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"I seek not followers, only equals."
-Shan'do Tharion Greyseer

Bound to the dark essence of that which they hunt, the demon hunters of Azeroth fight a cursed war against the Burning Legion.

This site is a resource for all those interested in the demon hunters in Warcraft, from roleplayers, to lore junkies, to storytellers. If you are interested in demon hunters, this is the place to visit.

You will also find here information on the Netherbane itself, an Alliance side roleplaying guild on the Earthen Ring US server for the World of Warcraft MMORPG. We are a school for demon hunters in the world, taught by Shan'do Tharion Greyseer.

Whether you are here for the lore, the guild, or the storytelling, you are welcome.

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Friday Five Response: Sights and Sounds

Every Friday, Anna from Too Many Annas has a Friday Five or Friday 500 post.  She encourages other WoW bloggers to respond to the prompts provided.

Friday Five: Sights and Sounds

  1. What is your character’s most recognizable trait? (If someone saw your character in a pub/on the street, what would they first notice? What makes them immediately recognizable as themself?)
  2. What does your character’s voice sound like?
  3. Do they like to sing?  Can they sing?
  4. Does your character have a noticeable accent of any kind?
  5. If your character was spending an evening in an inn/tavern/pub, where would they sit? What would they be doing?

1. Tharion Greyseer is recognizable as a demon hunter, and fits the demon hunter visual template well.  His most recognizable trait past his blindfold is usually his outfit.  The tattered blindfold is worn above a blood red mask that covers his nose and mouth, the two pieces of cloth masking his entire face.  No shirt can be found, but a loosely worn hakama rests around his legs.  Commonly he keeps a singular shoulder pauldron strapped to his left and wields an orcish blademaster’s fullblade upon his back.  Rarely, and only in extremely dangerous circumstances (on the most dangerous of hunts), he can be seen wielding the Netherscythe, the bone warglaive adorned with the seal of his Netherbane school).

2. For anyone who’s ever watched Stargate SG-1, Tharion’s speech pattern is actually modeled after Teal’c.  And as such, his voice has inherited a similar tone.  If there’s any difference, Tharion’s voice can sometimes be slightly deeper, but the basic speech pattern (proper dialect with little to no contractions, constant use of full names and rare use of shortened nicknames, and a hearty use of the word ‘indeed’) came from Teal’c.  Sometimes, however, there can be a slight bit of influence from Agent Smith (from The Matrix), but not AS rigid as that.

“The Greyseer has been known to make … pauses … in his Common.  He wishes to truly be certain that his words match his intent.  To not do so would be … folly, indeed.”

3. Tharion does not sing, just as he does not dance.  He keeps his emotions in rigid check, never certain any longer which desires are his and which are sparked by the demonic soul to which he’s bound.

4. Tharion has no distinct accent when speaking Common.  He intentionally forces himself to speak words properly, and sometimes over-enunciates his sentences.  His Darnassian, also, is without accent.  But his speech in his native tongue is markedly more casual (but still restrained).

5. On the rare occasion that Tharion is found in a tavern, he would likely be standing.  Tharion does not enter taverns to drink or relax, because such things don’t provide him with any form of relaxation (hey, if YOU were bound to a demon and worried at every turn that you could go crazy and kill everyone you cared about, you’d be uptight, too, methinks).  Chances are high that he’d be awaiting a contact to arrive, or seeking out a wayward student or ally.  If Tharion wishes relaxation, he can be found at the Netherbane Site of Lessons, deep within Ashenvale forest.

4 Comments so far »

  1. by Shizukera, on February 15 2009 @ 11:03 am


    1. Shizu purrs. It’s her defining characteristic.

    Technically, her blindfold would be the first thing you’d notice, but since she doesn’t have one in game (darn you, Cursed Vision of Sargeras … darn you, level 33) it’s the purring that people tend to notice first – that is, after all, how she says hello.

    2. Strong and clear, with playful undertones.

    3. I haven’t heard her sing, but she frequently hums. Judging from the humming, I’d say her singing would be … well, we’ll just call it a “lesser strength.” She’s not omghorribad, but it’s not a natural skill for her and she is, of course, untrained.

    4. Not that she or I are aware of, although given her tendency to use words like “arse” and “cheeky” and “whinge,” I wouldn’t be surprised to hear traces of a British accent in there.

    5. She’d sit right in the middle of things, sipping on something mild and most likely fruit-flavored, confusing people as she tries to engage in multiple conversations at once. “I like humans, they’re fun. I wonder if they’re edible? Flowers, I mean, not humans.”

  2. by Ogerin, on February 15 2009 @ 11:53 am


    1. Ogerin’s most notable feature would probably be his bright yellow boots compared to the rest of his blood-red armor. Looks odd on a human as is.
    2. Ogerin’s voice is pretty deep when being compared to humans, and it sounds like he has something in his throat that he just can’t get out.
    3. He’s never tried to sing, and would be pretty confused if people just started to randomly burst into song.
    4. He has no noticeable accent beyond his deep, scratchy voice.
    5. If Ogerin were to be at a tavern/inn/pub, he would most likely be one of those guys who always sits in the corner and stares at people, gathering as much information as he and trying to entertain himself by watching all the goings-on.

  3. by Ogerin, on February 15 2009 @ 11:58 am


    Well, for the record Shizu, humans are edible. And not only that, but they are Ogerin’s favorite food! However, he’s been keeping a tight rein on his urges to feast the past decade or so.

  4. by Zhuriel, on February 16 2009 @ 5:45 pm


    For Zhuriel:
    1. Chintacles. Or possibly the “heroic stance” he always seems to have. Think Superman.
    2. Zhuriel’s voice is probably a dead ringer for Optimus Prime. One of these days, I’m half expecting him to say “Netherbane, transform and roll out!”
    3. I truly wonder what it would be like if Zhuriel sang. He is probably a deep tenor with a beautiful voice.
    4. Zhuriel has no accent, as he is meant to be a speaker for his people and has therefore learn flawless common.
    5. Zhuriel would sit somewhere where he could see the most people at the table. He would laugh and have a good time, try to keep up with any nearby dwarves, and generally be the playful fool… until it was necessary for him to be serious again. Then he’d snap out of any drunkenness quickly and go back to being his typical Archon self.

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