] [eraelan]: Stand.
[23:21:35] Shatterbound growls.
[23:21:44] [elishtar]: They're people like me dear. We need to have you tested. Don' t be afraid.
[23:22:04] Eraelan Netherbane touches his finger to Iyanthe's temple, as he did with Araatris.
[23:22:06] Iyanthe Ravensong stands up facing Eraelan.
[23:22:14] [eraelan]: The seed ... it has grown.
[23:22:17] Eraelan Netherbane frowns.
[23:22:23] Felshroud tilts her head.
[23:22:32] Zadera is focused on Eraelan and Iyanthe now.
[23:22:41] Elishtar Fangblade | Keilvoras, despite what Elishtar says, looks over t he eyeless elves with fear. All your felsights ping her as completely a demon. Sayaad specifically.
[23:22:53] Eraelan Netherbane shakes his head and motions for Iyanthe to join Araatris.
[23:23:11] [shatterbound]: Netherbane, before you continue...
[23:23:36] [shatterbound]: Two points.
[23:23:41] Zadera seems thrown off by the "child" but remains quiet.
[23:23:49] Eraelan Netherbane's expression seems ... thoughtful for a moment. Then he looks to Shatterbound.
[23:24:00] [eraelan]: What do you want?
[23:24:01] Felshroud gives Keilvoras a long stare, but stays quiet.
[23:24:04] Eraelan Netherbane seems back to normal.
[23:24:37] [shatterbound]: The first-- you need all of us. If any harm comes to any of these, I will saw your head off your neck with these very blades.
[23:24:46] [shatterbound]: Second-- and perhaps more importantly---
[23:24:52] Eraelan Netherbane 's expression is impassive.
[23:24:53] [shatterbound]: We are not alone here.
[23:25:05] [eraelan]: Did I not comment on that earlier this evening?
[23:25:10] Iyanthe Ravensong Iyanthe is focused only on Eraelan at the moment as she awaits what he will say.
[23:25:34] [zadera]: Something has been... umm... talking to me.
[23:25:52] [shatterbound]: You also said we were , what was it, under the very eye o f the Legion, and yet they had not taken notice?
[23:25:55] Eraelan Netherbane looks over Shatterbound's shoulder to stare at Zadera intently.
[23:26:31] Zadera stands her ground, though she is obviously very uneasy.
[23:26:56] Dreadwhisper crosses her arms.
[23:27:06] [eraelan]: I did.
[23:27:11] Eraelan Netherbane turns back to Taldarion.
[23:28:09] Elishtar Fangblade sighs and moves forward, hands on the small of her daughter's back to guide her.
[23:29:12] [elishtar]: Still one more yet to test.
[23:29:18] Felshroud growls.
[23:29:31] Eraelan Netherbane look at Elishtar, then to her daughter.
[23:29:31] Shatterbound twists his neck from side to side, and popping sounds are audible from several feet away.
[23:29:43] [eraelan]: She is ... a demon.
[23:29:46] Zadera hesitates, seeming like she is debating something.
[23:29:56] Eraelan Netherbane tilts his head and furrow his brow.
[23:30:10] [elishtar]: She is. She's my demon. Do you have a problem with that?
[23:30:34] Zadera mutters something along the lines of "he'd just swat me away... it'd be stupid."
[23:30:38] [eraelan]: What you do in the privacy of your ... wherever you live ... is irrelevant to me.
[23:30:42] Elishtar Fangblade | Keilvoras shoots her mother an annoyed face at the 'my demon' comment.
[23:30:49] Shatterbound backs away to give the child room, but he does not turn his gaze from Netherbane.
[23:31:04] Felshroud peers curiously at Zadera.
[23:31:06] [eraelan]: She is no hybrid. She is pure of blood.
[23:31:09] [elishtar]: I need to know if she's tainted by Sraath.
[23:31:21] Eraelan Netherbane 's statement could be interpreted as a question.
[23:32:01] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to watch Eraelan, Elishtar and Keilvoras intently.
[23:32:32] Dreadwhisper whispers to Iyanthe.
[23:33:32] Zadera sets her jaw, gripping her glaives. "No, it'll just get me killed."
[23:33:57] Shatterbound whispers back, "And you wish the same. I allow both of you the rope I will hang you from."
[23:34:11] Eraelan Netherbane looks into Keilvoras's eyes and frowns.
[23:34:23] [eraelan]: Why is she incomplete?
[23:34:48] Elishtar Fangblade | Keilvoras shrinks away from the elder demon hunter' s gaze, whimpering a little
[23:35:00] [elishtar]: I don't understand your meaning.
[23:35:37] [eraelan]: Has she been ... hungry ... recently?
[23:35:52] Elishtar Fangblade frowns and nods.
[23:36:23] Felshroud hisses and pulls back.
[23:36:39] [felshroud]: I won't do your dirty work for you.
[23:36:54] Shatterbound looks around, then leans forward to Zadera.
[23:38:17] Shatterbound also leans over to Dreadwhisper.
[23:38:18] Zadera takes a deep breath and nods at Taldarion.
[23:38:47] [eraelan]: Something is wrong with her soul. It is not Sraath.
[23:38:50] [eraelan]: Or maybe...
[23:38:56] Eraelan Netherbane frowns.
[23:39:00] [eraelan]: Come to the crucible.
[23:39:02] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to watch Taldarion for a moment.
[23:39:10] Eraelan Netherbane points.
[23:39:14] [eraelan]: Kneel there.
[23:39:17] Eraelan points over yonder.
[23:39:22] Elishtar Fangblade lifts a brow and nods, waving the girl forward.
[23:39:25] Dreadwhisper nods at Shatterbound.
[23:39:48] Shatterbound takes a few tentative steps backwards, nodding to his mate. "We shall search."
[23:40:17] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil darts her eyes around the assembled, and then moves up cautiously, kneeling down in front of the crucible.
[23:41:13] Eraelan kneels down.
[23:41:42] Eraelan Netherbane gently grabs one of the girl's hands and holds it over the bowl, cutting with the knife.
[23:42:24] Dreadwhisper watches Eraelan with interest.
[23:42:27] Zadera narrows her eyes.
[23:42:35] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil SCREAMS as she is suddenly and forcibly cut by Eraelan, body twitching and spasming with pain.
[23:43:11] Iyanthe Ravensong shares a glance with Araatris before turning her attention back to Eraelan and Keilvoras.
[23:43:12] Elishtar Fangblade runs up to grab her daughter, steading the woman and trying to shush her.
[23:43:51] [eraelan]: It was little more than a scratch.
[23:43:55] Eraelan Netherbane shakes his head.
[23:44:49] Zadera shakes her head and mutters: "They trust me." Her gaze seems to b e on Eraelan's prone back.
[23:44:50] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil whimpers and shakes, tears forming in her eyes as the blood pours out of her 'scratch'
[23:45:08] Dreadwhisper glances at Zadera and raises an eyebrow.
[23:45:55] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to watch Zadera, also favouring her with a raised eyebrow.
[23:46:45] Zadera doesn't seem to notice anyone watching her, her hands are holding her glaives tightly and she is biting her lip, almost hard enough to draw blood.
[23:47:35] [eraelan]: What do you see, child? When you look into the crucible?
[23:47:48] Dreadwhisper speaks softly as to not interrupt Eraelan.
[23:48:02] [dreadwhisper]: Are you well, Zadera?
[23:48:51] Iyanthe Ravensong listens to Dreadwhisper speak to Zadera while keeping her eyes on Eraelan.
[23:49:17] Zadera turns her gaze to Araatris, and nods. "Yees. I'm... I'm fine. I.. ." she steps back.
[23:49:45] Elishtar Fangblade | Keilvoras whimpers a little, blinking her eyes to clear them and looking into the bowl. "I... um..." She pauses, shoots a glance back at Elishtar for a second, then stammers out "I... I don't see anything.... I'm sorry... can... can I go now? Please?"
[23:49:58] Eraelan Netherbane frowns.
[23:49:59] Dreadwhisper frowns.
[23:50:00] [eraelan]: Nothing?
[23:50:26] [eraelan]: Not even ... your own blood?
[23:50:45] [zadera]: No. I absolutely could not WIN THAT. STOP.
[23:50:50] Iyanthe Ravensong frowns.
[23:51:03] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil "no... not really... I just... can we go... I. .." she blinks looking at the bowl closely. "I... no... not even... weird...?"
[23:51:05] Zadera drops her glaives and sits down.
[23:51:15] Eraelan Netherbane frowns deeper.
[23:51:25] Eraelan Netherbane motions for Elishtar to take the child.
[23:51:34] [dreadwhisper]: Find your center, Zadera.
[23:52:30] Zadera shakes her head, reaching for a glaive, slowly, unsurely.
[23:52:46] [dreadwhisper]: Why don't you just leave that where it is.
[23:53:10] Zadera nods and stops reaching, setting her hand on the ground.
[23:53:10] Elishtar Fangblade scoops up her adult draenei-sized daughter and makes her way out, soothingly saying "Come now, it wasn't that bad, was it? You're father misses you. He's not been well..."
[23:53:23] Dreadwhisper speaks firmly.
[23:53:45] [eraelan]: She does not have a piece of Sraath's soul.
[23:53:54] [eraelan]: Indeed. She is missing a piece of her own.
[23:54:01] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil whimpers a little as she's picked up "Can we eat first?"
[23:54:07] Eraelan Netherbane frowns again.
[23:54:12] [eraelan]: Her hunger will only grow.
[23:54:21] Dreadwhisper rests a hand gently on Zadera's shoulder.
[23:54:22] [eraelan]: Unless you can restore what has been taken.
[23:54:26] [elishtar]: ...that is... odd. What do we do of this?
[23:54:37] Zadera looks up at Eraelan, growling.
[23:54:57] Zadera mutters "You KNOW."
[23:54:59] [iyanthe]: Use whatever normally works to calm yourself Zadera.
[23:55:23] Eraelan Netherbane seems to be ignoring what's happening around him.
[23:55:36] Dreadwhisper sighs.
[23:56:09] [eraelan]: She has been harvested already.
[23:56:24] [eraelan]: She ... had ... a piece of his soul, and it has now been removed.
[23:56:29] [eraelan]: Along with a piece of hers.
[23:56:34] Zadera seems to calm, her posture become tense as she reaches for the glaive again.
[23:56:49] Dreadwhisper presses down on her shoulder.
[23:57:03] [dreadwhisper]: I say again. Leave the glaive.
[23:57:09] [eraelan]: Her hunger will continue to grow, until she consumes the fragment of what she has herself.
[23:57:21] Zadera is shaking and nods.
[23:57:40] Elishtar Fangblade licks her lips, and nods slowly. She gently places Keilvoras down back on her feet.
[23:57:48] Iyanthe Ravensong turns and walks to stand on the other side of Zadera, resting a hand on her shoulder.
[23:58:27] Zadera 's gaze turns from Iyanthe to Araatris, and there's almost a hostility in her expression.
[23:59:32] [elishtar]: Thank you for your help. I will need you soon on another matter.
[23:59:56] [eraelan]: Find what has been taken from her, or else she WILL die.
[00:00:09] Eraelan points at you.
[00:00:12] Dreadwhisper ignores the hostile look and keeps a firm grip on Zadera's shoulder.
[00:00:33] Eraelan Netherbane seems to notice Zadera again.
[00:00:56] Zadera looks up at Eraelan, and snarls.
[00:01:01] [zadera]: YOU KNOW.
[00:01:07] Eraelan kneels before Zadera.
[00:01:08] [zadera]: There is no way you don't KNOW.
[00:01:31] [eraelan]: Weakness does not become you, young one.
[00:01:43] [eraelan]: He speaks in your mind. He speaks in all our minds.
[00:01:54] [eraelan]: This is his own weakness, for her cannot touch you.
[00:03:24] Zadera nods slowly, relaxing slightly as looks at Eraelan, surprised by his kindness.
[00:04:29] Eraelan Netherbane touches Zadera on the forehead with this finger lightly.
[00:05:29] Zadera relaxes slightly, and takes a deep breath. "Oh."
[00:05:47] Eraelan Netherbane turns to Araatris.
[00:05:54] [eraelan]: You have a piece of his soul.
[00:06:07] You nod at Eraelan.
[00:06:22] [eraelan]: I am lessened because I did not see it when I created that body you now wear.
[00:06:42] [eraelan]: But the seed is within you.
[00:06:53] [eraelan]: It is still dormant, however.
[00:08:02] [dreadwhisper]: Interesting.
[00:08:16] [eraelan]: "Interesting" will be when it awakens, and you go mad.
[00:08:27] [eraelan]: If he ruins the work I have done. I will be ... angry.
[00:08:39] Eraelan Netherbane turns to Iyanthe, but motions for Zadera to stand in passing.
[00:08:50] Dreadwhisper releases Zadera's shoulder.
[00:08:58] Zadera stands up, not picking up the glaives.
[00:09:15] [eraelan]: You, child of Kai'thren...
[00:09:39] [eraelan]: You have his soul as well. But within you it thrives.
[00:09:40] Iyanthe Ravensong releases Zadera's shoulder, turning her attention to Eraelan.
[00:10:03] [eraelan]: It speaks to you, yes? In the dark of the night, when you are alone?
[00:10:14] [iyanthe]: I will not be like Kai'Thren.
[00:10:14] [eraelan]: It whispers promises of power, of opportunities.
[00:10:22] [eraelan]: You already are.
[00:10:28] Zadera looks at Araatris and Iyanthe gratefully, then watches Eraelan and Iyanthe.
[00:10:41] [iyanthe]: It may speak but I do not listen.
[00:10:53] [eraelan]: Good. You still have a choice then.
[00:11:24] Eraelan Netherbane motions for the others to follow.
[00:11:39] Zadera finally picks up her glaives as she follows.
[00:12:08] Eraelan points over yonder.
[00:12:20] [eraelan]: Beyond that ridge lies one of the Legion's soul engines.
[00:12:45] [eraelan]: You have seen the one in Azsuna, yes?
[00:12:51] Iyanthe Ravensong follows Eraelan's pointing finger with her eyes.
[00:12:57] Zadera nods.
[00:12:59] [dreadwhisper]: Yes, I have.
[00:13:12] [iyanthe]: I have, indeed.
[00:14:00] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil looks upon the Legion invasion force with awe and wonder.
[00:14:33] [eraelan]: From what I have gathered, Sraath intends to use this one to reform himself. Once he has harvested enough of his own soul, he will power that engine and it will make him complete.
[00:14:37] [eraelan]: This is why I am here.
[00:14:56] [eraelan]: And this is what each one of you risked by coming here tonight .
[00:15:08] [dreadwhisper]: Do you plan on removing the fragments there?
[00:15:11] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil whispers softly to Elishtar, who frowns, shake s her head and shushes the girl.
[00:15:59] [eraelan]: Removal of the soul fragment can be dangerous.
[00:16:13] [eraelan]: You, whelp, are the safest for now. His soul within you is dormant.
[00:16:36] [eraelan]: Kai'thren's student is next. She has to fight back against the madness that already attempts to claim her.
[00:16:44] Eraelan Netherbane turns to Keilvoras.
[00:16:47] [eraelan]: The child...
[00:16:50] Eraelan Netherbane frowns.
[00:17:00] Dreadwhisper bows her head in acknowledgement.
[00:17:01] Eraelan Netherbane glances to Elishtar silently.
[00:17:22] Elishtar Fangblade lifts a brow at Eraelan.
[00:17:30] Dreadwhisper looks between Keil, Elishtar, and Eraelan.
[00:17:54] Iyanthe Ravensong watches Eraelan intently.
[00:17:58] Eraelan Netherbane looks at Zadera.
[00:18:17] [eraelan]: He knows you now.
[00:18:25] Zadera straightens, but does not meet his gaze, deeply shamed, and nods.
[00:18:25] [eraelan]: Be aware that he watches.
[00:18:34] Zadera nods firmly.
[00:18:40] [iyanthe]: Should I leave then if my presence causes danger to all of these others?
[00:19:09] [eraelan]: Yes. You should.
[00:19:18] [dreadwhisper]: I disagree.
[00:19:32] [eraelan]: And I am a kaldorei. What is your point?
[00:20:21] [dreadwhisper]: If she leaves, we will not know the location or status of the soul fragment.
[00:20:44] [dreadwhisper]: Iyanthe, get back her. Don't listen to the ba-Eraelan.
[00:20:46] Zadera bites her lip, watching Iyanthe turn to leave.
[00:20:49] Iyanthe Ravensong walk to stand a few paces away from the rest of the group.
[00:20:59] You point at Iyanthe.
[00:21:17] Dreadwhisper points at the ground near her.
[00:21:22] Elishtar Fangblade quickly reaches out to grab Iyanthe's shoulder as she passes.
[00:23:06] [dreadwhisper]: Eraelan, you're good at what you do, but I will assume the risk of having her nearby.
[00:23:30] Eraelan Netherbane opens his arms in a gesture of acquiescence.
[00:23:41] [eraelan]: Then it will fall to you, whelp.
[00:23:55] [zadera]: ...This... I don't mean this cruelly... but wouldn't it be better if she goes mad in front of us than where we don't know...?
[00:23:56] Iyanthe Ravensong looks at Tris with shock on her face.
[00:24:03] [dreadwhisper]: Agreed.
[00:24:20] Zadera tilts her head at Iyanthe apologetically.
[00:24:54] Elishtar Fangblade | Keil grumbles and nudges Elishtar.
[00:25:03] [elishtar]: We should be going.
[00:25:06] [eraelan]: If you feel you can stand watching one of your own fall to the will of the Burning Legion, then, by all means, do so.
[00:25:25] Eraelan points at Elishtar.
[00:25:32] [dreadwhisper]: Hunt well, Elishtar. Take care, Keil.
[00:25:33] [eraelan]: She will need to be fed constantly.
[00:25:42] [zadera]: ... with due respect sir, that is one thing I understood I should be prepared for when I made this choice.
[00:25:47] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to look at Eraelan. "If I fall someone must do f or me... what must be done."
[00:26:18] [dreadwhisper]: We will, but until then stand with us.
[00:26:20] [elishtar]: Understood. We'll figure it out. Thank you again.
[00:26:31] Elishtar bows before Iyanthe.
[00:26:35] [eraelan]: You would be surprised how many start this path without that understanding, young one.
[00:26:36] You bow before Elishtar.
[00:26:43] Iyanthe bows before Elishtar.
[00:26:53] [elishtar]: Be well everyone. Shadra'Adore.
[00:26:56] [eraelan]: The entirety of the Illidari, for one.
[00:27:10] Zadera nods slowly.
[00:27:25] [zadera]: That was... one of my problems with them sir.
[00:27:25] [eraelan]: There are reasons I trained the Greyseer the way I did.
[00:27:28] [iyanthe]: Not the entirety.
[00:27:50] Zadera nods again.
[00:28:05] [eraelan]: If someone falls, he is ... knowledgeable ... about what to do.
[00:28:11] [eraelan]: There is much blood on his hands.
[00:28:15] Eraelan Netherbane grins wickedly again.
[00:28:49] [dreadwhisper]: We will call on him if it's needed.
[00:29:30] Greyseer lies down.
[00:29:42] Tharion Greyseer falls from the sky. There is much blood on his hands.
[00:30:20] You kneel before Greyseer.
[00:30:25] [eraelan]: ...
[00:30:28] Eraelan Netherbane looks up.
[00:30:32] Eraelan Netherbane down at Tharion.
[00:30:34] Dreadwhisper checks Tharion.
[00:30:36] Eraelan Netherbane looks up again.
[00:30:50] [dreadwhisper]: Yes, he fell from the sky.
[00:30:52] Zadera just looks concerned.
[00:31:11] [eraelan]: That was ... unexpected.
[00:31:19] Tharion Greyseer grumbles.
[00:31:23] [iyanthe]: I take it this "fragment" can't be removed because it is active?
[00:31:33] [greyseer]: ...and painful.
[00:31:52] [dreadwhisper]: I'm sure it was.
[00:31:58] [dreadwhisper]: And is.
[00:32:06] [eraelan]: You are correct.
[00:32:24] [eraelan]: To remove it risks removing a piece of your own soul. Much like the demon child of the other.
[00:32:34] Eraelan Netherbane kicks Tharion.
[00:32:37] [eraelan]: Get up.
[00:32:38] Iyanthe Ravensong kneels before Tharion watching him closely for a moment.
[00:32:49] Dreadwhisper sighs.
[00:32:56] Zadera cringes at the kick.
[00:33:08] Tharion Greyseer sighs and stands, using Araatris for support. He is quite heavy.
[00:33:10] [iyanthe]: Would it not be safer for all of us if it were removed.
[00:34:02] [eraelan]: If you wish to become hollow, I can attempt it right now.
[00:34:21] Dreadwhisper grumbles something under her breath about Tharion needing t o lose weight.
[00:34:21] [greyseer]: Attempt what?
[00:34:29] Iyanthe Ravensong looks defiantly at Eraelan for a moment.
[00:34:37] [dreadwhisper]: Removing the active piece of Sraath's soul from Iyanthe.
[00:34:52] Tharion Greyseer still seems unsteady on his feet.
[00:35:17] Dreadwhisper offers her staff for Tharion to lean on.
[00:35:21] [iyanthe]: I have no wish to become hollow... we cannot afford to lose even one who is trained and capable of fighting.
[00:35:40] Dreadwhisper nods.
[00:35:57] [iyanthe]: There must be another way to remove it.
[00:36:00] [dreadwhisper]: I believe the better question is: how do we subdue the fragment enough to remove it?
[00:36:39] [eraelan]: You have not taught her the forms of meditation, yet?
[00:37:17] Tharion Greyseer begins to say something, but then stops.
[00:37:24] [greyseer]: I have not.
[00:39:10] [eraelan]: Seek out and learn "The River Remains Steady". It may help you combat that which writhes within you.
[00:39:41] [greyseer]: It is an ancient meditation form. I can teach it to you.
[00:39:42] Iyanthe Ravensong nods in acknowledgement.
[00:40:09] [iyanthe]: I would definitely like to learn it.
[00:40:56] [greyseer]: He was, indeed, here.
[00:40:58] [greyseer]: Watching us.
[00:41:15] Tharion Greyseer flicks a piece of undead ichor from his exposed chest.
[00:41:24] Zadera nods.
[00:41:46] [eraelan]: That is why you came raining down upon us like a plague of toads?
[00:42:04] Tharion Greyseer raises an eyebrow.
[00:42:08] [greyseer]: He is no longer here.
[00:42:19] [greyseer]: We were able to make him flee.
[00:42:39] [iyanthe]: That is good in some aspects.
[00:43:01] Eraelan Netherbane "hmmphs".
[00:43:11] Zadera listens to the conversation quietly.
[00:43:21] [eraelan]: Why are you all still here?
[00:43:35] [dreadwhisper]: To watch you stand around.
[00:43:46] Iyanthe Ravensong clicks her tongue acidly.
[00:43:50] [greyseer]: ...I could ... do without that.
[00:43:54] Dreadwhisper speaks dryly.
[00:43:56] [greyseer]: I have seen plenty of him.
[00:44:01] [greyseer]: It is truly... unnecessary.
[00:44:05] [iyanthe]: To see if there was any more wisdom you had to share with us, old one.
[00:45:03] [eraelan]: If a demon tells you to kill someone, do not do it. If a demon tells you to protect someone. Kill that someone instead.
[00:45:41] Tharion Greyseer raises an eyebrow.
[00:45:43] Zadera cringes with slight guilt at that.
[00:45:53] [iyanthe]: Someone I once knew said exactly the same thing...
[00:46:05] [eraelan]: Someone you still know is saying it right now.
[00:46:06] [zadera]: I mean that should be common sense ...umm..
[00:46:11] Dreadwhisper 's laughter sounds like a snort.
[00:46:17] Eraelan Netherbane raises his own eyebrow at Zadera.
[00:46:23] Dreadwhisper coughs.
[00:46:27] [eraelan]: Common sense. Yes.
[00:46:36] [eraelan]: Of course.
[00:46:39] [zadera]: I said -should-.
[00:46:45] [iyanthe]: To some...
[00:46:54] Eraelan shoos Greyseer away. Be gone pest!
[00:46:58] Eraelan shoos you away. Be gone pest!
[00:47:01] Eraelan shoos Iyanthe away. Be gone pest!
[00:47:05] Eraelan shoos Zadera away. Be gone pest!
[00:47:10] [dreadwhisper]: Perhaps we should stop by his tent again.
[00:47:13] [eraelan]: Go away now.
[00:47:16] Zadera actually listens.
[00:47:20] Iyanthe Ravensong leaves the rest of her comment unsaid.
[00:47:54] [greyseer]: Araatris...
[00:47:59] Tharion Greyseer 's voice holds a warning.
[00:48:04] Dreadwhisper sighs.
[00:48:05] [greyseer]: Be good.
[00:48:16] Zadera giggles at Araatris.
[00:48:44] [dreadwhisper]: Getting blood on his papers would have simply been... fair.
[00:49:03] [zadera]: Sir?
[00:49:32] Tharion Greyseer looks at each of them in turn.
[00:50:22] [zadera]: I err... need a teacher. Particularly because now I have manage d to get the attention of that demon.
[00:50:23] [iyanthe]: My presence endangers all of you... I know not what to say.
[00:50:29] Zadera fidgets.
[00:50:57] [greyseer]: You are unguided?
[00:51:05] Zadera nods.
[00:51:11] Tharion Greyseer tilts his head curiously.
[00:51:17] [zadera]: I could go back to the Illidari but...
[00:51:25] [dreadwhisper]: That you're going to stay with us. You're no more a danger than I was.
[00:51:29] [greyseer]: And you still wish to throw your lot in with us, despite what you have just experienced this evening?
[00:51:43] Zadera nods firmly,.
[00:51:55] [y] [eraelan]: WHO HAS BEEN MESSING WITH MY PAGES AGAIN!?
[00:52:00] Type '/help' for a listing of a few commands.
[00:52:08] Dreadwhisper smiles wickedly.
[00:52:09] [iyanthe]: You are certain knowing what I carry?
[00:52:34] Dreadwhisper nods at Iyanthe.
[00:52:36] Iyanthe Ravensong Turns to Tris with a slight smile on her face. "You didn't, did you?"
[00:52:39] [zadera]: I saw more strength and thought this night than I ever did with the Illidari.
[00:53:26] [dreadwhisper]: Nothing he can't handle.
[00:54:04] Dreadwhisper 's eyes sparkle with glee.
[00:55:49] [greyseer]: Then I can offer you a place among us, indeed.
[00:55:52] Greyseer bows before Zadera.
[00:56:01] You bow before Zadera.
[00:56:08] Zadera bows before Greyseer.
[00:56:12] Iyanthe bows before Zadera.
[00:56:16] [zadera]: It is an honor. Thank you.
[00:56:20] Zadera bows before you.
[00:56:25] Zadera bows before Iyanthe.
[00:57:12] [greyseer]: You are welcome with us, Zadera.
[00:57:31] [greyseer]: I ... apologize ... for my former mentor's actions. I can only assume what he may or may not have done this evening.
[00:57:46] [greyseer]: You did not actually disorganize his pages, did you?
[00:57:57] [iyanthe]: He wasn't so bad, honestly.
[00:58:07] Dreadwhisper smiles mysteriously.
[00:58:12] Zadera nods in agreement with Iyanthe.
[00:58:34] [dreadwhisper]: Organize. Disorganize. It's all a matter of perspective. Yes, Shan'do?
[00:58:42] Tharion Greyseer place his gloves palm on this face and rubs.
[00:59:19] Tharion Greyseer looks to Iyanthe with a measure of concern.
[00:59:22] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to Araatris. "You cannot be truly serious in wan ting me to stay now that we know the truth.
[01:00:19] [zadera]: I am going to, quite honestly, go sleep now.
[01:00:23] Zadera grins sheepishly.
[01:00:23] [dreadwhisper]: Are you really going to make me repeat myself? I would re ally prefer you here. Realize that you are not the only one who carries a fragment.
[01:00:27] Greyseer bows before Zadera.
[01:00:32] Zadera bows down graciously.
[01:00:37] [dreadwhisper]: Take care, Zadera.
[01:00:49] [iyanthe]: Travel well.
[01:00:58] [zadera]: You also! I think we will be seeing more of each other. Hopefully.
[01:01:07] Zadera smiles at all three of you.
[01:01:08] Tharion Greyseer nods and smiles.
[01:01:13] Dreadwhisper nods.
[01:01:17] Iyanthe Ravensong nods.
[01:01:55] [iyanthe]: I realize that but I do not like the idea of the fact that this fragment is active unlike your own.
[01:02:20] [iyanthe]: That puts anyone around me at risk.
[01:02:34] [iyanthe]: And that is what I do not like.
[01:02:57] [greyseer]: Do you trust me?
[01:03:08] Iyanthe Ravensong hangs her head feeling ashamed that she puts anyone at risk.
[01:03:40] Iyanthe Ravensong turns to Tharion.
[01:03:42] [iyanthe]: I do.
[01:03:54] [greyseer]: Then, do you also trust my judgement?
[01:04:17] [iyanthe]: Of course.
[01:04:33] [greyseer]: Then trust my judgement when I say that you need to remain with us.
[01:04:36] [iyanthe]: I cannot trust you if I do not trust your judgement.
[01:04:45] Tharion Greyseer nods.
[01:05:55] [greyseer]: Do you agree?
[01:06:12] Iyanthe Ravensong looks at Tharion again a slight smile upon her face. " most others would have sent me away."
[01:06:33] [iyanthe]: I agree though I doubt your mentor does.
[01:06:40] [greyseer]: This is why we hold ourselves apart from "most others."
[01:06:46] [greyseer]: Including Eraelan Netherbane.
[01:06:57] [y] [eraelan]: I HEARD THAT!
[01:07:00] [dreadwhisper]: Who cares what the basta--Eraelan says?
[01:07:09] [greyseer]: Ignore him.
[01:08:20] [iyanthe]: I also trust you, Tharion, to do what must be done... if I fall.
[01:08:27] Greyseer bows before Iyanthe.
[01:08:44] [greyseer]: I am not inexperienced in such things.
[01:09:13] Iyanthe Ravensong nods once in understanding.
[01:09:26] [dreadwhisper]: The goal, of course, is to make sure it's not necessary.
[01:09:41] [iyanthe]: That would be preferable to me.
[01:10:00] Tharion Greyseer nods as well.
[01:10:03] [dreadwhisper]: Good.
[01:10:10] [greyseer]: Let us away from this place.
[01:10:12] [iyanthe]: I can't shake his voice when he said.
[01:10:19] [greyseer]: The Legion presence is strong here.
[01:10:38] Iyanthe Ravensong nods in acknowledgment of Tharion's comment.
[01:11:17] [dreadwhisper]: Are you heading back to the Fel Hammer?
[01:11:24] Tharion Greyseer nods.
[01:11:28] [iyanthe]: That I am like Kai'Thren?
[01:12:18] [greyseer]: Being "like" someone does not define you.
[01:12:22] [iyanthe]: I was headed that way myself.
[01:12:29] [greyseer]: Many would say that I am "like" Eraelan.
[01:13:07] [dreadwhisper]: It is the differences that define us.
[01:13:17] [iyanthe]: I will not be like him in that regard..
[01:13:18] Tharion Greyseer nods his head at Araatris's comment.
[01:13:39] Greyseer bows before Iyanthe.
[01:13:50] Iyanthe bows before Greyseer.
[01:13:51] [greyseer]: That is the path you must take for yourself.
[01:14:21] [dreadwhisper]: I'll be in Dalaran. Reach out if you need me.
[01:14:32] Greyseer bows before you.
[01:14:34] [iyanthe]: Thank you. Be safe.
[01:14:38] Iyanthe bows before you.
[01:14:40] You bow before Greyseer.
[01:14:41] [greyseer]: Travel well, both of you.
[01:14:45] You bow before Iyanthe.
[01:14:46] [greyseer]: And may honor guide your paths.
[01:15:05] [dreadwhisper]: And yours.
[01:15:13] [iyanthe]: And your as well Shan'do. Be safe.