postheadericon “Netherbane: Redefinition” Initiative Has Begun

Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Almost two years ago my interest in World of Warcraft began to wane, and I began my hiatus from the game. I knew that I would return eventually, but I didn’t quite know when.

It seems that when is now. The Netherbane, smaller than it was but no smaller than intended, is returning to Azeroth. However, there will be some changes that follow us back.

First and foremost, the Netherbane site has been reduced to a simple blog. The three guild officers, Tharion Greyseer, Fethas Soulthorn, and Araatris Dreadwatcher, will maintain the site by posting announcements, stories, and in-character snippets. Secondly, interactivity will be handled through the Earthen Ring RP Network. The ERN has been a central feature of the Earthen Ring US server community for a few years now, and I feel that it’s important to continue supporting it by encouraging players to use its services. Lastly, the lore and lessons of the Netherbane methodology will be placed on another site, which is still being developed (more to come on that soon).

That said, I’m still rebuilding this side of things. More to come soon!


8 Responses to ““Netherbane: Redefinition” Initiative Has Begun”

  • Kanta Wildsabre:

    Looking very forward to the remaking and rebuilding of Netherbane. Very happy to see the guild slowly making it’s return. We need butt-kicking Demon Hunters back!

  • Alexia:

    Thats amazing news! I am curious what happened to the old forums?

    • The old forums are still around. They’ve been flooded with spam due to our inattentiveness, but they’re still in the same location as before.

      I’m working on how best to archive that content.

      From here on out, I’m suggesting people use the ERN forums and such so as to not segregate the community.

  • Alakthul Moongazer:

    I look forward to assisting in the future. Now that all my other duties and distractions are done (for the most part), I should be able to help expand on knowledge databases as deemed fit.

  • Sulfar Nightfall:

    Awesome Netherbane are back sometimes I wished I played my Demon Hunter on the US side I love your work it has really add so much more to the Demon Hunter Rp great to see you are back once again.

  • Be'Elros:

    Greeting Netherbane!
    I love all the work I seen around the site you had,and the forums(Untill they were spammed).And I love Demon Hunters,been having one for around 2-3 years now.
    I had one proposition for you,the guild and Tharion if you might want that.I Sent him an E mail,hopefully he’ll respond.

  • Laktuk:

    Id love to join you guys again, though sadly I think I would require a new character. Maybe a monk this time.

  • Alexia:

    I’ve been waiting to see more if you guys and missing you very much.

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